Cat & Stella 4: A Trip to the Mall …

Cat shuffled her feet in the corner of the living room with her hands above her head, her little cute nose pressed against the white wall. Her pretty pink cotton panties, which matched her tight, short tank top, hung just below her bottom cheeks, framing a porcelain-skinned, round, peachy and perfectly shaped bottom.

Stella, her dominant girlfriend and disciplinarian, sat on the couch across from Cat, still in her work clothes and reading a magazine. She periodically looked up and checked on the girl in the corner, the girl she loved more than anyone in the world. ‘It’ll do her some good to reflect on what she has done wrong,’ thought the Top. ‘That baby doll sure is long overdue for a sound bare-bottom spanking!’ She stood up and went to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable.

Cat tried hard not to show her restlessness. After all, 15 minutes to her was an eternity. Her mind’s eye drifted to her bare backside and she could see the two creamy orbs wobbling slightly in the cool draft from the open window, twitching nervously in anticipation of the impending spanking.

‘How did I ever get into this domestic discipline thing in the first place?’ Cat sighed silently. She couldn’t help but feeling a little bemused at the thought of the DD arrangement she had with Stella. The fact was she didn’t even know the meaning of the word “spanking” until age five from a kid in her kindergarten. Now, 15 years later, considering her own exposed and cornered and soon-to-be-red-and-sore bottom, the whole situation just seemed pretty comic to her. The girl couldn’t help but let out a muffled giggle.

“My, my, what’s so funny, huh, little girl?!” Stella had just come back, having changed into her usual navy blue cami and a pair of old jeans. Her stern, low voice jolted Cat back to reality. The Top walked over to her adorable yet very naughty Bottom.

“You think this is a joke? Hm?” SLAP, a swat landed on Cat’s right cheek which jiggled at the impact.

“Ow, no, I don’t.” Cat whined.

“Well, that giggle has just earned you an extra five minutes in timeout, little one.” Stella commanded.

“Nooooo, Stel, please no.” Cat pouted, protesting half-heartedly, and her objection brought another SLAP from Stella, sending the left cheek dancing.

“Ouch!” the brunette squeaked.

The girl in the corner tried to concentrate on the impending spanking and what events had led her to it.

Okay, she did break the spending rules that her Stella had imposed, which was if she were to buy any item over the value of $50 or if the total bill exceeded $200, she would need to talk to Stella first. They had both agreed that Cat should not be given too long a leash when it came to shopping because the college girl was known to have a compulsion to go on shopping sprees when she was stressed out with school. Both knew that Stella’s rules were a necessary measure to curb Cat’s impulsive spending habit.

Cat herself had wholeheartedly endorsed the rule because it made perfect sense to her. After all, Stella was the one who was making real money that paid all their bills, plus Stella’s student loans and the mortgage on the house. It’s true that Stella was making adequate salary, but still their expenses were fairly extensive too. Cat’s part-time job just about covered her textbooks, her car payment and gas, and a little left for her pocket.

Up till now, Cat had been very good following their shopping rules, and the doting and loving Stella had been pretty generous with her. Nine out of ten times Stella would let her younger girlfriend buy most of the over-the-limit stuff she had wanted.

But today was different. Stella came home from work to find Cat sitting on the living room floor, ear glued to her cell phone. Strewn all around her were new clothing with price tags, shining new shoes, and brightly colored shopping bags scattering all over.

When the younger girl saw Stella, she quickly got off the phone: “Got to go, Liz. Stel’s back.” She got up and skipped over all the stuff on the floor to give her girlfriend an unusually affectionate welcome home kiss and hug. Stella smiled as she was always so proud of her adorable lover.

“Hi, Stel.” Trying to sound innocent and cheerful, Cat was all impish smiles with her brown almond-shaped eyes.

Stella hugged Cat back and then leaned back and folded her arms coolly in front of her chest: “Looks like you had a busy day today.”

Cat’s heart skipped a beat, Uh-oh, trouble.

“I, erm… ur… went to the mall and did a little shopping.” Cat tried to sound nonchalant, but even she knew it actually sounded like she was guilty of something. Her eyes darted downwards.

“Yeah, I can see that. Show me all the receipts.” Stella’s voice carried a menacing tone.

“Please, Stel, don’t be mad at me. I was so stressed out about my biochem project, and I, I may have gotten carried away a little. I’m sorry.” She sheepishly handed a stack of store receipts to her Top, fully aware she was in big trouble.

“Let’s see … $65 for a dress, $55 for a pair of jeans, $35 for a tank top?? and what? 12 freakin’ dollars for one pair of panties from Victoria’s Secret? You call these ‘carried away a little’?!” Stella’s face fell, and she was shocked, exploding in disbelief.

“I … I’m sorry.” The little girl looked down at her feet.

“Where are the others? That’s not all, is it?” Stella’s voice was sharp.

Cat put her hand into her jeans’ pocket and pulled out a couple more crumbled receipts.

“Let’s see,” Stella started reading, “$60 for a pair of heels…”

“Wait, the black heels don’t count ‘cause I got them for you, Stel, and I think you’ll really like them.” Cat perked up a little before panic set in as she desperately tried to placate the older girl.

“Oh, that’s very thoughtful of you, young lady. Thank you.” Stella quickly added up everything on her phone. “Let’s see, the total is … $495.89.”

Stella nailed Cat with her blue eyes, anger rising. “What, you forgot our shopping rules? You couldn’t have just given me a call or text to ask for permission, hmm?”

Cat looked at her Top with a guilty face. “I’m sorry, Stel. I knew you’d say no but I was so stressed out that I just HAD to go to the mall.” Cat realized how lame her excuse sounded. “I…I figured it’s just this one time… I’ll return them to the store tomorrow, ‘kay?”

“Well, we’ll see about that. But I’m very disappointed that you blatantly disregarded my rules, our rules really. I understand that you are under a lot of stress lately, but your behavior today showed disrespect to me.” The Top said slowly, each word enunciated emphatically.

The little girl scuffed her foot on the carpet, her face beetroot red.

“And you know what that always gets you, don’t you?” Stella raised her voice a notch.

“Please don’t spank me.” Cat begged like a little 10-year-old.

“Oh yes, you are going to get a very sound spanking for this, naughty girl. But first I want you to get in the corner to let me cool off a little. I’m pretty mad at you right now.”

Realizing no matter how much she pleaded, Stella was not going to let her off the hook, Cat obeyed. She dragged her feet all the way to the familiar corner, resigned to the prospect that her bottom was soon going to be very sore.

“Now take those jeans off, and put your hands above your head.” Cat was wearing a pair of sexy, very tight skinny jeans and it took some wiggling effort for her to step out of them. She then dutifully put her hands above her head, fingers interlacing into each other.

Stella followed her over to the corner, bent and slowly pulled the little girls’ pink panties down to just below her cheeks. “Now, 15 minutes. And don’t you dare fidget, naughty girl!”

Stella plopped down on the couch and picked up a magazine. It was Friday night, and all she had wanted was unwind with her girlfriend, ordering pizza and drinking beer. The last thing she had in mind after work was to spank Cat’s naughty bottom. But behavior like this needed to be addressed immediately and effectively, Stella sighed. It was not really about the money, but about respecting her rules.

Stella turned her gaze to her beautiful girlfriend in the corner, and what she saw almost melted her anger. Cat stood in the corner submissively, her cute little nose pressed to the wall. The little girl’s pink tank top hugged her little body perfectly, her exposed creamy bottom was plump and fleshy, and her legs were round, but curved and lean. She looked so adorable and yet vulnerable. Stella was reminded yet again why she had fallen in love with the little cutie the first time she laid her eyes on her. ‘God, I love this girl so much,” Stella smiled silently, feeling so lucky to have Cat in her life to care for and love. Both Cat and she had agreed that disciplining Cat was part of their loving relationship. Cat usually felt so cared for and loved after a spanking from Stella, who felt pleased and empowered. The strict Top truly believed that spankings, if lovingly administered, strengthened and augmented their love for each other.

After 20 minutes, Stella rose from the couch. “All right, time’s up.” She grabbed Cat’s arm and marched the college girl back to the couch.

With a little tug, Cat found herself staring at the Oriental rug on the living room floor. It was a very familiar position for her. Before she could shift around for a better fit on Stella’s lap, SLAP, the sound echoed off and a second later, her right cheek felt the stinging assault. Then, a flurry of loud SLAP SLAP SLAP landed on her defenseless derriere, sending the little girl into kicking, flailing and pleading. Stella focused on reddening the naughty bottom on her lap and her spanking reached a rhythm with a pattern of two blows to the middle of each cheek, then three blows to each sit spot, and then three to the bottom crack. The pattern repeated itself methodically amid the punished college girl’s crying.

Cat squirmed, wiggled, bounced side to side, and begged for mercy. Her panties had slipped to her ankles now. After a couple minutes, Stella stopped. She looked down and saw Cat’s round bottom had a beautiful pink hue. Letting go of the crying girl, Stella guided her to kneel down in front of her so their eyes locked.

“Is it a sore bottom?” Stella’s blue sternness was overwhelming.

“Y-yes, very.” Sniffling, Cat’s eyes shifted away and her voice was barely audible, her hands cupping her sore cheeks.

“Tell me, why are you being spanked on your bare bottom like a 10-year-old naughty little girl?” Stella tipped Cat’s chin to bring her eyes back in line with her own.

Rubbing her sore bottom, Cat sobbed, “Cuz-cuz I broke our shopping rules.”

“Deliberately!” Stella emphasized. “You knew what you were doing.”

“Sorrrryyyy,” sniffled Cat.

“Well, tell me little one, what is the lesson here?” Stella said in a stern voice.

“Um…” Cat said sheepishly, meeting Stella’s eyes with her cute puppy dog face, “A trip to the mall … led to a trip over your knee?”

“Exactly!” Stella affirmed while trying really hard not to chuckle out loud. The naughty girl was so adorable, even when she was in trouble, or especially when she was in trouble.

“Try to remember that, little girl.” Stella let go of Cat’s chin and leaned back on the couch, sighing. “Admittedly, you’ve been pretty good about the rules, until today.”

“I, I slipped up, I guess.” Cat said with genuine regret. She so wanted to be a good girl to please her older girlfriend.

“I know baby, I know.” The Top said lovingly. “But you know we can’t let this happen again, right?”

“I won’t. I promise.” Cat nodded, followed by more whimpering.

“Well, I have to make sure of that.” Stella leaned forward and gently brushed the girl’s cheek with her fingers.

“It won’t happen again, Stel, I promise.” Cat was starting to pull her panties up.

“We are not quite done yet here. Leave your panties below your bottom cheeks.” Stella looked at Cat hard with that familiar firmness. “Now I want you to march to the kitchen and fetch me the paddle from the drawer.”

“The paddle? What paddle?” Cat’s eyes grew large with a split-second confusion before realization registered. “You, you are going to spank me with a paddle?” A flicker of panic flashed in her eyes.

“Yes, it’s about time you had a little taste of it,” was the Top’s determined reply.

Stella had never spanked her with a paddle before, only her palm, the old hairbrush and the bath brush. Cat remembered with some trepidation that her friend Liz hated the paddle whenever it was used on her bare bottom by her dominant girlfriend Lucy. ‘It’s the Implement of Doom,’ Liz announced to Cat on more than one occasion.

“Please, Stel, no paddle please. I’m sorry about today, really sorry. I’ve learned my lesson.” A torrent of fresh tears erupted.

“Go get it now.” Stella did not back down. This spanking was far from over.

Cat’s knees were glued to the rug. She stared at her Top, imploring and sobbing.

“I’m going to count to three, and if you don’t get up and fetch that paddle for me, I can make it a LOT worse, you understand?” Stella was not going to budge.

“One…” Stella started counting, staring at her crying Bottom.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?” followed by a sniffle from Cat.

“Two…” Stella continued counting, steeling herself to ignore the plea from her darling.

“Noooooooooooo.” Desperation showed in Cat’s voice.


“Okay, okay.” Cat scrambled up, sniffling loudly, and scuffled toward the kitchen with her little pink undies bunched just below her pink bottom cheeks. Stella had to suppress a chuckle at the adorable sight.

Cat came back with the wooden paddle. She held it up for Stella to take it.

“That’s a good girl,” said Stella affectionately, but she did not take the paddle from the crying girl right away.

“Now tell me, what am I going to do with this paddle?” Stella asked, looking Cat in the eyes.

Cat stole a glance at the wooden paddle and did not like the look of it. It was a chunk of pine wood, and it was shaped like a narrow cutting board. Actually it was a brand new replica of their old little bread cutting board. Stella must’ve bought it with a certain bottom in mind, Cat realized. ‘It’s the Implement of Doom.’ Liz’s pronouncement kept ringing in her head.

“To spank my bottom with it,” her voice was a whisper.

“That’s right. Naughty girls who don’t follow rules get spanked on their bare bottoms by wooden paddles.” Stella announced firmly.

Stella took the paddle from Cat, and lightly tapped it against her own palm. “Now bend over.” She guided Cat to bend down over the arm of the couch with her hands resting on the seat. Her pink bottom twitched involuntarily as Cat imagined the paddle landing on her tenderized bottom. Waiting nervously, she clenched her bottom cheeks tightly together as if it would ward off any impending assault. She was feeling scared and decided that her best chance was to beg for leniency.

“Please, Stel, don’t be too hard, ‘kay?” Cat impishly turned her face upward toward Stella, those puppy eyes imploring.

Gazing down at her girlfriend bent over with her pink bottom stuck up in the air, her voice full of remorse, Stella almost wavered in her determination to teach her darling a sound lesson about following rules. She also realized that this was the first time a wooden paddle would be applied to her girlfriend’s little bottom.

‘Ok, I’ll go easy on the naughty bottom today.’ She lightly patted the paddle on the pink bottom, “Please relax your cheeks, baby. Unclench them.” Her voice was soothing.

SPLAT, the first blow landed in the middle of Cat’s right cheek and immediately left a white dent, even though Stella had hardly swung her arm at all.

“Ouch, that hurt. Stel. Please not so hard.” Cat pleaded.

THUD, another light smack landed on the pink bottom, this time in the middle of the left cheek.

“Arrrrr.” Cat lifted her left leg off the floor.

While delivering a series of slow, steady, low intensity strokes with the paddle, Stella launched into a lengthy scolding about Cat’s impulsive shopping habits, deliberately breaking the rules thus disobeying and disrespecting her Top. But deep down she felt her anger draining and she really did not want to punish her little darling anymore.

“All right, I’m going to give you five more strokes, and they are going to be hard, and I want you to count them out, ok?”

“Uh-huh,” followed by a nod from the nervous girl.

THUD. Stella swung her arm a little higher this time.

“Oww. One,” Cat gasped for air and her upper body bounced.

THUD. It landed on the right sit spot, hard.

“Owowow. Two.” Cat’s hands dug deeper into the seat.

SPLAT. Another hard one, this time landed on the left sit spot.

“Ouch. Three.” Cat pushed her body forward and held her breath.

SPLAT, right across the bottom crack.

“Ooh, aahhhhhhhh. Four.” Cat let the air out of her lungs, both feet off the floor for a few seconds. She couldn’t wait for the spanking to be over.

SPLAT, the last hard spank landed in the middle of the right cheek.

“Ouchyyyyy. Five. It’s five!” Cat breathed a loud sigh of relief.

Stella stopped and looked at the red splotches on the little girl’s buttocks. Cat’s derriere was now slightly swollen but the skin was still smooth. Laying down the paddle on the couch, the Top bent down and rubbed the throbbing bottom gently. Cat winced at the touch and sniffled loudly.

Stella signaled for the girl to stand up. They faced each other. “I’m really sorry about today.” The punished girl looked and sounded truly contrite.

“Ok, baby doll. I forgive you.” Stella said in a soft voice, palming  tears from her beautiful face. “But if you do it again, I’m going to swing that paddle a lot harder than I did today, you got that?” Stella gazed right into Cat’s eyes: “Don’t let it happen again.”

“I won’t. I promise.” Cat repeated eagerly, still sobbing.

“Ok, pull your panties up.” Stella sat down on the couch and pulled her spanked girlfriend onto her lap. Cat winced as her sore bottom cheeks touched Stella’s thigh muscles. They hugged tightly for a long time while the loving Top rubbed Cat’s sore bottom. She rocked her punished lover gently back and forth until she calmed down. Finally Stella let go of Cat.

“Sweetie, I’m going to order us some pizza. I don’t know about you but I’m starving.” Stella tenderly brushed a few dampened streaks of hair off Cat’s face.

“Me, too. Can we order some hot wings as well? I’ve been craving for them.” Cat’s usual sparkle started to come back.

“Sure, sweetie. Pizza, hot wings and beer for dinner.” Kissing her on the cheeks and forehead repeatedly, Stella was once again the indulgent and loving girlfriend as she picked up her phone.

“While we are waiting for the delivery, why don’t you show me all the stuff you’ve bought, baby?” Stella’s request sent Cat into an excited little flutter. She floated into the pile on the living room floor.

With her usual twinkle in the eyes, Cat put on the dress she had bought for Stella to see. It was a beautiful sleeveless, low cut in off-white, definitely Cat’s color. “It’s perfect,” Stella said with a big smile on her face.

Cat then let Stella try on the black heels, which fit Stella’s feet comfortably. “Thank you, honey. They are perfect. I can really use them for work,” Stella was very pleased.

Then there were pairs of denim shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops, jeans, and a whole bunch of other cute stuff. Throughout the whole show, Cat’s face glowed, smiling from ear to ear showing off her beautiful body in countless outfits, whereas Stella followed every movement of her younger lover with absolute adoration.

“So, can we keep them?” Cat snuggled into Stella on the couch after she had modeled them all.

“Um, sweetie, you know the spanking was not about money, right?” Stella planted a kiss on Cat’s lips.

“I know, Stel. It was about obeying the rules.” Cat shyly pressed on: “So can we keep them, Stel?”

“Well, I’ll let you keep the dress, one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts, two tank tops and one mini-skirt, and I’ll keep my heels. The rest, especially the overpriced panties from Victoria’s Secret, will have to go back tomorrow.” Stella couldn’t help herself but to grant most of her sweetheart’s wishes. After all, she loved to see the little girl smile rather than cry.

“Yay, I’m going to tell Liz!” Cat was so excited she immediately jumped up and started texting her buddy.

“You’ll have to tell her about the paddle too.” Stella winked at her younger lover, pointing at her red, sore bottom.

“Yes, of course, Stel.” Cat answered shyly, mocking Stella’s wink, her free hand rubbing her very sore bottom.

Ding-dong, the doorbell rang. The delivery guy was here.

The End

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31 Responses to Cat & Stella 4: A Trip to the Mall …

  1. Raine says:

    How did I not see this earlier?

    Adorable chapter as always, Peach. 🙂 Poor little Cat getting into trouble once again, though this time I think she could have avoided it if she at least told Stella so she won’t be breaking any rules. Who am I even kidding, little Cat is a brat who’s bound to get into trouble sooner or later. *bg*

    I like the way you wrote this chapter, beginning with the punishment then taking us back to how it began. The ending was cute as usual!

    Awesome work, Peach. As usual every time I finish reading I can hardly wait to read more about those two. 😀

  2. SP says:

    Hey Raine, glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement.
    Now when is YOUR next story due? 😉

  3. Ash says:

    I love these stories… they’re really good. I have read them several times.

    One comment though… Is it possible return panties?

    • SP says:

      Thank you for commenting Ash! Glad you enjoy the stories.
      To answer your question, ummm, I’m pretty sure you can return unworn panties with price tags still on. Hee.

  4. Daddy says:

    very good effort young lady . I do believe there is alot of cat in the spoiled peach isnt there.

    however u are still in trouble for taking so long young lady , maybe that paddle needs more use !

  5. phdprocrastinator says:

    Peach~what a wonderful story! Next time I need new clothes I’ll be sure to find Cat. Going to the mall would be punishment for me, especially if I had to try on and buy clothes. Shoes that is another story…
    You are a great writer! The characters and plot seems very real. I can’t wait to see what they get into next. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • SP says:

      Hey BG, thanks for stopping by and leaving such generous comments! I try my best. 🙂
      Don’t like the mall huh? *g* For me it’s 50-50, but I can go a long time without stepping into a mall.

  6. Ana says:

    What a bad girl! Tsk, tsk. It makes me feel positively well-behaved in comparison. *wink*

    • SP says:

      Hi Ana! Cat is usually well behaved. 😉 She gets good grades, goes to bed on time, does what Stella tells her (most of the time). Occasionally, she does something naughty and earns herself a sound spanking. heheh

  7. flopsybunny says:


    I read some of your short stories on your blog and wondered if you would
    like us to include them in our Library of Spanking Fiction?

    This is a free archive containing over 19,000 spanking stories, of
    various orientations, and we are adding new material constantly. The
    site has sophisticated search facilities and has received
    complementary reviews.

    If you grant us permission to showcase your material, obviously the
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    The Library is privately funded and managed, and is entirely free of
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    irritating banner ads. A library forum is also available.

    Feel free to register with the library if you would like to have a look around.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes, flopsy

    • SP says:

      Dear flopsybunny,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m flattered and would love to have my stories included in your library!
      Your library sounds great and I’ll check it out as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for letting me know.

  8. creativeharm says:

    your stories are cool\cute. I am anxious to read another one of these stories!

    • SP says:

      Thanks creativeharm and welcome! Glad you liked the stories.

      • creativeharm says:

        This is off topic kind of, but i’m new to WordPress and i was wondering how to get people to see my blog–like you do!

        • SP says:

          Well, there are certain search engine terms that lead to mine, such as ff spanking stories or adult spanking stories and tons more (some are really funny!). Also if you visit other blogs that you like, make sure to comment and that may lead people to visit yours too.
          Good luck.

  9. maryk88 says:

    I really liked this one as well! You are a very good writer!

  10. SP says:

    Thanks for your compliment. I’m humbled. *g*

  11. Amy says:

    I agree with Raine. The structure of this story was very well written. It simply worked.
    I feel like your stories are more strict than other stories that I have read, but I like them.
    Thank you for putting these up for people to read.

  12. SP says:

    Welcome Amy! Glad you liked the stories. Thanks for commenting.
    Yes, Stella is strict, but I hope also nurturing and loving enough to make her a likable character. 🙂

  13. kiaigrrl says:

    So glad I have come across your blog! Your stories are fun to read and very engaging. I hope you continue writing as you have another fan in me! 🙂

    • SP says:

      Welcome Kiaigrrl! So glad you liked the stories. I shall try my best. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving encouraging comments.

  14. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Boy peach , lemme say this first . You awesome ! I love your stories dred , but I ain see no more Stella and Cat stories man . When u gun post another one? They are sweet

    • SP says:

      Thanks bahamagirl. So sweet of you.
      Well, Cat has been behaving exceptionally well lately … *sigh* You don’t want her to get into trouble right? LOL

      • bahamagirl1996 says:

        Man I need company. I know I wicked and seems to always get in trouble , so , y I can get somebody there with me . Help a fellow brat out gal

  15. WiserDoc says:

    Delightful couple, delightful story. The way Cat’s mind works seems very familiar somehow… 😉

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