Cat & Stella 3: Caught Smoking

It’s been a busy morning for Stella and Cat. Their best friends Lucy and Lizzy came over to the house earlier in the day so the four of them could plan out the details of their vacation next week. Cat and Liz, both college students, were on summer break, and Stella and Lucy had next week off, so they were very excited to go on a trip together. It would be the first time the four of them went on a real trip. The two younger girls were especially excited. In fact they were giggling all morning, dancing around the house while Stella and Lucy were trying to figure out their itinerary.

Stella had made reservations for dinner at the new Thai/Japanese restaurant in town. All four of them loved Pad Thai and adored sushi, particularly California rolls. Everyone was excited. After dinner they were planning on going dancing in the most popular nightclub in town. All four girls laid out their outfits for the night. The two bottoms were going to wear mini skirts and tank tops and for the two tops, nice simple sundresses.

They still needed a few things for the trip, so Stella and Lucy were going to run to the store. The college girls would rather spend the afternoon in the pool, cooling off in the water and then sunbathing. They were not too bothered with details because their doting, dominant girlfriends would take care of everything.

After Stella and Lucy left, Liz and Cat quickly got into their bikini bathing suits, grabbed their sunglasses, sun lotion and towels, ready to hit the pool.

“Wait a sec Cat.” Liz reached into her purse and pulled out a pack of Virginia Slim. “We gonna enjoy this at the pool. Yipee.” Liz waved it at Cat excitedly.

“Cigarettes?” Cat’s eyes widened. “You serious? Smoking behind Lu’s back?” She knew Lucy would never allow Liz to smoke.

“Only occasionally, and only when I know I can get away with it.” Liz answered nonchalantly, winking at a shocked Cat. “Lu caught me once though but she let me off with a scolding since it was the first time. She did warn me that if it happened again .…” her voice trailed off.

“Stel and I promised each other that we’d never touch a cigarette. If she finds out, I’m gonna be in big trouble.” Cat’s heart almost skipped a beat when she thought of what would happen if she got caught.

“Oh, come on, Cat,” Liz was all hyper, “but Lu and Stel are never gonna find out, are they?” She sounded very convincing. “By the time they come back, we’d be all cleaned up and dressed, ready to hit the town.”

Liz’s optimism was contagious and her argument seemed to make perfect sense. Being the ultimate optimist, Cat let herself be convinced that they would not likely be caught. Besides, she found the prospect of sneaking behind her dominant girlfriend’s back too tempting to resist.

The two college girls trotted to the adult pool where it was actually quiet on a weekday afternoon. There was a thick patch of bushes separating the quiet pool from the adjacent family pool so only muffled sound of kids screaming could be heard now and then. Liz and Cat dived into the cool water, splashed around, and started doing lapses. When they felt they were sufficiently cooled down, they got out, lounged around and started smoking. The fact that they knew they were doing something not allowed by their tops only made it seem more exciting. The two girls chatted and couldn’t help but giggling, sure they would not be caught. Soon each of them finished two cigarettes apiece. They felt like two teenagers free from adult supervision, doing whatever they wanted.

It just so happened that Stella and Lucy finished shopping earlier than they had expected, so they decided to come home and join the little girls in the pool to cool off. They went home and changed, and then walked downhill to the pool area. As they got nearer, they could see Cat and Liz lying face down on the pool chairs, chatting animatedly. “Let’s surprise them,” Lucy whispered and they tiptoed all the way up to the girls, trying not to make any sound. About five feet away though, the two tops suddenly stopped as swirls of gray cloud drifted out of the girls’ hands. The two bikini clad girls kept on chatting and laughing heartily, gesturing with their hands, each holding a cigarette.

“What the —-?!” Lucy yelled as she raced up and before the surprised girls realized what was going on, SLAP, a vicious spank landed on Lizzy’s bottom cheeks, followed by a flurry of at least five more loud smacks on the poor bottom. Red crisscrossing handprints were immediately seared into Liz’s soft skin.

“Owowow.” Liz covered her cheeks with a towel, quickly turned over and begged. She looked around, afraid that other people might have seen the spanking.

“You promised that you would never smoke again, naughty girl!” Lucy gritted her teeth, her face turning red. “I let you off easy the first time, didn’t I?” she tried to control her anger.

“Yes, you did,” poor Liz hung her head, looking ashamed.

While Lizzy was getting her bottom blistered, Cat froze as she knew she was in big trouble too. She turned over and tried to avoid Stella’s stern look as she was sure her girlfriend was raging mad right now.

“Sit up, both of you,” Lucy was seething.

The two brats immediately complied, dropping their cigarettes on the ground joining the small pile of cigarette butts that had already gathered. Cat averted her eyes from Stella’s disappointed gaze. Certain that her bottom was soon going to be very red and sore too, Cat prayed silently, ‘but please, not out here.’

Stella tugged at Lucy’s arm and said in a low voice: “Come on, Lu, let’s go cool off first. We’ll deal with them later, ok?”  She turned her stern sea-blue gaze to Cat and Lizzy: “You two sit right here, feet on the ground. No talking and no moving around. Wait till we finish and then we’ll take care of you at home.” She cast an especially ominous look at her downcast Cat before heading to the pool.

The two chastised girls sat up straight in their chairs, not daring to talk. Liz mouthed “sorry” repeatedly to Cat, rubbing her stingy bottom. Cat silently chided herself for caving in to peer pressure yet again and was getting more and more apprehensive by the minute. She knew a harsh spanking was definitely in order when they got back, and wondered how it was going to go down. Was Stel going to spank her in front of Lu and Liz? It would be so embarrassing, she thought, but then it wouldn’t be the first time. Stel had spanked her in front of Lu and Liz at least twice before, one of those on her bare bottom too.

After their tops spent about 30 minutes in the pool while the college co-eds were slumped in their chairs in silence, they all walked home. As soon as they got inside, Lucy asked Stella if there was a cane in the house.

“No, Lu, we don’t own a cane.”

“That’s ok. I’m sure you own a duster, do you, Stel?”

“Yes, we actually do have a feather duster.”

“Cat sweetie, could you fetch that duster for me, please?” Lucy turned to Cat.

Cat hesitated, looking at poor Liz who looked like she was about to cry.

“Do what Lu asked, Cat,” Liz mumbled.

Cat opened the door to the closet and saw a brown feather duster on the hook. She hesitated for a moment before taking it down. Stella had not spanked her with it before, but just looking at the long handle made Cat shudder. She briefly considered breaking it in half, but then thought better of it.

She came back and handed the duster to Lucy, fully aware what she was going to do with it. ‘Lizzy’s poor bottom.’ She sighed heavily.

“Stel, may we use your bedroom?” Lucy asked.

“Sure thing, Lu. Take as long as you need. Cat and I will be having our talk in the bathroom.” Stella said.

‘In the bathroom?’ Cat’s ears pricked up. ‘What are we gonna do in the bathroom?’ she wondered. The bathroom was pretty small and Cat was puzzled how Stella was going to spank her there.

Stella grabbed Cat by the ear and led her “owing” into the bathroom. She then reached for the bath brush lying on the side of the bathtub. Flipping down the toilet seat, Stella sat on it with the brush in her right hand.

“Come here, naughty girl. Take off your bikini bottom and put your hands on the wall.” Stella ordered in a determined voice.

Cat obeyed quietly as she was usually fairly submissive during her discipline by Stella, and this time she knew she had really crossed the line and there was no way out of a serious spanking.

By then they could hear Liz crying from the bedroom and the dull sound of the rapid smacking by the handle of the duster, THUD, THUD, mixed in with Lucy’s muffled angry scolding. Cat flinched.

“May I close the door?” She did not want to hear Liz’s spanking.

“Ok. You have your own poor bottom to worry about, little girl.” Stella agreed.

After Cat positioned herself as Stella had instructed, she was sideway towards her disciplinarian, her round, plump cheeks at a perfect angle for Stella’s bath brush. Without a word, Stella raised her arm and the solid wooden part of the brush landed crushingly down on Cat’s left cheek, sending the punished girl off her feet immediately.

“Owiowiowi, Stel, THAT really hurt. Please not so hard.” Cat danced on one foot and pleaded.

“Now stay in position, naughty one. I know you wanted to wear your new blue mini skirt with ruffles tonight, right? If you stay in position for me, I will only spank your bottom cheeks. But if you move around, the bath brush will land on your thighs as well, and then you will not be able to wear that new skirt. Understood?” Stella stayed cool, but sounded determined to teach her girlfriend a good old-fashioned lesson.

“Yes, I’ll try. Thank you.” Cat replied gratefully as she was really looking forward to showing off her new skirt tonight.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, Stella sat on the toilet seat and aimed at those wobbling fleshy cheeks. It was just the right angle. She didn’t even have to swing her arm very high. With controlled force, the top brought down the bath brush over and over on the two jiggling bottom cheeks, leaving plenty of time in between the blows. Each smack made Cat howl and do a little one-foot hopping dance, sometimes making a circle, but then she would get back in position so Stella had full access to her naughty bottom cheeks for the next smack.

“Tell me,” SPANK, Stella aimed at the fleshiest part of the bottom, “why am I spanking your bare bottom?”

“Ouch. Be-because I was caught smoking.” Cat sobbed. “Bu … but, you guys were not supposed to be back so soon …”

SPLAT, another sound spank. “That’s right. You got caught right in the act, huh! Makes me wonder what other naughty things you are doing behind my back, hm?”

“Not…not much,” Cat mumbled a reply.

The top raised an eyebrow, “Not much?”

“I meant nothing, none at all,” Cat quickly corrected herself.

Trying to suppress a grin, Stella decided to let the subject drop for now.

“Remember you promised you wouldn’t touch a cigarette?” The dominant girlfriend demanded sternly, her question punctuated with repeated slapping.

“Owowi. Yes, I did. I’m sorry, very sorrrrrrry.” Cat hopped on one foot.

“Now tell me, why is smoking bad?”

“Lung cancer.” Cat was very quick with the answer.

Stella tried not to smile. Her cute girlfriend was nothing if not adorable when she’s trying to minimize her punishment.

“What happens to brats who break their promises and do things that are bad for their health, hmm?” WHACK.

“Uhh. They get spanked.” Cat was barely audible.

SPANK. “What was that?” Stella asked.

“They get spanked.” The wailing girl raised her voice a notch.

“That’s right.” SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. “They get spanked on their bare bottoms, HARD.” Stella delivered a flurry of steady but controlled blows onto Cat’s sore bottom with the bath brush.

“AAAAAiiiiiiii. I’m sorry. Please stop.” Cat begged. “I’ve learned my lesson, Stel.” Her bottom was turning into pink and red.

“Are you going to smoke again?” SPANK. The disciplinarian was not done with her scolding.

“Ou, ouch. No. Never. I promise.” Cat pressed her hands hard on the wall to keep herself from moving and turning around. Her bottom felt hot and painful and she thought it might have nasty welts by now.

Stella slowed down her spanking: “Look at me, baby.”

Cat turned her face toward her stern but loving girlfriend.

“What were you thinking?!” Stella still couldn’t believe that her little girl would smoke after their endless hours of discussion on NOT ever touching a cigarette.

“Sorry. I don’t know what gotten into me. Liz said you guys wouldn’t find out.” Cat said hesitantly, not wanting to blame it all on Lizzy.

“You know you shouldn’t have so easily buckled under peer pressure, sweetie.” Stella stood up. She would definitely need to have a word with Liz as well later because clearly the two naughty girls were bad influences on each other.

Stella pressed her left hand firmly on Cat’s back and delivered the last five or so blows with more strength, which sent the crying girl into a high-pitched howling fit. The disciplinarian wanted to make sure that her little naughty love would not repeat the same misdeed anytime soon. Satisfied, Stella put the bath brush back on the edge of the tub.

Cat straightened up her body, sniffling loudly.

Stella turned the punished girl around and pulled her into her full, bikini clad breasts. She shushed the sobbing girl soothingly, caressing her hot and sore bottom, which was still smooth without any bruises or welts, just a massive redness. They stood in the small bathroom, hugging tightly. Stella kissed Cat on her tear streaked face, and stroked her damp hair.

“Is it a sore bottom, baby?” Stella asked tenderly and rubbed the freshly spanked bottom.

“Uh-huh.” Cat’s crying had died down to an occasional sniffle.

“I think we need to have another good long talk this weekend about this, with you over my lap.” Stella looked right at Cat but her voice was soothing and forgiving. “Maybe we’ll let you feel the duster too.”

“Please no duster. It looks so nasty. I’ve learned my lesson, Stel. I will not smoke again, I promise.” Cat looked back at her with adorable puppy eyes, knowing that her futile attempt was going to be ignored.

“We’ll see about that, honey. Now let’s get you cleaned up and we’ll rub some lotion into those sore cheeks, ok?” Stella let go of the spanked girl.

The Top and the Bottom jumped into the shower. The sound of water splashing mixed with delighted squeaks from Cat suggested that the two girls were having a splendid post spanking time, with lots of tickling and other activities. They reemerged 20 or so minutes later, both still giggling. Stella dried Cat down with a big fluffy towel before wrapping one around her own body.

They walked into a quiet living room. Muffled sound of Lucy’s soothing and soft voice could be heard from their bedroom. Clearly, the spanking was over for Liz as well. Soon, the bedroom door opened, and the two girls came out hand in hand. Liz’s bare bottom showed parallel red lines extending from the top of the bottom cheeks to the top half of her thighs. The duster clearly had been applied vigorously, Cat thought with a shudder.

“Cat sweetie, would you please put the duster back for me?” Lucy handed the ominous looking implement to Cat who took it and turned to Liz, mouthing: “How was it?”

“You don’t want to know.” Liz cringed.

While Lucy and Liz were cleaning up, Stella and Cat got themselves dressed for the evening. Cat was happy to be able to wear her new mini skirt after all although she flinched when the cloth touched her sore bottom. She repeatedly looked into the mirror with a big grin on her face.

“Thank you Stel, for not spanking my thighs.” Cat’s usual spark came back and she threw herself at Stella gratefully. “Do I look good in this skirt?”

“Absolutely gorgeous, baby.” Stella gazed at her cute girlfriend with adoration and kissed her.

“Thanks. You look great too.” Cat smiled at her tall Stella who was wearing a white low-cut sundress that hugged her athletic body.

“Darling, I think you need to find a pair of jeans for Liz. She’s not going to be able to wear her skirt tonight.” Stella almost chuckled.

“Oh, I haven’t thought about that. Poor Liz.” Cat went into the bedroom.

Liz was grateful that Cat had brought a pair of nice jeans for her to wear. She winced though when trying to pull them on over her sore bottom as she was one size bigger than Cat. The jeans looked snuggly and sexy on her though. Lucy smiled.

“You two girls may have to eat your sushi standing up.” Lucy couldn’t help but chuckling.

“Let’s sneak in two little cushions. They’ll come in handy in the car too, I’m sure.” Stella winked at the girls, who looked at each other impishly, rubbing their sore bottoms with their hands.

Lucy’s voice was soft but determined: “Thank you, Stel. Liz and I will have a few more talks about this over the next couple days, won’t we, sweetheart?” Lucy winked at her girlfriend. “Someone’s gonna do some corner time on Saturday, and get a spanking too. Isn’t that right baby?”

“Yes, Lu.” Liz stuck her tongue out at her top, “I’m really sorry.” She sounded contrite although it was entirely possible the regret was only over the fact that they had been caught.

“We are not done about this either.” Stella announced, to Cat’s chagrin. “My naughty girl’s going over my knee this weekend while we have a LONG chat,” Stella cast a meaningful glance at Cat and the punished girl looked down at her feet.

“All right, ready to go?” Lucy asked cheerfully.

The two brats with their sore bottoms throbbing and hot, left the house first, hand in hand, followed by their proud tops with big satisfied grins on their faces. The four beautiful girls were all set for what promised to be a wonderful night of food, dancing and music.

 The End

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29 Responses to Cat & Stella 3: Caught Smoking

  1. Daddy says:

    Love the stories , I like very much you approach with these 4 . Have you ever considered a story where either Stella or Lucy messed up in fron of the younger girls and was soundly disciplined by the other in front of the girls as proof that “your never to old” if you break the rules .

    I dont read alot of this type of fiction however I do enjoy your stories . Kepp it up

  2. SP says:

    Thank you for posting nice comments! Glad you liked my stories. It means a lot. 🙂
    Mmmm, your scenario sounds intriguing, I’ll have to think about it.

    • Daddy says:

      I could easily see one of them breaking a cardinal rule and texting while driving . Small accident that could have hurt her and the two lil ones . The other one having the right to make sure a lesson is learned and example set .

  3. Raine says:

    Awesome chapter as usual, Peach! 😀
    “Stel had spanked her in front of Lu and Liz at least twice before, one of those on her bare bottom too.” Now I do recall one of those incidents, but the other one? What did poor little Cat do to have her bare bottom spanked in front of their friends?

    && I’m hoping that there will be a ‘special’ chapter for the two brats’ weekend follow up spanking (I’m in a mean mood today lol)

    But seriously, this chapter was great, too bad the two brats thought they can sneak behind their Tops’ backs and do these things, they should have known better. :3

    • SP says:

      Hey Raine, I can always count on sweet Raine for encouragement!! Thanks. *hug*

      Well … I guess one shouldn’t hint at things that one has no plans for LOL. But the “weekend follow-up” could potentially be a stand alone story, huh? 🙂

      No fear, there will be another story with Cat’s bare bottom on the line in front of their friends but I admit I got ahead of myself there … heheheheh.

      Oh btw, how’s your story coming along? 😉

      • Raine says:

        Thanks, Peach~ *hugs back*

        Yep definitely! And don’t forget to reward the two young girls for enduring such ‘prolonged’ punishment. *bg*

        Aww poor Cat~ :3

        Good news! My story is almost done! It took it’s sweet time but I haven’t had the time to sit and write anything. But now I’m actually writing and need to edit and fix some parts. It should be up in a day or two. 🙂

  4. SP says:

    Raine: I just read your new story. It’s great and fun reading.
    Awww, poor sweet Erica, got what she had asked for. 😉

  5. cutey says:

    I just found your site. It’s awesome and I love this story line. I’m looking foward to reading more.

  6. Ana says:

    Oh, there are never enough F/F spanking stories for me. Yay! I will have to go back to read from the beginning…after I get chores done. Nice to meet you!

    • SP says:

      Thank you Ana for stopping by and posting a comment! As you can see I’m pretty new at this thing. 🙂
      I’m always looking for f/f stories too. Hope you like these little tales here. 🙂
      Oh, did you get your chores done? 😉

  7. Fifi says:

    i really love cat and Stella stories. thanks for posting them. Cat is cute and adorable and Stella loves her so much. makes me want a Stella myself! lol

  8. SP says:

    lol *I* fancy having a Stella myself too! Thank you for commenting Fifi.

  9. creativeharm says:

    Poor Cat, the “after spanking” seems a little harsh, after she already got one. Although…i’d love to read something like that.

  10. maryk88 says:

    I usually don’t read a lot of this kind of fiction, but I have to say I like yours a lot, they’re not mean and cruel like some can be they show that the couples actually love each other, and care for one another. I love how Stella always comforts Cat at the end. I wonder if Cat will ever question Stella’s love but then of course get reassured. 🙂

    • SP says:

      Welcome maryk88 and thanks for commenting! I hope it comes through in the stories that theirs is a very loving relationship. Stella loves (and spoils) Cat but also can be a firm disciplinarian when necessary and Cat, well… she enjoys all the attention, maybe not so much on you-know-where. *bg*

  11. bahamagirl1996 says:

    I felt for Cat and Liz , I still don’t know my wife knows when I’ve been sneakin candy when she said that I’m not to have any. Maybe it’s me forgetting to brush my teeth after a snicker ( fool I tell ya ) and kissing her 🙂 Love your stories babes .

    • SP says:

      Oooh, someone’s been naughty! Maybe your wife oughtta read this *wink*…
      Thanks for your great feedback.

      • bahamagirl1996 says:

        U pose ta be my friend man ! Y u tryin to cause me get a hot bottom dred , and it ain like u don’t know I don’t like it when she spanks me. Where is the love peach ? Where

  12. zakoya says:

    hey i read this story and it was very good i love it i miss half of my fourth block just to finsh reading it ,, do you have anymore stories online that i can read ??

  13. WiserDoc says:

    So glad I quit smoking. So very glad.

  14. Tim says:

    A brilliant story ,the girl spankers look after their little spankees very well as they can be naughty sometimes ,,love and spanks from ,Tim.

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