Cat & Stella 6: Cat Lends a Hand (pt.II)

Feliz cumpleaños, Ash!


The sunset was breathtaking.

“So, what does the letter say, baby?” Out of the blue, Stella asked lazily, her voice deceptively silky and sweet.

Cat almost fell off the bench. She jolted her head up from Stella’s shoulder, her brown eyes widened. “Wha? What letter?” She stammered, color draining from her face.

Stella turned around and met Cat’s eyes. “You know exactly what I’m talking about, little girl. I know you are hiding something from me,” Stella said matter-of-factly, smile gone from her face.

Cat looked down, panic showing in her gorgeous eyes.

“Come on, naughty girl. I asked you a question.” Stella raised her voice a little.

With trepidation, Cat reached into the back pocket of her denim skirt and pulled out a rumpled piece of paper. Hand slightly shaking, she handed it to her dominant girlfriend, eyes averted.

Stella quickly skimmed the sheet and her face turned red. “Cheating in stats final? I thought you were good at stats!” She growled, her eyebrows knitted and eyes narrowed.

“I was. I AM.” Cat fixed her gaze at her feet.

“Then you’d better explain to me what the heck this is all about. I’ll give you 20 seconds!” Stella tried to contain her explosion.

“Uh-mm, I …” Cat blubbered, “I aced the stats final.”

“Stand up, look me in the eye, and tell me everything.” Stella ordered in her stern voice.

Cat got up from the bench and stood submissively in front of Stella, shoulders slumped. She looked into Stella’s crystal blue eyes and saw a raging storm forming. She tried to speak, but a big knot in her throat presented her from speaking and she started sniffling. She opened her mouth a couple times but no word came out.

Stella waited until her patience ran out. Grabbing her submissive girlfriend’s  arm and turning her slightly sideways, Stella raised her right arm. Cat instinctively tried to pull away. SLAP, Stella’s hand missed the intended target and landed instead on the back of the sobbing girl’s left thigh just below the mini-skirt, a red handprint seared deep into the soft pale skin.

“Ow. Please no, Stel, not here.” Cat pleaded, trying to get away from Stella’s grip, nervously looking around to see if anybody had seen them, her free hand attempting to cover her buttocks.

SLAP, another hard spank followed, the sound traveling with the evening breeze and then echoing back in the clearing surrounding them. This time it landed on the back of Cat’s other thigh, leaving a similar deep red handprint.

“Ouch. Please Stel, not out here.” Cat pleaded again in desperation, shuffling her feet on the green grass.

“Ok then. Let’s get you home.” Stella quickly got up, grabbed the naughty girl’s wrist, and marched her all the way back to the house.

As soon as they got inside, Stella sat down on the couch and instructed Cat to take off her mini-skirt. Then she told her to kneel down in front of the couch, facing her disciplinarian.

“Now look me in the eye and tell me everything.” Stella’s eyes exuded no-nonsense sternness.

Cat swallowed hard. She looked into Stella’s disappointed eyes and began: “It was for, for Lizzy.”

“Liz was part of this too? No wonder the two of you kept whispering last night.” Stella started to grasp the situation. “Go on.”

“Lizzy had been .. er .. worried about the stats final. She needed to, to have a B to keep her scholarship, you know. So she asked me if I would help her with the final.” Cat’s voice was barely audible.

“And you agreed to help her cheat?” Stella found her anger rising. “What did you do exactly?”

“The test was really not that hard. So I, I finished early and went outside. Then I, er… er …” She wiped her stinging eyes with the back of her hand.

Stella tried to keep composed. “I’m waiting.”

“er… texted the answers to them.”

“Them? Just how many people were you helping cheat, hmm?” Stella was incredulous.

“Liz and, and two, two other girls.”

Stella could not believe what she was hearing. She was so angry that she felt her body shaking. “How could you?!” She almost shouted at Cat, “Did you think of the consequences at all?”

Cat lowered her head and murmured sheepishly amid her sobs, “But I, I didn’t cheat on my own test. I only wanted to help my friends.”

Stella stared hard at her darling and replied in an indignant tone, “In the eyes of the law, you are just as guilty, missy! And ignorance of the law is not a defense either.” The lawyer was incredulous as she assumed everyone knew that.

The guilty girl looked up at her dominant girlfriend, defeated. Her composure collapsed. She started to cry openly.

Stella was seething. The girl in front of her looked so innocent and vulnerable, and yet had done something so gravely wrong. She was afraid that she might explode and say and do something regrettable to hurt her girlfriend right then and there. She needed a time-out to cool off.

“Go bend over the big chair over there. Let me cool off a little before I deal with you.” Stella tried hard to stay calm.

Cat obeyed. She dragged her feet over and bent down over the back of the big chair, her bikini panty clad buttocks sticking up in the air.

Stella got up from the couch and her eyes followed the college girl. Bent over the hard chair, her little girlfriend waited obediently, her adorably peachy bottom cheeks twitching nervously. The two red handprints on the back of her curved thighs looked like fresh artwork. So adorable and yet so naughty, the top sighed deeply and shook her head.

Cat knew that she had messed up big this time. If the school judged her harshly she could face expulsion for real. But right now all she could think of was how Stella was truly disappointed at her. Resigned to the prospect of a hard spanking, all she wanted though at this minute was to lie over Stella’s muscular, warm and comforting lap and feel her dominant girlfriend’s strong, loving hand on her bare bottom. Usually when she was naughty, Stella would put her over her knee and spank her with her hand. And if she was really bad, Stella might bend her over a chair or make her kneel on the couch and use an implement like a hairbrush or a paddle on her bare bottom. But today was different. Cat could tell that she was not going over Stella’s lap and neither would Stella start with her hand. She would use an implement right away. There would be no warm up for her.

In the meantime, Stella slowly downed a glass of ice water in the kitchen and waited till her sizzling anger had cooled down a little. Then she opened a drawer and retrieved a long-handled wooden spatula.

She walked over to Cat. “You’ve really crossed the line, naughty girl.” She lightly patted the plump bottom with the spatula a few times. “Stick you bottom up. You are going to get a very hard spanking on your bare bottom, a spanking I hope you’ll never forget.” She announced between clenched teeth, and in one swift motion, yanked down Cat’s little bikini panties to her ankles.

Cat squirmed and whimpered, resigned to the obvious fact that she was not going over Stella’s knee or feel Stella’s hand for this spanking. She also knew this spanking was going to be different from other ones. It was not going to be playful or light-hearted. She stared at the seat of the chair with red eyes, holding her breath, and tightening all the muscles in her body, bracing for the impending punishment.

SMACK, the first blow hit the middle of the crack and the college girl’s upper body bounced up. She cried out.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, blow after devastating blow landed on Cat’s wobbling bottom. They came down fast and furious with no reprieve for the punished girl. Cat sucked in so much air she thought her lungs were going to burst. The wooden spatula stung like nothing else. With each spank, Cat owed and ouched, and her feet danced to the rhythm of the smacking as she tried to gain some leverage but could not dodge the punishing splats on her jiggling bottom which was beginning to be covered with red splotches with each blow.

The house was quiet except for the echoes of the spanking and Cat’s hollering. Stella did not launch into a stern lecture of scolding as she normally would during Cat’s punishment. With a grimly set mouth and furrowed eye brows, all she could handle right now was to concentrate on reddening her naughty lover’s backside in a controlled manner. The lecture and scolding would have to wait.

Cat knew she had crossed a very grave line and was in big trouble. However, she was not used to Stella being so quiet during a spanking. It made her feel uneasy and scared. A normal spanking would be like a “talk” when Stella, sternly but lovingly scolding Cat, doled out smacks to the bottom on her lap and the punished girl would be expected to come up with some responses. This spanking was different and Cat did not like it. She turned her head around to steal a glance at her beautiful girlfriend, hoping to catch Stella’s eyes. But Stella’s concentration on smacking the naughty rump was absolute, and her gaze did not move. Her arm swung up and down in a beautifully controlled rhythm.

Cat’s knees buckled a few times and she bent down on the floor, her panties long been kicked off. Without a word, Stella motioned for her to get up and stay in position. Cat showed complete obedience despite the increasing sting on her bottom cheeks. She steeled herself to stay in position. Stella put her left hand lightly on the girl’s back to balance herself.

After a few minutes of the wooden spatula, Cat’s bottom was glowing and the redness extended to the top half of her thighs. Stella stopped, breathing heavily. Cat let out a loud sigh of relief, letting all the airs out of her lungs, only to hear the disciplinarian’s command: “Now stand up.” The top gripped the punished girl’s wrist and marched her to the corner.

“No rubbing, no fidgeting.” A stern warning followed by two hand slaps, one on each red cheek.

Cat pressed her cute little nose to the wall, her spanked bottom throbbing, begging to be rubbed, but she was obedient and kept her hands crisscrossed in the front.

Stella went back to the kitchen and poured herself half a glass of wine. She carried it out to the balcony, letting the evening breeze caress her face. She was still fuming at Cat for being so stupid and immature that she would jeopardize her own academic career to help her friends cheat on an exam. The naughty girl can be expelled from school for this. Stella shuddered at the possibility.

Stella turned her head around and her gaze fell on the sight of the petite girl in the corner. Cat’s bright yellow new tank top snuggled comfortably to her upper body, her soft brown hair hanging loosely on her shoulders, and from waist down she’s naked. Her bright red bottom was glowing in the light and by the coloring of the spanked area, the disciplinarian could tell it must sting quite a bit. She felt proud of her girlfriend though because Cat was doing her corner time obediently and submissively, no fidgeting, no shuffling, and certainly no rubbing of her spanked bottom.

Slowly, Stella walked over to Cat. “Go lie on the bed, baby.” She instructed her softly yet firmly, putting her hand on Cat’s shoulder, gently moving a few stray hair away from her face. “You are going to feel the belt next.”

This spanking was far from over, the college girl realized with a tremor.

Cat complied immediately. Cupping her hot and sore bottom, she scurried into the bedroom. On her way to the bed, she stopped to look at her punished bottom in the mirror. It was the reddest color she’d seen on her bottom for a long while. Sighing, the college girl threw herself face down on the bed, stuck her red behind up in the air waiting for her dominant girlfriend.

Stella finished her wine and left the glass in the sink before striding determinedly into the bedroom. She saw her girlfriend lying prone in the middle of the bed with her glowing backside up in the air ready for her punishment. The sight almost melted her, almost.

Stella reached under her tank top and unbuckled her belt. With a swift un-ceremonial SWOOSH, she pulled the leather out of the loops of her khaki shorts.

Cat’s body visibly shook at the menacing sound.

“Turn over.” Stella commanded to the prone girl.

“Wh-what?” Cat was utterly confused. “I thought you were going to spank me more.”

“I AM. Now turn over.” SMACK, Cat received a hard hand spank on her red bottom for her question.

Not comprehending the command, Cat nevertheless complied. She rolled over onto her back, looked up at Stella, searching for an explanation.

“I’ve been saving this for a day just like today.” Was Stella’s determined and calm answer.

——–To be continued——–


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92 Responses to Cat & Stella 6: Cat Lends a Hand (pt.II)

  1. Ash says:

    What?! There’s a third part??? O_o

    I can’t wait! I love this… but I feel so sorry for Cat… I mean… She only tried to help her friends. 😦

  2. Hupotasso says:

    Happy Birthday Ash!

    Oh, wow. What a waste of great Pad Thai…. If Stella is this upset, I can only imagine how Lu will react. So how many parts IS this story? –she whimpers.

    It’s great so far. Thanks.

  3. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Honest to Christ,that’s so wrong. Boy Peach,you really know how to set ya up for a fall dred. I right here gettin all excited bout the story and to see*tbc again* Gal,I jus dead jus naw. Cause you do us like dat,I givin you up for lent!

  4. Monica says:

    Hi, Peach! I found your site a few weeks ago, and I absulutely LOVE IT! This is great I LOVE yours, too, Ash! I fearfully have to admit that I would throw a bit of a tantrum if I got half a present and was left hanging-of course I would be very sorry after! Can’t wait for part three!
    the mischiefmaker

    • Ash says:

      Thanks, Monica. 🙂 Now… I wouldn’t throw a tantrum with Peach because she’s my friend… though I must admit I thought we were going to get the rest of the story today… and then she had the audacity to give us an evil grin when she didn’t. 😛

    • Peach says:

      Welcome Monica. Glad you de-lurked. 🙂
      LOL@ tantrum but good to know that you know you’d be sorry after! 😉
      The Mischiefmaker? I highly recommend popping over to check out Alyx’s blog! You’ll find many like-minded women there. *vbg*

  5. maryk88 says:

    WHAT?! ohhh c’mon! I almost died waiting for the other part, now I have to wait for this too!? This was an amazing addition to the story! I feel so bad for cat 😦 I can’t wait for the next part please add it soon!!!
    Happy Birthday Ash!

  6. Liz says:

    Part III will be up in March…March 1 is Saturday! Please. 🙂
    I was waiting for Part II…thanks!

  7. Alyx says:

    Thanks for a great chapter, Peach (and Happy Birthday, Ash!)! That was a part two designed to get one’s heart racing, eh? 😀 Very nice! Poor Cat is really in for it. (And though I know it doesn’t make a difference as far as the severity of the crime, I have to say I was glad to find out it wasn’t her copying someone else’s work!)

    You’ve got all the brats in tenterhooks, though! Shame on you! 😆

  8. I love your stories Peach I hope you can make or get a comic of your stories ^w^.

  9. Mil says:

    Oh dear! Poor Cat. I’m so curious about this new position!

    Can’t wait.. Peach ya tease! 😉 (but thank you)

  10. Eland says:

    Ughhhhhh! No fair. 😦 Post post post!

  11. gailsworld says:

    I felt so sorry for both Cat and Stella. Sometimes, don’t we all wish we could just undo something?

    • Peach says:

      Yeah, we do. *sigh*
      Thanks for stopping by Gail. Look forward to your next story! hint, hint … 😉

      • gailsworld says:

        It’s written and waiting to post, Peach, but in a competition and I am not allowed to put it on my blog until the end of the challenge…next weekend, my dear…and three chapters are raring to go, and they are ever so erotic!!

  12. maryk88 says:

    Hey! Guess what?! It’s….MARCH *hint hint* 🙂

  13. Summer says:

    It’s march!!!!!!

  14. Summer says:

    This is an amazing website

  15. BigDave61 says:

    I love your stories on Cat and Stella. They are very well descriptive that I can see them in my head and you have such a great way of explaining these stories, Keep up the good writing and I will keep up reading them.

  16. Summer says:

    Are you gonna post part three soon

  17. Monica says:

    COOL! AND YAY! 5 1/2 inches of snow just fell on me, and I was thinking reading part three would really make me happy after all the hard work of shoveling my driveway and sidewalk.Ican wait another week…maybe, but it will be on my mind.

    • Peach says:

      Man, I used to live in northern Michigan and I know how it is with snow shoveling! It’s good exercise though. Forget the gym for a while. 🙂

      Yeah, Cat will appreciate you thinking of her and praying for her bottom! 😉

      • Monica says:

        Oh, I am! cuz I know exactly what Stella has planned (shaking my head) sorry I’m whining when Northern Michigan gets 5 feet!

        • Summer says:

          What is it that she has planned!!!!

          • monica says:

            OMG NO!!! I can be a brat, but I don’t have a death wish! I think I know only because I heard those same words from my gf when I crashed her car taking my driver;s test when (the tester said) I committed a dangerous act and he failed me. Unfortunately, he said it directly to her and ignored my hand wavingin an attempt to shut him up. He ignored me cuz he was totally p.o.Probly cuz he was embarrassed that he yelled in fright loud enough to break my eardrum. Just pray for Cat’s bottom and count down the days…5

            • Peach says:

              Oh dear, I hope you didn’t “get” it too bad Monica. 😉

              • Monica says:

                Ever listen to Dave Ramsey’s financial show? Whenever he’s asked how are you, he says better than I deserve. That crossed my mind and now lol. Like Cat, I felt worse for disappointing her . I did pass the next time btw, and I had him again.He said he really wanted to see me pass, probably just to get rid of me and sic me on the rest of the city. lol

          • Peach says:

            We shall see Summer … on Saturday I promise.

  18. sandy says:

    Hi peach I just wanted to say I love your writing I have read all of your stories I can’t wait to read part 3 please make it the last part!! I dying to read the ending

    Thanks 🙂

  19. creativeharm says:

    Ooh, what? Cat has to turn on her back? That’s a strange spanking…I get if she had to take a belt to her butt, but…hmm…I hope Stella doesn’t hurt her hurt her. Like, I hope she doesn’t damage Cat. I infer either Cat has to lift her legs up (in diaper position) for her spanking, OR, Stella is going to belt the inside of her thighs, OR, (And the most frighting hypothesis) Stella is going to belt Cat’s cliterous. I cringe at the thought. Ahh I neeed to know what happens. I am eager I love these two. Great story Peach.

    • Jay says:

      Damn this is giving me anxiety thinking about what’s going to happen to Cat! My first thought was that Stella is going to whip her breast or vagina. And even though this is a frictional story I still can’t help but feel bad!

      • Peach says:

        Oh no, I would not want you to experience anxiety Jay!
        Look, if you’ve read all the previous Cat and Stella stories, you know Stella has never spanked Cat other than on the bottom (and maybe thigh) and I highly doubt she will start now. 😉
        Welcome and thanks for commenting.

        • Ash says:

          Oh good. Umh… I was sort of worrying about that too! 😦
          Well… ya know… people like what they like, so I didn’t wanna ask myself. 😳

    • Peach says:

      Thanks for stopping by Creative! Please be reassured that Stella will never hurt Cat.

      I’m impressed that so many of you are thinking of and worrying about Cat (and her bottom). She’s very appreciative of that. 😉

  20. Summer says:

    I am so bored nothing to read anyone got a good site? I love to read

  21. Summer says:

    Y’all are awesome

  22. Summer says:

    I actually read extremely fast I have read
    Everyone’s story’s on peaches blog role and I am tempted to start my own I write every night have several stories but nothing about romance more like fighting and action 🙂

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