Yeah baby!

Aren’t they gorgeous?! I was trying to write a haiku but alas, words failed me so … feel free to write a caption, a poem or any other comments if you fancy. 🙂


Yeah baby Yeah baby2

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21 Responses to Yeah baby!

  1. Ash says:

    Oooohhhh butts! Who’s hand is that? I know they look soft, but I suspect those cheeks to be really hard.

    • SP says:

      Whose hand? LOL Some naughty tourist bravely caressing the bottom on the street! I bet the cheeks must feel hard too though I don’t know for sure cause I didn’t touch them.

      • Ash says:

        They’re metal! Hee… imaging spanking one of those. Ouch! It would be the awesomest brat trick wearing a metal pair of panties. 😀 Umh… though panties can come off. O_o

  2. juan barre says:

    peach por favor mas historias de cat realmente estoy enamorado de ella.

  3. I love those jeans . Where dis is ? I want to buy

  4. sparrow says:

    Pants that fit like skin
    Such tights lack room to wiggle
    Soft butt more jiggle

  5. cj says:

    so many, sooooooo little time….

    Peach, I bet you saw them then had to back up for another look before you snapped the pictures. 😆

  6. Saram says:

    A chevron of tush
    Just begging for the paddle
    Whom shall I spank first?

  7. SP says:

    Welcome Saram. What a dilemma. lol. Great haiku! Thank you for visiting my blog.

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