Cat & Stella 6: Cat Lends a Hand (pt.III)

“I’ve been saving this for a day just like today.” Was Stella’s determined and calm answer.

Stella put down the belt on the bed, grabbed Cat’s hips with both hands and pulled them towards the edge of the bed. She then picked up her belt, folded it into double and held it in her right hand. Then she lifted Cat’s legs up with her left hand until her red bottom was in an upright position.

“Wha-what’s this? What you doing?” Cat asked, though comprehension starting to dawn on her.

Stella looked at her girlfriend in the eye. “This is called the diaper position and for your information, I’ve been saving this for a day just like today.” She held Cat’s legs up and explained while eyeballing the distance. She took a step back and raised her arm, delivering a testing WHAP to Cat’s right bottom cheek.

“Ow, nooo.” Cat was mortified of being spanked in this very vulnerable position. ‘The diaper position?’ she repeated silently. Lizzy had never mentioned this before and Liz had been in a spanking relationship for a long time. Maybe Lucy had never spanked her in this awful position.

She started to wiggle, trying to bend her knees and lower her bottom down.

“You can either take your punishment quietly, not fight me, or I can make it a lot harder for you. You understand, Cat?” Stella held Cat’s legs steadily up, exactly where she wanted them to be, and swung her arm and delivered another testing WHAP with her belt on the left cheek.

Cat tried again to get out of Stella’s grip, but found herself trapped by a strong hold.

“Look,” Stella said, “this is the first time for me to spank your bottom in this position. I’ve read on some blogs that it can be very effective.” Stella bent down and patted Cat’s face reassuringly. “It’s important for you not to move, otherwise the belt may land on places we don’t want it to land, okay?”

“’K.” Cat sniffed and stopped struggling. She held her legs up for her dominant girlfriend. “Can you be gentle please, Stel?”

Stella nodded. “I’ll give you –“ She had planned on doling out twelve strokes to really make an impression on her younger girlfriend, but what came out of her mouth was: “eight lashes.”

“’K,” the college girl gave her acquiesce, bracing for the impending assault from the leather.

Stella focused her eyes on the upright red peachy derriere and adjusted her own position. She again raised her belt. Not too high, just enough for her arm to have a good swing. SWOOSH, SPLAT, it hit the middle of the bottom, covering both cheeks. Then she stopped and looked at the college girl inquiringly. Cat wiggled her hip a little and nodded for Stella to continue.

SWOOSH, SPLAT, the next strike landed just a little below the first one, creating a parallel but almost overlapping line.

Cat’s hand automatically flew to her bottom. Her beautiful eyes begged Stella’s permission. Stella nodded. The punished girl immediately set to rubbing her sore bottom.

“Six more,” Stella declared. They both knew she was not swinging her arm very hard and the blows could’ve been a lot harder. But still, Cat knew Stella really wanted to impart on her the serious nature of this offense.

SWOOSH, SPLAT. SWOOSH, SPLAT. SWOOSH, SPLAT. The belt fell down three times in quick succession, on Cat’s right cheek, landing exactly on the same tender sit spot.

“Oww.” Cat bucked, shifted, clenched and swayed, trying to avoid the leather. She was allowed to rub her bottom again before resuming her position for the last three blows.

The last three whips rained down swiftly, methodically targeting the sweet sit spot on the left cheek.

Then it was over.

Stella let the belt fall on the floor and gently lowered Cat’s legs onto the bed. She bent down and touched the little girl’s hair and wiped her tears off her face. “Baby, we are done. Why don’t you take a few minutes and then go get yourself cleaned up?” Her voice was less stern now.

Cat nodded. She lay quietly, her face turned sideways. She wept softly, feeling more remorseful than ever. Her spanked bottom felt hot and throbbing like a small fire had been lit.

Stella’s heart ached at the sight and she hoped that the punishment had driven home the lesson and the college girl was going to remember this spanking for a long time. She sat down on the edge of the bed and waited.

It took the punished girl a good two minutes to stop rubbing her sore bottom and regain her composure. Finally, her sobbing subsided. She got on her unsteady feet and Stella helped her walk into the bathroom.

Both girls were drained physically and emotionally. They lay in bed with the lights off. Cat snuggled up to Stella who put her arm around Cat’s back, moving her hand up and down gently. All was quiet.

Cat opened her mouth to say something but Stella shushed her in the ear, “Shhh, go to sleep baby. We’ll talk tomorrow.” She buried her face into Cat’s soft hair and stayed there for a minute. Then she ran her fingers down Cat’s back and gently cupped the punished bottom, one cheek at a time. “I love you, baby,” she purred.

The next morning, Stella woke up to the chirping birds in the yard. The warm sunshine came in through the half opened windows and the morning breeze was so fresh. Next to her, Cat was still soundly asleep, her body sprawled out, face buried in the pillow. The redness on her bottom had faded somewhat, but it was still evident that it had taken quite a big spanking recently.

Stella sighed, remembering last night. She quickly rolled out of bed and got into the bathroom. After a long soothing shower, she emerged with her hair wet, a towel wrapped around her, feeling refreshed and found herself in a much better mood.

Stella quietly climbed back into the bed. Kneeling down next to Cat, she rubbed a generous portion of the cool arnica gel into Cat’s spanked bottom. Amazingly, Cat’s bottom skin, though red, was as smooth as usual without any welts or bruises. The two round peachy cheeks jiggled at Stella’s gentle massaging, enjoying the loving attention.

God, I love this girl so much. The disciplinarian felt her eyes welling up with stingy tears. It was emotionally draining for her last night to punish her naughty girlfriend. Her heart ached when she thought of the harsh spanking she had metered out. I sure hope the naughty girl has learned her lesson.

Soon, the feel of the cool gel on her buttocks roused the college girl slowly out of her slumber. Yawning, Cat turned her face around and up toward Stella searching for her eyes. “Hi, Stel.”

“Hi Sleepy.” Stella answered affectionately and bent down to give her a kiss on the cheek.

Cat immediately perked up and pulled herself up into a kneeling position facing her girlfriend. She looked into Stella’s eyes and saw a pool of soft, calm blue water staring back. Feeling relieved and elated simultaneously, she quickly unwrapped the towel off Stella and threw herself into her doting girlfriend’s full, welcoming bosom. They hugged each other for a long time, both crying quietly.

“You know I love you more than anyone in the world, baby. I hope you never doubted that.” Stella whispered to the petite girl nestling in her chest.

Cat nodded vigorously. “I know.” Her sobbing got quieter.

Stella sat up with her back firmly pressed to the headboard, cradling Cat in her arms. The little girl wrapped her arms around Stella’s waist and latched onto her round, soft, and voluptuous breast like a hungry baby, sucking hard. She had such an adorable grin of satisfied bliss on her face that Stella couldn’t stop kissing her repeatedly on her cheek, nose, forehead, and hair.

After what seemed like an eternity of massaging on the warm, erect nipples, Cat let go of the sweet breast, feeling loved and satisfied. The two girls looked into each other’s eyes and exchanged a knowing nod. They were both ready.

Stella slid off the bed quietly. When she came back, Cat had stripped off her tank top and positioned herself on her back with her legs wide apart, two red cheeks visible, submissively waiting for her dominant girlfriend to claim her jurisdiction with the pink strap-on clutched in Stella’s hand.

The room was quiet as the two girls made passionate love amidst the screeching of the bed and the panting and moaning. They came as one in the morning sunshine, their commitment to each other once again sealed. Both knew everything was all right now.

Afterwards, Stella sat up with Cat lying sideways using her leg as a pillow. The older girl gently massaged Cat’s bottom and started her scolding in a soothing voice. She lectured her girlfriend on her lack of sound judgment, her recklessness, and her immaturity. “You can be expelled from school for this, sweetie,” Stella chided. “If that happens, where are you going to go? This is the best school around here.” Stella’s concerned voice was gentle but serious and Cat’s tears started flowing again.

“Can’t they just make me retake the class? Can they really expel me for this, Stel?” Cat was getting scared now.

“Well, they certainly can,” Stella replied.

“Bu-but I was only trying to lend a hand to my friends. I didn’t cheat on MY test.” Cat argued.

“Doesn’t matter, sweetheart. Legally there’s no difference as far as the law is concerned. Which means in the eyes of the law, baby, you are as guilty as them.” Stella explained in a lawyerly manner.

“I’m really sorry about this, Stel. Do you believe me?” The brown doe eyes looked up, full of regret and contrition.

“I believe you, baby, and I love you.” The disciplinarian gently caressed her little darling’s back, “You could’ve studied with Lizzy and helped her with homework before the final.”

Cat nodded demurely.

“And you really got to learn to think of consequences when you decide to do something like this.” Stella gently scolded.

“I know. I will. I promise.” Cat swore she’d learned her lesson.

“So tell me, sweetie, how did you like being spanked by the lake last night?” Stella found herself in a teasing mood.

“It was embarrassing.” Cat pouted. “What if someone saw us? One of our neighbors? Or someone from my class!”

“No one did, did they?” Stella chuckled. “You deserved it.”

“I did.” Cat smiled, agreeing whole heartedly.

“So what do you think of the infamous diaper position?” Stella prodded jokingly.

“It was horrible!” Cat exclaimed in an exaggerated tone. “It made me feel like every inch of me, inside and out, was exposed. I felt so unprotected. It was monstrous.” Cat added.

“It did its job then because this position is supposed to make the spankee feel vulnerable,” Stella replied with a grin on her face. “But it took a lot of concentration to not hit, you know, your precious pussy and all. That’s why I didn’t want you to move. You know it would really hurt there.” Stella winced.

“I would hate to think how painful it would have been if you had spanked me in there,” Cat almost shuddered at the thought. “Please Stel, promise you will never spank me in this horrible diaper position again, please?” The little girl pleaded.

“Are you telling me how to spank now?” The disciplinarian’s eyebrows rose as she pretended to be offended.

“No, no, I’m not. Just sayin’, ya know. Promise, please?” Cat’s usual spunk was coming back.

“Ok, I’ll reserve the diaper position only for the worst offenses, so you’d better shape up and behave, little girl.” Stella warned, half jokingly.

“I will, Stel.” The chastised girl sounded genuine.

“I know you will, baby. I love you. Now let’s get our butts in motion and get busy. We got work to do.”

“We do? Like what?”

“Well, we got a judiciary hearing to worry about! But first, I want you to call Liz and tell her to come clean with Lu asap. Oh, don’t forget to let her know that I’m aware of the situation.”

“Bu-but, she’s gonna kill me!”

“Would you like me to call Lu then?” Stella picked up her phone.

“Wait. Okay, I’ll talk to her.” Cat agreed reluctantly.

“Then, you and I need to sit down and I’ll prep you for your hearing with the Judiciary Committee in two days.” Stella was in her lawyerly zone now.

“Prep me for the hearing? That sounds so cool. I feel like one of your clients.” Cat exclaimed.

“Well, you are, kind of. You are lucky to have a lawyer for a girlfriend, a damn good one at that too.” Stella chuckled proudly and gave Cat a tight hug. “I’m going to prepare you for everything, what to say, how to say it, your demeanor, what to wear. And we will practice it today and tomorrow until I’m satisfied.” Stella was a tough lawyer and Cat knew it.

“Whatever you say, Stel. Thanks.” Cat was grateful, and then pouted, “But I’m starving.” She touched her grumbling tummy.

“Oh yeah, let’s have breakfast first. What do you feel like having, sweetheart?”

“Um, something sweet?” Cat’s face lit up and she licked her lips.

Stella’s eyebrows rose, then a big smile spread on her face. “We still have half of that yummy angel food cake from last night. You want to eat that?” Stella made to get off the bed and put on her clothes.

“Yes please.” Cat got off the bed too, looking for something to wear.

“Ok, why don’t you set the table and I’ll whip up some fresh cream and rinse some strawberries. Oh, turn the coffee maker on please, babes.” Stella grabbed a cami and handed it to Cat. “Put the top on but leave your butt bare. I shall enjoy looking at that cute red bottom of yours all day,” Stella said with a huge grin on her face.

“Meanie.” Cat stuck her tongue out at her dominant girlfriend.


On Tuesday Cat went to the Judiciary Committee meeting. She wore a cream colored polo top and a navy blue skirt that’s several inches longer than her usual shorts or mini skirt, her shoulder length hair pulled into a pony tail. On her feet was a pair of proper leather sandals instead of her customary flip flops.

There were three faculty members in the room including Dr. Kato, her stats professor. Dr. Kato had always been a nice, helpful and fair instructor. She must be very disappointed in me, Cat thought with pain in her heart.

Dr. Kato greeted Cat with a nod and motioned for her to sit down across from them. Avoiding the professor’s eyes, Cat made to sit down on the hard wooden chair but promptly jumped up, rubbing her bottom.

“What’s wrong, Cat?” the stats professor asked, a concerned look on her face. Cat turned crimson red as she tried to fumble out an answer. Slowly, the corners of the professor’s mouth formed a bemused mirth as she observed her student’s reddening cheeks.

The Committee asked Cat to explain her action. Remembering what Stella had told her, Cat told the whole truth that she was trying to help her friends and she realized that it had been a very serious violation of the university’s academic integrity policy. She told them how sorry she was and showed real remorse, asking for leniency in her punishment. Her demeanor was humble, subdued and genuine.

The three faculty asked Cat to step out of the room while they had their discussion. Cat waited anxiously in the hallway, pacing for what seemed like quite a long time. Then the other two professors came out. They motioned for her to go in, “Dr. Kato will talk to you,” and then they left.

Cat stepped into the room and saw Dr. Kato still sitting at the desk. Nervously, Cat gingerly sat down waiting for the professor to address her. The room was so quiet that Cat could hear her own heart beating.

Dr. Kato looked at Cat intensely for a few seconds before she asked, “Someone took you in hand, huh?”

“Wha?” Caught off guard, Cat eyed the professor sheepishly. She saw a knowing smile on the professor’s face. Looking down at her feet, the student whispered, “My… my girlfriend.”

“Hmmm, I must say I quite approve.” The professor stated with a grin on her face. She was thoughtful for a while trying to formulating a solution that was fair and yet would teach the student a valuable lesson. After all, this girl was one of her star students and had been very diligent the whole semester. Besides, looks like she’s already taken quite a punishment at home. The professor almost chuckled at the thought, satisfied.

She cleared her voice before speaking, “Cat, you know I’m disappointed in your behavior. You let your poor judgment dictate your action. It was immature and irresponsible.” She said sternly.

Cat nodded quietly, “I’m sorry, Dr. Kato.”

“But I can see you are truly remorseful. My colleagues and I have decided to give you a second chance, to redeem yourself.” The instructor’s voice softened.

Cat’s ears pricked up and she looked at the professor hopefully.

“You have two options. First, I will give you an Incomplete for this course instead of an F as is usually the case. You will retake it next semester, as an undergrad TA. God knows how many students need help with stats and I trust you will be able to help them.”

Cat listened intently.

The professor continued, “By the end of next semester I will assign a grade to replace the Incomplete based on your performance as a TA. This way you don’t have to pay tuition for this course again, but you do need to come to every class as my TA. Do you understand what I’m offering you Cat?” Dr. Kato said in a compassionate tone.

“Yes, Dr. Kato.”

“Now move onto the second option. If you do not like what I’m offering you, please feel free to take this matter to the University Judiciary Appeals Committee and wait for their verdict.” She added, “Though I have to warn you they are usually a lot harsher than I am.” The instructor paused and let the meaning of what she had just said sink in. “Now please take some time to think it over and, discuss it with your girlfriend perhaps.” Dr. Kato stood up. “Let me know by tomorrow, okay?” She made to leave.

“Wait, Dr. Kato, I don’t need time to think. I’d like to go with the first option,” Cat said quickly and gratefully.

“You sure?”

“Yes,” the student answered emphatically.

“Good. I’m glad to hear that.” The professor smiled. “It’s a wise choice, Cat.”

“Umm, can I ask you a question, Dr. Kato?” Cat hesitated.

“Yes, Cat?”

“Will I still be able to get an A for your class?” Cat asked in a quiet voice.

“Yes. If you do a good job as my TA, you will receive back the A you earned from last semester.” The professor replied encouragingly.

Cat breathed a visible sigh of relief. She would need a good GPA for her grad school application.

Grinning broadly, Cat said thank you to the instructor and they hugged. The spanko professor gave her student a playful gentle swat on the bottom before sending her on her way out of the door. “See you next semester.”

Although she hadn’t been able to sit comfortably for three days now, Cat was extremely grateful that Stella had been there for her. Now with the potential disaster behind her, Cat felt a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulder and in the meantime her love for her dominant girlfriend was so intense that the sensation made her knees go weak.

She texted Stella as soon as she got out of the building: “Hey Gorgeous! Everything’s fine.” Then she added: “I’m gonna make u the happiest gf tonight! Pls don’t be late. xx”

Heading for the bus stop, the college girl mulled over a million plans to please her toppy girlfriend tonight. But first thing she wanted to do when she got home was to get out of this most dreary of outfits that Stella had made her wear!


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47 Responses to Cat & Stella 6: Cat Lends a Hand (pt.III)

  1. sandy says:

    That was a awesome ending great job 🙂 I love these stories! !

  2. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Now that was an AWESOME ending! You are the best dude ever Peachie baby 🙂 I am not givin you up for lent anymore . Yes!

  3. Ash says:

    Awesome! I’m so happy it ended well, though I knew it would! And I’m so happy Stella didn’t miss and hit her vajayjay! O_o
    Do you think the spanko professor will be in a future story?

    • Peach says:

      Glad you approved of the ending. 🙂 You know Stella would never do THAT, right? 😉
      What? Any chance you happen to like this spanko prof?? heheh

      • Ash says:

        I thought I knew, but hey mon… I don’t know how your mind works! 😛 However, after reading all of your stuff I now know that we have similar taste. 😉 I’m often surprised, because you seem to write exactly what I like to read. 😀

        Oh and you know I have a thing for spanko profs! Like Dr. O. 😳

        • Peach says:

          I guess we are softies. 😛
          When I read your last sentence, I thought to myself “Who the heck is Dr. O”?!? LOL. Clearly it’s been a long while. 😉

          • Ash says:

            Ya, Peach… It really has. Sigh. But I think Sensei would be too old for me. 😛 I’m not sure how old she is though lol. Stella would be older, but closer in age. 😀
            Heh… I think way too much about age! 😳

            • Peach says:

              Sensei tiene 40-45ish anos? Yo no se. 😉

              • Ash says:

                LOL. I actually thought she was a little older for some reason. 😀

                Anyway I have always thought of you as slightly older than me, Peach. 😛 I’m not sure if I’m right though.

                • Peach says:

                  Slightly? Nooo, muchos años más! 😛

                • Ash says:

                  Oh lol. Well then Sensei wouldn’t be too old then! 😛 Lucky you! She sounds smoldering. 😳 Well I don’t think there is such a thing as too old or too young for everyone. I just want to go through my phases in life with my partner. Sort of together. Well with someone who is somewhat close to my age. So I hope I don’t sound like I am totally against age difference. Ellen and Portia are a great couple!

  4. maryk88 says:

    Yay! This story, all three parts, was amazing! Awesome ending, and even better because we had to wait I think lol.

  5. Monica says:

    I read this at 6 am , and I can’t think of a better word than Awesome ! in all this time. I hope the spanko professor is in a future story, too… maybe as a way for Liz to stay in school and keep her scholarship?

  6. Alyx says:

    Hey Peach, that was terrific, and a nice (relatively gentle) ending. You had me worried for a second there! *bg* I’m glad Cat had another chance, and now will have Dr.Kato looking after her, just as she deserves. Good job with this story. 🙂

    • Peach says:

      Aw glad you liked it Alyx. I think the faculty made the distinction between “cheating oneself” vs.”helping others cheat.” Reasonable, right? Don’t know if Lizzy will get a second chance though. 😦
      Cat is really such a good girl at heart. She’s a sweet darling. *blush*

      • Ash says:

        Oh no! Liz might get kicked out? 😦 I think in Norway, if you are caught cheating… you get kicked out, but not forever. You get kicked out for about a year, I think. So you need to find something else to do, but then you can come back again.
        I’d say being kicked out for a year is a good punishment. Even if you get to come back, it still stings to have to wait a year before you can continue. Of course… I am very strict when it comes to cheating because it is not fair to those who really try, and I try… well I could try harder, but at least I deserve my grades!

        • Peach says:

          Well, there’s a wide range from getting F for the class (common) to expulsion (not common).
          I’m curious in Norway would they make distinction like in this case, between Lizzy and Cat’s actions? Or is the consequence the same regardless?

  7. gailsworld says:

    Peach, this was extremely erotic. That diaper position is so humiliating and the way you described it was delicious to the max. Beautifully written episode!

  8. BigDave61 says:

    Fantastic ending, love it. Please write some more on Cat and Stella.

  9. Summer says:

    When will the next one be?

  10. kokiripeople123 says:

    when stella said This is called the diaper position I thought stella was going to diaper cat.

  11. Mil says:

    Hi Peach 🙂 Sorry I’m late to comment. Thanks so much for writing such a fab story. Awesome! I never doubted Stella’s motive for the position, btw 🙂 And it ended all so perfectly with Stella’s advise and help. Thanks again!

  12. your welcome and if you are going to get a comic out of your cat and Stella what artiest do you want and do you like scary stories.

  13. Summer says:

    When are you going to update?

  14. Summer says:

    Slightly eager

  15. Summer says:


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