Cat & Stella 6: Cat Lends a Hand (pt.I)

It’s Saturday morning. Stella quietly rolled out of bed, careful not to awaken her cute girlfriend Cat. They stayed out late last night with Lucy and Lizzy, celebrating the end of school year for the two college girls. Today she had to work overtime in her law firm, finishing up some paperwork for an important case.

‘What a bummer.’ Stella thought to herself. ‘Though that’s what junior lawyers are supposed to do. It’s a rite of passage.’ She sighed and turned to her angelic Cat who looked so adorable and innocent in her sleep. Stella leaned over and gently planted a light kiss on her forehead before tiptoeing out of the room.

When Stella was having a quick bowl of cereal in the kitchen, her eyes caught a pile of mail lying on the counter. It was yesterday’s and because they were so busy no one had opened them. Stella quickly brought them over to the table and sorted through the pile. There was a letter to Cat from the university. The small letters on the upper left corner said “Judiciary Office.” How odd, thought Stella, ‘What do they want from Cat?’ But then her curiosity drifted away as she quickly got ready to get out of the house.

The house was quiet after Stella left and Cat didn’t wake up until well after 11 o’clock. She yawned and stretched her arms. Feeling the empty spot next to her, she remembered that Stella had to work in the office today. ‘I don’t know how Stel deals with those boring legal papers every day,’ Cat sighed. Cat was majoring in biology, planning to go to grad school for veterinary science. She had no patience for legal details, for which Stella had a special flair. Cat loved sciences and animals.

She got up and had a lazy shower before breezing into the kitchen. She sat down and was ready to drink her glass of milk when she saw three neat piles of mail on the table. On top of one was a letter for her. The official logo told her immediately it was from the university.

‘Uh-oh.’ Her heart started to beat fast. She tore open the letter and quickly glanced at it and felt her stomach sinking to the floor. The letter was from the university’s Judiciary Officer informing her that she was scheduled to meet with the Judiciary Committee on Student Conduct next Tuesday to present her defense, if she wished, and hear the Committee’s decision on what disciplinary actions she would face for her role in the cheating incident in the stats final exam.

‘Damn it,’ Cat fumed even though she had known that it would come to this. She should have shown more maturity and not have buckled under peer pressure. She should have taken things more seriously. ‘Oh, well, worse comes to the worst,’ she figured she would have to re-take the class next semester, ‘it’ll push me back by one class. No big deal.’ She reassured herself, even though her GPA would be brought down which would not be good for grad school application. Being the ultimate optimist, Cat would not allow herself to think of the worst possibility that she could be expelled from the university.

Drinking her milk absent-mindedly, Cat felt uneasy and unsettled. Something was bothering her but she couldn’t figure out what. Glancing around aimlessly, her gaze fell again on the three neat piles of mail in front of her. Suddenly she realized with horror what was gnawing at her. What if Stella had seen the letter and asked her about it?

Cat felt hundreds of fluttering butterflies in her stomach. Eight years her senior, Stella was a loving but strict disciplinarian, and would never ever let her younger girlfriend get away with something like this. Cat knew this was going to be bad. In Stella’s eyes, this would be viewed way beyond ordinary naughty behavior or some juvenile antics. Cat knew she was headed for potential big trouble.

Imagining how disappointed and upset her doting girlfriend would be, Cat briefly considered getting rid of the letter and making up a story to cover it up in case Stella asked. But she quickly abandoned the idea, remembering that the last time she had lied to Stella, her tender bottom received such a severe spanking that she couldn’t sit for days afterwards. Lying was a big peeve in Stella’s book and Cat was not going to risk it this time.

‘Maybe I should just tell Stel what happened and beg for mercy,’ Cat told herself. ‘Stel may show some leniency ‘cause after all it really wasn’t my fault.’

Either way, Cat was pretty sure that if Stella found out, her soft pale bottom was going to be smacked until it was bright red, hot and very very sore.

However, there was a possibility that Stella hadn’t noticed the letter and in that case, Cat would just not mention it. She wouldn’t have to lie about it, just not mention it at all. After all, Stella did not routinely check up on her girlfriend’s grades. Cat was a good student in general and had never had any significant issues with her education. Stella would not know that Cat was re-taking her stats class next semester if it came to that. This seemed to be the best option for Cat. ‘Oh dear Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy,’ Cat prayed, ‘please let it be that Stel did not notice where the letter came from.’

But again, Cat was fully aware that her girlfriend was a lawyer by profession and had a very sharp mind. If she had seen the letter, she’d have noticed where it’d come from, and if she saw where the letter came from, she would definitely be curious about it.

Cat felt her fate had been sealed. ‘I’m doomed, period, dead meat.’

Pacing back and forth in the living room wondering whether and how she could attempt to dig her way out of this one, Cat’s mind went into overdrive. Well, she couldn’t just sit around all day fretting about this and doing nothing.

Finally she decided that she would try to be a super angelic good girl today, tidying up the house and making one of Stella’s favorite dishes to please her. ‘Sorta like an offering for just-in-case I need to beg for forgiveness type of thing,’ Cat almost chuckled out loud at her cleverness.

She pulled out a recipe book and found Pad Thai, a delicious Thai noodle dish that Stel absolutely loved. She then looked inside the cupboards in the kitchen searching for ingredients. It was clear she would have to make a trip to the grocery store to get all the ingredients she needed. But first she would start cleaning and tidying up the place.

After a couple hours’ diligent scrubbing and mopping, and several loads of laundry later, the house looked spotless. She changed their sheets so the bedroom looked and smelt crisply fresh. Every room in the house was perfectly clean and tidy, no small feat for Cat who normally would not be the one to volunteer for house work. Smiling and pleased with herself, Cat pulled out her phone and texted Stella: “Hi gorgeous! Miss ya. What time u coming back?”

Cat then got into her car and drove to the store where she bought shrimp, chicken, eggs, napa cabbage, bean sprouts, Thai peanut sauce, and soft rice noodles. She also bought an angel food cake, fresh strawberries and cream for dessert.

Just as she was getting ready to leave, her phone beeped. Stella returned the message: “Hi babe! Miss ya too. Back in 2 hrs. xx” No sign of displeasure in Stella’s message and Cat felt relieved. Stella probably hadn’t noticed the letter after all.

Cat had never made Pad Thai before by herself, so it took her a while to assemble all the ingredients, boil the water for the noodle, and stirfry the shrimp, chicken and eggs, and all the vegetables. Finally everything came together in the wok. The trick for this dish was in the sauce. Cat carefully opened the package and dumped it into the wok. While the noodle dish was simmering, Cat glanced at the clock. Stella would be home any minute now.

She quickly went to the bedroom and picked out a new outfit that Stella had bought her: a cute denim mini-skirt with silver sequins on the front and back and frilly tassels on the ends, and a bright yellow tank top with a big silver butterfly on the chest. Looking in the mirror, Cat almost blushed as she saw a petite, absolutely adorable, and innocent looking girl staring back at her. ‘No one could possibly be mad at such a cutie.’ She quickly brushed her straight brown hair before rushing back to the kitchen. She still had to whip up the cream and prepare the strawberry for the angel food cake.

“Honey, I’m home.” Stella stepped into the house and to her surprise, saw her girlfriend in the kitchen making dinner. A wonderful aroma permeated the air.

“Hi Stel.” Cat threw herself into the arms of her tall and lean girlfriend and said excitedly: “Guess what? I’m making your favorite dish tonight!”

“Mmm, I smell peanut sauce. Is it what I think it is?” Stella asked excitedly.

“Yep. The famous Pad Thai.” Cat announced proudly.

“Wow, thank you, baby. And the house is spotless!” Stella looked around and said incredulously and thankfully, “Thank you for being such a good girlfriend.” Normally her little darling would not be the one to willingly clean the house, and on top of that, prepare an elaborate dinner as well.

“So what’s the occasion?” Stella gave Cat a once over: “You look beautiful, sweetie. That outfit looks great on you.”

Indeed, Cat looked more than beautiful with her brown anime eyes sparkling and her oval face exuding innocence and vulnerability, soft brown hair loosely hanging on her shoulder. ‘What a doll.’ Stella stared at her dear darling with absolute adoration, her loving doting eyes a deep sea blue.

“Thanks. I just felt like taking care of you for once, seeing how you had to work on Saturday, you know, dealing with boring legal papers and stuff.” Cat tried to sound relaxed, although a tiny tinge of nervousness crept up in her voice.

“You’re such a good girlfriend, my love.” Stella was very impressed and hugged Cat again. She then quickly went to change into her usual khaki shorts and a tank top.

The two girls sat down to eat. The noodle dish was delicious. Stella kept flashing satisfied smiles at her clever girlfriend and complimenting on her cooking skills. Smiling from ear to ear, a beaming Cat asked Stella how her day went at the office.

“Oh, it was ok, just a lot of papers to file, and lots of letters to send out.” Stella suddenly remembered something: “Talking about letters, there was a letter for you from the university, sweetie. Did you get it?”

Cat’s stomach did a flip-flop. She felt her heart skipping a beat. Shifting her eyes away, Cat tried to be casual: “Yeah, I got it.”

“It’s from the Judiciary Office. What’s that about?” Stella asked curiously.

Cat felt her body falling like she was in an elevator going down fast, and her stomach muscles tightened for the landing. She quickly stuffed a forkful of bean sprouts into her mouth to buy some time before mumbling an answer: “Oh, just some school stuff.” She tried to sound nonchalant and innocent, not looking at Stella.

Stella raised her eyebrow and fell silent. She knew something fishy was going on just by how awkward and ill at ease Cat seemed when the letter had been mentioned. ‘The naughty girl is hiding something.’ Stella was almost certain. Then a light flicked on in her head, the clean house, the fancy dinner, the butterfly top and the mini-skirt with frilly tassels, they were all part of Cat’s elaborate effort to please her girlfriend and possibly, lessen the impact of whatever potential disaster that was inside that envelop.

Sighing silently, ‘The naughty girl thinks she’s going to get away with whatever it is she’s hiding from me,’ Stella thought. ‘Clearly she’s forgotten what I do for a living.’ However, seeing that Cat had made such a tremendous effort to please her today, Stella didn’t have the heart to ruin it for her baby. She decided to wait till after dinner to confront Cat.

“Baby, I’m ready for dessert, are you?” Stella quickly changed the subject.

Cat had been stealing glances at Stella nervously all this time, waiting for the bomb to drop and the floor to crumble underneath her. What a nice surprise that Stella was asking for dessert.

“Sure.” Cat breathed an audible sigh of relief, smiled and bounced up and went to the kitchen to fetch the strawberry angel food cake. She silently thanked Goddess of Mercy that Stella had dropped the subject. It looked like the crisis was over. The dire fate of her bottom had just reversed its course for the better.

“There it is. Isn’t it beautiful, Stel?” Cat put down the beautiful cake on the table, hopped onto Stella’s lap, and proceeded to plant a long kiss on her girlfriend’s lips. Her relief was palpable.

“Would you like to go for a walk by the lake after this? It’ll be fun.” Stella asked softly and kissed Cat back.

“Yes! We can see the sunset. It’s gonna be gorgeous.” Cat wrapped her arms around Stella’s neck and replied enthusiastically.

After dessert, the two girls walked along the lake hand in hand. The evening breeze gently brushed their faces as they enjoyed each other’s company in the beautiful sunset.

Stella had been dreading confronting her girlfriend about the letter. She did not want to ruin this perfect evening. However, as Cat’s Top, she knew it had to be done. Her instinct told her that this evening was going to end on a sore note for Cat’s adorable plump bottom. How sore, it would depend on what was going to unfold.

On the way back, about 100 yards from the house there was a quiet nice clearing in the grass with a bench in the middle. “Let’s sit down for a while, baby.” Stella led Cat over and they sat down on the wooden bench. Cat rested her head on Stel’s shoulder while the older girl wrapped her arm around Cat’s waist.

The sunset was breathtaking.

“So, what does the letter say, baby?” Out of the blue, Stella asked lazily, her voice deceptively silky and sweet.

——–To be continued——–



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48 Responses to Cat & Stella 6: Cat Lends a Hand (pt.I)

  1. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Boy Peach, ya got me there 🙂 I right here all caught up into this and to see *tbc* I most dead,den I rememeber it did say part one. You gat me tryna figure what to do next,cause I so hot up to know how long she think dat was gun last before she get tune up 😉 This awesome though

  2. kellie32 says:

    Yeah, with Loki on hiatus and everyone else too it seems, Peach comes thru! Can’t wait for the next part, thanks !

  3. Ash says:

    Oh man… I was hoping she wouldn’t find out, and ya know how much I like spanking! O_o

    Waiting in anticipation… 😀

  4. thanatos150 says:

    Yay! A new story 🙂 I can’t wait to see how it continues, you are killing me with that cliffhanger here.. Great beginning of your story! You have me excitedly waiting for the next part 😉

  5. gailsworld says:

    What a great setup!

  6. maryk88 says:

    Loved it! Can’t wait for the next part!!

  7. patrick says:

    this is a very good story and have you thought about making it into a comic.

    • Peach says:

      Hi Patrick, welcome! Glad you liked the story.
      I haven’t thought about a comic but now that you brought it up it’s an intriguing idea…

      • I am happy you like my idea for a comic of your story so here is a link to an artiest that can make the a comic for you okayokayokok.

      • hay peach its me Patrick my user new is kokiripeople123 just to tell you and sorry for puts same comments about making your story in to a comic and I have an idea for away for cat to look oh so adorable and innocent and if you want to know just tell me ok.

  8. patrick says:

    peach I love your cat and stella stories and I think you should make or get someone to make a comic out of your stories.

  9. Mil says:

    So sweet, Peach! 😉 Thank you! Hanging for part two.

  10. sparrow says:

    Love the look inside the bratological working’s of Cat’s mind, Peach, You have built the tension to a right proper cliffhanger! Looking forward to how this all works out for your little miscreant. I suspect it will be both heart and bottom warming.

  11. Ash says:

    I want Stella to be mine… 😦

  12. Loki Renard says:

    Pad Thai is amazing. I’m guessing Cat’s exceptional cuteness won’t be enough to save her, but full marks for trying. She seems like a stellar girlfriend, even if she can’t keep her grades up 😉

  13. Alyx says:

    Cat has good taste in food, for sure. 😀 This was a great beginning, Peach. Glad I discovered it so late, because it means I don’t have to wait as long for part 2! *LOL*

  14. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Hey Peach,what a G’wan. Its the 24th where Ash is so I hopin you goin wit dat rite dere 🙂

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