A Special Bouquet for LOL Day!

Welcome to Peach’s little corner of ff spanking stories! Hope you enjoy reading them. This special bouquet (by the artist Liu Liguo) is for you on this Love Our Lurkers Day. 🙂  Leave a comment if you wish. Thank you for stopping by.

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24 Responses to A Special Bouquet for LOL Day!

  1. Hermione says:

    Hi Peach,

    Happy LOL 7 day! I’m a regular visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your posts. That bouquet is adorable. I want one too!


  2. Florida Dom says:

    Happy LOL Day. Hope the lurkers stop by and say hello.


  3. Michael says:

    Happy Love Our Lurkers Day, Miss Peach. I am not a lurker but an avid fan and view you as a friend. I LOVE your bouquet and assume you were the model for that rosy rear. 😉

  4. SP says:

    Aw, you are so sweet Michael. Thanks for visiting. Glad you liked the bouquet, well, um… my peach looks more … peachly! LOL

  5. ronniesoul says:

    I don’t think I’ve left a comment before. You have a lovely blog. Happy LOL Day.


  6. cj says:

    Happy LOL7 Day, Peach!! Love the bouquet!

  7. Gerta says:

    Aren’t those peaches wonderful fruit? Soft and round and so inviting…. Thanks for the nice image. Always enjoy your page.

  8. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Happy LOL7 day peachie baby 🙂

  9. Thanks for the Bouquet. Happy LOL Day.


  10. Mil says:

    Love your stories, Peach! Happy LOL day to you!

  11. MrBBSpanker says:

    A belated Happy LOL Day!

  12. Happy LOL Day! Love the bouquet, very cool.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  13. Chelsea says:

    Happy LOL Day Peach!


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