Cat & Stella 1: Cat’s Maiden Blistering

Cat and Stella met last summer at a BBQ thrown by Stella’s best friend Lucy and her younger girlfriend Lizzy in their backyard. The first time Stella laid her eyes on Cat, her heart almost jumped out of her throat. Cat had soft brown hair, and had a tight blue tank top on, a mini skirt hugging her perfect, round bottom, and her curved legs were muscular, with a pair of cute blue flip flop on her feet. Her visage resembled a porcelain doll with big brown almond shaped eyes and pouty full lips.

Gosh, what a cutie, thought Stella in adoration, feeling hot all over her body. She found herself smitten by the impish college girl. There were about 25 women there that night, but Stella couldn’t take her eyes off Cat the whole time. Liz and Cat attended the same college and were in the same class. The two girls were busy goofing off, circling around Lucy like excited bumble bees, slightly bratty but completely adorable. Stella watched them intently, and from time to time, Cat flashed a shy, irresistible smile in Stella’s direction, sending her into a nervous but exhilarated flutter. But she didn’t have a chance to talk to Cat at the party as she would like to.

After midnight, guests started to leave. Stella saw her opportunity and offered to drive Cat back to the dorm. The college co-ed gladly accepted. In the car, Stella learned that Cat had grown up on the west coast. Craving for independence, she had moved some 2000 miles away from home to go to college. A biology major, Cat planned on becoming a vet. She was enjoying college life, but sometimes, she admitted, felt a little lonely. Stella hesitantly asked Cat if she would like to go out and do something fun sometime, and Cat eagerly nodded. Cat was a competitive figure skater, and she invited Stella to come watch her compete the following Wednesday evening.

After dropping Cat off, Stella went home, heart pounding, feeling high as if intoxicated. She hadn’t felt this way since her years in law school several years prior. Now she was an attorney in a law firm across the town, specializing in environmental protection laws. Her busy work schedule kept her social life at a minimum, and loneliness would creep up now and then. She longed to have a partner to love and be loved.

Wednesday evening, Stella went to the ice rink at Town Center as she had promised Cat. The younger girl saw her immediately and shot her a wide grin from the center of the rink and waved happily. She looked radiant in her body fitting little purple outfit with a short laced skirt, her curved legs bare, glowing under the bright fluorescent light. Her hair tied in a bun with a big purple bow and her eyes sparkling, Cat zoomed around like a little dynamo with such ease that Stella stared at this gorgeous girl in awe. When the short skirt flew up with Cat’s rapid moves, Stella’s eyes were glued to those two perfectly shaped bottom cheeks, mesmerized. They looked so delicious to Stella that she could feel her body reacting, hot all over with a tingle of shiver shooting through her spine and down, and felt a dampened itchiness in her panties. That night lying in bed, Stella tossed and turned, unable to get those plump mounds off her mind. She knew that she was falling hard for this adorable college cutie eight years her junior.

The following Friday night, Lucy and Liz met Stella and Cat for dinner at Little Joe’s, an Italian eatery popular with college crowds. Stella picked up Cat from her dorm, and when the little girl emerged, Stella’s stomach did a wonderful summersault. Cat was wearing a white sundress that outlined her body perfectly. Her little waist and round hips were irresistible to Stella’s gaze. Her bare legs were lean and firm and muscular. Devoid of any makeup, Cat’s oval face shone softly in the evening light. Her brown hair was loosely hanging around her neck, and when the wind picked up, her pale neck showed its smooth skin.

The four of them had a corner booth, with Stella and Cat sitting across from Lucy and Liz. Lucy and Stella each ordered a Cabernet for themselves and club sodas for the two college girls. But from time to time, Liz would take a sip from Lucy’s glass, and Lucy would pretend to admonish her for drinking alcohol while at the same time indulging her wish. Cat then turned to Stella with a shy smile on her face, her anime puppy eyes imploring, and Stella sighed happily, pushing her glass towards Cat and let her have a sip too.

It was a beautiful night for everyone. Liz and Cat were so hyper they almost started a food fight with their salads and garlic bread. Lucy scolded Liz in a soft voice and told her to behave, but the two girls were too excited to calm down until Lucy cast a stern look that finally stopped Liz in her tracks. The four of them had such a good time together that Stella found herself laughing the whole night. ‘I haven’t had this much fun for a long time,’ she thought to herself.

As the night went on, Stella and Cat moved closer and closer to each other, until Cat was literally snuggling up to the older girl. Stella put her hand on Cat’s thigh and felt the warm muscle tighten. Their eyes met, their lips touched and that very first kiss felt absolutely magical for both.

Later as they were saying goodbye in the parking lot, Liz was still quite hyper, jumping up and down, talking rapidly. Lucy playfully slapped her on her bottom. “Calm down girl, or you are gonna get it tonight!” She chided. They said goodbye to Stella and Cat, promising they would all get together again soon.

On the drive home, Cat asked curiously: “Stel, did you see that Lucy swatted Liz on her butt? And what was that about her getting it tonight? Getting what?”

“Oh, a spanking.” Stella chuckled.

“A, a…a spanking? For real?” Cat was shocked and somewhat intrigued.

“Yeah, the bare bottom kind,” Stella answered, grinning. “They are a DD couple.”

“A what couple now? ”

“Domestic discipline.” Stella felt excited now. “Lu is the dom, you know, the dominant one and Liz is the sub, submissive.” She patiently explained. “DD is a consensual arrangement between the couple and the disciplining is carried out by the dom in a firm but loving manner for correction.”

“Wow.” Cat’s eyes widened with curiosity, her body suddenly felt a little funny.

“In the scene, the DD couples are sometimes called spankos, you know, short for spankophiles.” Stella said, her face blushing in the dim light inside the car. “You know, Liz gets spanked when she misbehaves.” As she spoke those words, Stella felt a tinge of a sweet sensation shooting through her body and her palm started to itch.

This was the first time Cat had ever heard of spankos, or DD. She giggled at the seeming ridiculousness of an adult woman willingly submitting to a spanking on her bottom by her girlfriend. Cat was brought up by two college professors who didn’t believe in any forms of physical punishment.

“You know Stel,” Cat said, still giggling, “I didn’t even know the word ‘spanking’ until I heard it from a kid in my kindergarten class.” She started to laugh when she remembered this story, “I went home and asked my mom ‘what’s a spanking?’ and you know what my mom and dad did? They looked at each other and chuckled, and then told me to look it up in the dictionary!” Cat pretended to be indignant, “And I was five years old!”

Stella laughed out loud. “Hmm, so you’ve never been spanked, huh.”  She turned to look at the cute girl and then joked, ‘Well, we’ll have to see about that, won’t we?’

Shortly after, Stella and Cat became inseparable. They cut quite a handsome pair: Stella was a good four inches taller than petite Cat, but both were athletic and had the girl next door wholesome looks. They spent every weekend together: hiking, bicycling, playing tennis, bowling, playing pools, shopping, watching movies, dancing in nightclubs, or just lounging around in Stella’s house, making passionate love. Stella bought some nice outfits for Cat, dressing her up like a pretty princess on Saturday nights when the two would go to a bar, sometimes with Lucy and Lizzy. Cat loved all the attention showered on her by her doting older girlfriend. They both felt the attachment to one another growing exponentially every day, to the point that they could not stand living separately anymore.

Stella moved Cat out of her dorm and into her nice little Victorian house that, like others in this college town, looked quaint with a fresh coat of soft yellow paint. Though eight years apart, they complemented each other perfectly: Cat was spontaneous, impulsive, adventurous, sometimes naughty, and mostly care free; whereas Stella was a thinker, organized, disciplined, firm but loving and nurturing, and liked to have order in life. Their relationship settled into a natural dynamic in which Stella was in charge most of the time providing guidance for the younger girl, and Cat was quite happy and content to be submissive under Stella’s jurisdiction.

On rare occasions when Cat was caught misbehaving, Stella would gently sit her down, her crystal blue gaze locking into those brown eyes, and scold her in a firm but soothing voice. And that’s all it took to set the college girl straight. Tears would start to flow freely. A chastised Cat would apologize profusely for whatever she had done wrong and ask for forgiveness. Her remorseful tears would usually soften Stella’s sternness and melt her heart. The older girl would then pull her girlfriend into her chest and shower her with tender kisses, whispering forgiveness. Both knew that everything was all right again. Such was the rhythm of their domestic bliss that both girls felt settled, secure and content.

Then the unthinkable happened: Cat inadvertently put her innocent derriere on the line and received her maiden blistering from Stella about two months after she moved into the house.

It was a Friday night. Cat had gone to a party with Liz at the university. Stella worked late that night and had just arrived home around 10 o’clock. She changed into her comfortable t-shirt and boxer shorts, poured a glass of white wine, and flopped down to watch NCIS, wondering whether Cat would make it back before 11 o’clock as they had agreed on.

Half way through the show, the phone rang. It was Lucy. “Stel, meet me in the ER at the General! There has been an accident, but everything is ok, I just want the girls to be checked out.” Lucy tried to sound calm on the phone.

Stella’s heart sank to the floor: “Wait, Lu, what happened?”

“I’ll tell you when I see you. Don’t worry. The girls are with me and they are ok.”

Stella jumped into her car frantically and sped toward the General. Tears welled up as she thought of the possibility of her darling or Liz being injured. Please Lord, she prayed silently, please let Cat and Liz be ok.

As soon as she got to the ER waiting room, she was so relieved to see the two girls sitting on the bench, each with a soda in hand, subdued but seemingly unhurt. Cat threw herself at Stella and they hugged each other for a long minute.

When Liz and Cat went in with the nurse, Lucy filled Stella in with what had happened. Apparently both girls had had too much to drink at the party, and on the way back Liz lost the control and went down a low embankment into a ditch. They had enough sense though to call Lucy right away before the cops found them and charged them with underage drinking and DUI. The car was still lying in the ditch and had to be taken care of the next day. Lucy was pretty shook up and was furious at the girls’ recklessness.

“That naughty girl is going to get a sound spanking tonight.” Lucy muttered between her clenched teeth, “That’s for sure!”

Stella was quiet, but inside she was imploding too at Cat for being so irresponsible. ‘That baby doll is not going to get away with it for this,’ she promised herself. “It’s about time she got a good thrashing on her bottom!”

On the drive home from the hospital, Cat was quiet because she could tell that Stella was really upset so she didn’t want to say anything to further provoke her. Luckily, she and Liz were both fine, but Lucy and Stella had to pay for the ER visit as neither girl had health insurance. Stella had also offered to pay Lucy half of the car repair expenses as she believed that Cat was just as responsible. Car felt guilty about making Stella spend all that money because of her and Liz’s recklessness.

“I’m sorry, Stel.” Cat stole a glance at Stella and whispered, but got no response except a stern look and a grimly set mouth. Cat started to feel scared because she had never seen her girlfriend so incensed before.

After they got home, Stella instructed Cat to go to the bedroom and change into a small pink camisole and kept nothing else on except her panties. Fully aware that she was in big trouble, Cat dutifully obliged without asking any questions. ‘Boy, I really messed up,’ she thought to herself miserably. ‘I wonder what Stel is going to do,’ she rolled her eyes, “maybe an extra looonng lecture.’

After Cat changed, both girls sat down on the couch. Stella’s eyes seared right into the little girl: “Young lady, what do you have to say for yourself, hmm?”

Cat’s eyes darted away. “Please forgive me, Stel. I’m really sorry about tonight.” Cat sounded like she was going to cry.

Stella cupped her hand under Cat’s chin and turned her darling’s face toward her own, forcing those beautiful brown eyes to face her stern blues. “You know you’ve really crossed the line this time, don’t you, missy? Sorry is not going to cut it, you understand?” Stella fumed.

“Please Stel, don’t be mad at me. I’ll do anything to make it up to you. I’ll take a second job and pay you back as soon as I can. Please don’t be mad anymore.” Cat was desperate now and it showed in her voice. She just did not want to see her girlfriend so upset with her.

Stella said firmly: “Young lady, I’m very disappointed in you. You were extremely irresponsible tonight.” She paused for a second, stared at Cat intensely, and then continued: “You need to be taught a lesson. Here’s your choice. Either you are going to get a really good, old fashioned sound spanking on your bare bottom, or you are not allowed to hang out with Liz anymore, AND you are going to have to pay me back the money. Think about it. What’s it gonna be?”

Cat became almost speechless, “You serious, Stel?” she stammered in utter astonishment, “you, you wanna spank me? Like Lu and Liz?”

“Do I look like I’m joking, Cat?” Stella’s eyes exuded steel determination, her arms coolly folded across in front of her chest.

Cat realized that Stella was not bluffing and the situation was indeed serious. Frankly she didn’t like either option. Trying to figure out what she could do to change Stella’s mind, she whined: “But Stel, I’ve never been spanked in my ENTIRE life!” She then put her hands on her soft bottom as if to protect it, her disbelief turning into panic.

“Well, I say it’s ‘bout time!” Stella announced.

“Can you just give me a long lecture instead?” Cat tried to bargain.

“Uh-uh, no way. That would be too easy for you, little one. Now make up your mind, baby.” It’s clear Stella was not going to change her mind.

Cat weighed her options and briefly considered bolting for the door. She then concluded that a spanking would be her best choice because she couldn’t imagine not hanging out with Liz anymore. Plus, the prospect of getting a second job was not appealing at all. Sure it would probably be the most humiliating thing to have your bare butt spanked by your girlfriend, but she and Liz did mess up big time, and Stella had every right to be upset and want to punish her. Besides, Cat reasoned, the spanking would be quick and short, though embarrassing for sure, but once it was over she would be forgiven and the girlfriend she loved and adored would not be mad at her anymore. The slate would be wiped clean. Plus, Cat was just a tad curious about what a bare bottomed spanking from Stella would feel like. ‘Can’t be THAT bad,’ the ultimate optimist that she was, Cat hastily concluded. Of course she’d find out how wrong she was in no time.

Still, the prospect of being punished was not pleasant. Cat knew she had messed up and the guilt gnawed at her conscience. Tears started slowly, and built until they gushed from her eyes in a torrent. Audibly sobbing, she turned to Stella: “Stel, you can spank me.”

“All right then. Over my lap.”

Cat hesitated as she wasn’t sure how she should position herself, but Stella was swift when she wanted to be. Within two seconds, the younger girl found herself lying across her girlfriend’s warm muscular thighs, staring at the hardwood floor. She had to put both hands on the floor for balance, and arched her back so her feet could still touch the floor. She looked back for a second and saw her bottom stuck up in the air. A wave of embarrassment instantly washed over her. Then she felt Stella’s fingers inside her cotton panties which, before she could protest, were peeled down to just above her knees. Cat instinctively put her right hand over her bottom. Keeping her eyes shut and screwing up her face, the college girl was extremely anxious and nervous. She held her breath and tightened all the muscles in her body, bracing herself with trepidation, in anticipation of the very first bottom-slapping in her 20 years of life.

“Move your hand, honey,” Stella said firmly but reassuringly, “and unclench your bottom cheeks please.” Stella rested her left hand on Cat’s back for a few moments until Cat relaxed somewhat. Then she took a deep breath and raised her right hand, SLAP, Cat heard it echoed off the wall and a second later felt the sting on her right cheek.

“Ow, that hurt!” Cat cringed, exhaling. “Not so hard please, Stel.” Before she could finish, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, more smacks landed on the girl’s bare bottom. Now these swats were not very hard as Stella was aware of Cat’s virginal status. However, the warm up slaps still carried enough force they sent the bottom cheeks jiggling and wobbling with each smack, swaying from side to side. And soon they started to show a slightly pinkish hue.

After a minute of medium impacted spank, spank, spank, Stella paused. She reached over for the sobbing girl’s face and turned it upward towards her: “Now, tell me baby, why are you over my lap, having your bare bottom spanked like a naughty five-year-old?” Her voice was soft.

Between gasping sobs, Cat glanced at Stella with pitiful doe eyes and replied: “Cu-cuz I was irresponsible.”

“And how were you irresponsible, huh?”

“We, I drank too much and …” her voice was trailing off.

“And what?” Stella prompted with a loud smack right in the middle of Cat’s bottom crack and Cat’s upper body bounced.

“Ouchy, an-and-, I let Liz drive even though I knew she had had too much too. I’m sorryyyy.” There was a flicker of fear in her eyes as she saw Stella’s hand flash upwards again and then down.

SPANK. “That’s right. You will be very sorry and sore after we are done here!”

After another minute of smacks, Stella paused again and looked down at her girlfriend’s bottom which was beginning to look like a ripening peach. Spanking her girlfriend gave her a surge of power, a shot to her adrenalin. ‘I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.’ Stella breathed a somewhat delighted sigh of relief. ‘This spanking is about instilling responsibility in the girl.’ She reminded herself righteously. ‘It’s for her own good. The naughty girl deserves every single smack coming her way!’ Stella however was a little surprised to feel almost maternal towards the wriggling bottom on her thighs.

Then the disciplinarian began to coolly rain down hard spanks as she was sure that Cat’s bottom had been sufficiently warmed up by now. Each smack brought real sting to the tenderized cheeks. Cat’s hand immediately flew to cover her bottom, but the disciplinarian firmly tucked it along the side of her waist and held it there. Stella alternated her hard slaps between the two cheeks, methodically covering the whole area of the buttocks from the end of the back to the crease of the thighs while launching into a stern, lawyerly lecture.

“Do you realize that you and Liz could have been seriously injured tonight?” She raised her voice, and tears welled up. She shuddered at the idea of her little sweetheart getting hurt or even worse. God, she thought, ‘I love this girl too much to let that happen.’

“And you could have ended up in jail for underage drinking and DUI! You realize that now, don’t you?” SLAP. SLAP.

“Yes, I do, I do,” replied the upended girl miserably amidst her howling.

Overcome by a renewed wave of anger at Cat for being so reckless, Stella raised her right hand way above her head and then brought it down fiercely on those strawberry-turning-to-cherry-colored buttocks, sending Cat kicking, flailing, wailing and begging all at the same time.

“You are NEVER going to be so reckless, you understand me, naughty girl?!” Stella demanded. SLAP. SLAP.

“I do.” Cat wailed. “I get it.”

“Say it aloud!” SLAP. SLAP.

“I WILL NEVER BE SO RECKLESS. I promise.” The punished little girl hollered, gasping for air.

“You are luckier than Liz right now because I bet she is getting the hairbrush or even the paddle tonight. Lucy will not let her off easy, I can tell you that much.”

Two more minutes of hard spanks later, Stella finally stopped, letting go of Cat’s hand. Resting her aching palm and tired arm on Cat’s back, Stella felt her anger melting away just watching her lover over her lap, wiggling and crying, begging for mercy, her red bottom obediently stuck up in the air, glowing. She was pretty sure her girl would think twice before doing something like this again in the near future.

The naughty Cat was truly a sorry and sore girl now. She had long since stopped struggling, her body slumped limply over her girlfriend’s lap, both hands clutching the disciplinarian’s leg tightly. Her tear streaked face was flushed, eyes red and puffy, and her hair was matted. Her bottom was now the color of a big bright fireball, and she was sure it was now twice of its normal size.

“Now, have you learned your lesson, baby?” Stella’s tone was much softer now as she gently rubbed the punished bottom.

“Ye-ees, I get it. I’ve lear-learned my lesson. It won’t happen again, ever. I promise.” The upturned girl stammered between sobs.

“Next time you earn yourself a spanking by being so reckless, it will be a lot harder than the one you just received today.” Stella issued a firm warning. She looked at her own hand which was starting to show signs of bruising, “you will feel the hairbrush on your bare bottom next time, you understand, sweetie?”

“Yes, I do.” Cat sobbed, thinking ‘A hairbrush? Now that’s a scary thought.’

“All right then, we are all done here now.” Stella said soothingly as she gently pulled up Cat’s cotton panties, and then scooped up the sniffling girl onto her lap, hugging her tightly.

“Shhh, it’s over now, baby doll. The slate is clean. Everything’s gonna be all right. I love you, shhh.” Stella cuddled the little girl tightly in her arms.

The punished girl burst out with a new spate of fresh tears, wrapping her arms around Stella’s neck, apologizing repeatedly.

“I love you too, Stel. I am sorry.” She whispered in a hoarse voice, resting her head on Stella’s shoulder.

Stella held her spanked girlfriend for a few minutes, caressing her punished bottom, and then gently laid her down on the couch. She got up, went into the bathroom and started to run the bath. She came back and easily carried Cat to the tub, stripped her, and lowered her into the warm water. Cat flinched when the water made contact with her sore bottom. Then a nice, damp, rich, warm feeling engulfed her entire body and made her suddenly feel sleepy.

Stella soaped and rinsed every inch of the girl’s body while talking to her in a low and soothing voice, taking special care around Cat’s red, sore bottom. Her face glowing and her eyes shining, the dominant girlfriend felt the spanking intoxicatingly satisfying and felt empowered by the experience. She gently lifted her petite lover out of the tub, dried her, and wrapped her into their soft bed. She tucked the naked girl under the cotton blanket, bent down and tenderly kissed her on the forehead. “Be right back.” She said softly before jumping into the shower to clean up herself.

Afterwards in the total darkness, Cat curled up next to Stella, feeling extremely calm and secure in her girlfriend’s arms. She found herself completely submissive to Stella’s loving authority, and felt extremely cared for, cherished and loved. Stella, gently rubbing Cat’s sore bottom, found herself feeling even more protective of her precious girlfriend. She planted repeated tender kisses on top of Cat’s head.

Slowly, the two exhausted girls drifted into a peaceful slumber, knowing tomorrow morning they would wake up to a very sunny day.

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30 Responses to Cat & Stella 1: Cat’s Maiden Blistering

  1. Raine says:

    That was so beautifully written!
    Hope to read more Stella and Cat stories in the future. 🙂

  2. SP says:

    Thanks for commenting Raine! Glad you liked it. Yes, there will be more Cat and Stella tales. 🙂

  3. Fifi says:

    wow, that’s a great story. such a cute and sweet couple. anymore on these two? thanks.

  4. SP says:

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Fifi! Yes, there’ll be more. 🙂

  5. tim says:

    very nice you write well on 2 naughty girls ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  6. Often123 says:

    Well written, not excessive, and a spanking delivered with love. I hope to read more of Stella and Cat’s lives together.

  7. SP says:

    Thank you 123 for stopping by and commenting! Glad you liked this story.

  8. That was a perfect spanking, SP. If I had been a naughty girl, I’d want Stella to deliver one just like it, and with just as much love. Granted I wouldn’t be sitting comfy, but that’s the point of it. I also liked that she felt empowered and satisfied by the experience and Cat’s responses were so right. I can hardly believe this was your first spanking story! Bravo.

    • SP says:

      Aw, that’s so kind of you. Apparently it was so effective that Cat hasn’t repeated the offense, yet. LOL
      Yes, this was my very first story, of any kind actually. I’m more used to writing and reading professional kind of papers and reports, so it was a challenge to try fiction, but it’s been so much fun and very comforting too. Thanks for your nice comments. Chau.

  9. You’re quite welcome. I love the general tone of your stories, so I’ll keep returning for more, and I hope Stella doesn’t give me “the look” when I do. *Gulp.

    • SP says:

      Feel free to come back. Stella might roll her eyes but we’ll just ignore her. LOL
      Part 2 of Maddy & Gen will be up soon, hopefully. 🙂

  10. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Wow peach , that was awesome babes

  11. maryk88 says:

    Every time I read these stories I picture Cat looking like Sasha Cohen because of the eyes and the ice skating lol!

  12. kati000 says:

    So, as we are all in the woodshed at the moment making plans … 🙂 I read your first Cat&Stella story. Very warm, loving….and stingy *wg*, great story ! Thank you !

    • Peach says:

      Hi Kati, welcome! Glad you liked this story. 🙂
      We are doomed for um… the inevitable that’s gonna happen in the woodshed. How fitting! *eg* LOL

      • kati000 says:

        Yeah, and I am looking forward to the other stories … !
        And btw, great idea to start that celebration kinklet 🙂 (even though we’re probably all going to get it ….err …quite soon). But enough of speaking about blog A on blog B ;).

        About your story: I was also very impressed by how well you write from a top’s perspective … (heading for a career as a switch …???)

        • Peach says:

          The top perspective comes from spending all that time reading dd blogs, watching videos, and reading ff stories! 😉 Maybe I shall try morphing into a Peachy Top? LOL.

  13. kati000 says:

    Btw, where are you from ?

  14. kati000 says:

    I was just wondering if you were European or American from you posting times on Alyx’s blog… 😉

  15. eve1883 says:

    Hi…great story,good writting all the time i keeps you in agony!!!!!!!!!!!
    I m enjoyed reading , and sometimes i feel tha my life in some parts are flah back of mine!!!!!!!!!
    you have a wonderful and coulerful pen!!!!!!keep up the good work…xx
    im waiting to read more…

    • Peach says:

      Hello Eve, welcome! Thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoy reading these stories. Keep you in agony huh? 😉

      • eve1883 says:

        Ooo come on!!!she was trying to help her best friend, you should be a little easier punishment!!!!! Give credit for that!!!!but i liked. Very much ;-)!!!! And you inspired others. With you writing 😛
        A big hi from Greece xxxx

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