The Little Dream Weaver

Many happy returns of the day, Your Majesty Ma’am 🙂

Once upon a time, the Sapphic Spanking Kingdom stood proudly in the middle of the big ocean like a huge rock. Queen Aster had ruled the small island nation for over two decades now. Her Majesty’s reign was characterized by her kind, compassionate and gentle nature, and her subjects responded well to her touch of maternal love. The little Kingdom had enjoyed peace ever since she came to power after her father, the former King, had passed away. The ruler’s affectionately called “the People’s Queen” by the inhabitants.

In the SS Kingdom, it was the traditional custom that only the female gender was empowered to carry out disciplines, and only to female recipients, little girls or grown-up women alike. It was common for the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, older sisters or cousins, or even neighbors to dish out spankings to naughty girls or women, on their luscious bare bottoms, sometimes in public.

The biggest spanko in the history of human kind, Queen Aster was fully aware that disciplinary spankings were not necessarily fun affairs for either party involved, especially the receiving end. Being the compassionate type, she installed an annual Sapphic Spanking Kingdom Party, at which true fun was to be had by all who attended. According to the island tradition, a girl turned into a woman at the tender age of 16 when she was allowed to attend the spanking parties where many kinds of playful and pleasurable spankings were gloriously and generously on display for her to behold and to experience.

There on the edge of the SS Kingdom lived Pearl, a petite girl of 14 with almond shaped eyes, emerald and sparkling, and long brown hair tied into a pony tail. Her olive skin was smooth with a youthful and beautiful glow. The girl was already well on her way of pubertal growth because her body now showed a womanly curves, her breasts in full blossom and her bottom a round ripen peach.

She and her father lived in a nice cozy cottage that he had built with bamboo sticks and coconut tree leaves. She did not remember her mother because the poor woman passed away from hemorrhaging after giving birth to her, as this was unfortunately a rather common case in those days. Her grief stricken father, a carpenter, never remarried for fear a step mother would surely mistreat his little precious daughter. The man did not have much schooling or money but he was a doting father. His only child was his sunshine.

Not having a mother meant that Pearl was seldom disciplined growing up, let alone spanked. Sure she had seen plenty times when her aunts spanked her cousins when they were naughty. Occasionally one of her aunts would give her a swat or two on her bottom as a warning if she misbehaved, but the girl had never had a proper spanking, the OTK type or otherwise, her little bottom remaining virtually a virgin for all spanking purposes.

She had on many occasions observed her adult female relatives getting very excited before the annual Sapphic Spanking Party and heard them whisper and giggle afterwards while rubbing their bottoms. Though very curious, Pearl was a quite introverted child, too shy to ask her aunts or older cousins about their fun spankings at the party.

Though sometimes lonely, Pearl was quite a self-sufficient and independent girl. She did not bother her father with any requests or demands; instead, she was mostly content being alone. Left to her own devices, Pearl let her wild imagination take over, weaving elaborate dreams full of beautiful women, princesses and palaces, soft and bouncy bottoms, and fun and pleasurable spankings.

On lazy summer days, the Little Dream Weaver lay on her favorite hammock in front of their small cottage, the towering palm trees swaying in the warm breeze providing welcome cool shade for her. The large black cicadas perched on top of the banyan tree nearby chirped loudly. The best time was in the evening when the sunset cast the lagoon in brilliant hues of red, orange and topaz. Pearl loved watching the setting sun, her face caressed by the gentle evening breeze. With her beloved kitten Tilly snuggling on her chest, she wove dreams after wonderful dreams full of spirited Sapphic spankings. Often times she blushed, burying her face in Tilly’s soft fur coat and giggling uncontrollably at her own tales.

She remembered when she was only a small child, her father took her to the People’s Queen annual parade on the SS Kingdom’s main boulevard. When the royal carriage drew nearer, she saw the regal Queen sitting straight backed with her only daughter, the little Princess Liha sitting next to her. The Queen was wearing a blue and yellow royal gown streaked with gold threads. Her Majesty smiled and waved at the little girl, or so Pearl told everyone. It was only a fleeting moment, but the Little Dream Weaver was smitten, completely and hopelessly. Queen Aster was so beautiful in the little girl’s eyes: round dark brown eyes, jet black wavy hair, silky olive skin, moon shaped face, and bright full red lips. Her frame was ample and matronly, her smile warm, kind and loving.

That night Pearl had a wonderful dream. Queen Aster came gliding into her room, her eyes smiling showing a few lines on her smooth skin. She sat down at the edge of Pearl’s bamboo bed and took the girl into her open arms and cuddled her for a long while. “My child, you’re a good girl.” Her Majesty told her in a rich and supple voice. Then she gently put the girl over her knees. The spanking on her bare bottom was soft, sensual and thrilling and the girl had never forgotten it. So many times at bedtime she willed herself to have Her Majesty visit her again but it never happened after that.

The Year of the Dragon heralded the upcoming womanhood of Princess Liha, the Queen’s precious only child. The SS Kingdom celebrated the Princess’ 16th birthday with week-long festivities. The rites of passage on the island included many activities to initiate a girl into a woman, including Sapphic spankings. Every teenage girl on the island was invited to the party. Pearl was so excited she tossed and turned the night before on her bamboo mat, annoying the kitten immensely.

On the first day of the big party, Pearl eagerly waited in the long line to get in. However when it was her turn, the guard looked her up and down and refused to let her in. “You are too … young, little girl,” they told her. “But I’m 15,” she informed them. “Well, um… you LOOK too young,” they insisted.

Tears running down her face, Pearl ran all the way home.

The girl knew her clothes were too shabby and that was probably the reason she had not been allowed in. But Pearl was determined not to let that stop her from attending Princess Liha’s party. For the first time in her life she asked her father for a dress.

The carpenter listened to the girl and nodded. He then carefully removed a fancy carving of a beautiful dragon from his shelf. “Here daughter, this is made of the best koa wood on the island.” He instructed her. “Take it to the Mission House down the beach and ask for that nice haole Mistress. It should make a good trade for Chinese silk enough for a dress.”

Clutching the shining artwork in her hands, Pearl went and found the Mistress at the Mission House. The lady adored wooden figurine so much she pulled a bolt of silk from a trunk and gave Pearl a generous cut. The oriental fabric felt even smoother than the white sand on the beach, Pearl thought.

The next morning, the determined girl showed up at the line sporting a sleeveless low cut mint green silk dress made by the most famous island seamstress. The one-piece garment accentuated her curved body beautifully and the color of the dress making her eyes practically shine. With her long brown hair laying over her lovely bare shoulders in a smooth cascade, Pearl looked so poised and mature beyond her age. For this special occasion, the girl put a smudge of Cochineal on her lips so they appeared brighter and fuller than usual.

The guard did a double take when he saw the elegant girl. “Why my little girl! You look um… almost as pretty as our Princess Her Highness. What’s your name?”

“It’s Pearl, and I … I am a princess too!” The statement rolled out of Pearl’s mouth before she could catch it.

The guard’s face lit up. He carefully guided Pearl into the hall and over to Princess Liha. “Your Highness, here this is Pearl, another princess.” He bowed to them both, all smiles.

Princess Liha was struck by the petite beauty’s quiet and intense dignity. Pearl opened her mouth to explain, but Her Highness took her hand right away and led her to the dance floor. It took a while for the shy girl to warm up, but the two girls hit it off in no time. Like the Queen, Her Highness was a very kind soul, good natured, warm and trusting. Pearl instinctively felt safe and comfortable with the Princess.

By the end of the party, the two girls became inseparable. The Princess took Pearl to meet her mother, Queen Aster. “Mother, this is my good friend Pearl. She’s a princess too!”

Thus began the Little Dream Weaver’s epic tale.

Little Pearl soon became like family to Queen Aster and Princess Liha. The Queen treated her like another daughter. During long hours of sitting around the table after dinner or lounging on the beach in the evening breeze, Pearl wove tales after tales to entertain the royal mother and daughter. She told them her family had not been native to the SS Kingdom; instead they had fled from Gifi, an island nation about 1000 miles away from the Sapphic Spanking Kingdom. Her father was the younger brother of the King but had been driven out because the King had fancied her mother who was the most beautiful woman on the island and a daughter of the chief of a big tribe.

“See, I’m a Princess of Gifi!” Pearl announced dramatically, totally immersed in her own imagination.

The Queen and the Princess were captivated. “What happened to your family, dear?” they asked.

“The King, my uncle, was planning to lock my father away forever because he wanted to take my mother to be his second wife.” Pearl kept on weaving. “So my father escaped carrying me all the way to the SS Kingdom.”

The more fanciful tales she span, the deeper Pearl’s imagination ran wild until she believed she actually was a princess from Gifi. When she was telling the story, those beautiful almond shaped eyes would sometimes tear up as if the poor girl was mourning the loss of her heritage, her mother, her parents’ kingdom.

Queen Aster and Princess Liha were completely taken in. They both fell head over heels in love with this beautiful girl who looked so vulnerable when she was spinning her family tales. So Little Pearl wove on and on, tale after tale about the Island of Gifi, about her beautiful mother, her bountiful homeland, her lost kingdom.

Occasionally at quiet moments when she’s by herself, Pearl thought about the tales she’d been weaving and felt a tinge of guilt tugging at her heart. But she was having the time of her life and didn’t want to risk losing the affection and love Her Majesty and Her Highness showered on her. Just some silly harmless fibs, no real harm done, the Little Dream Weaver reassured herself. Though in her mind she knew that one day she would come clean to the Queen and the Princess. I just need to find the right time and right moment, she told herself.

The first time Princess Liha kissed the Little Dream Weaver on her lip, they were lounging on a quiet stretch of the beach, reveling in the simple joys of sand and watching ocean waves roar up before crashing into white froth. The kiss felt like a soft drop of rain landing on a flower pedal, delicate and yet passionate. They waded into the water and explored every part of each other’s bodies: round and firm breasts, erect nipples, nice curves around the middle, super smooth skin on the inner thighs, firm yet soft calves, and oh, and those plumpish yet taut buttocks. As they looked up at the clear and achingly blue sky, both girls knew in their hearts that they’d found the love of their life and the future promises were endless.

Living up to the Kingdom’s name, the lovers played spanking games many times, taking turns giving and receiving. As a bonus, Queen Aster also paid plenty of special attentions to both girls’ bare bottoms. Her Majesty was a superb spanker with her gentle but firm hand, though occasionally she used household items such as a hairbrush, wooden spoon, or bamboo ruler. Those were not punishment spankings; rather they were loving gestures of fondness and care. Oftentimes, the Queen made sure that Pearl’s bottom over her royal knee was warm and nice with a beautiful hue of pink, and the wiggling girl felt so cared for and loved. In her mind, Her Majesty practically became her mother.

The following year Pearl turned 16, becoming an adult woman in the island’s tradition. She and Princess Liha made quite a striking pair on the island: while Pearl was petite and slender Her Highness was taller and broader; Pearl had long straight brown hair, Her Highness had her raven curls cropped short. The two young women lovers were the favorite pair of the island folks.

That autumn, the Queen fell ill with a high fever. She lay in the royal bed getting weaker each day. The missionary doctor was called and declared that Her Majesty was stricken with a disease called typhoid which was not native to the island. “We brought it to the island,” he said forlornly. The doctor prescribed Western medicine and wished them luck before departing. Princess Liha and Pearl sat by the Queen’s bed day and night, refusing to leave. Food and water had to be brought in for them. They held onto each other tightly, whispering comforting words in each other’s ears and wiping away tears from each other’s face.

On the seventh day, Her Majesty’s eyes fluttered open. She turned and her gaze fell on the two embracing figures in the large chair by her bed, fast asleep. A smile appeared on the Queen’s face. “My two dear daughters, forever,” she thought affectionately.

That winter, Princess Liha held Pearl’s hand, looked her in the eye and asked her to marry her. “Princess Liha and Princess Pearl! I really like the sound of it, do you darling?” The Princess asked playfully.

Pearl’s face went white. She lowered her head, tears slowly streaming down her face. “I … I can’t be your wife,” she sobbed.

“What? But why?” Princess Liha looked at her love’s ashen face, confused.

“’Cause-‘cause I am a bad girl, very bad.” Pearl ran out of the house and all the way back to her father’s cottage.

Pearl lay in her hammock, refusing to talk to her father. She cried and cried until her tears dried up. Guilt, remorse and doubt gnawed at her heart. Her father begged her to eat but she would only drink a little mango juice. Her father begged her to come in and sleep in bed but she shook her head. She spent a sleepless night in the hammock.

The next morning, Princess Liha hurried to her side. She climbed in to sit beside her lover.

“What’s wrong my love? Why did you say you were a bad girl?” She held Pearl in her arms, seriously concerned.

Looking into Princess Liha’s warm and trusting eyes, Pearl felt a terrible pain in her heart as shame and guilt washed all over her, numbing her senses.

“I love you, Pearl.” Princess Liha’s soft whisper brushed against Pearl’s neck.

The Little Dream Weaver’s confession tumbled out amidst sniffles and sobs.

Her Highness’s eyebrows rose and her lips pursed. She looked at her sweet Pearl, incredulous and speechless. Shaking her head, she slowly turned around and left.

She’s disgusted with me now, Pearl thought miserably. She doesn’t love me anymore. I’m finished.

Little Dream Weaver’s tender heart went to pieces.

In the afternoon a palace guard hurried to Pearl’s house. “Her Majesty sent for you, NOW.”

Queen Aster sat at the royal sofa in her private chamber, a stern expression on her face, no usual warm smile.

“I’m very sorry, Your Majesty.” Pearl got down on her knees and cried.

“You’ve been lying to us all this time?!” The Queen’s rich voice was low but Pearl could hear the hurt in it. “How could you, Pearl?

“I-I got carried away. I hurt you and Her Highness. I’m really really sorry.”

“You made me feel like a fool!” The Queen raised her voice a notch.

“Please punish me.” Pearl begged.

“Oh you will be punished, girl. But not just now because I’m very upset.”

Pearl hung her head.

“You have greatly disappointed me.” Queen Aster lifted two fingers and forced Pearl to look into her dark brown irises.

The Queen’s words stabbed at Pearl’s heart. I would rather die than disappoint you, my beloved Queen, Pearl wanted to say, tears running down her face.

“Now come with me.” The Queen rose and led Pearl to her private bathtub. She soaked the girl in warm water of milk and honey, and thoroughly scrubbed her body with a towel. Then she washed the girl’s long hair, oiled it and gently combed it. Pearl could hardly keep her eyes open after the bath and fell into a deep sleep in the Queen’s bed.

When she woke up, the sun was already setting. The room was quiet.

Queen Aster was sitting in a straight-backed mahogany chair. She beckoned Pearl to come over. The girl obeyed but kept her eyes glued on the floor.

“Look at me, my child,” the Queen commanded.

The girl obeyed. “I’m very sorry for lying to you and Her Highness and hurt your feelings.” Pearl murmured.

“You will be, my girl.” The Queen replied, pointing at her knee.

The spanking was quite a punishing affair. The poor girl’s bare bottom was slapped repeatedly by Her Majesty’s small but strong hand. The impact sent the peachy bottom cheeks bouncing around like two jiggling balls.


“’Cause I wanted you to like, to-to love me.” The upended girl sniffled.

“Silly child,” the Queen bend down and stroked Pearl’s hair. “I love you just the same whether you are simply Pearl from SS Kingdom or Princess Pearl of Gifi.”

“I know,” the girl replied miserably. The sting on her bottom was not nearly as bad as the pain in her heart.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “I value honesty above all else, do you understand? It’s the foundation of trust.” Queen Aster lectured.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The Queen’s hand came down hard again on the girl’s tender bottom cheeks. More stinging slaps followed by more lectures. Then she paused.

“Have you learned your lesson, my child?” The Queen patted the warm bottom on her knee, her voice full of compassion.

“Yes, Your Majesty. I will not break your trust again,” promised Pearl.

When the punished girl’s peachy bottom was red and no doubt rather sore, the monarch deemed the message had been driven home and she stopped spanking. She pulled the miscreant up into her lap and the girl winced and gave a little squeal when her tender bottom touched the Queen’s thigh. Her Majesty gently stroked the girl’s wet face and kissed her on the forehead.

“Forgiven me, Ma’am?” Pearl dared herself to ask through tear streaked emerald eyes.

The Queen nodded and held Pearl tightly, kissing her hair. It was such a nice feeling for Pearl knowing that the Queen’s love for her had not diminished. The naughty girl allowed herself a little smile.

The door creaked open slowly and Princess Liha came in. Pearl looked up, her eyes following her lover’s, inquiring and begging for forgiveness.

“You-you still wanna me to be your wife?” Pearl’s lips quivered, her voice barely audible.

Her Highness didn’t say a word. She held out her hand and led Pearl out of the Queen’s bedroom onto the balcony. Outside, the ocean breeze was refreshing. The setting sun streaked fiery red bars across the sky, the gnarled banyan trees glowing. Her Highness sat down on the bench and gestured Pearl to stand in front of her.

She said, “Yes Pearl, I still want you to be my wife, but not before -”

“You do?” Pearl’s emerald eyes widened. “Now you know I’m not a princess AND I lied to you?”

Princess Liha looked her lover in the eye and replied slowly but firmly, “Yes my love, I still love you and wanna marry you. But as I was saying, not before I give your naughty bottom a spanking you’ll never ever forget!” She pulled a wooden paddle out of her pocket.

Pearl’s body stiffened as she saw the solid piece of wood but was swiftly pulled over her lover’s knees.

From the Queen’s room, the monarch could hear the resounding cracks against bare flesh ringing throughout, mixed in with the punished girl’s devastating wails echoing into the still hour of the nightfall. “Must be quite a thrashing. Poor girl.” The Queen lamented, sighing.

Poor girl indeed. The Little Dream Weaver practically did not sit for a week!

On the first day of spring, Princess Liha and Pearl, a commoner from SS Kingdom were married in a celebration that drew the entire population of the island that lasted for three days. “Our Princess Liha and Princess Pearl, we love you!” Shouted islanders excitedly and proudly.

From that day on, the simple girl who’d lived at the edge of the SS Kingdom weaving her own imaginary tales, became a member of the island’s royal family, a real princess, her wildest of dreams fulfilled through love.

Princess Pearl continued to spin fantastic tales to entertain her beloved wife and the benevolent Queen, but she knew the difference between truthlike and truthful and would never cross the line again. And thanks to her loving mother-in-law’s encouragement, the Little Dream Weaver started to write her tales into stories.

The two women lived and spanked happily ever after, while now and then the kind and proud Queen Aster gifting a delicious royal tanning to each princess’ royal behind.


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20 Responses to The Little Dream Weaver

  1. Alyx says:

    Wow! What an imagination you have, Peach! It rivals “Princess” Pearl’s! *LOL* Thank you for this lovely tale….it’s great how everyone benefits from this gift. 🙂 (Btw, I use a software called “Dreamweaver” quite often! It’s very useful. *bg*)

  2. legendarydanger says:

    Absolutely brilliant, as always. Glad to see you back!!!! =D

  3. Hupotasso says:

    O.K. So much I’m mapping out my vacation days for the upcoming year– What are the dates for the next annual SS Kingdom’s annual party?

    I loved this Peach! A wonderful tale!!

    • Peach says:

      How ’bout we all go together? The whole village! We’ll get the Mayor to organize the party!

      Thanks for stopping by Hupo. Glad you liked this little tale. 🙂

  4. cj says:

    Peach, fantastic tale! Loved your characters, I can’t help but see some similar character traits between you and “the little dream weaver”. Big Grin

  5. thanatos150 says:

    Lovely story Peachy! Count me in for the SS Kingdom parties too! XP *grins*

  6. Beck says:

    Great story, Peach! I love how you describe SS Kingdom and make it come to life. I echo what the others have said, sign me up! *g*

  7. Ash says:

    I wanna join the SS kingtom too! 😀

    And btw… The queen and the princess are REALLY gullible! Seriously! 😛 I thought that when Pear finally told the truth the princess would say “Well… duh, I knew that!”

    • Peach says:

      LOL Shhhh, don’t let the Queen and Her Highness hear that Ash!!!
      It’s called trusting, not *cough* gullible, and naughty Pearl violated their trust. 😦
      Thanks for stopping by. Guess everyone wants to be part of the SS Kingdom eh? *bg*

    • Peach says:

      Dang Ash, you may be onto somethin’!!! I could’ve/should’ve written the story a little differently – like you said – making the Queen and the Princess know it all along but let Pearl carry on until she decided to come clean. That way, the royals would appear wise, dignified, and benevolent, and the joke was on the silly girl! Man, how come I never thought of that. *sigh*
      Thank you for your comment! Made me ponder … which is a good thing. 🙂

  8. longtime lurker says:

    Love! I want to see more stories in this universe or similar fantasy worlds (although I’m having trouble thinking of a world more fantastic than this place😃)

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