Quantum of Holiday Solace


The holiday traffic is heavy and slow.
At least we are moving.
“Are we there yet?” I hear myself whine.
Tessa turns and gives me a look. “We left 30 minutes ago! You know it’ll take a few hours to get there.”
“I know, but I’m bored.” I draw out, realizing I may be sounding like a 12-year-old at the moment.
She glances at me, frowning. “What’s the matter, Molly? Why so grumpy? I thought you were excited about spending Xmas at my parents’ house.”
Darn, she always knows what’s on my mind.
“I was. I mean I AM.” I slouch in the seat and put my feet up above the glove compartment. “It’s just…” I pause and look out of the window.
“Just what?” Tessa gently prods.
“What if …” I turn my face toward her, “they don’t like me?” I look down at my hands.
“Oh Honey! Of course they will like you.” She touches my hand. “In fact my family’s going to LOVE you. I just know it!” She smiles.
“How’d ya know?” I put my other hand on hers, rubbing those long fingers.
“For starters,” she replies, “my family is very easy going.” Then she adds helpfully, “All my exes got along just fine with them.”
Yeah right, as if THAT would help ease my anxiety.
I stop rubbing her fingers and slowly remove my hand. I turn my head to stare at the busy road outside the window again, counting how many vehicles have those cute reindeer horns on top of them.
“Sorry Mo, that’s not what I meant to say.” Tessa’s hand moves up and turns my face around so I’m looking right into her hazel eyes. “I meant that my family is really easy going, and so are you. You’ll blend in fine, I promise.”
I find those soft eyes reassuring and her words comforting.
Maybe I shouldn’t feel anxious at all.
“That’s good to know.” I manage a small smile, followed by a pause. “Em…, can I ask you a question, Tess?”
I take a deep breath. “How many exes exactly are we talking about here?”
Tessa is quiet for a minute concentrating on the road. Then she says in a soothing voice, “Not that many. I’ve told you before it’s just a handful.”
I nod and remain quiet.
“Hey there, you know I love you right, Mo?”
“I know. Love ya too.” Only if she knew how much! “Bu-but you loved all your exes too.” I said in a low voice.
“I did, but this, you and me, feels different.” She says emphatically, squeezing my thigh. “I’ve never felt like this before. It feels so right, Molly.”
Now THAT, I like, a lot.
“Why me?” I grin and sit up straight in my seat resting my feet down on the floor. I’ve asked her before but I like to hear it again.
She grins back. She knows what I’m asking.
“What?” I pout and blush a little.
“You’re cute?” She says playfully.
I blush more. This is all part of a fun game. The crescendo of a piece of music. “Is that all? You like me ‘cause I’m cute?” I tease her.
“So what if I do?” She teases back.
“You are so shallow, Tess!” I do a mock surprise and pat her arm. “What if I got no substance huh?”
She chuckles. “Well, guess I lucked out because you’ve got plenty substance, babe. ‘Sides …” she pauses.
“’Sides what?” My excitement builds as I anticipate her answer.
“My girl’s got the most adorable peachy bottom!” She winks, laughing.
Beautiful music to my ears.
“Oh, I see.” I try to sound serious but can’t help laughing too. “You love me ‘cause of my peachy backside?”
She shoots back, “Hey, it makes my palm tingle all the time! Doesn’t that count for something?”
Bingo, that concludes our “Why Me” game. A spanker and spankee, we belong together.
A lovely sensation washes all over me making me feel warm and relaxed. I squirm and wriggle in my seat.
Oh Good Earth, I love this woman so much.


Tessa pulls into a rest stop and we walk into a diner for a quick bite. Two club sandwiches later, we order coffee for her and tea for me.
She stands up to go to the restroom.
Our steaming drinks arrive. I pick up a little Splenda packet for her coffee when another bowl on the table catches my eye. It has these little identical packets stacked together. I smirk and look around, picking them up and dumping the contents into her coffee. Well, she might like her coffee … flavorful. Ya never know right?
I’m stirring her coffee when Tessa saunters back. I nonchalantly place the mug in front of her and try to look every bit the innocent angel that I am.
“What’s that smirk on your face for?” Tessa asks, slightly frowning.
“Nothin’.” I drink my green tea. Don’t laugh Molly.
She sits down and takes a sip of her coffee. “Ew, what the f*^%?!” She gags and quickly takes a large swig of water.
Breathless from trying not to laugh, I’m rolling on the booth holding my stomach.
She knows exactly what I’m doing.
“Get over here and sit next to me, now!” Tessa crooks her finger and commands in a low voice with narrowing eyes. I comply. She wraps her arm around my shoulder and purrs in my ear: “You’re so gonna get it, grrl!”
“Uh-huh…you can’t spank me at your parents’ house.” I whisper back, snickering. “I mean you wouldn’t want your family to hear that, would ya?”
“For your information,” she squeezes my thigh under the table. “I told my mom we are taking the basement apartment. My grandparents used to live down there. It’s totally separate and insulated. You can holler all you want and nobody will hear a thing.” She smirks back.
Beautiful music to my ear again, for the second time today! My body tingles as I shift next to her, my face breaking out into a broad silly mirth.
The waiter brings over a new cup of brew, and this time I pick up two appropriate little packets and hand them over to her. “Sorry Tess,” I kiss her.
She kisses me back and sips her coffee, pulling me into her side tightly. I wanna sit here forever.
After a while, Tessa lets go of me and pats my thigh, “C’mon, time to get going.”
I follow her back into the car. It’s gonna be alright, meeting her family. I can feel it.
Her parents’ house sits at a quiet cul de sac. I stand in the driveway imagining Tessa growing up here. The Xmas decorations in the front yard are understated and tasteful. I like them.
It is early afternoon and nobody is home yet. Tessa leads me to the basement apartment. “First things first,” she declares.
“Whatcha mean Tess?” I ask innocently.
She pulls out a straight-backed chair to the middle of the room. Oh-uh.
I eye her nervously.
“C’mon, jeans off, Molly.” She says simply, sitting down.
I eagerly obey. With a little tug on my arm I find myself over Tessa’s muscular knee dangling my feet as this darn chair is too tall.
Tessa chuckles as she helps me adjust my position so my bottom is in a prime angle for her. “You know,” she draws out, “we may want to bring this chair back with us. What say you, Mo?”
“Whatever for?” Though I know darn well why.
“For this lovely peach of course.” She pats my bottom and chuckles more.
I turn around my head and stick out my tongue at her.
She starts slapping my panty clad bottom cheeks gently.
“Been anxious about meeting my family huh?” She asks softly.
“Uh-huh.” I coo, raising my butt to meet her hand.
She increases the intensity and speed, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP.
I whimper as I feel my cheeks wobble with each smack. I love feeling her strong palm flat on my bottom.
SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, three more lazy smacks.
I squeal with delight, swinging my legs.
“Oh, are we having a good time Molly?”
A squeak is my reply.
As she continues to spank, my backside starts to feel wonderfully warm. The warmth relaxes me and I’m beginning to nod off.
I feel Tessa’s long finger tips lock themselves inside my panties. In one swift motion my underwear is tucked down just below my knees.
“Hey.” I pretend to protest.
“Warm-up over, Molly.” She pats my butt and purrs in my ear. “Feeling more relaxed?”
“Yeah. Thank you.” I purr back.
She is satisfied. “Okay, time to chat about your antic with my coffee then.”
“Oh that.” I giggle.
“Yeah that.” A sharp spank on my wiggling bare bottom.
Ouch, that stings.
“You were asking for it, weren’t you?” SMACK, another sharp one on my left cheek.
“Ow.” I’m surprised at the impact though I’m quite familiar with the power of her palm. I shiver a little.
Another SLAP, on my right cheek. “Oh yes, you were definitely asking for a sound spanking, Molly.” She answers her own question.
I yelp, flailing about.
Why on earth does she ask me questions she already knows the answers for?!
SMACK, SMACK. My butt is getting really tender but my mouth won’t stay shut. “Well, I heard … flavored coffee is quite tasty. Thought you might appreciate it.”
“Did I appreciate it?” Tessa pauses and repeats the question.
“I figured you liked to experiment with new tastes. Wasn’t I thoughtful Tess?” I ask in my sweetest and most adorable of voices.
She pulls me up to stand. “Of course you were babe. In fact I appreciated the salt-and-pepper coffee so much I’d like to properly return the favor.”
“Whatcha mean ‘properly return the favor’?”
“Over there.” She cocks her head toward the vanity across the room.
I bend down and make to pull up my underwear.
“Oh, leave them where they are, Hon,” she commands while swatting my naked butt, a wicked grin on her face.
I toddle across the room with my panties bunched around my ankles imagining the look of enjoyment on Tessa’s beautiful face.
“Left drawer,” she instructs.
I open the said drawer. Rests peacefully inside is a solid looking old hairbrush. Oak, I guess.
I bring it back to her, my heart suddenly beating faster.
“Ahhh, Nana’s old trusty hairbrush.” She caresses it and pats it on her palm while eyeing me meaningfully.
The way she’s gripping that piece of solid oak makes me shudder.
“Come on, back over my knee please.” She crooks her finger.
The wood feels cool on my warm bottom cheeks. “Consider it my special appreciation for your thoughtfulness, Mo.”
WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, one following another, lands on my tenderized cheeks. My poor bottom is instantly set on fire.
I holler and scissor my feet.
Tessa pauses. “I wonder if your bottom appreciates this proper payback.”
I wail, “Okay, okay, it does, very much. I’m sorry alright?”
“Sorry about what, Mo?” She asks in a perfectly charming voice.
Arghhh, why does she do that??
“For flavoring your coffee?” I mumble, wiggling my hips to disperse the sting.
“What else?” She smirks, prompting me with another mighty SPLAT.
“Ow. Else? I don’t know, Tess.” I pout.
“Think!” She gives me another WHAP.
Oh right, what I said that prompted the appearance of the mighty oak.
“Um… for being sassy?” I venture.
“Good.” She rests the hairbrush on my burning bottom. A welcome reprieve.
“Is it over?” I lift my head turning her way while my hand moves to comfort my backside.
“Shhh, listen,” she shushes me, her hand stroking my hair.
“What?” I vigorously rub my sore bottom.
“I heard a chuckle.” She whispers and continues to stroke my hair. “I swear it’s Nana! I bet she approves of this.” With that she picks up the hairbrush, moves my hand away, and delivers another sharp crack.
“Owww, Tess!”
She gives my butt one last wooden lick and then lays the oak on my back.
Tessa caresses my sore derriere, gently making small circles from the crown to the sit spots. “Ah, one ripe peach right here! I do love this view, babe.” She bends down and kisses my hot bottom cheeks.
I whimper and squeak delightedly.
“How ‘bout a nap?” Tessa pulls me onto her lap. I snuggle into her. “Will you lie down with me, Tess?”
Nodding, Tessa carries me to the bed and we lie down together, my body wrapped in her arms. I’m content. I’m blissful. I’m happy.


Tessa’s right. I blend in easily and get along with her family just fine.
On Xmas eve, after a big family dinner, Tessa and I bring a slice of cheesecake and a bottle of Codorniu, the best Spanish sparkling champagne, back to the basement.
She puts on a CD of holiday carols. The air in the room is calm and serene, the way it ought to be on the night before Xmas.
We sit in bed side by side, our backs leaning on the headboard and our legs entangled.
We sip on our sparkling wine and nibble on the cheesecake.
Tessa puts down her glass and hands me a small box, her hazel eyes twinkling.
“What’s this?” I feel the dainty box in my palm.
“When we were little, my parents let us open one present on Xmas eve.” She strokes my face and kisses me. “Go ahead, open it, Molly.”
I open the box. A delicate glass necklace hanging on a simple silver chain. The pendant is light Marsala, the shape of a … peach? I squint and look more carefully.
She puts the necklace around my neck. The glass fruit rests snuggly right in between my boobs. “Nana gave it to me on my 16th birthday,” she whispers and pulls me into a big hug.
“Murano?” I touch the glass gingerly.
“Yes. Nana told me her mom had brought it from the old country.”
My breath catches in my throat. “You sure about this Tess? I … I think you should keep it.”
“I am very sure Molly.” Tessa looks me in the eye. “I wanted you to have it because I love you, Hon.” Her hazel eyes are so soft.
I’m choking up. “Thank you Tess. I love ya too.”
She wipes away my tears with her fingers and winks. “Besides, it suits you with your cute … peach,” she squeezes my bottom cheeks.
I giggle and wiggle my hips. Our lips meet and our tongues dance in a lingering kiss.
After we pull apart for air, Tessa says, “Alright, what did you get me, Sweetie?”
I retrieve from my bag a small wrapped package tied with blue ribbons.
She unties the ribbons. A pair of baby-blue glittens!
“I knitted them!” I proudly point out.
“You did?” Her eyes grow wide. She tries them on with the hoody down. They fit her hands perfectly. “They are great Mo!” Tess sounds impressed.
I’m grinning from ear to ear. “It’s cashmere Tess. Super soft. Here, touch your face. See?” I lower my voice a little, “I wanted them to protect your hand, ya know …” I blabber.
“From what?” She raises an eyebrow and rubs her cashmere hands.
“Um… from hurting your hand when … when” I can’t get the words out.
“When I’m spanking you?” She finishes my sentence, winking.
I nod and blush.
“Ohh, you’re such a naughty brat! Get over here.” She pulls me over her knee and gently peels down my pajama pants and panties.
“My, this peach needs some coloring!” She exclaims while taking down the hoody and laying her mitten-covered hand on my butt. It feels really soft and smooth.
“Let’s test if the cashmere will protect my hand, shall we?” With that she starts to slap my bottom while the loose hoody flaps up and down with each movement.
I start to giggle.
Then I feel both of her hands on my cheeks. With each attempted smack on each cheek comes the flap of the hoody.
My giggles turn to laughter and I make sure my hips wiggle vigorously from side to side.
Tessa gives up spanking me. “Molly, you’re such a naughty grrl!” With that she starts to poke me in sensitive places knowing fully well that I’m extremely ticklish. I roll off her knee and try to get away but she pins me down on my back and continues to tickle me. I curl into a twisted ball to fend her off.
Breathless from laughing so hard, we roll around in the bed and somehow end up naked, our pajamas strewn here and there.
Tessa removes her glittens, puts me back over her knee and proceeds to add some coloring to my bottom. “Consider this your second present, Hon,” she informs me as her hand spanks vigorously. I squirm and moan amidst the intoxicating POP POP sounds of her palm contacting my bottom cheeks.
Soon Tessa declares the peach is pink enough. She flips me over, our eyes locked. All I see is love. A long session of pure pleasure ensues.
Love-making after a spanking is so much more sexy, I dare say!
‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through the basement, Xmas carols compete with Tessa and Molly’s purring, cooing, whispering, giggling, moaning and groaning.
Above all the sounds, a throaty chuckle echoes in the air.
“Did you hear that?” I bolt up.
“Yes.” Tessa seems startled too.
“Your Nana again?”
She pauses and looks at the clock. “Nah, it sounded like … Santa. It IS midnight you know.”
“Santa???” I slide off the bed, running towards the cupboard.
“Hey, whatcha doing Mo?”
“Gotta get cookies and milk Tess! Otherwise there might be coal in our stockings!”
Behind me, Tessa bursts out laughing.
Ah ladies, don’t you just love Christmas!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

This story is part of Alyx’s 2014 Christmas Gift Exchange here .

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27 Responses to Quantum of Holiday Solace

  1. Alyx says:

    That was truly a holiday story, Peach — full of warm whacks and even warmer loving. It’s a beautiful depiction of a really happy couple, which is always something to treasure. Thank you for sharing that Christmas gift….and I hope you have a wonderful holiday too! 🙂

  2. Micah says:

    Good storyline…Good writing….Good job Peach! Thank you for this story that not only holds hot spankings but warm loving as well. Merry Christmas!

  3. Hupotasso says:

    Awww. That was wonderful! A perfect holiday gift. :). (And nothing says “Please spank me” like the old ‘salt and pepper in the coffee’ prank.)

    Thank you for the present, and Merry Christmas!)

  4. Ash says:

    Very sexy, Peach! I approve. 😳
    Thank you for the lovely gift. 🙂

  5. thanatos150 says:

    Amazing story Peach! Happy Holidays! I hope you are having a great time. 🙂

    • Peach says:

      Thanks Thana! Hope you too are enjoying the holidays.
      I haven’t had a chance to read all the other stories yet (in London right now 🙂 but will soon. Saludos.

  6. kati000 says:

    I really like your writing so very much! Love the thoughts in italic in between.
    It is all so very real, as if it had just happened in your life yesterday :).
    Thank you, Peachie and enjoy London !!!
    (Maybe you could even write a story about Tessa and Molly going to London…)

    • Peach says:

      Thank you Kati. Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah one of these days I oughtta write something related to a trip! Hee.
      Hope you’re enjoying the holidays.

  7. Mil says:

    Aww… lovely and hot, Peach! Thanks so much, and happy holidays 🙂

  8. OK, Peach you are making life difficult for me. Tweek came to bed last night saying, “wasn’t that little peach necklace just the sweetest gift?” Where does one find an antique, blown glass, peach necklace? Thank goodness her birthday isn’t until August and I have time to shop. Loved the story. Happy New Year.
    Alice and tweeky

    • Peach says:

      Aww, good luck on getting one for your tweek, Alice! 🙂 (It was purely my imagination gone wild.) But if I were you I’d go and try ebay. 😉 Glad you liked the story. Happy new year to you both.

    • Peach says:

      Update: I visited Murano while in Venice a couple weeks ago. The whole island town is about glass making! So many wonderful creations; however I searched and searched but could NOT find a peach as imagined in this story. What a bummer. 😦

  9. monica says:

    AWESOME story, Peach! Just beautiful! 🙂

  10. bijou56 says:

    I really liked this one. Thanks Peach! 🙂 They are such a sweet couple and their playful nature had me smiling throughout. I like your description of the sly smile after the flavouring of the coffee. I find, no matter how hard you try, you just can hide the mischievous gleam in your eye when a prank is about to go off. 😀

  11. Summer says:

    Are you working on a valentines day one lol

    • Peach says:

      Wha, you didn’t like this one?! Hahah, just kiddin’. lol
      I haven’t forgotten about Lizzie. It’s just taking a looong time. Me needs inspiration badly. 😉

  12. Summer says:

    I swear I have an obsession!! Lol it’s so bad I retread your stories daily 😍

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