Maddy & Gen 3: An Ordinary Day …Not

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”– Robert Frost

It was an ordinary early April day. In this part of the country just on the northern border of Dixie, the cusp of a true warm spring was on full display: the loud showy pink cherry blossoms and the dainty shy white peach blossoms stood side by side, vying for attention in their own ways.

The training workshop had ended a few months ago, but Dr. Madison McGrath the plant pathologist, and her Sensei Dr. Genevieve Osaki found themselves drawn to each other and had become close, as close as any two people who’d gone through a significant loss, grief and recovery could be in a new courtship: passionate, longing and yet also slow and cautious.

The more time they spent together the more Maddy felt herself falling for the older woman. Gen’s calm and serene nature was like a magnet for her. She couldn’t get enough of Sensei. But she was not sure Gen felt the same way because though affectionate and loving, Sensei had a dignified restraint about her, or even a tiny hint of detachment. Sometimes during quiet moments, Maddy would catch Genevieve’s eyes wandering far yonder though her mouth and hands were lovingly indulging her girlfriend.

Still, they spent most of the weekends together, getting to know each other and enjoying domestic bliss like a couple. They both loved experimenting with cooking fancy meals, Sensei using recipes from Giada or Barefoot Contessa whereas Maddy tried Paula Deen. They also enjoyed hiking or riding their bikes on the long trail just outside the town. Their favorite evening activity was to snuggle on the couch watching old movies while sharing a pint of Häagen-Dazs.

This coming Saturday, Maddy was excited about the annual picnic at the City Botanical Garden. It was going to be held in the Butterfly Garden. As she was a plant pathologist and a board member, the place was familiar territory for Maddy, and she was friends with many staff there. She so wanted to bring Gen along to meet all her friends. Besides, this time of the year, the Garden would be extremely beautiful with all the regional plants and flowers blooming. Oh, those pink, blue and purple spiderwort and white field pussytoes, they practically danced in the breeze. After the picnic, Maddy planned, they would take a stroll and enjoy the sights and the aromas of spring. The forecast was promising wonderful weather this weekend.

But to her disappointment, when Maddy told Sensei, Gen said that she couldn’t make it as she would be busy on Saturday.

“Would be occupied the whole day on Saturday,” was how Gen put it. Though not face to face, Maddy could detect a somewhat spaced-out tone on the phone and imagined that familiar far yonder look on Sensei’s face.

Gen must have sensed Maddy’s disappointment because she quickly added, “But I’ll come over on Sunday, sweetie. And if you want, we can go to the Garden another weekend.”

Maddy sighed but figured Gen must have some important business to tend to. Sensei owned an education technology consulting business and it was not unusual for her to see clients on weekends, especially out-of-town clients. The two women made plans to have Sunday brunch together, and Gen promised she would try a new savory pancake recipe. And in the afternoon they planned to ride their bikes along the trail.


Sunday morning Genevieve opened her eyes to rays of sunshine coming through the thin velvety curtains. Refreshed and excited about what she was going to tell her girlfriend, Sensei couldn’t suppress her smile while dialing the phone.

“Hello sweetie, how are you?” Gen said cheerfully, excitement seeping through her voice.

“I hate this!” was Maddy’s irate reply.

“Whoa, somebody sure is grumpy this morning. What is it Maddy? You hate what?” Gen asked gently, a bit alarmed.

“The paper didn’t come! AGAIN!”

Gen breathed a sigh of relief. It was just the Sunday paper. Sensei was from the west coast and was not particularly attached to the New York Times, but she knew Maddy, a bona fide New Englander, loved her Sunday paper and magazine, a habit developed from her grad school years spent in the great Empire State.

A cup of coffee and her beloved New York Times Sunday paper was all Maddy needed lounging on the deck, birds and squirrels running wild in the backyard. This was Maddy’s unbreakable Sunday morning routine.

“Don’t worry hon,” Gen said in a calming voice. “I’m on my way over, and I’ll stop at Kroger’s and get you a copy.”

Maddy grunted agreement. They decided to meet at the supermarket and pick up a few things together for the brunch.

The two women met up at the door. Gen drew in a sharp gasp when she saw her sweetheart. Maddy’s face was a cloud of irritation, dark shades covering her eyes, her snarly hair hastily pulled into a ponytail. She hadn’t bothered with her appearance this morning. A bad sign, Gen thought.

When they reached the newspaper rack, there were only a few copies of Saturday’s paper laying there limply, looking pathetic. Maddy growled, a little too loud for Gen’s sensibilities.

“What kind of stupid place is this where you can’t even get a copy of the Sunday paper?!” Maddy stomped her booted foot on the floor, hands resting on her hips.

“Shhh, keep your voice down, honey,” Gen whispered, looking around. Luckily there were not that many people milling around.

“I’m really gonna have to move someplace up north, Gen!” Maddy’s throat caught.

Poor girl, Gen observed as her eyebrows slowly rose, so distraught that she was really going to cry over a missed paper? What’s going on?

Genevieve Osaki treaded carefully. “Come on, it’s not the end of the world. You can read online.” She managed to drag Maddy over to the bakery section hoping the sight of glazed donuts would cheer her up. The grouchy woman wrinkled her nose at the sight of the sweet dough.

Sensei gently guided her over to the seafood section where they got a pound of white shrimp for the seafood pancake Gen was planning on making. They also picked up a fresh fruit salad.

Finally it was time to check out.

Maddy groaned as they approached the checkout line because unfortunately only one register was open at this hour and even worse, there was a line of shoppers waiting to check out.

“C’mon, hon, it won’t take but a few minutes,” Gen said in a placating voice.

However, the couple in front of them was holding a stack of coupons. Maddy was visibly annoyed and made a grunting noise.

Genevieve cast a warning look at Maddy: No public display of rudeness, missy!

Several minutes passed and Maddy fidgeted constantly, muttering under her breath impatient and rude remarks about coupon holders and the slow cashier.

Gen’s face turned stern. She whispered in Maddy’s ear in a no uncertain tone: “Please go wait for me outside. NOW.”

Maddy looked at Sensei somewhat surprised. She tried to refuse with a defiant frown, but one peek at Gen’s firm expression made her change her mind.

“Fine.” She stormed out, swaying her little proud backside in her customary short denim skirt.

Sensei breathed a sigh of relief. At least a tantrum was foiled for the moment.

But as she watched Maddy’s swaggering form, Sensei’s palm started to itch. She clenched her teeth, ‘Missy, we’ll take care of that brattitude and get to the bottom of this just as soon as I get you home!’

And Sensei knew just the way to do that.

As soon as they got to Maddy’s house, Gen sat down on the comfy couch and resolved to sort out her girlfriend’s attitude. She crooked one finger and beckoned Maddy over.

“What?” Maddy said gruffly, not moving.

“Come over here.”

Eyeing the way Sensei sat on the couch, Maddy’s stomach churned. She whined, “Now? What about the brunch?”

“The brunch can wait.” Gen’s reply left no room for argument. “I think we better figure this out with you over my knee, love.”

“There’s nothin’ to ‘figure out’,” Maddy muttered, her feet busy scuffing the floor.

“Oh really?” Gen’s voice was serious, eyebrows lifting. “You mean to tell me all this grumpiness was due to a missed paper?”

Maddy scuffed a little more, not replying.

“Get over my lap this instant, young lady!” Gen said it in a tone that deterred Maddy from further stalling or balking.

Growling, Maddy slowly shuffled over and stood in front of Gen.

Gen patted her lap and the next second Maddy found herself over muscled thighs, staring at the familiar teak hardwood floor.

Gen adjusted Maddy’s position so that her feet touched the floor for support. She then flipped up Maddy’s denim skirt and rubbed her panty clad round bottom.

“Now, are you ready to tell me what’s really going on, sweetie?” She asked gently and softly.

“Nothin’ to tell,” was the mumbled reply.

SLAP, a firm spank swiftly landed on Maddy’s cheek, startling her a bit.

“Ow. What’s that for?”

“Got your attention now, huh?” Another stern smack landed. “Need a little more encouragement, Maddy?”

“Ow, um … no.”

“Well?” Gen waited patiently.

Pause, and then a muffled “Imupset.”

“I can see that, darling,” Gen said with a bemused grin while rubbing the bottom over her knee. “The question is why.”

Dead silence.

“More encouragement, sweetheart?” The top slowly raised her arm.

SLAP, SLAP, one on each cheek.

“Oww. The … the … the blue convertible,” it came in a low voice.

“Huh?” Gen was lost, her arm dangling in the mid-air. “What blue convertible?”

“The one on … on your … driveway.”

“Ah. THAT blue convertible. It’s Kelly’s, Mr. Glasscock’s daughter-in-law. I let her park there yesterday because they had a big family do. What about it?”

“Who’s Mr. f##king Glasscock? Are you pulling my leg, Gen?” Maddy’s voice was raised.

SLAP. A stern warning to the bottom. “No cussing over my knee, missy!” followed by another firm whack. Maddy’s cheeks wobbled.

“Ow, sorry. I mean, Glasscock, is that even a legit name?”

“For your information, Mr. Glasscock happens to be a nice neighbor of mine. And yes, Glasscock is a legitimate English surname.” Gen chuckled at this last statement. “Just like Longbottom or Smellies, even Crapper. The English, you know, they are quite … um, inventive.”

Maddy couldn’t help but letting out a giggle. She felt herself relaxing a little for the first time since yesterday.

A frown formed on Genevieve’s pale forehead. “Why did you ask? Wait, how did you even know about the car?”

The silence was deafening. Maddy wiggled a bit, opened her mouth but then closed it. She didn’t know how to explain it without sounding pathetic.

Sensei’s palm came to rest on Maddy’s right cheek, as a warning. Maddy knew it.

“Maddy? I’m waiting.”

“I … um … happened to …to be driving by your house yesterday.” Maddy managed to come up with something she thought was dignified enough.

“You just happened to drive by? On the day I told you I was occupied?”

“Why ye-yes. Sorta.”

Sensei wasn’t exactly sold on that.

“What did you do in my subdivision? I thought you were at the picnic in the Botanical Garden.” Her suspicion rose and so did her arm.

“Um …I … it was after that …”

SLAP. SLAP. The top’s impatience was expressed in those two firm swats, one smack on each check.

“Ow.” Maddy kicked and curled up her leg into a 90-degree angle.

“Maddy? I’m warning you.” Genevieve pushed the woman’s upturned leg back down and held it there. “Tell me the truth, and quickly.”

Maddy lay over the firm lap, motionless.

Then she started to cry, sniffles quickly turning into sobs.

Startled, Sensei rubbed Maddy’s back and whispered softly in her ear. “Shhh, sweetie. What’s wrong? Tell me, Maddy. What were you doing in my neighborhood? And why are you so upset?”

“I … I thought I would surprise you with my … my curry … I made for the picnic, your favorite, ya know.” More sobs. “I thought I’d just leave it on … on the porch.” Hiccups followed. “So you could just heat it up for dinner.”

“Curry?” Gen was truly confused, her eyebrows forming into knots. “You brought me curry? Where did you leave it? Why didn’t you come in?”

Maddy’s sobs became uncontrollable by now. Her head was bobbing up and down as she tried to wipe her tears.

“I didn’t, didn’t wanna interrupt,” was the miserable reply.

Gen gently pulled Maddy up to sit on her lap. Maddy offered no resistance when the older woman pulled her into a big embrace.

Sensei waited till Maddy calmed down and her sobs turned into occasional sniffles. Then she gently turned Maddy’s head around, wiped her face with her soft fingers, and lifted her chin up so their eyes locked.

“Now tell me everything, Maddy, please.” Gen’s voice was both loving and firm.

Maddy did.


After Gen had said she was going to be occupied on Saturday, Maddy assumed she would be busy seeing clients and tending to business. Since she had made curry chicken for the picnic she thought she would surprise Sensei by bringing her some for dinner. Gen adored curry dishes. They always joked that she would never develop Alzheimer’s because the amount of turmeric she consumed in curry, according to scientific research, would surely get rid of any developing plagues on her brain!

After a pleasant time at the Botanical Garden, Maddy brought her surprise in a Tupperware planning to leave it on the little enclosed porch. But when she pulled onto the street, she saw a blue convertible next to Gen’s car in the driveway. Maddy parked on the street in front of the house and walked up towards the house. The convertible’s windows were down and she took a peek and saw items scattered around that clearly belonged to a female.

Though very curious, Maddy did not want to intrude. Obviously Sensei had a client in the house. She put the Tupperware down on the porch by the door and made to leave when she heard Gen’s voice. Soft and tender, it sounded like she was in a very intimate conversation.

This can’t be a client, Maddy thought with a sinking heart.

Then she heard Gen giggling and whispering something in a singsong voice, “Oh thank you, my love.”

Maddy picked up the Tupperware and dashed back to her car. She started the engine with a shaking hand and almost drove into a mailbox. She cried all the way home.

After dumping the curry in the compost Maddy curled up on the couch with Polly. The Siamese looked at the crying woman with her aqua colored eyes and started licking her wet face. A few times Maddy picked up the phone but the thought of another woman … a woman driving a blue convertible … made her stop.

Needless to say, she had a terrible night.


Maddy wiped her eyes as her voice trailed off. She looked into Sensei’s dark brown eyes, sadness clouding her damp face.

“I see,” Genevieve let out a visible sigh of relief. Everything made sense now.

“I am so sorry, Maddy. I should’ve explained to you sooner.” Sensei met Maddy’s eyes and wrapped her arms around her waist, tight.

Taking a deep breath, Gen explained in a soft voice, “You see, sweetie, yesterday was April the 4th, the day Evangeline departed.” Gen’s face revealed a deep sadness as she continued, “Every year on this day since Evie passed I liked to stay home and spend the day with her.” Tears fell down on the older woman’s face.

Maddy snuggled closer to Sensei. “Oh Gen, why didn’t you tell me?”

Genevieve sighed. “I should’ve, sweetie. I should’ve realized sooner that when you entered my life, it was no longer just between Evie and myself anymore.” She gently squeezed Maddy’s bottom. “I apologize.”

“So you were talking to Evie! Oh my gawd and there I was, thinking you had another girlfriend in there.” Maddy was mortified. “I’m so very sorry, Gen. I shouldn’t have assumed.”

Maddy slapped her own forehead a couple times before continuing, “Now I feel so stupid. I …I heard you say ‘thank you, my love,’ and I just thought you were …” She felt rotten.

“Fooling around with another woman? A woman with a blue convertible?” Gen wiped away tears and regained her composure, a bemused look on her face.

Maddy’s face turned beet red. She burrowed further into Sensei.

Gen said softly, her voice caught in her throat, “Actually I was thanking Evie for urging me to move on with my life — my life with you, Maddy.” She planted a loving kiss on Maddy’s neck. “That’s what I was gonna tell you this morning!”

Both women were beaming now.

“Gen?” Maddy looked up at her girlfriend.

“Yes, darling?”

“Does that mean you love me?”

“Of course I love you, sweetie. I’ve always loved you and always will.” Gen kissed Maddy on the lips softly. “I’m thankful that they made you take the workshop.” She winked and nibbled on Maddy’s ear. Maddy groaned.

The two women cuddled in silence.

“Incidentally,” Gen broke the silence, “do you know that in Chinese language the number 4 sounds the same as the word ‘death.’ And April happens to be the 4th month of the year, so April 4th is a ‘double death’ day.” Gen’s gaze had a resigned look as she uttered a sad chuckle. “I read somewhere that a baby born on that day is believed to be extremely strong because she beats the curse of double death by entering the world.” She shook her head. “It’s all superstition perhaps, but one does wonder if …you know fate and destiny and all…” 

More silence followed as each woman fell into deep thought.

Maddy’s stomach rumbled noisily, jolting her back. She perked up and reminded Gen softly, “Hey, time for brunch?”

“Ah, food.” Gen snapped out of the lull. “Ok, we’ll eat and then have our bike rides this afternoon. But we WILL continue this talk with you over my knee tonight,” Sensei declared.

“Whatever for?” Maddy asked impishly, trying to sound innocent.

“Remember on Switchfic,” referring to their favorite f/f spanking author’s blog, Gen reminded her girlfriend, “she once said assumptions made an ass out of her?”

“Yes, I do remember that.” Maddy chuckled.

“Do you remember what happened to her bottom?” Gen winked.

“No.” Maddy feigned ignorance.

“Well, let me refresh your memory, young lady. It ended up being very rosy and sore over her girlfriend’s knee!” Genevieve replied, unable to suppress a grin. “As will be yours, honey,” she added ominously.

Maddy wiggled and squirmed before Gen gently stood her up, giving her a playful pop on the buttocks.


That evening, the two women finished a simple and delicious southern meal of fried chicken, corn bread, hash browns, and iced lemon tea in Gen’s house before retiring to the living room to snuggle on the sofa.

After a few minutes, Gen asked Maddy to go fetch a wooden paddle and a leather strap from the drawer in the guest bedroom. “You know where they are,” she prompted Maddy with a swat on her backside.

“Both?” Maddy’s gray eyes grew wide.

“Yes, darling,” was the top’s determined reply.

A thrill of sweet apprehension and anticipation ran down Maddy’s spine as she trotted towards the stairs.

When Maddy came back with the required items of correction, Gen swiftly pulled her over her knee into the familiar upturned position.

“Now young lady, you know why we are here,” the top began.

“Yes, Ma’am,” was the meek reply. Maddy knew what was coming.

“We have several things to discuss. First, about communication. After you made the wrong assumption and were upset, you should’ve called me right away,” Gen said sternly.

“Yes, Ma’am, I should have,” Maddy whimpered. “But I – I was afraid.”

“Afraid?” The top’s eyebrows rose.


“Afraid of what?” Gen inquired gently.

A long pause followed before Maddy confessed, “The answer.”

Gen was silent and thoughtful for a while. “I understand, baby.” She nodded and then asked sympathetically, “But I bet not asking and wallowing in self-pity was worse, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, Ma’am, it was,” Maddy replied softly.

Gen slowly pulled Maddy’s shorts down to her thighs and started hand spanking her underwear clad bottom briskly, spreading her swats evenly on both cheeks.

Maddy whimpered and squirmed.

More swats landed and the spanked bottom started to feel warm as a small fire was lit by Sensei’s strong hand. Maddy kicked her legs and wiggled her hips, feeling reassured by the stinging warmth on her backside.

“Now the second issue. Throwing a royal tantrum over a missed paper in the supermarket was uncalled for, not to mention rude.” So saying Sensei slowly peeled down Maddy’s cotton underpants revealing a pink peachy derriere. She picked up the wooden paddle.

WHACK, a stern but controlled blow landed on both cheeks.

“Ow.” Maddy’s cheeks bounced vigorously.

Several more controlled whacks followed, sending the younger woman flailing about.

“Now Maddy, tell me, what could we have done differently?”

Maddy took a breath as she enjoyed the welcoming reprieve. “I guess for starters I could’ve been a mature grown-up who instead of resorting to juvenile passive-aggressive behavior…”

“Yes,” Gen cut in and delivered another blow with the paddle. She said in a serious tone, “If we want this relationship to work, we have to be open and let the other person know how we feel.” She quickly added, “This applies to both of us of course.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Maddy agreed, wiggling her sore bottom. “Sometimes I do bottle things up and end up feeling sorry for myself.”

“And having a sore bottom to go with it!” Sensei muttered under her breath. Then she said sympathetically, “That’s a very common behavior in many people, myself included. From now on we both have to try to be more open about our emotions, especially negative emotions.”

“Yes, Ma’am. I agree.”

Sensei raised the paddle and rained down another four controlled whacks on Maddy’s already sore cheeks before she put it down and patted the tenderized bottom. The petite form on her lap was wriggling and writhing and the spanked bottom was a beautiful sight to behold, warm to the hand. Sensei felt flushed.

The top chuckled, picking up the leather strap. Time to have some fun now.

WHAP, a wallop of the smooth leather descended on the sensitive cheek.

“Ouch, what’s that for?” Maddy’s hand flew back and cupped her stinging right cheek.

“Oh, that’s for throwing away a perfect curry!” Sensei was enjoying this part. She stated with a straight face, “You know I don’t approve of wasting food like that.”

Maddy breathed a sigh of relief. She knew the disciplinary spanking was over.

Sensei raised her arm again and the strap came whipping down on Maddy’s left cheek.

“Owi. Yes, Ma’am. I won’t throw away good food again, ever, I promise.” Maddy winked and played along.

They both burst out laughing.

Sensei knew her girlfriend adored the leather and she loved to oblige. The strap flew down a dozen more times on the tender bottom, the last two lazily brushing against the sore cheeks sending Maddy into a groaning and moaning-fest. The stingy tingly warmth was starting to spread to the vicinity as well.

“All right, you can come up now, baby.” Gen put down the strap and pulled Maddy up to sit on her lap, grinning at the naughty girl’s ows and ouches.

“Last, and most importantly, why didn’t you trust me?” Gen asked softly, her breath brushing against Maddy’s ear.

Maddy wiggled to find a comfy position. “’Cause I thought you…” Maddy made a choking sound.

“Take it easy, darling,” Gen murmured into her ear.

“… weren’t in love with me,” she stated in a barely audible voice.

“Oh, sweetie, why would you think that?” Genevieve was genuinely surprised.

“Cause you know, sometimes you had that spaced-out look … I can tell …”

Gen nodded. “I admit I was still hung up on Evie and felt I had to get her permission to move on. I’m sorry, honey, if I seemed…” she paused and searched for the right words, “not whole heartedly into you. Not fair to you. I’m very sorry. Can you forgive me, baby?” She stroked Maddy’s wavy auburn hair.

Nodding, Maddy embraced Sensei and kissed her passionately. “Of course, Gen. Oh, please tell Evie I said thanks for her blessing.” Maddy winked.

“You know what else Evangeline said?” Gen patted Maddy’s bare bottom gingerly. “She said you were going to keep me busy seeing how you were such a handful.” Sensei’s face broke into a big grin.

“Meanie.” Maddy pouted.

“Maddy, sweetie?”


“Let me make it up to you tonight, baby.” Gen hugged the younger woman tightly, her face a sea of love.

“Yes, Ma’am, I’m ready!” Maddy almost jumped off Gen’s lap.

“Alrighty, why don’t you go and stand in the corner for a few minutes while I get ready?” Gen pointed, affectionately giving Maddy’s lovely orb a swat. “By the way, you do have a gorgeous bottom, hon, especially when it’s freshly spanked and flaming red,” Sensei teased.

Maddy blushed as she obediently trotted to the corner, her breath becoming shorter.

In the corner Maddy could hear Sensei walk into her bedroom. Then she heard a drawer open and shut. After about five minutes she could hear Gen’s soft steps coming closer.

Maddy felt her heart beating faster and faster. She waited, holding her breath.

The soft steps came closer and closer until she could sense Genevieve’s body right behind her. She felt Gen’s hand in her hair and slowly moving down to rest on her nape, her warm breath brushing against her ear. Maddy’s whole body tingled. She felt sticky wetness between her thighs.

Maddy was slowly turned around to see the older woman in a midnight blue silk gown, loosely tied around the middle. It was visible that under the gown the body was naked. Genevieve gently and sensually undressed Maddy, her clothing falling to the floor in a heap. She then lifted the petite woman and carried her briskly into the bedroom.

Genevieve slowly laid Maddy down onto the silky bed sheet, and then slipped out of her own gown and lowered herself over the petite woman. The soft dim light shone on the two tangled beautiful female forms. Amidst the breathless Pilate-esque love-making workout, Maddy caught a glimpse of a pink dildo on the nightstand winking at them, next to it sat a harness in matching color.


I wish to thank Alyx for her very helpful feedback! Muchas gracias.

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18 Responses to Maddy & Gen 3: An Ordinary Day …Not

  1. Ash says:

    Awesome! I loved it! Definitely worth the wait! 😀

  2. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Oh yea peachie baby , this was worth the wait . Muddos that was hot aye 🙂 It look like Alyx put all a peas and grits in this fer you gal . Now you causin me havin to go fer one like sensi naw . I love you man 😉

    • SP says:

      Hey BG! Thanks and love ya too. Let me know when you find your hot sensei. 😉 Yeah, Alyx is a great grammar sensei I tell ya. Heehee.

  3. Alyx says:

    That was a lovely story, Peach. I find their relationship to be so heartwarming, especially considering they were both grieving other previous relationships. Very touching. Nice job! 🙂

  4. DD says:

    Makes plenty sense than Gen was restrained. Seems to be a common flaw, not saying what one is thinking or feeling. Glad they worked things out.
    Also, Maddy clearly enjoys Gen’s spanky attention, it settles her soul and I liked that quite a bit. I am personally not sold in spanking as punishment (I can read about it and like it but I tend to prefer milder scenes) so I liked it that Maddy liked it.
    I also liked the descriptions or their ordinary lives together. Dinners, riding their bikes, snuggling in the sofa…
    It’s a good balance I reckon. They are wonderful girlfriends first, with a hint of top and brat, alpha and beta. It safisfies this kinky yet egalitarian lezzy.
    Quite a good story, Peach. Thanks for finishing it. 🙂

    • SP says:

      Hola DD! I like what you said: “settles her soul” – kinda like it anchors her. Mostly Maddy likes what is associated with loving spanks from her top/partner, as well as the actual attentions on her bottom of course! LOL But I’m also one for egalitarian relationships, absolutely.
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving such lovely feedback. Muchas gracias.

  5. Micah says:

    I agree with DD. Spanking without a loving relationship, doesn’t do much for me. You did a great job of showing us that spanking is simply a part of their love for each other. Great job, Peach. Thank you for the story.

  6. jo says:

    So beautifully written, and what marvelous characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much for making it accessible.

    • SP says:

      Hi Jo, welcome to my little corner! Thank you for your wonderful comments. So glad you enjoyed the story. Your encouragement made my day! 🙂 Hope you like my other stories too.

  7. cj says:

    Hi Peaches, thank you so much for sharing such a delightful tale of two wonderful women. You have a beautiful distinctful way of describing scenes. Your sense of humor shines through.

    I would tell you that part three was worth the wait, but I do not want to encourage such long lapses of time between chapters. You know how impatient I “might” be. 😀

    Thanks again for sharing such wonderful characters!! You are a wonderful writer.

    • SP says:

      Hey cj, thank you for such generous praise! *bg* I feel very encouraged to continue. Matter of fact the next chapter is already stewing in the pot! Well, I don’t know for how long though. 😉
      Thanks for stopping by my little corner. 🙂

  8. sandy says:

    Hi I just wanted to say that I have read all of ur stories and I have loved everyone of them u r a great writer keep up the good work 🙂

    • Peach says:

      Hi Sandy! Welcome. It was very nice of you to delurk and leave a great comment. Glad you enjoyed the stories.
      PS. Are you the same (angelic brat) Sandy on Alyx’s blog? heheheh

  9. Anna Love says:

    It’s great how one can feel the love in your stories. These two days I’ve been searching for some good material and I kept coming back to your stories every time! They are really excellent!! Thank you!

    • Peach says:

      Welcome Anna Love! Glad you can feel the love in these stories. Indeed that’s one of the most felt emotions I experienced while writing the stories. Spanking was almost secondary! LOL
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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