Cat & Stella 5: The Morning After

Sunday morning Stella rolled out of bed and made herself a cup of coffee. The house felt so quiet without Cat, even the birds in the backyard were not chirping as loudly or cheerfully as they usually did. Her girlfriend had been staying with their friend Lizzy since Friday while Lucy was away for a conference, but she would be back later today.

Stella yawned and stretched her arms. She missed having her younger lover bouncing around her. Her darling was always bubbly and the house would exude vibrancy and energy whenever Cat was around. Stella smiled longingly and looked forward to seeing her precious Cat later in the day.

‘Well, I might as well get some work done.’ Stella sighed and flopped down on the kitchen chair and opened a file on the table that she had been working on the previous night. She was a junior attorney in a law firm downtown specializing in environmental protection and it was quite common for her to bring work home on weekends.

The phone startled her before she finished her first cup. Stella was surprised that it was from Lucy, her best friend.

“Hi Lu, what’s up?” Stella said cheerfully. “Are you home already? I thought you won’t be back until tonight.”

Lucy however sounded really upset: “Stel, I just got back. The conference finished earlier. I’m on our street right now and I can see about 8 cars jammed on the driveway and out on the street. Mrs. Townsend just walked by with her Husky and she said there was a very loud party at the house last night. Actually she said it didn’t end until this morning!” Lucy was fuming.

“Oh my gawd,” Stella was flabbergasted. “Those girls! I called Cat last night and she said the two of them were just gonna watch some movie and turn in early.” Stella realized that her 20-year-old girlfriend had lied to her of course.

“I should’ve known better,” the Top sighed heavily into the phone.

“That’s what Liz told me last night too!” Lucy exploded.

“Listen, Lu, I’m on my way over right now. You are gonna need some help cleaning up.” Stella tried to calm Lucy down.

“Thank you Stel. That’s a good idea. Liz is going to get a very severe punishment for this, I swear.”

“Cat is not going to get off easy either.” Stella clenched her teeth.

Stella abandoned the idea of a second coffee and quickly got dressed. Lying was a big offense in her book, and Cat knew it. ‘I’m going to give her bottom a spanking she won’t soon forget!’ Stella swore as she got into the car.

When she arrived at Lucy’s house, all the cars were gone. The door was ajar, so Stella pushed it open. The scene in front of her made her aghast. It was a disaster area. She had to tiptoe around beer bottles, blankets, clothes, food wrappers, and a million other items scattered all over the floor, and just when she reached the kitchen, she saw a couple of condom wrappers lying on the counter. Stella was stunned that her normally intelligent and well-behaved Cat could have been part of this mess and had chosen to lie to her.

She quickly gave Lucy a hug who tipped her chin toward the living room, “In the corner.”

Stella marched to the living room, her anger at her girlfriend rising. Liz and Cat were standing in separate corners next to the entertainment center, both in cute pink camisoles, hands above their heads.

Liz’s pretty panties were down right below her knees. Cat however still had her poker dots cotton underwear on. Stella could see that Liz’s bottom was red with handprints all over her cheeks, and the girl sniffled with her nose pressed to the wall.

‘Looks like Liz got her warm-up already. It’s Cat’s turn now.’ Stella thought to herself.

She strode up to Cat and turned her darling’s face around so their eyes met. Cat’s facial expression was an assortment of embarrassment, shame, and fear. She knew she had crossed a serious line.

“What did you tell me last night when I called? Huh?” Stella’s eyes caught fire and her voice sounded ominous.

Cat’s almond shaped brown eyes erupted into torrents of tears. She shifted her gaze downward to avoid her dominant girlfriend’s crystal-blue sternness.

SLAP, a hard spank landed on Cat’s panty clad bottom crack. “Look at me. I asked you a question, naughty girl.”

“I – I …” Cat turned her remorseful gaze at Stella and swallowed hard, “lied … to… to save my ass.”

Within two seconds, Stella yanked Cat’s panties all the way down to her ankles.

“Well,” Stella gritted her teeth, “let’s see how that’s gonna work out!”

SLAP, SLAP, rapid hard swats descended on the pale, tender derriere which immediately showed red handprints crisscrossing all over the cheeks. The college girl had to press her hands hard against the wall to help her withstand the impact of the smacking.

“Owow, I’m sorry I lied to you, Stel. We … we didn’t want you to know we were having a … a party.” Cat gasped.

“Of course you didn’t.” Stella said firmly, “But you knew perfectly well that lying was a big no-no in my book, did you not?” She demanded.

“Ye-yes, I did. I’m sooorry.” The chastised girl answered miserably, a flicker of remorse flashing in her voice.

“You WILL be sorry by the time I’m done with you.” Stella tried to shake the sting out of her hand. Those smacks really did a number on her hand.

Looking around, the Top spotted a long, narrow TV remote control lying idly on the coffee table. She bent down and picked it up, gripping its bottom end tightly. Gently patting it against her left hand first, she then swung her arm and smacked down on her thigh. The blow made her suck in air deeply and she winced.

This ad hoc piece of equipment would make a nice disciplinary implement.

Positioning herself on the side of Cat, Stella aimed at the meatiest part of the girl’s left cheek, and with a resounding thwack, the implement landed swiftly on the target.

Cat jumped up: “Ouchy, what is THAT?”

Determined, Stella pulled the girl towards her and rained down a flurry of firm but controlled smacks. She made sure to aim only for the fatty parts of the orbs.

Cat wailed, bucked and pushed her body closer to the wall to gain some leverage against the punishing blows. This thing was relentless and made a loud sound AND stung like the devil.

The disciplinarian paused, wrapped her left arm firmly around Kat’s hips and used her left leg to push Cat’s bare bottom outward and upward for better access. She then focused on spanking the girl’s reddening backside repeatedly; making sure the coverage was thorough.

THUD, THUD, mixed in with Cat’s wailing as she struggled under Stella’s tight grasp, wiggling her upper body and pounding her feet on the floor, her panties long been kicked off. Her bottom on fire, the punished college girl wiggled vehemently to get free, to no avail.

Lizzy winced and shuddered in the other corner, listening to her crony’s punishment.

Stella felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Lucy. “Stel, take a break,” the other top said softly, taking the TV remote from her hand.

Stella sighed and released her grip on Cat. The punished bottom was now a bright red fireball with splotches covering the entire plump buttocks. Cat’s hands immediately flew to cup her sore bottom, her feet shuffling rapidly.

“Owi, that hurt really bad, Stel,” she danced and whined.

“That was for lying to me. You can expect another spanking before bed for being an accomplice in this naughty scheme.” Stella said sternly, though her anger had mostly diminished.

The dominant girlfriend helped the spanked girl get into the corner, “Shhhh, stay here until I come get you, okay?” Her voice was softer now, Stella gently rubbed Cat’s sore bottom and planted a kiss on the crying girl’s forehead.

Lucy turned to Lizzy and chided: “See what kind of trouble you got Cat in? I hope you are happy now!”

Liz looked down at the floor and then turned her face to Cat, “I’m really sorry. It’s all my fault.” She started to sob.

“Yes, it is. And I’ll take care of you after coffee, young lady.” Lucy issued a dire promise.

Lucy had bought donuts and coffee on her way back to surprise the younger girls and she had now laid them out on the kitchen table. “Stella, go easy on Cat. It’s really all Liz’s fault.”

“Well, Cat was obviously a willing part of this too. And she knew better than to lie to me.”

“I gave Liz a warm-up in bed. Oh, you should’ve seen the girls’ faces when the loud sound woke them up.” Lucy almost chuckled. “She was lucky I didn’t invite all their friends to watch her bare bottom lit on fire.”

Stella’s professional instinct kicked in: “They could’ve gotten themselves into real trouble, Lu, for serving drinks to minors, well, for underage drinking too.” The thought filled her with dread and she shook her head as if to push the terrible thought away. “Imagine if Mrs. Townsend had called the cops!”

“I know!” Lu’s voice rose, “I have to remember to make sure Liz goes over to Mrs. Townsend to apologize.” She gritted her teeth, “The naughty girl’s punishment is not over yet. She’s getting the belt for this stunt.”

Stella looked around, “Looks like the girls will have to clean up this place with very sore bottoms.” She bit into a jelly donut, hard.

“I don’t even want to think about what it’s like in the basement.” Lucy moaned.

After coffee and donuts, Lucy rose from the table and unbuckled her belt from her jeans. “Liz, baby, you are going to get 20 licks of my belt,” she announced, marching into the living room.

Stella suddenly had an idea. “Hey, Lu, if Liz gets 20 strokes, then Cat should get at least half of that. After all, she was a willing accomplice in this crime.”

“You want me to belt Cat as well?”

“Yes, would you please?”

“Sure, Stel.”

“Thank you. Let’s call this the-morning-after punishment.”

Cat winced in the corner, groaned and rolled her eyes.

Lucy ordered Liz and Cat over to kneel side by side on the couch with their hands holding onto the leather back. Both girls looked nervous. Cat’s doe eyes locked into Stella’s gaze imploringly, begging to be spared the humiliation. Stella looked back at her grimly, nodded but mouthed a soft ‘Love ya.’

Cat resigned herself to the prospect that she was going to be belted by Lucy. She quietly put her head down onto the back of the couch, waiting her turn.

Swoooosh, the sound made Liz and Cat almost jump as Lucy took off her belt with one big swing of her arm. She then folded it in half and positioned herself right behind Lizzy. Liz’s pink bottom twitched nervously in anticipation of the impending assault.

SPLAT, the first stroke landed on Liz’s left cheek. She cried out.

“Count them out, baby. You know the drill.” Lucy calmly ordered.

“Yes Ma’am. One, Ma’am.” Liz complied immediately.

Lucy was a very experienced disciplinarian. She took her time scolding her younger girlfriend sternly for her misbehavior while delivering her belt spanking, slowly and deliberately, never missing a beat.

“You know, Mrs. Townsend next door could’ve called the cops on you. You guys would’ve all ended up in jail!” Lucy shuddered at the thought.

Stella could tell that Lucy was increasing a notch of the intensity with each smack so poor Liz’s ows and ouches got louder and louder.

“If you want to have a party in the house, you need to let me know, you understand?

“Yes, Ma’am,” Liz answered obediently.

“If you want, we can plan it together. No need to sneak behind my back.”

Lizzy sniffled, feeling really embarrassed. “I know, Lu. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I’m really sorry. It won’t happen again.”

After 10 whips, Lucy stopped. Lizzy’s bottom was a glowing redness, but her skin was still smooth and soft.

“Ok, you can take a break, baby. I’m going to take care of Cat now.”

Lucy quickly moved to position herself right behind Cat. Cat’s red bottom cheeks were clenched tightly, and she was very nervous as she had never been spanked with a belt before. With her face firmly planted into the back of the couch, Cat held her breath.

“Now, Cat, sweetie, breathe and unclench your cheeks.” Lucy’s voice was softer. Cat lifted her head, wiggled her bottom and tried to relax.

“I’m going to give you 10 strokes too, and I want you to count them out, okay?”

“’kay.” Cat answered meekly.

“How ‘bout ‘Yes, Ma’am,’ sweetie?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“That a girl.”

Then SPLAT, the belt came down, controlled yet determined.

“Ow. One.” Cat whimpered.

“One what?” Lucy was patient but firm.

“One, Ma’am. Sorry.” Cat apologized and she made sure her whimpering was barely audible.

“Ok, let’s start over.” Lucy was strict.

SPLAT, the belt landed on Cat’s sore bottom cheeks hard. Her head bounced. “One, Ma’am.”

Lucy’s voice was soft and tender, “Cat honey, you know you don’t have to listen to Lizzy. She seems to get you into trouble all the time. Next time she pulls a stunt like this, you go ahead and tell Stella or me, okay?”

“’kay.” Cat replied meekly, stealing a glance at Liz squirming next to her on the couch.

“On top of that, you chose to lie to me.” Stella interjected, “And you know perfectly well that lying to me like that will really get you in trouble, right?”

“I’m sorry, Stel,” was the miserable reply.

Lu knew it was Cat’s first time with a belt, so she took extra care with each strike, pausing and rubbing the punished girl’s cheeks.

“Relax your bottom, sweetie,” she coaxed Cat.

With each lick from the belt, Cat’s hands dug deeper into the soft leather. She held her breath before each blow and then let it out after the belt landed on her backside, trying to relax her body.

Stella had been watching her darling take her belting bravely. Cat was more stoic than ever before and had not cried out loud. ‘What a brave girl.’ She thought tenderly. In a strange sense it made her proud of her lover.

Stella’s heart ached though as first one, then two, then more horizontal red lines appeared on the girl’s red bottom in the aftermath of each whipping.

The Top turned her gaze away as she listened to the slow but relentless crackling sound when the leather belt made contact with her little love’s bare bottom. Each strike made her wince. Stella silently counted with Cat, wishing each one was the last.

Cat’s bright red plump bottom swayed from side to side with each whip, and her knees were glued to the seat of the couch. She clenched her teeth, head bouncing up. Thank Goddess it was gonna be over soon.

“Oww. Ten, Ma’am.”

Cat let out all the air in her lungs and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Good girl, Cat.” Lucy gently patted the soundly punished girl’s red and hot bottom cheeks with her hand, signaling the spanking was over.

After Lucy moved to finish the second half of Lizzy’s punishment, Stella quickly kneeled down next to Cat and pulled her into her eager chest, tearing up herself. The little girl’s whole backside was a massive fresh redness but to Stella’s relief, the skin showed no signs of bruising although red welts were visible. She gently rubbed Cat’s now beyond sore bottom. Cat sobbed silently, tears dampening her face, neck and Stella’s t-shirt.

“I’m really sorry Stel.” Cat snuggled into Stella.

“I know you are, baby. Shhh. I forgive you and I love you.” Stella buried her face in Cat’s hair, kissing it repeatedly, holding her prized lover tightly against her breasts and softly shushing her.

Her anger completely gone, Stella decided that her little one had had enough punishment. When they got home later today, she would pamper her with tender care and love.

Soon Lucy was done with Lizzy too. The poor girl apologized repeatedly for her misbehavior. Lucy sternly told her: “You are grounded for a week. Other than classes, you are not going anywhere, understood?” Lizzy nodded obediently.

“Now pull up your panties. There are donuts in the kitchen if you would like some breakfast.” Lucy’s voice was a lot softer now as she hugged her punished girlfriend and kissed her on her lips.

“Double chocolate glazed?” Liz asked shyly, her usual impish self creeping back.

“Of course.” Lucy smiled and pretended to swat Lizzy on the bottom propelling her to scurry for the kitchen, her hands cupping her behind.

“Cat darling, would you like some breakfast too?” Lucy asked tenderly.

Cat nodded before Stella retrieved her panties and gently helped her pull them up and led her to the kitchen.

The four girls spent almost two hours cleaning up the house. Lucy sent Liz and Cat down to the basement and told them not to come back until the place was ready for her inspection. Stella helped Lucy change their bed sheets, comfort cover, pillow cases and did several loads of laundry. Most of the articles of clothing strewn about didn’t even belong to the girls, so they stuffed them in a large shopping bag. Lucy vacuumed the entire house, and Stella helped with the bathrooms. Liz and Cat cleaned up the kitchen after they had finished with the basement.

Finally the house was back in order. Lucy looked around and was satisfied. She found some Pringles and cookies in the pantry and brought out cold beer. The two Tops sat down at the table while the naughty bottoms went to snuggle on their older girlfriends’ welcoming laps.

“You are still grounded for a week, baby.” Lucy stroked Liz’s hair.

Cat put her head down on Stella’s shoulder, “Stel?”

“Yes my love?” Stella planted a gentle kiss on Cat’s forehead.

Cat lifted her head and searched Stella’s eyes, “Are you still, ya know, ya said earlier, gonna … spank me before bed?” Her voice was a whisper.

Silence descended, and all eyes fell on Stella. She took her sweet time and wrapped her arms around Cat. She teased, “Do you think you’ve had enough the-morning-after punishment for your naughtiness, hon?”

“Well, considering Lu has already spanked me …” Cat placed her face next to her girlfriend’s.

“Yes, she has.” Liz chimed in before Lucy gave her a little playful swat on her bottom.

Stella grinned: “Thank you Lizzy. I too think Cat’s poor bottom has taken enough spanking for one day.” She turned to Cat with a mock warning: “But next time you won’t get off so easy, you understand, babe?”

“Yes, I do I do. THANK YOU.” Cat’s relief was palpable as she snuggled deeper into her dominant girlfriend. The beautiful broad grin on her face melted Stella as she indulgently caressed the girl on her lap.

On the way home, Cat fidgeted in her seat as she tried to find a nice and comfortable spot for her sore bottom to sit in. ‘She really looks like a 12-year-old naughty girl punished for misbehaving,’ Stella thought amusingly and gently rubbed Cat’s curved but lean thigh with her spare hand.

Stella chuckled, “We’ll have to rub some arnica into that glowing red bottom of yours. How did you like the belt, baby?”

“Oh my god, the belt stung like the devil.” Cat said with a dramatic flair, “But I’d say it’s not nearly as bad as that evil remote. How did you even think of using THAT?” She pouted in a mocked accusatory tone.

“Well, I was furious and my hand was hurting from spanking your bottom, so I just grabbed whatever was lying around. It looked like an appropriate implement.” Stella answered with a huge grin on her face. “You know, you would have had it so much worse if Lu hadn’t stopped me.”

“I know! It was like you were trying to spank the devil out of me, like there’s no tomorrow.”

“I was very careful though so it only landed on the softest parts of your cheeks.” Stella said gently, caressing Cat’s thigh again. “Now that we’ve found the ‘Implement of Doom’ for your naughty bottom, you better behave from now on, little one.” Stella teased gleefully.

“Please promise you’ll never, ever use that again, ever!” Cat pleaded, the image of that nasty remote whacking down on her butt still haunting her.

“Okay, okay, we’ll save that for the worst of offenses.” Stella winked and shook her head. “Now tell me, how did you girls ever figure you would get away with pulling a stunt like that?”

“We were gonna get up early to clean up before Lu came back, but we kinda overslept and plus, she got home earlier.” Cat tried to explain, but even she realized that it sounded unconvincing.

“I heard that you guys didn’t finish the party until this morning. So when did you wake up?”

“I was having a dream of someone chasing me and shooting at me. I heard POP POP sound all around, and then I heard Liz crying, but when I opened my eyes I was so confused.” Cat was re-living this morning with a shudder. “Liz was lying face down next to me and Lu was spanking her bare bottom, really hard. It took me like 10 seconds to figure out where I was. I got scared and I didn’t know what to do, so I just lay there watching.”

“Well, Liz deserved it. Lucky for you that Lu didn’t pull down your panties and spank you too.”

“She did look at me sternly and announced: ‘Cat, sweetie, Stella is on her way!’ Cat did a perfect mimic of Lucy. “Boy, that announcement completely woke me up AND scared away my hangover!” Cat giggled.

“You knew you were busted, hmm?” Stella chuckled. “Did all the other kids hear the spanking?”

“Oh, yeah. The house was so quiet and the spanking sounded like someone was shooting a gun, pop, pop. And Liz was crying out pretty loud too, begging for mercy. All the kids downstairs scrambled out of their sleeping bags and couldn’t get out of the door fast enough.” Cat couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “By the time we came down for the corner, nobody was there. But they had left a lot of stuff behind, even a pillow.”

“I bet it scared the daylight out of them.” Stella burst out laughing too, imagining the chaotic fleeing scene.

“Well, it scared the daylight out of me too.” Cat exclaimed with some exaggeration. “At first I was grateful that Lu didn’t spank me right then and there. But then when I was in the corner, I was freaking out that you would barge in any second and pull down my panties and spank me in their house. And you DID!”

“You deserved it, naughty girl.” Stella said with a chuckle.

After they got home, Stella immediately undressed Cat and herself and they got into the tub together. The vanilla bubble bath had such a soothing and warming effect that soon both girls were totally relaxed. Stella soaped and scrubbed the little girl from top to bottom, careful around her sore bottom though. Soon, the two wet girls were intertwined in the small space of the tub, tickling, rolling, kicking and laughing, splashing water all around the tub, sending the Persian cat running out of the bathroom, meowing like crazy. The girls found each other’s lips and Cat’s tongue twirled inside Stella’s mouth. With eyes closed, they let the bubbles cover their bodies while they made the most passionate love. Moaning and groaning, Stella and Cat came as one.

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36 Responses to Cat & Stella 5: The Morning After

  1. gailsworld says:

    I loved this Peach. I loved the affection shown to the naughty girls even when they were getting punished. There was no malice – it was so ‘natural’

  2. That was off the chain Peach ! That brought back some unpleasant memories for me. I got it from my mother with the remote as a teen 😉 Ouch is puttin it mildly. Boy I ain want to be Liz or Cat anytime soon. I still feelin that dred .

    • SP says:

      Ouch BG. It’s that bad huh. *hug*
      I’ve always wondered how effective a remote would be on a bottom. Sounds like it’s a great implement! *eg*
      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  3. cj says:

    Peach, excellent installment for Cat and Stella! Of course you chose some truly squirmy punishments. Why does it seem that having fun and trying to keep certain someones from finding out, always ends this way? 😆

    I totally feel for Cat with the iventiveness of pervertables by Stella. I might of been in a situation close to that, but the Top did not choose the remote but a cell phone power cord. OUCH!! She was wondering why I was reacting so much, until she tried it on her thigh. OMG that was the last time that was used. 😆 Of course if anyone asks, that never happened and I am totally an angel. 😉

    Thanks again for sharing your immense talent. You develop wonderful characters, who show genuine love for each other.

    • Peach says:

      Hi CJ, glad you liked it and thanks for commenting. Feel for Cat huh? I guess brats all empathize with each other. LOL. Sure you are an angel!! 🙂 But a power cord?? You have my sympathy there. hehe

  4. Ash says:

    Great story, Peach. 😀 *LOL* I kept thinking. “Don’t break the TV-remote! It’s not made for spanking!”

    • creativeharm says:

      YEAH that’s what I thought too. I throw tantrums a lot due to a certain mood disorder, and I’ve thrown my fair share of remotes….THEY BRAKE EASILY!! But awesome story my god I missed thiss couple!

    • SP says:

      LOL Ash. Glad she didn’t break it then. 😉 Well, come to think of it, many things ARE made for spanking! Just look around your house. *eg* heheh. Thanks for commenting.

  5. esspy says:

    Hehe – i thought the same thing about the remote. I’d not want one broken either 🙂 I love the Stella & Cat stories you’ve written so far – I hope there are still more to come eventually? *looking hopeful*
    You’ve also got me thinking how nice a huge bubble bath would be now too.
    Thank you for posting this 🙂

  6. maryk88 says:

    It’s about time *g* ;)! JK but it was amazing as always. I love this couple, I wish I had a Stella! Keep ’em coming please!

    • SP says:

      Yeah it’s been a while since the last story *sigh*
      Glad you liked it and thanks for commenting. I don’t know if you would still want a Stella after she *ahem* gives you one of her wallopings! *eg*

  7. Mil says:

    Hey great story Peach. Very lovely couple. Thank you!

  8. Raine says:

    Hey Peach, that was really amazing! Reading some good ol’ Cat and Stella stories from you. 😀
    This one was really amazing and fun and I loved it! Especially the ending bit, nothing beats a good love making after a sound spanking. *eg*

    • SP says:

      Hey Raine, long time no see!
      Glad you enjoyed it. Yea, here’s the formula: a sound spanking followed by love making = successful DD!! LOL
      Thanks for your nice comments. 🙂

  9. cutey says:

    I really liked it two. I like how realistic it was.

  10. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Happy Valentines day peachy baby ! Love ya gal

  11. cj says:

    Hi Peach! Just wanted you to know I am still patiently waiting for your next story. 😀 Hope you are doing well!

  12. SP says:

    Hey CJ! Thanks for stopping by. I’m traveling right now but be assured trouble is gonna find Maddy soon. *eg*

  13. cj says:

    Excellent Peach! I hope the travel is fun and not all work! 😉

  14. WiserDoc says:

    Adorable. Loved it.

  15. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Happy Easter Peachy baby !

  16. Cecilia says:

    I truly enjoyed reading this story about Cat and Stella….it was awesome and very well written!

  17. Tim says:

    a spankfest on naughty girls botties.

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