Lizzy’s Turn (pt. IV): Lizzy Faces the Music

Lizzy noticed that ever since Lucy and Stella visited Sensei and Maddy’s house, her girlfriend had pretty much returned to her normal toppy self, confident and bossy as usual.

“Lu’s got her mojo back!” Liz texted Cat, feeling relieved.

“Ready to strike, eh?” Cat replied with a wink.

Lizzy texted back with a tongue-sticking-out emoticon.

That night, Lucy and Lizzy were resting in bed watching their favorite show, Orange is the New Black. After the episode ended, Lucy switched the TV off.

She slowly turned to face her girlfriend, “You know what’s coming soon, right?”

Liz snuggled closer. “Yeah.” She blushed and looked away. Lucy turned her head around and gently stroke her hair.

“When?” The college girl asked quietly, heart beating fast.

“This weekend.” Lucy looked straight into the girl’s eyes. “But here’s what you will do before that. I want you to write an essay -”

“Wha? You know I don’t like writing essays,” pouted Lizzy.

Lucy sat up straight and put her hands on Lizzy’s shoulders, giving her a stern look. “Do not interrupt me Elizabeth Chloe Anderson! I’m not going to warn you again, understand?” She didn’t raise her voice, but the tone gave Lizzy shivers.

The brat hung her head. “Sorry, Lu.” Wow, she’s definitely gotten her toppy mojo back!

“A reflective essay,” Lucy continued in a firm voice. “Describe what your thought process was before you decided to ask Cat to help you cheat, how you felt after you guys were caught,” she slowed down a bit, “and especially after you managed to get yourself expelled from school.”

A small groan escaped from Lizzy’s throat, and she rolled her eyes.

“Now listen,” the older girlfriend growled with narrowed eyes. “I want you to take this seriously!”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry.”

Lucy continued, “And last, how you feel about it now and what you want to see happen and not happen.” She finished with, “Three pages minimum. Typed.”

Three pages! Liz’s face fell. “Jeez, Lu,” she whined, scrunching up her nose. “Are you gonna require APA style next?” The sarcastic question shot out of her mouth before she had a chance to stop it.

Lucy acted swiftly. Two sharp slaps landed on Liz’s bottom, followed by a fierce stare with narrowed eyes. “Clearly, you are not taking this seriously, missy. Do I need to fetch the hairbrush eh?”

Lizzy shook her head, horrified at the idea. “No ma’am. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that.” Then in a whisper she asked, “But three pages, seriously?”

Lucy’s eyebrows rose. Her thumb and forefinger grabbed the younger woman’s chin, forcing her to look right into the Top’s eyes. “Look, are you going to write it without complaining, or must I give you a sound spanking on your bare bottom now with the hairbrush and THEN you will write it without complaining?”

The college girl’s eyes grew wide and fearful. “Um, I’m gonna write it, no more whining. I promise.” Jeez.

Lucy let go of Liz’s chin. “I need it no later than Friday night,” she said evenly.

“Yes, ma’am.” Came the prompt reply.

“Good girl.” Pleased, Lucy pulled her Bottom into a hug and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

In the following few days, Lizzy became rather miserable as she tried to sit down and write a decent essay but couldn’t seem to produce anything coherent that would fill three long pages.

She texted her BFF Cat to meet for coffee.

“You know I’m lousy at this writing thing!” Lizzy whined as soon as the two college students sat down at their favorite Starbucks, ordering Frappuccino and muffins.

“Oh c’mon Liz,” Cat said encouragingly, “you can totally pull off a three page essay. No sweat.”

“That’s just it!” Liz scoffed. “I can say everything I wanna say to fit in ONE page. What am I gonna do with the other two?”

“Well, she said a reflective essay right?” Cat tried to be helpful, “You just need to REFLECT more and longer.”

Lizzy gave her friend a snort. “Easy said than done.” An idea struck her. “Hey maybe I can use a larger font and bigger margins?”

“Um, that’ll be tricky ‘cause I’m sure Lu meant the usual size.” Cat said cautiously. “I wouldn’t try any stunt like that if I were you, not in this situation.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Liz nodded, sighing. Then she perked up a little, “You’re good at writing, Cat.” She asked hopefully, “Do you think you can help me with this darn essay?”

Cat shifted in her seat. “Sorry Liz. You gotta do this yourself.” She replied apologetically. “I don’t wanna get into any trouble. You shouldn’t either.” She added with a shy smile, “I’ve been so good lately. Stella said so.”

“Good for ya.” Liz took a sip of her drink. “Guess I’ll just have to crank somethin’ out, somethin’ decent enough,” she shrugged. Then her face lifted as she remembered something, “Oh, guess what? Lu ordered a flogger. I saw it! It came in a FedEx package from some online kinky shop called Happy Tails.”

Cat’s eyes widened brightly. “A flogger? You mean like a whip?”

They heard several patrons nearby whispering and giggling.

“Kinda.” Lizzy blushed and lowered her voice. “Says on the label ‘Made in India.’ Shiny dark leather. Beautiful but scary looking cause it has these thin straps attached to the handle.” Liz shivered despite the hot drink. “Like a centipede’s legs!”

Cat couldn’t help but trembling at Liz’s description. She reached over the table and touched her friend’s hand. “It’s gonna be ok, Liz. You know Lu won’t hurt you.” She added with a wink, “Though your butt might disagree.”

“I know.” Lizzy nodded. Taking a deep breath, she confided in her best friend, “Truth be told Cat, I just want it to be over with already, to put this whole thing behind us.”

Cat got up and gave her best buddy a big hug. “When is the big day?”

“Lu said this weekend.” Her voice quivered.

“Good luck. Text me after it’s over, ‘k?”

“’K, thanks.” Liz promised. “If I’m still alive, that is,” she snorted, wrinkling her nose.

“Oh I’m sure you will be.” Cat replied, winking. “But you probably won’t be able to sit comfortably for a while.”


On Saturday morning, Lucy woke up first. She tiptoed out of the bedroom and sat down at the kitchen table. While the coffee was brewing, the Top started reading Lizzy’s essay.

“The main reason I asked Cat to help me was coz I didn’t wanna lose my scholarship. I sucked at stats and was afraid if I didn’t get a B, my GPA would take a dive. … It was a bad and stupid decision. I’m sorry I got Cat into trouble as well. Instead of resorting to cheating, I should’ve studied more and gone to the tutoring sessions!!”

Lucy breathed a sigh of relief. Her brat of a girlfriend was at least honest and didn’t chalk it up to some lame excuses.

The coffee maker sizzled and Lucy stood up and made herself a steaming mug. She knew the upcoming session of discipline would feel different than the usual ones because of her own past mistake. Would I still feel like a hypocrite even though Sensei already took care of me? Lucy shifted in her chair, trying to remember what Sensei and Maddy had said after her discipline session at their house.

You are forgiven, Lucy, and I think it’s time you forgave yourself too.” Sensei had gently told her.

You can do this!” Maddy had held her hand encouragingly.

It’s for Lizzy,” Stella had reminded her.

Lucy stopped fidgeting and sat straight, steeling herself. I can do this, for my Lizzy and for myself. She felt her confidence surge, her body relaxed.

She was about to get back to the essay when she heard footsteps. Lizzy stumbled in, yawning, and still in her sleeping shorts and cami.

“Morning, babe.” Lucy’s face brightened. She gave her girlfriend a kiss. “Coffee?”

“Uh, please.”

The dominant girlfriend poured her brat a cup and they sat down. Liz stole a few glances at a determined-looking Lucy while drinking quietly. The time has come, she told herself. Though nervous, the miscreant felt ready to face the music once for all.

“When you finish your coffee,” Lucy ordered in a firm voice, looking at her girlfriend in the eye. “Please walk yourself to the corner and do some contemplation.” She wanted to help her brat get into the right mindset.

Liz quietly obeyed. She padded over to the corner in the living room, her nose inches from the wall, and stood with her hands hanging on the sides.

“Good girl,” Lucy said, pleased, and continued reading the essay.

“Now I just wanna be punished and forgiven and move on. I’m ready for any punishment Lu dishes out. Next semester I’ll do whatever I need to do to get back on track. Just don’t want this guilt feeling hanging over me any longer!”

Lucy nodded silently. Good, we are on the same page.

She rose to put the coffee cups in the sink. Turning around, she saw her girlfriend still obediently standing in the corner of the living room, soundless, and no fidgeting as usual.

Lucy allowed herself a small smile.

She came to stand quietly behind the girl. “Come with me,” she commanded softly.

Lizzy followed her Top, who stopped right behind the back of the couch.

“Bare your bottom,” came the stern order.

The college girl only hesitated for half a second before she removed her pajama shorts. They fell down to the floor into a small bunch on the carpet. She looked at her Top.

“Now bend over,” Lucy pointed at the back of the couch.

Lizzy lowered herself down onto the sturdy fabric until her bottom was sticking up at a prime angle, feet no longer touching the floor. “That’s it,” Lucy said, gently resting her left hand on Lizzy’s back.

The disciplinarian shifted her position slightly before raising her right arm. SLAP, SLAP, one on each soft pale cheek, leaving two pink handprints.

“I don’t need to tell you why you’re here in this position, do I, Liz?”

“Uh-uh,” Lizzy squirmed, her cheeks quivering.

“Excuse me?” The dominant girlfriend rained down two more heavier and sharper slaps on the bottom. “Proper answer during a spanking!”

“No, Ma’am. Sorry Ma’am. You don’t need to tell me why I’m here in this position.”

“Good girl.”

SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP! Ten more rapid sharp blows landed, alternating between the two jiggling cheeks, the crispy sound of a smacking palm ringing out loudly.

“Ow ow owww,” the miscreant yowled, vigorously wriggling her hips to disperse the sting.

Lucy paused. The skin on Lizzy’s bottom was quickly turning into velvety smooth pinkness. Just a dozen more.

After another minute of repeated hand spanking, Lucy paused again. She viewed the fleshy bottom with a pink glow. The cheeks quivered.

Time to meet our new friend.

Lucy opened a drawer of the coffee table and picked up the brand new black flogger. “Liz hon, meet Ms. Flogger here.” She held up the shining black flogger for her girlfriend to see.

Lizzy turned her head and looked up. Oh my god, those freakin’ centipede’s legs!

Lucy gripped the handle tightly, a bit nervous. She’d never spanked Liz with a flogger before. I’ve got this. She had spent hours watching YouTube on how to use a flogger properly and safely. Besides, she had also practiced on Stella for target practice. It’s gonna be fine.

Lucy let her left hand gently rest on Liz’s back. Taking a deep breath, she raised her right arm, aiming —


Lizzy yelped, stung by the impact. It was like a hundred small stings all bundled into a single painful blow and then spreading to the entire backside upon impact. For a second, her rear went into shock.

“Breathe,” Lucy commanded softly.

“Owww,” the spanked girl let out a long wail. Her hand instinctively made to touch the assaulted bottom, but the disciplinarian caught it.

“No touching.”

Lucy raised her arm again. WHAP! Same force, same spot, same impact, same shock.

“Owiii.” A long howl followed.

“You like our new friend?” Lucy smoothed out the thin straps attached to the sturdy handle.

“No, Ma’am.” Lizzy sniffled. “It really hurts.”

“Good, that’s the idea. Try to behave yourself more and not get into trouble if you wanna avoid her.” Scolded Lucy. She stretched her arm, getting ready for another swing.

“Yes, Ma’am, I will.” Lizzy closed her eyes bracing for the next blow.

A third WHAP landed on the sore bottom. Lizzy kicked her dangling legs fiercely against the back of the couch to deflect the massive sting.

“Settle down.” Lucy said calmly. “More coming.” She swung her arm and delivered two more leather kisses in quick succession.

“Ouchy,” hollered Lizzy as she resumed kicking her dangling legs against the back of the couch.

Lucy flexed her arm and adjusted her grip. “Hey I like this thing,” she said. “I’m really getting the hang of it.”

Lizzy rolled her eyes, groaning silently.

The disciplinarian shifted her feet and re-positioned herself for a good angle.

“Five more.”

Five more??? I’m so gonna die!

The last five strikes were administered with a rhythmic pattern, WHAP, pause, CRACK, pause. The college girl wriggled her hips fiercely trying to dodge the deadly kisses, but each time the leather hit exactly where the Top wanted it to be on the meatiest part. The punished girl wailed at each blow, her bottom truly on fire.

After the last strike was done, Lucy put the shiny leather down on the couch. She patted the red bottom gently, feeling the heat. She waited till her girlfriend calmed down a little before allowing her to lower herself onto the floor.

“That really hurt,” Lizzy whimpered, cupping her sore cheeks.

“Uh-huh, no rubbing,” Lucy shook her head. She reached over and tucked a few stray hair behind Lizzy’s ear. Then she headed to the bedroom, “Follow me.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Lizzy trotted along dutifully, not sure what was gonna happen next. She so wanted to rub her sore bottom, but didn’t want to risk disobeying her Top.

Lucy stopped in front of the bed. “On your back, feet up.”

Oh no, the diaper position! Lizzy had heard from Cat about this awful position. She turned to look at her disciplinarian, eyes pleading and lower lip quivering.

“No arguing,” Lucy put her hand up and said firmly. “Do as I say this instant, missy!” Her voice brokered no room for negotiation whatsoever.

Brushing away tears with the back of her hand, Lizzy gingerly lay down on her back, her burning bottom touching the hard edge of the mattress, and raised her feet straight up as her Top had ordered.

Quite a sight, a ripened peachy bottom supporting two long legs straight up.

“Good girl,” Lucy praised her girlfriend. “Cat was spanked in this position, and so will you today,” she spoke in a firm but reassuring tone.

Lucy walked into the clothes closet. Lizzy shivered. She knew what’s coming.

“Sensei gave me six of the best. You are going to get the same today.” Lucy swished the cane in the air.

Lizzy froze with fear, and it showed in her eyes.

Lucy bent down and planted a loving kiss on the girl’s forehead. “It’s gonna be ok, babe.” She caressed the girl’s long legs in a downward motion.

Lizzy breathed out deeply and said bravely, “Yes, ma’am.”

Lucy planted her feet wide apart securing a firm footing on the floor, measuring out the distance. She took a few step back and swung her arm a few times, the cane lightly touching Lizzy’s bottom cheeks.

Lizzy automatically clenched her cheeks at the touch, holding her breath. In this diaper position, she felt utterly exposed.

“Unclench your cheeks please,” Lucy ordered as she patted the red bottom. “And keep your legs together.” She did not want to accidently hit the girl’s most delicate private part.

“Mmm-hmm,” Lizzy whimpered and hiccupped nervously.

The six strikes rained down slow and steady, three on each lower cheek, leaving raised parallel welts neatly adorning the sweet sit spots.

“Arghhhhhhhh” Lizzy let out the longest breath she’d been holding, tears falling down her face.

The older girlfriend threw the cane onto the bed and gently traced the lines on the hot bottom with her fingers, caressing the cheeks reassuringly. Then she helped the punished girl off the bed and stand on her wobbly feet.

They hugged for a long time.

“You did great, sweetie.” Lucy said softly. “Now back to the corner.”

“Wha?” Lizzy asked through her sobs. She couldn’t believe her ears.

“Let’s go.” Lucy escorted the punished girl to the corner.

“No rubbing the bottom, yet.” She delivered a warning swat, wanting the sting to last a while and make a real impression on her naughty brat.

“Yes, ma’am.” Lizzy replied meekly, hands resting on the sides.

The moment after a spanking is when my brat at her most compliant, Lucy smiled.

The spanked girl, now alone in the corner, shifted her feet, convinced her bottom was on fire. She knew her disciplinarian wanted her to truly learn a lesson by putting her in the corner AFTER a spanking. Though her bottom hurt, Lizzy felt better than she’d felt for a long time, thoroughly chastised. It’s like a huge burden had been lifted off her shoulder. Man, it’s so not worth it, she decided. There would be no repeat of the same mistake, she’s sure of that.

Soft steps came closer behind her.

“It’s over, sweetie.” Lucy pulled her punished girlfriend into her chest, hugging her tightly. “You’re forgiven.” She smiled into Lizzy’s eyes, “You can rub your bottom now.”

The college girl was relieved. Her hands flew back to her rear end immediately.

“No more naughty stunts, eh?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Lizzy nodded vigorously.

Lucy helped the college girl settle into the couch. The spanked girl lay on her stomach, head resting on Lucy’s thigh.

Lucy retrieved a tub of pure shea butter. She slathered a generous portion of the cooling balm on Lizzy’s flaming backside. The lotion was known to help reduce bruising and relieve pain. This girl won’t be sitting comfortably soon, Lucy observed. Hope she’s learnt her lesson real well!

“Here’s what’s going to happen moving forward, hon.” Lucy stroked Lizzy’s hair. “I’m glad to tell you Dr. Kato pulled a few strings at school so your expulsion has been suspended.”

“Really? I can go back to school in the fall?” Lizzy was elated.

“Yes, babe. She put her reputation on the line for you so you better behave yourself.” The Top warned, gently massaging Liz’s back. “No scholarship for a semester though. But if you get a B and above in the stats class, they’ll give it back to you the following semester.”

“That’s okay, Lu. I’ll find a job, I promise.” The punished girl wriggled her hips, liking the cooling sensation on her scorching buttocks.

“About that. You’ll be working in Stella’s law firm as a temp, part time. One of their receptionists is taking maternity leave.”


“Yeah ‘oh’ indeed. Stella will keep an eye on you, you know that right?” Lucy said. “Minimum wage, but it ought to cover part of the tuition and gas for your car.”

Lizzy was relieved. She sat up and burrowed into her girlfriend, wincing at the contact between her sore rear and her Top’s thigh. She wrapped her arms around Lucy, kissing her neck.

“Not so fast, hon. There’s more.” She needed to lay down the law, Lucy’s Law.

“More what?”

“If your average in stats falls below a B, that’s a mandatory meeting between your bare bottom and our new friend Ms. Flogger. No exception.”

Lizzy grunted in her throat. A mandatory spanking?! “Is it really necessary?” She pouted.

Lucy gave her s light swat on the side of the thigh. “Yes, it’s absolutely necessary, brat! AND you’ll be grounded until the grade is up.”

Lizzy opened her mouth to whine, but her Top’s look stopped her in her tracks. She sighed instead.

“Cat will help you study stats, ok? So don’t worry.” Lucy hugged her tight.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Lucy was pleased with her brat’s compliance. She smirked, “There’s more-“


“Good news. We are going on a camping trip next weekend!”

“Yay! I love camping. Cat and Stella coming?”

“Yesss! Guess who else?” Lucy winked.


“Sensei and Maddy!”


“And Dr. Kato and Reagan too!”

“The whole … um, lesbo spanko gang?”

“Yes, the whole gang!” They both burst out laughing.

“You know what Sensei said?” Lucy teased.


“She said ‘don’t forget to pack your implement bag.’” Lucy chuckled. “You think we should bring our new friend with us, hon?”

Lizzy stuck out her tongue at her dominant girlfriend, shaking her head.

“Well, but I heard she can also do other things, pleasant things.” Lucy said coyly, patting Lizzy’s bottom. “If you are a good girl, that is.”

Whoa, that’s gonna be some hot lesbian camping spanking trip, no kiddin’. Lizzy thought with a delightful shudder.



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64 Responses to Lizzy’s Turn (pt. IV): Lizzy Faces the Music

  1. Missy says:

    Thanks for the story! Loved it.

  2. Ash says:

    Fantastic, Peach! ❤ A flogger, eh. I've never thought about those much… but now… well I might be a little curious. So this camping trip… will there be a story about that too? 😀

  3. cj says:

    Wonderful addition Peach!! I can’t believe Lu tried to get Cat to write her essay! Geeessshhh the woman is trouble. Lol
    Floggers can be very nice too!! 😉

    Lu at Stella’s law firm. That should prove very interesting. 😳

    A camping trip oh yeah!! More like an outdoor spanking party. Switches for everyone lol!! Ooooopps I got carried away.

    • Peach says:

      Yeah, I heard floggers are versatile. 😉 Switches? *shiver*

    • cj says:

      Hey Peach, please accept my apology on the name mix-up with Lu instead of Lizzy. I was in a hurry and screwed that up. Sorry! 😔

      As for switches remember that spanking party I was talking about? Well my friend had several crepe myrtles, which happen to make excellent switches. Stingy, very stingy son of a guns!! 😳

  4. Hupotasso says:

    Both of these last two chapters were wonderful!!! I, too, hope you write about that camping trip— and perhaps some canoeing; there’s something about brats having to carry their own paddles…. 😉😀😎

  5. Alyx says:

    I don’t know who’s happier to finally get the resolution of this tale — Lizzy or your readers! 😀 And it sounds very much like you’re already setting up your next story, with a camping trip, eh? Good, that means we have more F/F fiction to look forward to! Thanks for sharing this story, Peach….the wait was worth it. 🙂

  6. sandym85 says:

    Great story I can’t wait to read about the camping trip 😀

  7. juan barre says:

    Congratulations, you ve got no exaggeration to follow the thread of the story. you re great writer. i look foward to the camp. thank you, your admirer.

  8. maryk88 says:

    yay! so glad I checked up on this today! awesome story!

  9. cj says:

    Hey Peaches, I have been thinking about your camping trip your planning. I thought I would share a story with you. Please first remove any liquid away from your computer. 😊

    Ok I was around 20 and decided that I should take some of my family for a canoe trip. The trip included my dog Rascal, my sister, Mom, Dad, Aunt and cousin. No one had ever canoed before except me. We were going down a gentle slow moving river.

    First of all my Aunt and cousin get in their canoe. They start going down the river horizontal to the current. I am talking them into how to right their canoe while my parents are getting started in their canoe. They actually start off well, too well they head straight for my Aunts canoe and ram them into the side toppling the canoe my Aunt and cousin are in. Now the water is chilly. I have to run through the water to get paddles and canoes and people all back into the correct positions. I am already soaked and I haven’t even gotten in my canoe.
    We finally get going and everyone settles down. Until the river curves and I spend the next few hours getting them out of trees and the water. I look over at my parents canoe and my Mom is sitting in the bow ramrod straight with the paddle over her knees totally pissed off. I look at my sister and say I think it is time for lunch and partner switch. Next thing I know my folks are in the trees and mucky shoreline. I suggest that we change partners Mom with me and my sister with my Dad. My Dad gets out flips in the muck mutters we can’t “effing plant flowers together don’t know why we thought we could canoe together!”
    I tried not to laugh mainly because they were so mad each other. We had lunch switched partners up and finished the trip.
    They have never gone canoeing again. However when they come to visit I sometimes put the picture frame up that has some of pictures I took on that trip. My Dad just grimaces and shakes his head at me. 😊😀

    I hope that gave you a few chuckles.

    • Peach says:

      Thank you for the warning! My keyboard was safe this time. lol
      Have you thought of writing stories? I mean you have all these wonderfully funny tales! Thanks for the laugh cj. I really needed it today.

  10. cj says:

    Thanks Peach! I am glad it brightened your day.

    Nope on the story writing. The most I write are business letters and business case scenarios.

    If you don’t mind I will share some of my adventures with you from time to time to give you a smile. With a pre-warning of course. 😉

  11. Daddy says:

    Like your writing very much. As a guy even Lolololol. Great stories there , you obviously put allot of thought into it . Or there is a bit of real life in there as well . Observation , not to detract from your story at all , just observation. I would have enjoyed your take on ” after she had been disciplined , Stella taking her home and saying ….. ummm … if you remember young lady , in college a spanking from the instructor got you another one when you got home . Go to your room ! ” Great work !

  12. Mimi says:

    Sorry Peach… Couldn’t find any leisure time in the last 4-5 days, hence the delay in reading the concluding part of the story, and also for the abrupt break in the conversation we were having after Part III ! Well… The last few days had been stressful for me in many respects! Lizzy’s “music” had a cathartic effect on me as well 😊 Thank you again!
    To your question – I don’t have any blogs, but maybe it’s a good idea to start one! I mostly write essays and poems, but would love to write stories as well! I haven’t been doing a lot of things that I love doing, or need to be doing of late, for lack of inspiration (and also as I am going through a very difficult time)! Guess I need a Sensei to help me get back on track, eh? 😉

    • Peach says:

      Hi Mimi, sorry you were having a stressful time. Though glad you found the ending of this story had a cathartic effect. 😉 And indeed inspiration is hard to come by sometimes! Good luck. We all need a Sensei! 🙂

  13. Olive SP says:

    “Are you gonna require APA style next?”
    when I see this can’t stop laughing.

    I read all of writings (from the begining)
    I’m not English user (use Chinese,come from Taiwan.)
    so it’s not easy for me reading lots at the short time.
    but I just can’t stop! I like all the character ,they’re soooo lovely
    and most important is I love F/f stories.
    my English is not good,but still want to leave a comment to tell u how I love it!

    • Peach says:

      Hi Olive, welcome!
      Glad you enjoyed my stories and thanks for leaving a lovely comment. It’s great to hear from the readers. 🙂
      I think there’s a common “spanky” language regardless one’s mother tongue!!! lol You’re doing great.

    • longtime lurker says:

      American reader, living in mainland China =)

      Olive SP, 不需抱歉,妳的英文很不錯!!

      These stories are being read all around the world=)

  14. Beck says:

    Hi Peach!

    I love this series! The interactions between Lucy and Lizzy are sweet and I like how you portray Lucy as strict yet loving when she administers discipline. 😄 I’ll admit that the three page reflective essay made me shudder but it was of course well-deserved.

    I can’t wait to read about the camping trip, great idea and I can’t wait to see where you go with it. 😉

    • Peach says:

      Hi Beck, welcome!
      Glad you liked this story and thanks for your lovely comments. 🙂 Compared with Stella, Lucy is actually a bit more strict. 😉
      The camping trip? Well … um … *cough* what’s that? LOL

  15. Ash says:

    Peach, I was rereading this when I came to the part where Liz mentions the flogger to Cat, and then i thought of something… If said flogger was indeed made in India, what leather is it made of? I mean… aren’t cows supposed to be holy? 🙄

  16. Summer says:

    It’s been forever 😭😭😭 an update soon

  17. Ash says:

    So… Peachy… is this camping trip happening or what? 😉 I think it would make a great story. And they don’t even have to bring implements, maybe all the brats gets switched. 😛

    • Peach says:

      Hola Ash!
      Thank you for reminding me. I’d kinda (conveniently) forgotten about it. lol
      But hey I just published a story, didn’t I?! 😉
      Hope someday the camping trip will happen. *fingers crossed* 🙂

      • Ash says:

        Well yeah… but that wasn’t about these gals! 😛 And ya know how much I love Cat and Stella, or Liz and Lucy… or Maddie and Genevieve! 😉
        I must say… I would give much to see Sensei camping with her former students. 😀 I can imagine that if Stella and Liz can’t keep the brats in check, Sensei can.

        • Peach says:

          Haha True, but hope you still found it pleasant/fun to read? 😉
          Well yeah I’m sure Sensei can easily handle all the miscreants combined! lol
          What about your story? Isn’t it time for an update? *g*

          • Ash says:

            Yeah, of course I did. 🙂
            I have an oral exam on Friday. I’m in a study hall right now trying to finish a book I didn’t start until a coke of says ago. More than 100 pages left! 😦 Methinks I need to browse more, but it all seems important!

  18. Adrian Gort says:

    Simply delicious !

    Please another one 🙂
    ‘Cat lends a hand’ is awesome.. Great writing.

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