Better Late Than Never

Ok, I realized with an un-small shock that it’d been over a year since I wrote the “What about Lizzy?” post. Believe me, I didn’t forget her. It’s just … well one can’t really force oneself into writing spanky stories if one doesn’t FEEL LIKE it, right?!

But … as they say in German: der wind dreht sich – the wind has turned, mis amigas. 🙂 In fact, the purpose of the current post was to let you know that Lizzy’s story is forthcoming! Yes, you heard me right, IT’S COMING! *vbg*

I still remember after the above mentioned post, many of you chimed in with wonderfully creative suggestions and ideas. Please know that your enthusiasm and help was very much appreciated. Hope you’ll see and recognize some of your creative ideas woven into the story.

See y’all in about a week or so? Two tops, I promise. 😉

Sending you spanky love from my *ahem* bottom to yours …. heehee

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9 Responses to Better Late Than Never

  1. longtime lurker says:

    Yay! Longtime lurker here cheering for the next chapter!

  2. Ash says:

    Iiik! I just saw! I was like… oh in a week? But you wrote this about a week ago, so maybe it will come this weekend? 😀 I’m going to Greece in a couple of hours, but I will be checking whenever I can get online! 😛 I’m so excited! I need to go back and reread my own ideas, can’t remember what I suggested. ❤ Peace out!

    • Peach says:

      Lucky you Ash! Enjoy your vacation. 🙂

      The first part of the story will be up soon, like in a day or two. hehe I’m excited to finally get another story out too.

      • Ash says:

        I am, Peach… except I have a cold and the Greeks don’t want you to flush toilet paper! 😛
        Other than that I am really enjoying myself. Cheap alcohol and food (foor Norwegian standards) and really lovely people. I really like the Greek. If it wasn’t for their screwed up economy the country would be perfect. LOL

  3. Hupotasso says:


    So how long are you going to continue to make us wait? It’s been 10 days since your May 21st post. This has begun to feel as though you’re intentionally teasing your readers to create frustration, combined with delicious anticipation.

    Please. COME ON ALREADY! I don’t do it very often, but….

    I’m Pouting,

    • Peach says:

      LOL *Let the record show our esteemed counselor is … pouting?!* Now what would the judge say huh? 😉

      Seriously, thank you Hupo! It will be up tomorrow. I just need to do a final touch up tonight.

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