Cat & Stella 2: Cat Threw a Tantrum

It was a Friday night in early December. Stella had invited her best friend Lucy and her younger lover Lizzy over for dinner and hang out for the night. Cat was really excited because she and Liz had become really good buddies over the past few months, and she was going to show Liz some of the Christmas presents she had bought.

At the dinner, Cat and Liz sat next to each other while Stella and Lucy sat across from them. Stella had prepared a wonderful lasagna dish, a crispy fresh salad, home made garlic bread, and a cheesecake for dessert. The red wine Lucy had brought was just perfect for the meal.

Amid the chatting and laughing, Liz remembered something. She stopped eating and excitedly announced: “The Spice Sisters is coming to town!” She turned to Cat, “Wanna go to their concert with me next Tuesday night? I can get us tickets.”

“Of course. Yayy!” Cat was almost giddy.

“Not so fast, baby.” Stella reminded Cat that she had five final exams coming up next week. Yes, Cat was taking five heavy duty science classes this semester. She had quit her job at Stella’s suggestion who had offered to support her while she concentrated on completing her core courses this semester.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Stella’s voice was gentle but firm. “You need to concentrate on your finals, sweetheart.”

“Pleeease, I love the Spice Sisters. I wanna go. Can I please?” Cat implored, putting down her fork and locked her gorgeous anime eyes with her girlfriend’s crystal blues.

“Honey, you need to keep up your GPA for vet school, remember?” The Top was patient but stood her ground.

“Pleease.” Cat was really begging now like a little 12-year-old.

Fixing her gaze at those beautiful brown eyes, Stella so wanted to say yes. She usually was quite indulgent with her Bottom, but final exams were far more important than the concert. Cat had given up her part-time job this semester to focus on her classes, and Stella was happy to support her financially. She was determined not to let some Sisters, spiced or not, to spoil her grades in the finals’ week.

“No, you are not going, baby, not during the finals’ week,” the Top said in a firm tone with an air of finality.

Cat lowered her head for a second, pouting. She then burst out, “Screw GPA! Screw grad school!” She stomped her foot on the floor and folded her arms, “I don’t care! I wanna go!” She glared at her Top across the table, her lips set in a pouty arch.

Stella’s mouth dropped open. “Excuse me?!” Normally her Bottom was mellow and submissive like a kitten, and Stella certainly did not expect her to throw a tantrum like that in front of company.

Trying to defuse the tension, Lucy turned to Liz, “Liz sweetie, you have finals too next week, don’t you?”

“Yes,” answered Liz sheepishly.

“Well, then you are not going either, ok?” Lucy’s voice was low but stern.

“Bu-bu-t,” protested Liz.

Lucy’s face fell. “Drop it, Liz, NOW.” She raised her voice a notch and nailed her Bottom with an ominous look.

“Ok, ok. Fine.” Liz rolled her eyes and reluctantly gave up the idea before quickly scooping up some lasagna into her mouth.

But Cat wouldn’t. Sullen and sulky, she continued to scowl at her Top like an angry little doe whose evening had been completely ruined.

Stella felt her patience wearing dangerously thin. ‘The little girl is about to cross the line here.’ She dreaded having to discipline Cat in front of their friends, though spankos themselves. She prayed that Cat would drop the whole thing as Liz had and they could all get back to dinner and forget about it. She slowly took a sip of her red wine and tried again.

“Come on, sweetie. See? Liz is not going either. Maybe you girls can go another time, ok?” Stella tried to coax Cat out of her current grumpy mood, but her voice clearly showed her annoyance.

But the stubborn brunette refused to take the easy way out. She sprang from her seat, stomped around the table angrily, then paddled to the living room and turned the TV on high volume. Flopping down on the couch with her feet on the coffee table, the grumpy girl proceeded to launch into a flurry of grumbles, growling loudly.

Stella felt her face turning hot. ‘The naughty girl has gone too far this time.’ No way was she going to let her Bottom get away with bratty behavior like this. A real correction was now definitely in order, whether they had company or not. The Top decided that Cat was going to get a spanking right then and there. She glanced at Lucy inquiringly, who returned with a slight nod that showed approval and reassurance.

Lips pressed together tightly, Stella rose from the table and strode over to the living room. Plopping down on the couch, she cast a searing glare at the stubborn girl and commanded her to remote off TV immediately.

One look at Stella’s stern face, Cat knew she had crossed the line. She quickly complied and then tried to slip away.

“Stop right there, girl. Where do you think you are going?” Stella exploded, grabbing Cat by her left arm.

“Let me go!” Cat struggled to get loose but Stella was very strong. Her grip got tighter.

“Naughty girl, you are getting a hard spanking right now!”

“Noo, not here, not right now.” Mortified, Cat pleaded, trying to get away from Stella’s grip.

Stella pulled Cat back to the couch, and swiftly threw the struggling girl over her left knee. She then wrapped her right leg around Cat’s thrashing legs to stop her kicking. Pinning Cat’s flailing right arm to the small of her back, holding her firmly in position, the disciplinarian lifted the girl’s skirt with her right hand, laying bare the two panty-clad plump mounds.

“Nooooo, please, Stel, noo.” Cat knew she was in big trouble, but was horrified that her girlfriend would actually spank her in front of company. Being spanked in private was one thing, but in front of company? ‘This is beyond humiliation. I’d rather die than being disciplined in front of Lu and Liz.’ Cat started fighting violently trying to get away from Stella’s tight grasp. But Stella held Cat exactly where she wanted her to be, the squirming bottom sticking up in the air.

“You chose to throw a royal temper tantrum in front of Lu and Liz, you can be spanked in front of them!” Stella announced.

Over Cat’s high-pitched protest, Stella raised her right hand above her head and brought it down hard on the wiggling bottom over her knee. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. A rapid succession of smacks echoed off the living room wall, bouncing back with Cat’s owing. The thin cotton bikini panties offered little protection for the wobbling soft cheeks. With each spank, a red handprint seared into the white buttocks, until there was a gauntlet of red crisscrossing splotches spread across the two bouncy, fleshy moons, and extending down to the top of the punished girl’s thighs.

Cat tried hard not to cry out in front of their friends. It was a painful experience and she felt that she had to suck in two gasps of air for each smack. Each smack on her bottom felt like a stingy hot iron cutting deep into her backside. The spanking was very painful on her bottom, not to mention the acute embarrassment knowing Lucy and Liz were witnessing her bottom-smacking punishment.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please stop, Stel.” The little girl started to plea for mercy in a low voice, trying in vain to thrash her legs.

Stella kept raining down hard spanks as she realized that Cat was holding back her cries. Finally her effort was rewarded as Cat’s quiet muffled sobbing turned into outright crying. And it got louder and louder as the hand spanking continued. The upended girl finally stopped trying to get away as she realized how strong Stella was. Submitting to the punishment, Cat lay limp over her disciplinarian’s knee, grabbing her ankle tightly, wailing.

Stella stopped briefly and let go of Cat’s arm. She then reached over for the upturned girl’s face: “Now, look at me. Tell me why I am spanking your bottom like a 10-year-old spoiled brat?” she demanded.

“Cause I… I pitched a fit in front of everyone.” Cat mumbled amid sobs.

“That’s right, and it is very immature, not to mention rude and disrespectful, isn’t it?” Stella gently rubbed the pink bottom on her knee.

“Yes, it is. I’m sorry.” Cat felt tears stinging her eyes.

“And you disobeyed me. If you had backed off as Liz did, you wouldn’t be in this position right now. You understand that, do you?” Stella pushed streaks of dampened hair off the crying girl’s face.

“Yes. I get it. I’m sorry, Stel.”

“You are not getting off easy, naughty girl. You can expect another spanking before bed today, a bare bottom spanking with the old hairbrush.” Stella’s blue sternness locked right into Cat’s crying eyes.

“Please, nooooo. No hairbrush please.” Hot tears streamed down Cat’s flushed face, dampening her pale neck.

After another minute of hand spanking, Stella looked down at the jiggling derriere over her knee and saw, through the thin cotton panties, the two plump bottom cheeks had turned into pink balls. She placed her hand on them and felt warmth emanating from them. Enough for now, she decided, letting go of her crying girlfriend.

Cat staggered to her feet and covered her sore bottom with both hands. Her red, puffy eyes searched Stella’s for forgiveness.

“Now, apologize to Lu and Liz for your rude behavior. Then I want you to go to the bedroom and get ready for bed. And wait for me.” Stella marched the punished girl back to the dinner table.

Overcome by embarrassment, Cat faced their guests, hands still cupping her sore buttocks. “I’m sorry,” she whispered amid sniffles, quickly shifting her eyes away. Liz got up to give her a hug, but before she could, the chastised girl fled to the bedroom.

“My, my,” Lucy chuckled, nodding at Stella to show her approval and support, “I think Cat has gotten the message now.”

“I surely hope so.” Stella sat down at the dinner table: “Can you believe that?” She took a sip of her wine. “I don’t know how she figured she would get away with an outburst like that.”

“Sorry about this, Stel.” Liz offered. “I shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place.”

“Thank you, Liz. But Cat needs to know her boundaries better and to learn to control her temper, and not be such a brat.” Stella said, sighing and shaking her head.

After dinner, the three of them sat around in the living room drinking coffee, enjoying the wonderful cheesecake. They made plans to get together again after the girls finished their finals to celebrate the end of semester.

“We’d better get going now, Liz.” Lucy got up. “So Stel can go and take care of her little business.” She winked at Stella and pointed her chin at the bedroom.

“Please go easy on Cat.” Liz begged Stella at the door. “It was my fault to bring it up.”

After they left, Stella stood by the sink for a few minutes. Her anger subsided, she really didn’t want to spank her darling again, but bratty behavior like this needed to be dealt with effectively. ‘The little girl is NOT going to have another meltdown like this, ever.’ The Top promised herself and slowly walked towards their bedroom with renewed determination to finish teaching her naughty girlfriend a stern lesson.

Cat had changed into her little pink cami that she usually slept in, and was sprawled on the bed, her face buried in the pillow. Hearing Stella’s slow but determined steps towards the bedroom, her heart sank. She really dreaded going over her disciplinarian’s knee again. But what was also gnawing at her was the fact that she had disappointed her girlfriend who she adored and loved. ‘Why would you pick a time in the middle of a nice dinner with friends to lose your temper, dummy?’ Cat admonished herself silently.

Stella pushed the door open slowly, and met Cat’s eyes. The naughty girl’s red eyes and remorseful look almost made Stella lose her resolve. She found herself having to fight against her own impulse to follow through with the promised discipline. She walked quickly into the bathroom. When she came out, Cat felt her body going rigid at the sight of the old mahogany hairbrush clutched in Stella’s hand.

“Please Stel, I’ve learned my lesson.” The little girl pushed herself up into a keeling position, and pleaded.

Ignoring the plea, Stella sat down at the edge of the bed. “Get over here NOW,” she gestured at her knees and commanded in a calm but firm voice.

Cat obeyed. She came to stand in front of her Top, hands hanging limply on both sides, shoulders slumped. Stella reached over and pulled her bikini panties down to her ankles, exposing a pink bottom.

“You know we have to do this so you’ll get the message, baby.” Stella said in a reassuring voice. “Get over my lap.”

With a little tug, Cat found herself lying upturned on top of Stella’s muscular left knee, and she felt Stella push her forward for a better position and then felt her legs being tucked under her spanker’s right leg, trapping her again so she couldn’t kick.

“My, my, we have a very pink bottom here, and soon it will be bright red and hot.” Stella marveled at the gorgeous looking spanked bottom, which was tightening and un-tightening in nervous anticipation of the impending assault.

There was silence. Cat’s upper body lay still on the sheets of the bed. Stella patted the hairbrush on Cat’s sore cheeks for a few seconds, and then Cat felt the brush being lifted and before she could brace herself, THWACK, a stingy blow landed in the middle of her bottom crack.

“Ouch.” The little girl flinched.

THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, the devastating blows rained down on the two pink dancing mounds, leaving a white dent each time. There was a comfortable rhythm to Stella’s delivery. She had settled into a pattern of four rapid smacks: top, middle, bottom of each cheek, and then across the bottom crack. Then the pattern would repeat itself. Cat’s bottom wobbled with each splat and she squealed and wailed. Her backside was turning white, red and pink all at once.

“OWW.” Cat’s cry turned into a high pitched holler.

Stella stopped to catch her breath. “Do you understand why I wouldn’t let you go to the concert?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Tell me then.” SMACK.

“Owi. Because I needed to focus on the finals.”

“That’s correct. I’m supporting you this semester so you wouldn’t have to work. What’s YOUR job then?” SMACK, THUD.

“Ow. Study hard and get good grades.”

“Why is it important for you to get good grades?” Another SPLAT.

“Ouch. For vet school.”  Cat replied as she gasped for air.

“Has the message gotten through to you yet? Are we going to have another fit like the one we had today?” SPLAT, SMACK, SPANK.

“Owowow, yes, it’s gotten through. I promise it won’t happen again.” Cat bawled miserably.

“If you ever throw a ridiculous temper tantrum again, girl, the spanking will be a lot harder than the one you are getting right now. You understand?” Stella warned, keeping up with the steady flow of smacks.

“Owi. Yes, I do. It won’t happen again, ever. I promise. Oww.” The crying girl begged, her upper body bouncing up and down.

After one more minute of the hairbrush, Cat’s buttocks were covered with red splotches. “Ok. I’ll give you five really hard smacks, and I want you to count them out. And then your punishment will be over.”

Stella delivered the last five spanks slowly and deliberately, giving the naughty bottom enough time to absorb the searing pain before the next hard one landed. The little girl dutifully counted, her body bouncing to each smack, wishing each one was the last.

When it was over, Cat felt spent, she let herself crumble to the floor and curl into a ball, sobbing. Her underwear had long been kicked off.

Stella slid down onto the floor too and scooped the petite girl into her arms with ease, shushing her softly.

“It’s all over, baby. Shh.” Her voice was tender, and suddenly tears streamed down her face. Gosh, she loved this girl more than anyone or anything in this world.

Stella held Cat for a long time, stroking and kissing her dampened hair and tear streaked face, caressing her back and her sore bottom while rocking her gently. Finally, Cat’s sobs calmed to occasional sniffles and whimpers, as she wrapped her arms around her disciplinarian’s chest tightly.

“Shh, that’s my good girl.” Stella retrieved a tube of arnica gel from the bedside table and gently rubbed a generous portion into Cat’s punished bottom. The spanked girl winced at the touch, but the cool gel was certainly welcome on her scorching cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Stel,” Cat apologized.

“Shh, I forgive you, sweetie. You are going to be a good girl from now on, hmm?” Stella whispered in a soothing voice.

“Yes, Stel.” She nodded contrition.

“Listen, baby,” Stella perked up, “I saved some cheesecake for you. It’s your favorite kind. Come on.” She gently helped Cat stand up and led her to the kitchen.

“There.” Stella handed a delicious looking slice to Cat. “But I’m afraid you’ll have to eat it standing up,” she almost chuckled.

Cat devoured the cheesecake with a glass of milk. Tears gone now, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, her usual mischievous smile starting to come back.

“It’s soooo good, Stel. Can I have another slice please?”

Stella smiled and complied indulgently. ‘The girl looks adorable with her freshly spanked red bottom on display,’ she chuckled to herself.

Then they headed back to the bedroom hand in hand where both girls quickly shed their clothes. Well, in Cat’s case, it was just the cami. Nestling in bed against each other in the quiet darkness, Stella and Cat felt a deep sense of calm engulfing them. Slowly, Cat turned to Stella.

“May I?” Came the shy request from the impish girl.

Without a word, Stella pulled her lover into her full, eager bosom. The ensuing nipple sucking sent a wonderful vibration through Stella’s body. She held Cat tightly, grazing her on the top of the head, moaning. Even in the dark, Stella could see the pure, blissful grin on Cat’s face as she suckled away. The two bodies entwined and together the two girls sailed deep into a heaven of sheer pleasure.


I wish to thank Alyx for her great feedback. Glad I took her advice of “no blisters.” 😉

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28 Responses to Cat & Stella 2: Cat Threw a Tantrum

  1. Raine says:

    This was a great chapter! I can’t believe that I’ve read it three times in a row.
    B-But does ‘the end’ at the end of the chapter means that this is the end of the series? The previous chapter did not have it, so…

  2. SP says:

    Aww, thank you for your compliment Raine! Three times?? lol
    No, “the end” refers to this story only- you must want to see Cat get into more trouble huh? 🙂 Unfortunately (or fortunately) she will. *eg*

    Btw, when is YOUR next story coming out? 😉

    • Raine says:

      Ehehehe what can I say? I think that I’ve fell in love with those two ^^;

      Ya that’s good to hear! Well Cat is darn cute, even when she gets in trouble *bg*

      My story is half way done, it should be ready soon. Just let me finish my finals next week and I’ll work on the remaining parts. :3

      • SP says:

        Cat IS adorable, isn’t she?? especially when she’s in trouble. hahahhah
        Good luck on your finals Raine. Look forward to your new story!

  3. Raine says:

    Aw yeah, poor Cat indeed. Though she is quite lucky for having Stella to love and discipline her. :3

    Thank you! 😀

  4. SP says:

    Yes Raine, Cat is a very lucky girl though her bottom may not agree sometimes! 🙂 And Stella is also very lucky to have such a lovely girl to love (and yes, to discipline). 😉

  5. Fifi says:

    wow, that was quite a tantrum. Stella took care of it though. heehee i love this couple. last scene was hot! thanx.

  6. creativeharm says:

    This makes me reflect on how many tantrums I have had; having “emotional disturbance” there have been a lot, including in my years now. Maybe if i had a “Stella” i would have less tantrums. 😉

  7. Melissa says:

    Sounds like the relationship I have with my wife; except for the spanking lol but she spoils me rotten, and I’m the older one by 8 years 🙂 Thanks for the stories, they got my attention, and that’s hard to do.

    • SP says:

      Welcome Melissa! Glad my stories got your attention. *g* Maybe we should get your wife to read them to give her some *ideas.* lol

      • Melissa says:

        lol she’s pretty creative as it is! ..I’m trying really hard to be the good bottom.. so I’m exploring the obedience and consequences .. You really are a good writer, keep up the good work 😉 I’ll look forward to more.

        • SP says:

          Thank you for your compliment Melissa! Good luck on trying to be a good bottom. I’m sure your top appreciates your effort. 🙂

          • Melissa says:

            Oh yes she does 😉 thank you I wish I could just write.. I sit and suddenly the screen remains blank.. Lol

  8. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Wow peach , Stella is awesome ! I love your stories , it’s funny I just happened upon this site of yours. Glad I did

  9. WiserDoc says:

    Sweet story. This couple seems perfectly matched.

  10. Ash says:

    Whaaaat? I haven’t commented on this before? I LOVE this one. I really liked the ending. That last scene when the spanking is over, and they are naked in bed together… it was perfect. I dunno… it just gives me this warm feeling and I want to go “awwwwww”. 😳

  11. Ash says:

    I just had to read this again! 😀 It felt it was appropriate as I am struggling with getting ready for my last exam this semester. I just want it to be Christmas already, but I can’t get into the Christmas spirit until I’m done with this crap! 😛

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