Maddy & Gen 4: Engels’ Laws of Dialectics

A Special Happy Birthday to the Formidable “HMS!” 😉


Genevieve pulled into the driveway and got the groceries out of the car. Autumn air was warm and fresh, caressing and slightly scented. Sensei breathed in deeply, taking her time surveying the front yard. The blanket of freshly-cut green grass was swaying in the gentle breeze and the Japanese maple looked tall and healthy providing plenty of shade. She smiled, thinking to herself, ‘We really ought to make a little flower garden here, with all the regional varieties of hosta that I used to have at my old house.’

She and her girlfriend Maddy had purchased this house together. They both wanted to have something that would remind them daily of their commitment to each other. They also wanted to start afresh in a new dwelling and so far the plan had worked because both women were happy and content settling into a blissful cohabitation.

Gen went into the kitchen and placed the groceries on the counter. She then went to the master bedroom, or as Maddy liked to call it, “Our Room,” where she changed into a comfortable white cotton tank top and black shorts. The room still smelt faintly of new furniture which put a smile on Genevieve’s face. When they moved in, they purchased every single piece of furniture together for their bedroom. This room was truly theirs together, brand new.

The rest of the ranch was furnished by mixing and matching pieces from their respective previous homes. Surprisingly everything seemed to blend seamlessly into a warm, soft nest of comfort and harmony.

Gen came back to the kitchen. It’s Friday, the end of a busy first week of the fall semester for both of them. She could hardly wait to spend a quiet evening with Maddy.

The menu for tonight would be a simple affair: grilled scallops and shrimp, and green vegetables over Spanish rice, and Ben and Jerry’s for dessert.

Sensei poured herself a glass of merlot and sipped slowly. Maddy wouldn’t be home for another hour or so.

Her phone beeped. A message flashed on the screen: Guess what? Thanksgiving in Paradise!!

Gen smiled indulgently. Her girlfriend loved travelling and was always cooking up new travel schemes. It must have been one of the promotional deals that Maddy had gotten interested in. Sensei imagined their dinner conversation being dominated by a bubbly Maddy selling her the idea of spending Thanksgiving in Hawaii. Her face broke into a big grin. Maddy could be adorably persistent when she got her mind set on something.

About 20 minutes later, a small figure burst into the door, in typical Maddy fashion.

“Hey sweetie, you are home early. I didn’t expect you for another hour at least.” Gen rushed towards the door to meet her petite girlfriend, a little surprised.

Maddy flew into Gen’s open arms as the taller woman picked her up and carried her through to the kitchen.

“Did you get my message?” Maddy kicked off her shoes.

“Yes. What’s that all about?”

“We are going to Aloha babe! For Thanksgiving!” Maddy was grinning from ear to ear.

Gen put her down on the counter and waited for the story.

“You know that paper on the annoying emerald ash borer I wrote?”

“The one published in JPP?” She was referring to the Journal of Plant Pathology.

“Yup. Apparently, it caught the attention of one Dr. Park, Sylvia Park, you know, the big shot in my field. She called to invite me to speak at their annual meeting in O’ahu, all expenses paid!”

“Wow,” Gen gave her love a big hug. “Congratulations, Dr. Madison McGrath. That is excellent news!” Sensei was very proud of her partner’s professional achievement.

Maddy’s face was flushed with excitement as she continued, “Since it’s right before Thanksgiving break, I figure you should come too.” Maddy laid out her plan enthusiastically. “Do you realize Gen, we’ll finally get to meet HMS,” the younger woman winked, referring to the professional disciplinarian whose kinky blog both women loved and had spent countless hours reading over the years. They had been corresponding regularly and had become close spanky friends.

“So … whatcha say?” Maddy asked expectantly.

“I say that sounds like a great plan, hon.” Gen smiled approvingly at her girlfriend. She had always wanted to visit the Paradise, but to meet the legendary HMS who’s respected and loved by all in the f/f kinky community? Now that was definitely something she wouldn’t pass for anything.

Both women were so excited by the prospect of their Thanksgiving trip they chatted about all things Aloha. It was a while before they realized the sun was about to set and they quickly started working on dinner. Gen was the grill Tzarista and Maddy set about cooking the Spanish rice and preparing iced tea.

Gen couldn’t help but grinning as she started the grill. There’s something to be said about living together as a couple, going through the daily mundane routines. Sensei liked that a lot. The domestic bliss had a calming and reassuring effect on them both and the stability brought serenity. She brushed a generous portion of garlic butter over the scallops and shrimp before gently placing them on the grill. Then she laid out the vegetables alongside as well. It would take but a few minutes.

They sat down at the little table on the porch. The crimson sun had just started setting, the evening breeze gently touching their faces. Sipping her red wine, Maddy rattled off her day.

“I couldn’t wait to get outta my office after the call!” Maddy scooped some rice into her mouth.

“So you managed to finish up everything early then?” Gen asked while biting down into a tender scallop that melted in her mouth right away.

“Nah, not really, I just wanted to come home.”

Something clicked in Sensei’s brain.

“So you didn’t text me right after you’d got the call?” Sensei kept her tone very casual.

“No, not right away ‘cause I wanted to come home and surprise ya.” Maddy had no inkling where Sensei was headed.

“Couldn’t wait, could you?” Sensei teased.

The younger woman rolled her eyes dramatically, “You know perfectly well my dear Sensei, that patience is not one of my countless virtues, is it?” Maddy said in an exaggerated tone.

“No, I’m afraid not, honey.” Sensei shook her head, smiling. Then she asked, her tone deceptively casual and soft, “When did you text me then?”

“On the way home.” Maddy took another sip of her wine.

Sensei’s smile faded and her face fell. She put down her fork.

“In the jeep, while driving.” This was not a question but a statement.

Maddy caught the drift of it. Oh-uh, crap.

She quickly made to stand up. “Gotta pee. Be right back.”

Despite the annoyance and disappointment she felt, Genevieve had to suppress a tiny grin. Her sweetheart was nothing if not quick at fleeing when she knew she was in trouble, a trait shared by her late beloved Evie.

“Not so quick, missy. Finish your meal and then let’s talk.” The voice was soft but the tone left no room for argument.

“Talk?” Maddy knew exactly what was coming. Her mind went into overdrive trying to figure out how to handle the sticky situation she’d gotten herself in. She took her time finishing the food while Gen finished hers in silence.

“Come with me.” Gen firmly grabbed Maddy’s hand and led her to the living room.

“Bu-but I need to do the dishes.” Maddy pointed out.

“The dishes can wait.” Was the Top’s firm reply.

Sitting on the couch side by side, Sensei’s brown eyes locked straight into Maddy’s light gray irises.

“Maddy, were you texting while driving?” Sensei asked in a low voice but her enunciation was very clear.

“Hmmm.” Maddy stuttered and looked away. “Technically yes, but um, well, in actuality, no.”

“How so?” Gen’s eyebrows shot up.

“Well, you see, the car was actually not moving at the time ‘cause I was waiting for the light, so actually I was not texting WHILE driving.” Maddy explained, hoping this reasoning could get her out of trouble.

Gen looked at her girlfriend, incredulous. “But you were behind the wheel, on a busy road, Maddy!”

“Why yes, technically. But it’s like Engels’ first Law of Dialectics, you know, the Law of Opposites.” Maddy perked up.

“I’m listening.” Gen’s eyes were narrowing.

“See, though contradictory in nature, opposites can co-exist perfectly well. In this case I was driving and yet, I wasn’t driving.” Maddy made her case vehemently, “When I texted you, I WASN’T driving.” She added in a hopeful but small voice, “It only took a few seconds.”

“Madison McGrath!” Gen’s voice was becoming ominous. “I asked you a simple question: Were you texting while driving? And you are giving me a philosophy lesson on Engels?”

“No, noo, I was just trying to explain why it was not a simple yes or no answer kind of situation ‘cause you know it’s like asking me if I’m moving or not moving right now.”

“Well?” Sensei leaned back on the couch, arms folded across the chest.

“I’m both not moving and moving ‘cause though I’m sitting down the earth is always moving, and therefore so are we.” Maddy looked at Gen willing her to understand Engels’ first law of dialectics.

“Cut it out already, young lady. You are not taking this seriously.” Gen sighed. She was clearly annoyed at her girlfriend’s argumentativeness. “You know perfectly well that distraction accounts for a majority of road accidents.”

Sensei put her head down on the back of the couch and closed her eyes.

Maddy wanted to say more but after a peek at Gen’s face, she stopped herself.

They sat in silence.

Maddy knew her partner was upset. But unlike Maddy, Gen had a very restrained personality and rarely exploded when angry; instead she would retreat to a solitary, contemplative state.

Maddy gingerly put her hand on Sensei’s thigh. “Ok, I’m very sorry I was using my phone in the car. I shouldn’t have.” She apologized.

Gen opened her eyes and her gaze carried a distant look that chilled Maddy to the bone. “How could you even think of texting in the car, Maddy?” Sensei’s voice was shaking, “You knew how I felt about that.”

Maddy knew that Gen’s late partner Evie’s death had been caused by a college girl who, while texting her boyfriend at the time, veered her vehicle into the path of Evie’s. The head-on collision had claimed both lives.

Maddy hung her head, her eyes stung by a flood of fresh tears. “Yes I know. I’m really sorry. I wasn’t thinking. Just too excited.” Maddy touched Gen’s arm. “Can you forgive me, Gen?”

Gen lightly brushed Maddy’s auburn hair with her finger. “Maddy, I’m really upset right now.” She paused before continuing, “I’d like to be by myself tonight. I need time to think through some things. Would you please take the spare room?”

‘Crap,’ Maddy realized, this was far worse than she thought. Since they’d moved into the new house, they had always slept in “Our Room” together.

Maddy looked at Gen with pleading eyes, but Sensei held her ground. “If you wish, I can go to the spare room.”

“No, no, it’s fine.” Maddy said. “I’ll see you in the morning. Please don’t be too mad.”

“We’ll talk tomorrow, okay?” Sensei stood up and walked straight into “Our Room.”

Maddy tossed and turned in the guest bedroom. The bed wasn’t as comfortable and without Gen nestled next to her, she felt lonely. Thinking of that disappointed look on Sensei’s face made more tears fall down her face, wetting the pillow.

‘God knows what Gen is going through,’ Maddy felt a sharp pain in her chest. ‘Probably recalling all that terrible stuff of Evie’s death.’ Maddy cried more and she really wanted to go join her love but decided to give her partner some space as she had requested.

Polly, her beloved Siamese, startled her by jumping into the bed and settling on her chest. The cat’s aqua eyes faced the miserable woman while meowing loudly, ‘What’s wrong?’ Maddy patted her gently, ‘I was such an idiot!’ She told Polly, ‘Yes, I totally blew it. Gen probably despises me now.’ Her crying became more intense, ‘Forget Hawaii, and screw Engels’ Laws of Dialectics!’

Sometime during the quiet night, Maddy was aroused from her sleep as she became aware of being carried in Sensei’s strong arms into their bedroom and gently laid down onto the warm bed. It was dark and silent and a drowsy Maddy snuggled into Sensei and fell back to sleep promptly.

The next morning Sensei seemed to be back to normal as tenderness and warmth returned to her eyes. She made a delicious southern breakfast of sausage, eggs, hash browns and creamy grits. After they ate, Sensei suggested making a flower garden together. Maddy readily went along.

The whole morning they worked hard. Sensei chatted about plants and flowers. Maddy felt a little apprehensive knowing the issue of the previous day hadn’t been addressed and resolved. She watched Sensei carefully and followed her lead but kept her mouth shut most of the time. After a couple hours, a beautiful flower bed was taking shape nicely and Sensei was very pleased. She smiled lovingly and appreciatively at Maddy. “Thank you Maddy for your help.”

“No problem, Gen.” Maddy worked up her courage. “Um, honey?”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“When-when are we gonna … er… talk about what happened?” Maddy’s voice faltered.

“This afternoon.” Was the firm reply.


“You know why we are here, right?” Sensei sat on a straight-backed chair in the living room and Maddy stood in front of her, her head hung. On the floor next to the chair sat a small tote.

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m very sorry for using my phone in the car.” The guilty woman glanced at the tote, fully aware that a sound spanking chastisement was by now a far gone conclusion.

“What else are you sorry for?” Sensei prompted, touching Maddy’s lower arm.

“Er… for arguing about it and trying Engels’ Laws of Dialectics to save my ass?” Maddy answered miserably.

A tiniest of grins appeared on Sensei’s face. Yeah, that Engels’ Laws of Dialectics nonsense! ‘The little bratty professor could be quite creative at times.’

“Maddy?” Gen paused, moving her hand down to hold Maddy’s wrist.

“Yes, Sensei?”

“You know this was a serious offense and the spanking that’s coming to you is going to be a hard one?” Sensei said softly and yet sternly. She pointed at her lap.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Maddy’s voice trembled. She eyed the tote bag again while obediently lowering herself down onto Sensei’s firm thighs.

Un-ceremonially Sensei right away peeled off Maddy’s shorts and then her panties down to her knees. She raised her arm and brought her hand down. A solid smack landed on Maddy’s bare bottom.

“Ouch.” Maddy squirmed, realizing there’s going to be no warm-up this time.

SLAP, SLAP, several more stinging spanks followed, filling the room with a crispy and loud sound that sent shivers down Maddy’s spine. Almost immediately red handprints appeared on the upturned pale bottom cheeks. Maddy wiggled more, apprehensive of what’s to come.

Sensei bent down and picked out a bamboo spatula from the tote. It’s clearly well used and worn with a smooth shining surface on both sides. She laid it flat on the right cheek.

“Didn’t we agree not to use the phone in the car altogether?” Sensei asked in a stern voice while delivering a strong smack with the spatula.

“Ow, ye-yes, Ma’am, we did.” Maddy gasped at the impact of the bamboo.

SPLAT, SPLAT, the bamboo came down hard on the left cheek, five times in a row.

Maddy held her breath while her bottom was being attacked and then let all the air out, “Ouuchy, I’m very sorry Ma’am.” Maddy’s legs scissored.

Again, Sensei swung the bamboo implement and landed it hard on the right cheek, five times in a row too. “You know what went through my mind last night?” She asked in a shaky voice.

Maddy swayed her hips trying to shake the sting out. “Ye-yes, I guess you remembered what had happened to Evie.” Maddy felt so miserable she started to sob.

SMACK, the bamboo came down again, hard, this time covering both cheeks.

“Yes, but I was also imagining all the terrible things that could’ve happened to you …” Sensei’s voice broke as she could no longer continue. She reached over to turn Maddy’s head around and the younger woman was faced with her girlfriend’s misty eyes.

“Madison McGrath,” Sensei enunciated each word in a low voice but her resolve was palpable. “I can never, and WILL never go through something like that ever again! You hear me, young lady?” Sensei’s determined eyes held Maddy’s, not blinking.

“I know. I’m very sorry to put you through that, Gen.” Maddy was openly weeping now. She held onto Sensei’s leg tight.

“Saying sorry just won’t do this time!” Sensei bent down and retrieved her old trusty hairbrush from the bag on the floor. With a steel arm, the determined top raised the hairbrush and rained down a dozen or so solid whacks on Maddy’s bare cheeks, sending the guilty woman squirming and wriggling desperately. Her bottom now was covered in crimson splotches. Her hand tried to fly back to protect her sore bottom but Sensei had it pinned on the side.

Sensei paused and breathed out deeply. She knew she had lit a small fire on Maddy’s bottom and judging from Maddy’s pleading and wailing, the little brat of a plant pathology professor just might have learned her lesson.

“Maddy?” Sensei put down the heavy hairbrush and gently fingered the tender bottom.

“Yes?” Sniffling, the spanked woman tried to shake the sting out of her bottom.

“Do you think you’ve learned your lesson?” Sensei’s tone was soft but serious.

“Yes, Ma’am. I promise I will not talk or text in the car.” Maddy promised earnestly.

“That’s not enough.” The older woman answered in a determined voice. “The phone needs to be switched off in the car.”

A small pause followed. “Bu-but, Gen!”

“Do not ‘but Gen’ me, Maddy. From now on the phone stays off in the car, period.” Sensei lay down the law.

“Under any circumstances?” Maddy asked in a small sheepish voice.

“Correct.” Was the Top’s unwavering reply. She was flabbergasted that even in this precarious position, her naughty girlfriend was still trying to negotiate.

“Bu-but I am good at …” Maddy’s voice trailed off.

“What’s that?”

“… multi-tasking.” Maddy finished off her sentence.

Sensei took a deep breath and sighed. This was going to take longer than she had planned.

“Research shows that when people do more than one activity at a time they are not actually doing them simultaneously. Instead they are shifting their attention from one thing to another and then back. You see, in that shift, you can lose focus on the road.” Sensei explained patiently.

“How did you know all that stuff?”

“You know that book on attention science I was reading last week? ‘A
Deadly Wandering: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption in the Age of Attention,’ by Matt Richtel. They explained that drivers are impaired for up to 15 seconds after they text.”

Maddy’s body slightly shifted but she remained quiet.

The Top signed. She knew that her stubborn partner was not entirely convinced. ‘Looks like more re-enforcement is called for,’ she decided. Gen re-positioned the naughty girl on her lap so the red bottom was at a perfect angle for easy access.

Maddy’s heart sank. She had figured the spanking was over.

Sensei rested her palm on the warm fleshy peachy bottom and instructed her girlfriend to count out each smack.

“Count?” Maddy snorted, “But I thought you were not fond of the practice.”

“I am not, but since you brought up the subject of Engels’ Laws of Dialectics …” Sensei’s voice betrayed just the tiniest bit of mischiefs.

“What’s that got to do with anything?” Maddy snapped.

“Everything, my love. Remember the second law of dialectics?”

“Hmm,” Maddy tried to remember but it was hard to use her mental faculties given her current precarious position. “Isn’t that something about a tadpole turning into a frog? I can’t remember exactly.”

Sensei burst out chuckling, “Well, yes, that’s a good example.” She patted the red sore bottom. “The Law of Transformation says that after many quantity changes, at some point a qualitative change will occur. Which means I’d like to test how many smacks it would take for a substantive change in your attitude to occur.”

Maddy’s eyes widened and her body stiffened. She hadn’t thought about the second law but it didn’t sound promising for her tender rear end.

Seeing Maddy’s body reaction, Sensei had to try hard not to chuckle. “So you see, sweetie, we may have to sit here for a long time and if necessary …” her voice trailed off a little, “we can continue this tomorrow. It’s up to you.”

“Nooooo. “ Maddy whined. “Tomorrow I wanna ride my bike!”

“It’s not entirely a bad idea to ride your bike with a sore bottom, dear. Helps you focus.” The older woman said with a wink.

With that, Sensei started spanking the wiggly bottom on her lap with her hand and delivered two hard whacks on Maddy’s tender cheeks, one on each. She paused and waited.

“Two, Sensei.” Maddy grumbled.

“Good girl.”

Sensei continued to deliver hard whacks on Maddy’s sore bottom and after a dozen or so Maddy started to wriggle vigorously trying to avoid the punishing smacks. But there was no avoiding them because Sensei was stronger and she held her naughty girlfriend in place and continued raining down forceful hard blows with her hand. She made sure all the pale spots were taken care of so the entire bottom now was covered in a smooth bright redness, no more splotches.

Maddy was getting desperate. She could never understand how her girlfriend’s seemingly harmless hand could deliver such forceful and stingy spanks on her bare bottom. Concentrating hard on bracing herself for each smack, she had forgotten to count.

“Where are we now, missy?” Sensei paused for a second, shaking the sting out of her hand.

“Damn it hurts! I lost the freakin’ count!” Maddy snorted.

“Well, I thought somebody said she was good at multi-tasking.” Sensei pointed out with the smallest of winks in her eyes.

“Okay, okay, you’ve made your point, Gen. Please stop already.” Maddy pleaded.

“Stop? Before I finish testing the second law?” Sensei exclaimed and resumed her hand spanking rhythm.

“Alright, alright. I’ve changed my mind now, I swear!” Maddy tried desperately to get the spanking to stop.

“Let’s hear it then.” Sensei stopped and rested her palm on Maddy’s sore cheeks, enjoying the warmth.

“I swear I’ll always leave my phone off in the car.” Maddy grumbled between her teeth.

“Under any circumstances?”

“Yes, I promise.”

Sensei allowed a smile to appear on her face, relieved.

“No more argument about multi-tasking then?”

“No, no more multi-tasking when I am driving.” Maddy promised.

“That’s my girl.” Sensei gently massaged Maddy’s freshly spanked bottom before lifting her up to sit in her lap, causing the spanked bottom to ow and ouch a few times.

“I’m glad it didn’t take too long for the transformation to take place,” Sensei winked. Then her face became serious.

“Maddy, you understand that there will NOT be a next time, don’t you?” Sensei locked her eyes with her girlfriend’s.

“Yes, ma’am.” The chastised woman nodded.

“And to reinforce this lesson, I will add another punishment.” The older woman announced calmly.

Maddy almost jumped off Gen’s lap, a horrified expression on her face. “You gonna spank me some more?”

“No, not right now. But I’m imposing a ‘no driving’ sanction for a week starting on Monday.” Sensei stated firmly.

“Wha?” Falling off Sensei’s lap, Maddy was incredulous. “You think I’m a freakin’ teenager? You don’t trust me anymore?”

Sensei remained seated with a straightened back. “Of course I trust you, Maddy.” She pointed at her lap and spoke softly, “Get back here and let me explain.”

Maddy gingerly snuggled up into her partner’s lap again, careful not to let her sore bottom touch anything.

Sensei held the petite woman tightly and kissed her. “Honey, I want to make absolutely sure that you do not forget this lesson next time you happen to receive some good news and become excited.”

Maddy was quiet for a while and finally nodded. “But how am I getting to work, Gen?” She asked in a soft voice.

“Take the bus, sweetie.” Sensei replied.

Maddy wanted to protest, but one look at her partner’s face made her change her mind. Resigned, she put her hands around Sensei’s shoulders. “Suppose I can ride my bike too.”

“That a girl.” Sensei smiled, relived and pleased at her girlfriend’s compliance. “It’ll be a good workout,” she said, carrying her petite partner to the sofa.

They cuddled and snuggled and Sensei took special care of Maddy’s sore bottom. Before long both women were so aroused they proceeded to make passionate love on the sofa. Polly, the Siamese, perched on the coffee table looking on with amusement. When the two intertwined lovers reached the peak and vocalized their joy, Polly was startled, meowing while darting away. The women burst out laughing.

“Gen?” Maddy, flat on her back, asked softly, still panting.

“Yes, my love?” Sensei answered through her heavy breathing.

“I’m really sorry that I made you relive Evie’s death.” Maddy apologized sincerely.

“I know, sweetheart, and I would never want anything like that to happen to you or anyone else, you know that.” Gen gently moved a few stray hairs away from Maddy’s face.

“Can I ask you a question, Gen?” Maddy looked up at Sensei.

“Yeah, sure.” Sensei planted a kiss on Maddy’s forehead.

“How come you brought me back to Our Room last night? I thought you were pretty mad.” Maddy pulled the older woman closer.

“Yes, initially.” Sensei kissed Maddy’s little cute button nose. “But after a while I calmed down and I found myself missing you terribly and I just had to come get you.” Another passionate kiss, this time on Maddy’s open mouth.

“Thank you, Gen,” Maddy put her arms around the older woman’s neck.

“I decided that I’d forgive you but you certainly deserved a sound spanking, young lady!” Sensei lifted Maddy’s shapely legs and patted her spanked red bottom.

Maddy wrinkled her nose. “Yeah, it hurt all right.” She added with a pout, “And no car for a week!”

Then she remembered something and a glint of hope appeared in her eyes. “Gen?”

“Yes, hon?”

“You still going to Hawaii with me?” Maddy asked.

“Of course. Will not miss it for anything.” Gen answered. “But be prepared, young lady!”

“Huh? Prepared for what?”

“For a proper, professionally administered Aloha spanking!” Gen grinned. “HMS has agreed to conduct a disciplinary session with you.”

“What for?” Maddy shivered as she pretended to whine, her heart soaring.

“Well, to reinforce the lesson I tried to impart on your bottom today.” Sensei couldn’t hide her enjoyment at her partner’s reaction.

“Will you be watching?” Flushed, Maddy asked shyly, straddling her legs around Sensei and gave her a kiss.

“Yes of course! I’ve got a lot to learn from a pro you know.” Sensei replied, grinning widely.

Maddy nodded. Her tongue danced happily in Gen’s mouth until the two women had to part for air. Then Maddy remembered something else.

“Gen? You gotta admit the dialectics crap was pretty cool, huh? Wasn’t I a clever girl?” The smirk on her face was priceless, Gen thought.

Laughing affectionately, the Top said indulgently, “Yes, that was pretty creative, and yes, you were a clever brat. It certainly caught me by surprise because I hadn’t thought of that stuff since college.”

“But it’s amazing you still remembered the second law.”

“Yeah well, I credit it to that butch professor in college, what’s her name now.” Sensei tried to recall but gave up. “Anyways, she was my philosophy teacher, dark hair, tall, muscular. Boy, did she make sure we paid attention in class!” Sensei said with a sudden shiver, remembering the professor’s stern demeanor.

Then she added, “There’s actually a third law called something like the Law of Negation but I can’t seem to remember what it is all about now.”

“C’mon, let’s Google it,” Maddy suggested with enthusiasm. “Might come in handy one day,” she winked.

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41 Responses to Maddy & Gen 4: Engels’ Laws of Dialectics

  1. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Muddos Peach,that was some story. Boy Sensei reminds me of my mother lol. You so rock

  2. Ash says:

    Iiiik! I love it! ❤

    I must admit it did break my heart when Gen asked Maddy to take the spare room. 😦 But then she came and carried her back into bed and it was soooo cute. 🙂

    I've never heard of Engels' Laws of Dialectics… I'm gonna read up on that! 😀

    • Peach says:

      Ash! Glad you liked it. What can I say? I’m a bit of a softie. *g*
      You mean they didn’t make you study that stuff in some philosophy class?! 😉

      • Ash says:

        Oh I have taken a lot of philosophy. *nod* It was one of the obligatory things I had to take my first semester at a Norwegian universities… but somehow I’ve never heard of Engels’ Laws of Dialectics. ^^’
        In Norway all students have to take something called ex-phil the first semester at a university and the Alpha part is about a lot of philosophers. And when I studied in England I had to take a class called The Enlightenment which I, surprisingly enough, enjoyed immensely.
        I’ve studied Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Montaigne, Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau, Kant, Hume, Nietzsche… A LOT of thinkers. I just wish I remembered what all of them had to say… 😕

        • Peach says:

          Wow, you’ve studied more philosophers than I ever did! From your list I did (only briefly) Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Rousseau, Kant, and Nietzsche. I think I can say maybe one thing about each of them. 😉

          • Ash says:

            Funny thing is that my first year in England I could choose one random module and I chose Introduction to Philosophy! :O After one lecture I switched to an Art History class! 😀

  3. Alyx says:

    That was a great story, Peach! I am honored and touched and it also made me laugh. I was thinking myself that a spanking is a perfect way to test the so-called multi-tasking ability, and you picked right up on that too. 😀 And like Ash, I thought it was very sweet that Gen missed Maddy and brought her back to the bedroom. That’s the way it should be. 🙂

    Oh, and your reference to Sylvia Park reminded me of a real doctor in Hawaii, Dr. Sarah Park. She is the state epidemiologist, and I find her really HOT. *vbg* (Here’s a clip of her:

    Thanks for the story, which was a gift to everyone. And for that tribute to “HMS” in Hawaii, who would be happy to spank Maddy (or Sensei) any time! *LOL*

    • Peach says:

      Alyx, you’re welcome! 🙂
      Maddy certainly needs a sound spanking from “HMS” and Sensei … she too can learn a thing or two from a pro! *bg*
      Oh thanks for the link. Yeah, she’s hot, but not as hot as Grace Park in Hawaii Five O. 😉

      • Ash says:

        Peach, that 5-O woman is pretty! She has really beautiful eyes! 😳

      • Alyx says:

        Well, of course she’s not as hot as Grace Park! But Grace Park is an ACTOR, for goodness’ sake! That’s not like a real person, whereas this doctor is a real person! Like, I could meet her and date her if I wanted to! *LOL* 😀 (Plus she’s smart and nice, whereas I hear Grace Park is stuck-up.)

        • Ash says:

          Whow there! What about TMT, eh? 😛 You better seriously kiss up and send her some flowers now. Drooling all over other women…sheesh! I have half a mind to tell on you… the maybe she’ll finally spank you in the village. Moahahahaw. 😈

          Sorry, Alyx… ya know how we’d all LOVE that. 🙄

        • Peach says:

          Alyx!!! You crack me up. LOL Ok the doc does seem nice and humble on TV and very reassuring to the public. But still I … almost agree with Ash about the drooling part! Hahahha

  4. Fabulous story, well worth the wait. I’m so glad they finally moved in together, life is so much better when you live with your sub, they do bring such a mix of joy and drama to ones life 🙂 XOXO to you from Ma’am and tweeky.

  5. Peach, I mentioned one of your stories in my blog today. I then happened to think, I hope that is OK? I am not totally sure of the etiquette of blogs yet. It was simply a reference to the story where you spanked Cat with the remote control. If you would prefer me to remove the reference, please let my know.
    Thank you,

  6. Rebecca Smith says:

    Excellent story, Peach! Long time we had to wait, but it was most definitely worth it. Looking forward to the next installment:) Some of it was a bit of trigger for me, and resonated deeply with me. Maddy and Gen’s relationship reminds me very much of my own relationship with my domme. Well done!

    • Peach says:

      Thanks Rebecca and welcome to this little corner! Great some of the stories resonate with you and your relationship. Best of luck in your dd life. 🙂

  7. Peach I noticed the last LOL day was 11/12/13, so will the next one be next week. Or is that not a set thing?

  8. OK, tweek and I posted our first fantasy story. Will you be so kind as to tell us what you think? Or if we should stop before we do ourselves an injury.

  9. Hupotasso says:


    Thanks so much. I really enjoyed this. I’ve been trying to figure out why Gen and Maddie are my favorite characters of yours– and among my favorite couples in all of the spanking fiction I’ve read. In part, it must be because Sensei is such an interesting creation for so many different reasons, but also, after reading the discussion generated on Indy and Alyx’s blogs by Indy’s governess story posts, I think it’s because you do such a great job of capturing a loving– and humorous and HOT– ff DD relationship which, despite the age and life experience difference, is a bit more egalitarian in nature than most of the stories I’ve come across. My sense is that this kind of story is harder to find, and quite possibly harder to write well. Or maybe not….

    Anyway, I’d really like to read more stories about these two, especially one about their trip to Hawaii, with a possible guest appearance by HMS. 🙂

    • Peach says:

      Thank you Hupo! Glad you like them. 🙂 When I first conceived this story I found creating Maddy and Gen incredibly comforting, particularly the 1st and 2nd parts. It soothed me a great deal, kinda like “Well, even though I don’t have it in RL, at least Maddy and Sensei have each other!”

      A sequel does sound intriguing. Do you think HMS might wanna write it??? hehehheh

  10. Mimi says:

    Great to hear from you after a long wait, Peach! Lovely storytelling, as always! Thank you 😊 I am also waiting to see what Lizzy has in store for her after being caught cheating on her Stats test!
    BTW… I thoroughly enjoyed your discourse with Ash and Alyx – hilarious 😃

    • Peach says:

      Thank you Mimi and glad you liked this story. 🙂 Yeah it’s fun to tease Alyx. LOL
      I appreciate your patience and please know that Lizzy will “git it” eventually. *eg* 😉

  11. sandy says:

    I always love your stories! U never fail to impress! 🙂

  12. Summer says:

    So kind of selfish but I want more lmao! I’ve got finals next week hopefully you’ll upload something before then……

  13. Ellie says:

    I am a very sad person!! I only just discovered this delightful corner and I have immediatley gorged myself on the Maddy and Sensei stories. Alas, there are not enough for my enormous appetite. They are such a cute couple. Please write more about them.


    • Peach says:

      Welcome to my little corner Els! Glad you enjoyed Maddy and Sensei stories. They are my dream couple. 😉 Hope these stories put a smile on your face. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and leaving such nice comments.

  14. Ellie says:

    Worry not. If you keep writing, I’ll be back! (Now that sounds familier to me ) *grin*

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