Lizzy’s Turn (pt. III): For Lizzy

Stella and Lucy arrived at Genevieve and Maddy’s house. The ranch sat in a quiet corner on a wide street in a busy subdivision. A handsome Japanese maple tree in the front yard was gently swaying in the breeze. Next to it a well maintained flower garden was blooming with a variety of the regional hosta. The grass was newly manicured, making the lawn look like a fresh green blanket.

Maddy opened the door and greeted the two young women warmly, giving each a hug. The interior of the house was soft and inviting; the color of the wall, the layout of the furniture, the artful deco, pots of plants in the corner, everything was minimalist but welcoming.

Maddy led the two women into the kitchen. “Sorry for the mess,” she apologized, gesturing at the baking ingredients scattered all over the counter. “I was just starting a peach pie.” She pointed at a big bowl of ripe fruit, “Just plucked from our tree in the back. Stella, why don’t you help me peel and cube these babies?”

Then she led Lucy to the hallway next to the kitchen, “Gen’s expecting you in her study. Last room on your right.”

Lucy nervously trudged to Sensei’s study. Outside the room she saw a handwritten note taped on the door. “Outfit on the chair. Please put it on and wait until you are called.

Lucy felt her jaw hang open as she examined the school uniform neatly piled on the chair by the door. The ensemble consisted of a crisp white shirt, navy blue tie, navy blue skirt, a pair of white socks, and black Mary Jane shoes. There was even a blue scrunch for her to pull her hair into a ponytail.

Lucy had to smile despite the circumstances. Sensei wanted me to feel like a student again. She certainly appreciated the former professor’s thoughtfulness. Picking up the bundle Lucy headed to the bathroom.

When she looked at herself in the mirror, the woman was amazed at the incredible transformation. This outfit transported her back to her student days as if those years since had simply disappeared.

Lucy came back to the hallway and sat down on the chair only to realize the chair was rather tall and her feet couldn’t touch the floor. Oh Sensei! Lucy waited, swinging her legs, fingers twirling her ponytail.

Meantime in the kitchen, Maddy was chatting with Stella. “Peach pie is Gen’s favorite.” She added, “Got to have fresh lemon juice. Hope you girls like it?”

“Oh sure, we do.” Stella replied absent-mindedly. She was stealing glances at the hallway wondering about her friend.

“Please relax, Stel,” Maddy said reassuringly. “You know Sensei will take good care of Lu.” Stella nodded. “Let me put some music on. What do you like? Classic, country, pop?”

“Whatever you like, Maddy.”

A soft cello concerto started playing.

Lucy could hear the soothing music from where she was sitting. It made her feel calm and a little more relaxed. After about 10 minutes, she heard Sensei’s voice calling, “Come on in please.”

The young woman scrambled down off the chair and slowly made her way in. Dr. Osaki sat behind a dark mahogany desk, her face serious but not unkind. Lucy’s eyes were immediately drawn to three pieces of implements neatly laid side by side on the desk.

Sensei smiled ever so slightly at the sight of the uniform-clad former student. Ah, Maddy’s idea is working out very nicely. She crooked a finger directing the former student to stand in front of her before swishing her chair around to face the young woman.

“Good afternoon, Lucy dear,” Gen greeted her warmly, winking. “Nice outfit there.”

“Yeah, and that tall chair. Definitely making me feel like a college student again.” Lucy touched her tie. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. It’s all my lovely Maddy’s idea.” Sensei chuckled.

Then the professor became serious again. “You know why you are here, Lucy?” She asked in a firm but kind voice.

“Yes, Sensei,” Lucy replied softly, her eyes avoiding Sensei’s.

“Can you tell me please?”

Lucy hesitated a second before replying, “I-I’m here to be punished for cheating in your final exam five years ago.” She replied, feeling flushed in her cheeks, and looked at the floor.

“And why do you want to be punished after such a long time has passed, Lucy?” Sensei cleared her throat and propped gently.

“Because -” Lucy lifted her head to face the teacher, her eyes welling up. “It’s for Lizzy.” Of course, I’m doing all this for my beloved Lizzy brat, so I can take proper care of her.

“It’s alright, sweetie.” The older woman stood up and gave Lucy a hug.

“Everything is going to be all right. We’ll take care of it today.” Her chin pointed at the implements on her desk, “You see these?” Sensei picked up a wide bamboo ruler patting her palm. “You’ll get to taste my ruler.” Then she pointed the ruler at the second piece of implement, “See the leather paddle? And the cane?” She put the ruler back on the desk. “And of course my hand too.”

Lucy’s stomach fluttered as her gaze followed Sensei’s hand.

“I know you are the one who usually … um, wields them,” the professor chuckled ever so subtly. “But today you will be on the receiving end. And I don’t need to tell you that they all sting. So let me ask you one more time: are you sure about this, Lucy DeVito?” Dr. O. gazed at the former student intensely, softness around her eyes. She wanted to make absolute sure this was what Lucy wanted.

“Yes ma’am.” The answer came promptly and determinedly. “I need it and I want it. Please.”

“Okay, then.” The older woman walked around her desk to the other side. “I’d like you to bend over the desk, feet apart, hands touching … right about here.”

Lucy obediently assumed her position as commanded, her breathing quickening.

Genevieve Osaki walked a few steps behind the bent student. She flipped up Lucy’s skirt and tucked it around her waist, revealing a pair of laced blue silk VC underwear.

Sensei planted her feet firmly on the hardwood floor next to the quivering bottom, a perfect angle.

The teacher gently rested her left hand on Lucy’s back. “You know the drill,” she informed her. “I’ll start with a warm-up.” The slaps started slowly but soon picked up the pace. Lucy felt the increasing sting from the teacher’s firm palm as the slapping sound echoed in the study.

After a minute or so Sensei stopped. She patted Lucy’s back, “You okay, Lucy?”

Lucy nodded. She shifted her feet, relieved to have a reprieve.

Sensei took a step forward and un-ceremonially pulled down Lucy’s underwear to her mid thighs, revealing pinkened bottom cheeks. Then she picked up her bamboo ruler from the desk top and did a few trial swats on Lucy’s backside before swinging her arm high and coming down hard.

“Ow,” Lucy’s bottom jiggled in shock. She dug her fingers into the edge of the desk.

Dr. O. took on her professorial demeanor and addressed the errant student, “I’m very disappointed in your behavior, Lucy DeVito.” Her voice was calm but the tone was very stern, each word punctuated by the ruler making steady contact with the smooth flesh on both cheeks.

“S-sorry Dr. O.” The former student wiggled her backside vigorously.

WHAP, WHAP, one on each cheek in quick succession. “It was dishonest, immature and not to mention totally irresponsible!” The professor continued her stern scolding while spanking the bottom cheeks with the bamboo. The miscreant needs the verbal reprimand just as much as the spanking itself.

“Yes, Sensei. I was … young and impulsive.” Lucy started sobbing.

Sensei continued with the ruler spanking, covering both cheeks equally and thoroughly. Lucy squirmed and wiggled, swaying her hips trying to avoid the punishing blows.

“I hope you realize now that if you’d been caught, it could’ve had very serious consequences. You may not have graduated when you did.” Sensei put down the ruler and picked up the leather paddle.

Lucy shuddered, “Yes ma’am. I was so stupid.”

Genevieve gripped the leather paddle firmly, one of her favorite implements, and adjusted her feet. CRACK, the paddle landed on the right cheek.

“Ow,” Lucy cried, tears streaming down her face. “I’m very sorry, Sensei.”

“Yes, and you will be a lot sorrier after we are done here!” Sensei promised.

Genevieve continued slapping both cheeks with the leather. She knew tears were a good sign of release. She wanted to chastise Lucy hard enough so she would rid the guilt and feel fully absolved afterwards, but she certainly didn’t want to overdo it. It’s a tricky balance, the professor thought to herself.

Lucy’s bottom was fast becoming a ripened peach color, and the heat was building. She shifted her feet trying to deflect the hot sting.

Time for the cane, the most feared of lethal weapons for a bare bottom.

“Now this is really going to sting,” Gen warned the bent young woman. “But I hope it’ll drive the lesson home.” She tapped the cane on the tender bottom, measuring out the distance.

“Yes, ma’am.” Lucy was nervous, her breathing deepening, but she bravely nodded. Shifting her body slightly and gripping the edge of the desk tightly, the former student braced herself for the formidable implement that she herself had wielded on Lizzy’s bottom numerous times in the past.

The cane was being lifted making a swishing noise in the air. “I’ll give you six of the best. After that, as far as I am concerned, you are forgiven, okay?” So saying, the stern teacher swung her arm upwards and came down swiftly delivering a resounding CRACK on the bottom cheeks. It was an expertly administered blow, skillfully done from years of practice on women’s bare bottoms.

It took a second, but the searing pain hit Lucy’s backside like a ton of bricks.

“Owww,” she opened her mouth involuntarily.

Sensei gently rubbed the traumatized cheeks, giving them a small break before the next strike.

The second strike hit the right cheek, just slightly below the first blow, leaving a red welted line.

Lucy closed her eyes and rested her forehead on the desk, holding her breath.

“Breathe, Lucy,” Gen paused.

The punished woman complied.

Sensei repeated the strike on the right cheek, this time a little below the second one, again leaving a thin red line.

Lucy gritted her teeth, her body tensed up at the shocking pain.

Gen put her hand on Lucy’s back, giving her a few seconds to absorb the shock. Then she moved closer and delivered two strikes on the left cheek in succession, leaving two parallel red lines.

Lucy felt her backside was exploding in a hot flash. It was numb for a split second before the massive pain spread throughout the whole bottom.

“Okay, the last one,” Sensei announced. The red derriere sported three neat parallel lines across the fleshiest part of the cheeks. The last one would land diagonally and leave a nice welt cutting across both cheeks.

And it did. Perfectly.

“Aii-owww,” Lucy took a deep breath and drew out a howl.

Sensei waited until the younger woman was composed enough before pulling her up into a warm embrace. “It’s over now, honey. You did very well,” she told Lucy reassuringly. Helping her pull up her underwear and flipping down her skirt, the teacher looked Lucy in the eye. “I hope you can forgive yourself now.” She smoothed out Lucy’s hair, “And be able to take care of Lizzy.”

“Thank you, Sensei,” Lucy said with heart felt gratitude. “I think I’m good now.” She replied, her hands rubbing the sore bottom fiercely.

Gen left the study and came back to the kitchen. Maddy immediately gave her a hug and a kiss. “Everything all right, my love?”

“Yes, sweetie,” Sensei smiled and kissed her back. “By the way, your creative ideas worked very well, dear.”

She then turned to Stella, “You can go see Lu if you want.” Stella took off right away to the study. When she entered the room she did a double take seeing her friend donned in a school uniform.

“Cute outfit,” she quipped.

“No kidding. You should’ve seen me sitting in that tall chair out there dangling my feet!” Lucy replied, still rubbing her bottom.

Stella chuckled. “How are you doing, Lu?” She asked.

“Well, my butt hurts like the devil, I tell ya,” she winced. “But I feel good Stel, really good.” Her face slowly broke into a broad smile.

“I’m so glad to hear that, Lu.” Stella was really relieved.

The two friends hugged for a long time.

“Conscience clear now?” Stella asked.

“Yeah, think so.” Lucy took a deep breath and nodded.

When the two former students came back to the kitchen, they were welcomed by the heavenly sweet peachy aroma in the air. The golden brown pie was cooling on the rack, ready to be served.

Maddy poured them all freshly brewed coffee. She brought out a soft cushion and laid it on the chair for Lucy. Sensei smiled approvingly into her partner’s eyes. My love knows just how to take care of a sore bottom.

The four women sat down and ate the delicious pie with smooth whipped cream. “Here’s to Lu and Liz,” Maddy raised her coffee cup.

“Yes, good luck to you and Liz,” Genevieve said with a sincere and warm smile.

All four women clanked their cups and cheered.
peachy butt


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18 Responses to Lizzy’s Turn (pt. III): For Lizzy

  1. Ash says:

    Yes! Perfect, Peach! 😀 Dang! She got the cane! O_o It makes me wince yet I am also curious lol. 😛
    I hope she can deal with her own brat now. ❤

  2. cj says:

    Fantastic Peach!! What a wonderful surprise to see the next excerpt. I love that Sensei let Maddy help with ideas of punishment. Nothing like a brat to be able to get a top into the right headspace for an overdue consequence. The uniform and the chair, loved it!
    The punishment itself was amazing hand, ruler, paddle and cane! Dang!

    Your description of the caning took me back to the first time I was caned. I was reminded to breathe also. You really do forget why the sensation is flowing through you. I wasn’t even in real trouble, of course the Dom that was executing the caning was making sure I was receiving the true experience. He was giving me a sample from thin and whippy up to the dragon cane.
    Peach you did a wonderful job giving Lu forgiveness and getting her ready to help Lizzy earn forgiveness also.
    Thanks again for sharing your talent!!

    • Peach says:

      Yeah, clearly I’m on a roll here! lol The last part will be up soon ’cause I wanna get it done before leaving town next week.
      So glad you liked it. 🙂 From what I’ve read, the cane is a dreaded implement!!! Dang, sounds like you’ve had ’em all girl! 😉
      Thank you for your comments cj.

  3. cj says:

    Lol nope Peach. I have just had a few experiences with some really experienced people that enjoyed variety. Oh and the fact I might have a knack of bringing them to the point they want to utilize their talents and skill sets.

    Good luck with your next part and finishing before your trip. I also hope the trip includes some fun time for you!!

    • Peach says:

      I’m sure you make their palms very itchy! 😉
      No, the trip is work related, no kink whatsoever. 😦

      • cj says:

        Bummer on all work and no play! 😞
        You need to learn to mix the two. 😏

        As for IPS (itchy palm syndrome) I might of redlined a few Tops. Maybe, possibly…😎

  4. Sandy says:

    I love it great story!! 😊

  5. Alyx says:

    Ah, two of my favorite things: a good spanking and dessert….preferably in that order! *LOL* I’m glad Lucy has taken care of her conscience. She must’ve been carrying that guilt a long time. 🙂 Anyway, now she can see to her girlfriend properly! Looking forward to the conclusion, Peach. 😀

  6. Mimi says:

    Thanks for the treat, Peach 😊 BTW… Know what — I haven’t led the dd life, but realize (and can finally understand that my fantasies aren’t weird!) that I belong to the SSA sisterhood! Any wise counsel to offer?? 😉

    • Peach says:

      You’re welcome Mimi. Yeah, I realized that those fantasies weren’t weird a few years ago, when I discovered the dd world on the internet! I wish there were some kind of SSA organization, and they could organize annual conventions or parties! 😉 Wise counsel? One word: INTERNET. lol

  7. Mimi says:

    Yes… I’ve discovered this on the Net as well. I adore the writing styles of Alyx, Loki and you! Well… I don’t really need an SSA convention… But I would someday want to catch up with you girls if and when I happen to be in the US. I bet I would love the company of talented, witty, sensitive and fun people to hang around with, and probably learn some lessons in the process as well 😉 I also happen to share a common interest with you all (besides the obvious!), which is writing 😊

    • Peach says:

      You write stories? Do you have a blog we can visit?

      It’s such an honor to be mentioned in the same breath as Alyx and Loki! 😉 No I’m serious. Thank you for that comment. I too adore their stories.

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