Maddy & Gen 2: Maddy Asks, Sensei Delivers

By now it’s halfway through the fall semester and Dr. Madison McGrath had managed to keep up with her every-other-Friday training workshop, although sometimes barely. Because she had a crush on the instructor and so wanted to please her, Maddy had actually been arriving in class on time and what’s more, had been paying close attention in class as well, though the intense attention was more on the professor the person, rather than what was being professed.

Whenever Dr. Genevieve Osaki smiled her approval and encouragement at Maddy, a thrilling sensation washed over her and made her stomach flutter happily. She so loved reading the instructor’s comments on her homework: “Thank you for an excellent job!” or “Very creative solution, Maddy.” Sensei’s praises made Maddy’s world so much brighter and she genuinely felt good about herself.

But something was still missing in her life, Maddy thought. She yearned for the kind of motivation her ex-partner Sid had lovingly provided, the kind that involved a firm yet comforting lap, a vulnerable bare bottom, a strong and firm hand, and several household tools such as a hairbrush or a spatula, and yes, lots of staring at the carpet. In her mind, the discipline was the ultimate manifestation of the deep love only a partner could provide. Unconditional love from another grown woman, that’s what she yearned for, the doting attention, the indulgence, the kind that may be a little similar to and yet fundamentally different from parental love or love from a friend. It’s mutual love, deep, heart-wrenching, physical, emotional, and sexual, between mature grown-ups who were equals.

At night Maddy lay in bed fantasizing being taken in hand by a strong woman who loved her. She imagined herself reveling in letting herself easily melt into the embrace of the loving discipline. Sometimes this woman was in the form of her Sid but since Sensei swatted her bottom in her office at the beginning of the semester, more and more often the woman had the form of her Sensei, her signature smile on her face, warm and enigmatic.

In the days after those two swats from Genevieve, Maddy was in a phase of semi-euphoria. She let her imagination run wild, wondering whether those two swats carried more significance than just playful acts. She had tried to observe Gen closely in class, her words, her gestures, her body language, but failed to detect anything hinting either a spanko inclination, or any special affection toward this particular student per se. Dr. O had been very professional towards her just as she was warm and friendly with all her students. Though desperately wanting to, Maddy hadn’t worked up enough courage to talk to her individually.

But it was okay, long as Maddy was concerned, she knew Sensei liked her. The way Gen smiled at her, the brief moments in class when their eyes met, an occasional nod from the instructor, she just knew in her heart. The thought would bring a blush and a giggle to Maddy wherever she was or whatever she was doing, in the car or the checkout line in the store, even while proctoring an exam in class. The warm and loving feeling had the effect of making her heart race and adrenaline soar.

On this sunny Friday in mid-autumn, Maddy prinked in front of the mirror getting ready for class. She decided on a white low-neck cotton top, the kind that did not have a plunging neckline but did allow her cleavage to peek out just a tad under her cropped denim jacket, and a simple denim skirt and of course her boots. The outfit made her look and feel youthful and fresh. She sat in the front row as usual, paying close attention to the energetic and yet serene Sensei.

Dr. Osaki stood with a straight back, pacing up and down as she spoke. She was wearing a navy blue pantsuit, fitting and graceful, with a baby blue silk scarf loosely tied around her pale neck. Her short raven tresses were neatly tucked behind her ears revealing two beautiful pearl earrings. Maddy’s eyes were glued to the moving form, hanging on to every phonetic uttered from that delicate mouth in that soft low voice. Not necessarily the semantics though.

Midway through the class, Dr. O instructed everyone to sign up with Diigo Group, a social networking group for academics. She said that once everyone was in, to “open your favorite website and copy the URL to our group account” as an exercise.

Maddy’s ears pricked up and her naturally mischievous streak took ahold. Blushing slightly, she opened her favorite kinky site, a lesbian discipline spanking blog.

Trying to shield the screen with her upper body, Maddy stared at the pictures of delicious female bottoms in various positions, shapes and colors, trying not to giggle. She imagined the stunned reaction of others if she were to copy that link to the group account. And oh, what would Dr. O think?

The naughty thought made Dr. McGrath almost laugh out loud delightfully. Such a delicious thought.

She was enjoying herself immensely, giggling non-stop when the Sensei’s voice floated over, “I see many of you have already pasted the links. Thanks.”

Clearing her throat, Sensei followed with “Um…” more coughing, “by the way you guys may not know this but I can see the, uh…, interesting sites you’ve opened …” her voice slowly trailing off.

Maddy felt she was hit by a ton of bricks in the head. Her vision exploded. She instinctively slammed the lid of her laptop down and sheepishly stuck her head out from behind. She stole a quick furtive look at the instructor only to find that the older woman was watching her thoughtfully, with raised eyebrows, a small amused grin on her otherwise enigmatic visage. Maddy’s face turned hot as she quickly re-opened her laptop and closed the kinky tab and opened the New York Times website and copied the link, all the while keeping her red face hidden behind the screen, silently yelling at herself, IDIOT!

The remainder of the class went uneventfully. Nobody else seemed to have noticed anything, Maddy reckoned. The only person who now knew Maddy’s secret was Dr. Genevieve Osaki. Maddy’s heart beat fast and her palms sweat profusely as she sat on the edge of her chair through the rest of the class, wishing she could just put on Harry Potter’s invisible cloak and flee right then and there.

When the class was finally over, Maddy dashed to the back door trying to quietly sneak out but no luck because it was locked. Damn, there’s no avoiding going through the front door where Genevieve was packing up her stuff and saying goodbye to other students. Maddy tried to pull her jacket over her face and slip out when she heard, “Dr. McGrath, would you please wait for me?” The voice was low and friendly but firm and it stopped Maddy dead in her tracks.

Maddy followed Sensei to her office in silence. Dr. O sat down in her chair and Maddy sat on the other side of the desk.

Sensei didn’t say anything, just looked at Maddy meaningfully, but Maddy kept her gray eyes locked on the patterns of the leather top of the desk in front of her.

“Would you like to tell me about it, Maddy?” Gen said in a neutral voice.

“Whacha mean?” Maddy mumbled, still not looking at the older woman.

“Please Maddy, look at me.”

Maddy lifted her eyes at the teacher and met Sensei’s kind and warm eyes.

Maddy blushed and squirmed in her seat. “Umm, sorry about that, Dr. O. I didn’t know you could see it.”

She quickly added sheepishly, “Although you did say our favorite site.”

Both women let out a short laugh, Maddy’s was more of a nervous cackle.

Dr. O waited a few seconds before replying, “Thank you for your apology, Maddy. I would have to say it was very naughty of you. Imagine if the whole class could see it!”

Maddy shuddered at the thought. She squirmed more in her seat, her eye lids fluttering.

Gen looked at her wiggling student with a compassionate expression, waiting.

Encouraged, Maddy looked directly into Gen’s dark brown irises, stammering, “It’s just … just … when Sid and I were together, she used to … you know … when I misbehaved, or needed … extra …motivation ….”

“I see,” Sensei nodded, exhaling slowly. She seemed to know exactly what Maddy had meant. “Sid used to take you in hand, didn’t she?” Dr. O didn’t mince her words.

Squirming even more on her seat, Maddy’s face turned beetroot red. She nodded, her voice barely audible, “Yeah, she used to, you know, s-s-spank me, we were in a d-dd relationship.”

“Ah, yes, domestic discipline.” Genevieve stated calmly, leaning back in her seat and resting her hands on the top of her head. “And without it, you sometimes have trouble functioning efficiently, and you miss that kind of discipline.”

“Why yes! How did you know that, Sensei?!” Maddy’s eyes widened into two almond-shaped crystal balls, embarrassment temporarily forgotten.

“How did I know that indeed?” Gen repeated the question slowly.

She bent down and opened a bottom drawer and motioned for Maddy to come over.

Maddy’s jaw dropped when she saw several wooden and rattan rulers neatly laid side by side. They were of different sizes and color shades. The office tools looked like they were well used because of the smooth surface and faded colors.

“Ar …are they for  … for…?” Maddy’s knees went weak.

“They certainly are.” Gen’s eyes became misty as she slowly closed the drawer.

“Once upon a time, they were used on a certain naughty girl’s bare bottom, in this very office.” Sensei’s eyes shifted towards far yonder as her voice became a whisper, “Her name was Evangeline.

For once in her life, Maddy was speechless. She moved a little closer to the older woman, her pulse increasing.

For a few seconds neither spoke.

Then Genevieve snapped back. She looked at her student inquiringly. What she saw was unmistakably a desire, a yearning in those beautiful gray eyes.

“Dr. O?” Maddy’s eyes were begging.

“Yes Maddy?” Sensei’s eyes were full of compassion and understanding.

“Uh … em….” Maddy lowered her eyes, unable to speak.

“What is it, Maddy?” Dr. O inquired ever so gently.

Maddy lifted her face and took a deep breath, “Can you please, you know … s-s…”

The teacher exhaled a sigh of relief before asking softly, locking her gaze with Maddy’s, “Would I like to spank you?”

An emphatic nod from the student, almost too promptly.

Sensei paused and thought for a second before she pushed the chair back and stood up, “Alright, missy, you WERE very naughty in class today.”

Maddy’s stomach fluttered as a thrilling chill ran down her spine as her knees almost gave way. A shy smile followed by another nod.

“Well then, come with me.” Dr. Osaki picked up a rattan ruler. She extended her other hand to Maddy and led her to the other side of the office where the teacher sat down in an armless straight backed big chair. She gently pulled Maddy closer and motioned her to kick off her boots.

Trembling, Maddy shuffled her bare feet towards the sitting woman. With a small tug from the older woman, Dr. Madison McGrath, the plant pathology professor, found herself lowering onto the instructor’s lap, staring at the beige carpet.

Immediately, the familiar sensation of lying on top of firm thighs with her bottom upturned flooded her with emotions and her head started spinning. Tears of overwhelming relief and joy silently streamed down Maddy’s face as she realized just how much she had missed being in this position since Sid left.

Genevieve in the meantime was overcome with emotions too. Catching her breath, she swallowed hard. Oh, if only Goddess knew how much she had missed having a lovely naughty woman draped over her knee! It had been way too long, the stoic woman realized, since she had had any close physical contact with another woman, let alone in this particularly intimate position.

Eyes welling up, Sensei looked down and saw that Maddy was sobbing softly.

“What is it, sweetie? What’s the matter?” She quickly wiped away her tears and gently rubbed the younger woman’s back.

A sniffle was the reply.

“Would you like to get up for a minute?” Sensei whispered.

“Nooo,” Maddy babbled, “it’s just … just… been a while …”

 “I know sweetie. I know.  Me too.” Gen rested her hand on Maddy’s bottom reassuringly.

Slowly, Genevieve flipped up Maddy’s denim skirt, revealing a pair of nicely shaped mounds in white cotton panties. Sensei moved her slightly shaking hand up and down the beautiful bottom over her knee and further down to the curved smooth bare legs, soaking in the pleasurable sensation.

It was so overwhelming that Dr. Osaki felt a little light headed. She had to remind herself to inhale and exhale like in her Ashtanga yoga class.

“Maddy,” Genevieve tried to maintain a steady voice. “We’ll take it slow, okay?” She whispered, keeping up with the caressing.

“’kay,” Maddy whispered back.

The rubbing from Sensei’s skillful hand sent a huge thrill up Maddy’s spine and then spread to the rest of her body. She had stopped sobbing now and started whimpering on the firm steady thighs, basking in the attentions on her nether region and legs.

She wanted to stay there forever.

Sensei composed herself and focused her concentration on the petite form on her lap. She gently cupped Maddy’s soft cheeks, squeezing, and then let them go.

Maddy held her breath and waited, wanting and desire dancing in her body.

SLAP, the sound echoed and a second later, Maddy’s cheeks wobbled at the impact of Sensei’s steady hand.

A subtle sting. Maddy let out a tiny squeal.

Another SLAP.

“Maddy?” Sensei’s voice was low.


“How about yes Sensei?”

“Yes Sensei?” Maddy quickly followed the instruction.

“Why are you over my lap getting a spanking?” Sensei asked softly, followed by two lazy slaps, one on each cheek.

“I … I was naughty in class today,” Maddy answered in a small voice, her bottom rising to meet the teacher’s hand.

“Yes, you were, young lady!” Sensei’s voice became slightly sterner now and her swinging picked up the pace.

The smacks were getting harder. The POP POP sounds were short and crispy with a steady rhythm. The spanker was nothing if not skilled. Her pace was fast and the coverage was thorough. Within a few minutes all the surface areas of Maddy’s wobbling buttocks showed a beautiful glow of pink hue seen through the thin white underwear.

Dr. O stopped and rested her hand on Maddy’s buttocks to feel the warmth, admiring the breathtaking squirming derriere on her lap.

“How are you doing Maddy?” Sensei purred in Maddy’s ear.

“Whew. Good.” Was the reply from the younger woman, her bottom bracing for more attention.

Sensei smiled, warm-up over.

She slowly peeled Maddy’s cotton underwear down to rest just above her knees, unveiling a pinkish peachy bottom, smooth with two lovely small dimples.

Then Sensei reached for the ruler.

Maddy felt air brushing on her exposed backside, cooling it down a little.


Maddy’s body bounced up a notch at the impact.

“Ow,” she yelled. That hurt.

Sensei followed the initial whack with a rapid succession of five or six more, on the fattest parts of the bottom cheeks, sending the upturned naughty woman wriggling all over on her lap. But the older woman’s strong hand held the girl firmly in place.

“Any more naughty antics in class? Maddy?” Sensei asked sternly, followed by more whacks of the rattan ruler.

“Nooo Ma’am, …. uh… Sensei, I promise,” Maddy wailed, sucking in the cool air.

 “Promise to behave for the rest of the semester?” Thwack, Thwack, Thwack!

“Owowow, ye-yes, Sensei, I swear.” Tears streamed down her face as Maddy mumbled apologies and desperately kicked her legs.

“You will continue to come to class on time.”


“Ouch, yes, Sensei.” The sting was getting worse.

“And you will hand in all your assignments on time.”


“Ow, yes, Ma’am.” More wriggling.

“And pay proper attention in class!”


“Ohh, bu-but I always pay attention in class, Ma’am.”  Maddy’s legs kicked.

“I said PROPER attention, young lady!”

“Okay, okay, heehee.” Despite her current position, Maddy giggled.

“And no more opening naughty websites in class!” Even Sensei couldn’t help but smiling at this.

THWACK, WHACK, a flurry of a few more blows from the piece of rattan rained down on Maddy’s glowing red orbs.

“Ouch, ouch, yes, I promise!”

“All right young lady, consider this spanking a warning.” The teacher finished with two last hard whacks on Maddy’s sit spots before putting the ruler down.

“Now if you misbehave in class again, I’ll give you a spanking you will never forget. That, my dear, is a promise!”

“Yes, Ma’am…Sensei, Ma’am.” Relieved, the soundly spanked woman wiggled more to shake off the burning sting.

She couldn’t help it but the heat was quickly spreading, from her bottom to the other parts in the vicinity.

Maddy started moaning ever so softly, rubbing herself against the teacher’s firm thigh muscles.

She held her breath. It was Sensei’s call.

Gen felt her body start to tremble. Boy, was she turned on having a red fleshy bottom wriggling on her lap. Intoxicating.

But …

The teacher ever so slightly shook her head as conflicting thoughts rushed through her mind.

Deafening silence, except for the heavy breathing from both women.

After what seemed like an eternity, Genevieve Osaki swallowed hard and whispered softly in the upturned woman’s ear, “Maddy, we can’t, not yet.”

She added, her voice cuaght, “I’m sorry, sweetheart.”

Maddy nodded, her body motionless.

Both women took a deep breath and let their racing pulses slow down.

Amid the silence, Gen gently lifted the student up to sit on her lap. Maddy winced as her tender cheeks touched Sensei’s firm thigh. The two women embraced.

“Good girl, Maddy, you did well today,” the teacher purred in Maddy’s ear and her praise put a smile on the soundly spanked woman’s tear streaked face.

Maddy burrowed into Sensei’s shoulder.

“Would you like to come over to my place and I’ll fix us some lunch?” Sensei’s lip gently brushed against Maddy’s ear while her fingers stroked her soft auburn tresses.

Maddy lifted her face and beamed, wiggled some and nodded yes.

Sensei stood Maddy up and pulled up her cotton undies and smoothed her skirt. Then she retrieved a silk white hanky to wipe tears off Maddy’s face and ran her fingers in Maddy’s hair until it was neat.

In the car, Sensei was amused by how Maddy tried, in vain, to find a comfortable spot in the passenger seat. She kept wiggling and squirming, her giggles so very adorable and blissful.

About twenty minutes later, Maddy found herself admiring a nice cozy brick house in a quiet cul de sac, Virginia Creepers in full bloom on the side above the garage complimenting the red bricks. In the front of the house, there’s a fenced-in garden with welcoming fall foliage typical of the region: blue and lavender Stokes’ Aster, bright red Indian Pink, yellow clusters of Seaside Goldenrod and delicate Rain Lily were all happily dancing in the autumn breeze. Also beautifully showcased, Maddy noted, were those nicely trimmed low shrubs neatly congregated in the corners. She spotted Cinnamon, Maidenhair and Royal Ferns, three of her favorite kind.

“Very impressive,” Maddy gushed over the lovely garden under the warm October sun.

“Thanks. I try my best,” Sensei grinned from ear to ear, pleased at her labor of love.

The interior of the house sported a serene, comforting feel of a country cottage, almost Zen-like, simple yet elegant. In the front foyer stood a lacquered side table with a bright green bonsai on top. The furniture in the house was of the light blond variety, typical of the Scandinavian style. Maddy noticed a wide range of live plants throughout, emitting freshness and lightness inside. And the white fluffy carpet added a sense of calm to the whole ambience.

Gen went into the kitchen to put the tea kettle on while Maddy wandered in the living room, still rubbing her sore bottom occasionally. Her eyes took in the room idly and then fell on a silver framed picture on the mantelpiece. Two middle aged women looked radiant in the picture, smiling at the camera. The petite one had auburn wavy hair, and her arms were wrapped around a slightly younger looking Genevieve, her head resting on her shoulder. It must have been a windy day because both women’s hair was flying. The way they looked, Maddy could almost hear their laughing.

“That’s Evie, my late partner. We were visiting Mt. Rainier in Washington.” Gen’s voice startled Maddy who hadn’t realized that she had come back into the living room.

Maddy turned around, her eyes inquiring.

Gen gently picked up the picture, cradling it on her chest, and then dusted it off with the sleeve of her shirt. “Evangeline passed away three years ago.”

Sensei’s misty eyes shifted into far yonder as she gingerly put the picture back on the mantel.

Maddy took a step forward and wrapped her arms around the teacher, “I’m so sorry, Gen.”

“Thanks, Maddy,” The stoic Sensei patted Maddy’s back appreciatively before extricating herself from the hug. She left and went into a side room.

A few minutes later, Genevieve walked in with a tray and a broad smile, “Here, let’s have some snacks.” She had changed into a comfortable off-white cotton shirt and black yoga pants. Maddy couldn’t help but marveling at how elegant and serene Sensei looked in her casual clothes. And her short smooth dark hair looked ever so shining and sexy.

“Would you like to sit on the couch, Maddy?” Sensei winked and offered her a fluffy soft cushion.

“Thanks.” Maddy took it gratefully and gingerly positioned her sore bottom squarely on the cushion. The plate of dainty tea sandwiches looked delicious. Half were smoked salmon with cucumbers and cream cheese, and the other half were avocado slices with sun dried tomatoes, both on wheat bread. There was also a bowl of fruit salad in beautiful colors.

Maddy couldn’t wait but grabbed a few tea sandwiches and put them on her plate. She immediately started gorging.

“Ah,” Sensei chuckled, “Evie was always ravenous after a spanking too.”

Maddy stuffed more food into her mouth, a little too quickly.

“Would you like to try some Lhapsang Souchong?” Gen poured some boiling dark tea into a cup.

Maddy, unable to speak with a full mouth, stared at the dark liquid with suspicion, vigorously wrinkling her nose and shaking her head. She had never heard of Lhapsang Souchong before nor did she like the look of it.

Sensei smiled dotingly, “That’s ok. It is quite strong you know. Not many people like it. Would you rather have some green tea then?”

“Green is fine. Thank you,” Maddy swallowed the last bit of food in her mouth and replied with a sigh of relief. In fact she was not even a tea person most of the time. Coffee was her preferred choice of drink. But Sensei’s green tea had a tinge of jasmine flavor and Maddy had to admit it was pretty good after the sandwiches as it left a refreshing taste in her mouth.

Yawning, Maddy rubbed her eyes.

“Ah. A spanking and a meal do tend to put naughty girls in a drowsy state,” Sensei chuckled as she remembered her beloved Evie in the same situation many times before.

Gently, she guided the student into the guest bedroom. “Now let’s find you something comfortable to wear dear,” Sensei said as she opened a top drawer of the dresser.

Maddy gasped as she saw the contents inside, her heart almost fell out. There were implements galore: a brown leather strap, two wooden paddles, one with holes, more rattan rulers, a solid antique looking hairbrush, and a bunch of smaller shoe horn looking things.

“Oh, the wrong one,” Sensei winked at Maddy and quickly opened another drawer and found a pair of cotton pajamas.

After Maddy put on the comfortable PJs, Sensei tucked her into the large soft bed, “Have a good nap, sweetie.” She bent and kissed the sleepy woman on the forehead, “You may have to sleep on your stomach though.”

“Meanie,” Maddy pouted, sticking her tongue out playfully.

Under the soft duvet, a content Maddy quickly drifted off into her la-la-land, but not before she shuddered, delightedly gazing at a certain drawer right across from her bed.

Professor Genevieve Osaki watched from the door, a big grin on her face. Yep, Sensei hoped that Maddy, the naughty brat of a girl she had proven to be, would get to feel every one of those effective implements in due time.

Stretching her arms, the teacher exhaled slowly, quite looking forward to that prospect.

Then her gaze came to rest on an oil painting on top of the dresser. A radiant bikini-clad Evie was grinning at her broadly, blue sea waves raging behind her. Genevieve’s expression slowly changed, her eye brows slowly forming a knot as her eyes became moist, blurring her vision of the lovely woman in the bed.


Thank you Alyx. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. 🙂

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    Yay!! I was so excited to see this on my reader! It made my day after a class and 3 hour grueling college dance company practice!!

  2. Alyx says:

    This was a warm and touching chapter, SP. I liked the fact that Genevieve, tempted as she was, didn’t go any further in her office. That made it more believable, I think. And that opening of the “wrong drawer” was funny — naughty Sensei! 😀

    • SP says:

      Hi Alyx! Thanks for stopping by and leaving lovely feedback. Yeah, Sensei is supposed to be dignified. 😉 But we all know that tops have their inner brats (ummm… but I guess you already know that, very well too! LOL).

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    Hey, Peach~
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        Yay! Well ya know… Maddie is being awfully naughty, you shouldn’t wait too long, or she’ll think she can get away with it! 😀

  23. Cecilia says:

    Please PLEASE keep writing these stories and the Stella and her partner ones too! Omgosh I LOVE these stories and these relationships are exactly what I dream about and seek in my life.

    • SP says:

      Hey Cecilia, glad you like these women and their um… spanky relationships. 😉 Thank you for your enthusiasm. I shall try to continue with their stories. I dream about these things too. 🙂

Your comments are appreciated :-)

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