An Early Xmas Present

Turns out this is a prequel (sorta) to last year’s Xmas story. 😉

xmas image

My new teaching assistant, Tessa Blackwell, is kinda scary, and scarily hot.

Let me explain. In all my other large classes most people pretty much carry on what we do all the time; that is to say we play games, text, surf the web, watch Youtube, or just take a nap. However, on the days when Tessa teaches the class, it’s an entirely different story. When she enters the room her deep gaze sweeps the 80 or so unruly undergrads in the classroom and we all somehow stop talking, put away our iphones, and sit a little straighter in our seats. A collective hushed silence reigns the big room until she opens her mouth and addresses us in a nonsense-free tone. This happens every time when she teaches.

Now I’m not saying Tessa’s physically intimidating; on the contrary, she has soft features on her face, and though with impressive muscled arms and legs indicating some sort of athletic prowess, she is rather slender. She rarely even raises her voice in class. No it’s not her body I’m talking about, it is those big eyes, greenish gray with an intense gaze that sends the warning message, “Do not mess with me, kids!”

The good thing about having a teacher like that is I pay rapt attention in class, though mostly on her person rather than her lectures. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who sometimes drools a little. But I also do my homework diligently and no slacking the entire semester. When she makes a comment like “Good job” or “Excellent effort” on my assignment I find myself blushing. I show it proudly to my roommate, “Hey look, I got a great comment from Tessa!” But Misty only shrugs, “What’s the big deal?” while rolling her eyes.

Can’t she tell I’m totally crushing on Tessa?! THAT is the big deal Misty!

I especially appreciate Tessa’s office hours and take it upon myself to show up every chance I get. I look around her office trying to see if there’s a picture of a boyfriend or girlfriend. I blush when she asks me to sit down or when she says cheerfully “What can I do for you today, Molly?”

“Hmm, er … could you please explain the difference between negative reinforcement and punishment again?” I stammer.

“Ah, that’s a tricky one!” she answers sympathetically and patiently explains it to me.

I confide in Misty, who, in order to “put you out of your misery” in her words, kindly offers to snoop around to find out if Tessa is attached or if she’s into girls for that matter.

I’ve kept a straight A so far in class, which I can’t boast for my other classes. But I still show up in her office hours asking her to check my final project proposal. It’s a late afternoon and she looks a bit tired. Before I have a chance to talk, she sighs, “I would kill to have a cappuccino right now.” I jump out of my seat and offer to get one for her from the Starbucks in the student center. Her eyes brighten, “Really?” I’m almost out of the door when she says, “A blueberry muffin too, please.”

I come back with the goodies and her face breaks into a most beautiful smile. I melt.

The day after the final, Misty and I join others in our favorite Happy Hour hut in College Town. This place lets you drink all the beer and eat all the pizza you want for 10 bucks! Half way into the evening, Misty elbows me whispering “Look who just walked in!” I turn around and see Tessa and a couple other grad students sauntering towards us. She catches my eyes, smiles and nods slightly. I smile back and wave at her. She stops at our table, a surprised look on her face when she sees the half empty beer mug in front of me. Her big eyes shoot me a slightly disapproving kinda look and I blush, my stomach churning ‘cause see, I’m not quite 21 yet. But honestly, an occasional beer can’t really hurt. Tessa reads my thoughts. She pats me on the shoulder and simply says, “Come to my office tomorrow, ok?” before heading to her table.

Huh? Is it good or bad?

Misty leans towards me and winks, “Far as I know she doesn’t have a significant other.”

I go to her office the next day as instructed. She seems happy to see me, shows me my final grade – I got an A! “Congrats Molly. You worked hard this semester.” She gives me a hug and I feel her hand move slowly down my back brushing against my backside. I blush profusely.

“How ‘bout me taking you to lunch to celebrate eh?” She asks, her eyes smiling.

We walk into Little Tony’s, the popular Italian place in the Commons. We are lucky to have a booth and Tessa asks me to sit next to her rather than across. Our legs touch under the table before they bring the bottomless salad. By the time the warm garlic bread is served our hands are resting on each other’s thighs. When our waitress comes with our eggplant lasagna we are too busy kissing to notice.

Tess and I are getting along splendidly. In fact we are quite a contrasting twosome: she’s 5’8” and I’m a measly 5’3” and a half; she has dirty blond hair and greenish gray eyes and my hair and eyes are both dark brown; she’s a few years older and has somewhat of a boss-like demeanor; me? I look um … impish most of the time.

Kinda like a quintessential duo of Top and Bottom, ha!

Now there’s only one problem, a fairly big one though. Tessa is totally vanilla. I’ve been wracking my brain on how to turn her into a spanko ‘cause my peachy bottom is getting really itchy every day. It needs some serious attention.

I try to introduce her to my favorite f/f spanking story blogs. She reads a few stories and giggles, raising her brows, but says it’s not really her thing.

Not really her thing? Seriously? I sigh heavily.

I do not give up though. Christmas is just around the corner. I’m determined to make sure my itchy needy peachy behind gets the attention it so deserves before we go home for winter break.

One way or another, Tess is gonna spank me before we depart for the holidays!

While out shopping, I tell her my recurring dream: I am naughty and misbehaving in her class and she grabs me by my ear and marches me to the front of the classroom, and puts me over her knee and spanks me in front of the entire class! Afterwards she puts me in the corner with my underwear pulled down so the whole class can see my red bottom.

I of course blush when I am recounting this, squirming a little too, embarrassed.

She looks at me with narrowed eyes, thoughtful. “You are such a little pervert,” she declares, half laughing. “Be careful what you wish for, you exhibitionist!” She threatens, patting my burning cheek.

But days pass with nothing. I am starting to feel deflated and disappointed.

Two days before we are going home for the break, Tessa makes dinner for us and afterwards we are cuddling in her couch when she turns to me, “Hey Mo, show me some of those spanking stories you’ve been reading.” I jump up and almost trip over the ottoman to reach my ipad.

While she is reading Peach’s Cat and Stella stories, I watch her reaction intently. She blushes a little and giggles here and there too. A good sign I tell myself.

She turns her amused eyes towards me, a mischievous grin on her face.

“What?” I say. “You like the stories?”

She smirks but does not reply. She continues to look at me with raised eyebrows like she’s gonna pounce on a prey or somethin’.

The next day Tess greets me at the door of her apartment with a hug and leads me to her bedroom.

“Change into these, Mo,” she commands simply and gives a pat on my bottom, winking.

I pick up the clothing from bed. There’s a white short sleeved shirt, a navy blue pleated skirt, a pair of white knee high socks, and a pair of black Mary Jane. There are also two blue scrunches next to the pile.

O.M.G. She’s really gonna play! My heart starts to race as my trembling hands rip off my clothes and put the uniform on.

I look at myself in the mirror. With two high pigtails, rosy cheeks, and the girl’s school uniform, I could easily pass as a middle schooler.

I walk out of the bedroom, slightly trembling. Tess is seated by the kitchen table, her laptop open to a spanking blog page, a plump red bottom displayed prominently on the screen.

Whoa, there’s a wooden ruler lying on the table too. I’ve never seen that thing in her apartment before!

She beckons me with a crooked finger. I demur and shuffle my feet towards her.

She reaches up and smooth out my pigtails, my shirt, and then my skirt. She looks down at my socks and shoes before giving a slight nod of approval.

“Now stand straight and tell me why you are here, Miss Jane,” she says in a naturally stern voice, reminding me of her demeanor in the classroom.

“Who the f*^k is Miss Jane?” My mouth gets ahead of my brain.

She frowns and picks up the ruler. THWACK, it lands forcefully on the back of my skirt.


“Watch your language, little missy,” she warns me, winking and mouthing: “Mary Poppins.”

Oh, THAT Jane. She knows I love the movie.

Rubbing my backside, I play along, “Yes, Mary Poppins, I’m sorry.” Though my rear burns a bit my heart is soaring.

She doesn’t miss a beat, “How ‘bout Miss Poppins?”

“Yes, ma’am, Miss Poppins.”

“Good girl,” she seems pleased. “Now answer my question,” ruler tapping on my thigh.

“Huh? What question?”

THWACK. The ruler lands in the middle of my bottom.

“Ow.” I rub my cheeks. “Umm, I was naughty, perhaps?” I venture tentatively.

“Yes.” She affirms. “Be more specific,” she instructs, looking me in the eye.

Crap. I better think of somethin’ clever, and quick.

“I … er … I didn’t hand in my homework today.” I stand with my hands on each side, feeling like I’m back in middle school, in Principal Huffpuff’s office.

“Care to tell me why, missy?” The ruler taps the corner of the table.

I look down at my feet. “Cuz I forgot to do it last night. I was …”

Two cool fingers lift my chin up. “Too busy reading naughty spanking stories?”

Holy moly. She’s catching on real fast.

“Bu-but how did you … know?” I stutter a little.

“Because I was right there!” She states, sounding exasperated.

“You were … there, Miss Poppins?” For a second I’m confused.

My awesome girlfriend realizes what she’s done and bursts out laughing. “All right, forget I said that.” Shaking her head, she puts her free hand over her forehead.

Then she gets back into the character and puts on a serious face again. “So were you reading spanking stories last night instead of doing homework, Miss Jane?”

“Um, yeah … maybe.”

Another whack on the butt.

“Yes I was, Miss Poppins, Ma’am,” I say correctly this time.

Tess stands up and leads me to the living room. I do a double take when I see all her stuffed animals lined up on the coffee table facing the couch.

She sits down on the edge of the couch and points at her lap.

A thrilling chill runs down my spine. I lower my body and dive over her knee.

Ah, I’ve missed being in this position for a long while.

“For your naughty behavior, Miss Jane, you will be spanked in front of your classmates!” She announces. I can tell she’s trying hard not to laugh.

I look over at the coffee table and o.m.g, each fluffy stuffed student seems to have a big mirth on their face.

She flips up my skirt and starts to hand spank me on my undie-clad bottom cheeks, gently.

I wiggle my butt and pout, “You’re supposed to spank harder.”

“Oh, you little brat! You want harder?” She delivers a few sharper slaps, the sound echoing off the wall. I love it!

“Yeah, like that.” I wiggle more, giggling, edging her on.

Tess gives me a dozen more fairly hard slaps before pausing. She hooks her fingers inside my undies, peeling them down, and rubbing my tender cheeks.

“Wow, they are quite pink, your cheeks!” She exclaims, sounding surprised and in awe.

She turns my bottom towards the coffee table, “Let’s show your classmates a spanked naughty bottom.”

I actually feel real embarrassed. Weird.

“Have you had enough spanking, Miss Jane?” She pats my cheeks.

Is she kiddin’?

“Er … I was VERY naughty, remember, Miss Poppins?” I’m hopeful this is enough to get her to continue.

Apparently it is, ‘cause she picks up the ruler.

She wields that thing like a pro. It hurts more on naked flesh but I enjoy the sting.

“Am I supposed to scold now?” She pauses and asks.

“Yup.” I answer crisply, wriggling my hips back and forth.

“You naughty girl, will you hand in your homework on time from now?” Tess uses a stern voice, punctuated with a couple whacks.

“Yes, ma’am, I promise to be a good girl.” I actually mean it ‘cause by now my bottom is starting to sting a tad too much.

“No more reading kinky stories when you are supposed to be doing homework, yes?” Two hard slaps land on my left cheek.

“Ow, yes, Miss Poppins.” I kick my legs to deflect some sting.

Clearly Tessa is enjoying herself. “Are you embarrassed being spanked on your bare bottom in front of your classmates, Miss Jane?”

Darn, she’s getting good, almost too good.

“Yes, I am, Ma’am, very embarrassed.” I turn around to look at my fluffy classmates and they all seem to wink at me and nod their silly heads.

Tessa pats my sore bottom and rubs her hand in circles, presumably admiring her handiwork.

“You know Molly, I could spank you for real for drinking alcohol at Happy Hours.”

My heart sinks. “Oh c’mon Tess, I only had some beer.” I plead.

A pause. “All right, I suppose a beer or two won’t cause any harm.” Then her voice becomes a tad serious, “But promise me no hard stuff ‘k?”

“’K. I promise Tess.”

Tessa lifts me up to my feet, straightens my hair and clothes before getting back to role play. She mock barks, “Now get your ass to the corner, missy!”

I stare at my newly-minted toppy spanko of a girlfriend in awe, full of gratitude. I love her so much but “Um … Miss Poppins is not supposed to say ass.” I remind her meekly.

“Oh,” she says, putting a hand over her mouth and chuckles. “Ok, please move that red bottom of yours over to the corner, Miss Jane.” She enunciates each word clearly.

“What if I don’t eh?” I tease her.

She accepts the challenge, standing up from the couch half smiling. I step back but she firmly grabs my ear and spank-walks me to the corner. I try to protect my backside with a free hand.

She tucks my skirt up to make sure my spanked bottom is visible. Then she slaps my tender bottom cheeks a few more times, chuckling, “This is actually fun. I can totally get used to this.”

Oh dear, sure hope you know what you’re getting yourself into, Molly.

My lovely girlfriend purrs in my ear, “Merry Christmas, Mo. Hope you liked your early Christmas present.”

“Are you kidding? This is the best Xmas present ever!” I swoon into her soft neck. “Thanks and I love you so much, Tess.”


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

This story is part of Alyx’s 2015 Christmas Gift Exchange here

xmas ruler

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29 Responses to An Early Xmas Present

  1. Hupotasso says:

    Aww. This is SUCH a sweet story. You capture the playful, fun loving part of a spanking relationship SO well! Thanks for writing and sharing. And Merry Christmas!

  2. Alyx says:

    Ah, Mary Poppins! Brings to mind Julie Andrews, who is one of the main reasons I’m a lesbian! 😀 A very sweet story, Peach, and the scene with the stuffed animals was very funny and reminded me of something….hmm, what could it be? 😉 Anyway, thank you for sharing that lovely gift with us!

    • Peach says:

      Hi Alyx, thanks. Yeah Julie Andrews would make a formidable top! haha
      Um… maybe a bit exhibitionist fantasy adds to the thrills? *bg*
      Hope you have a great holiday!

  3. Ash says:

    Great story, Peach. My heart felt for Molly when she mentioned that Tessa was vanilla. Sigh. It was a good x-mas gift for her girl friend. 🙂

  4. bystander says:

    Brilliant Peach, this had me giggling away to myself.

  5. naughtyney says:

    Peach, what a lovely, humorous and thrilling story! I really enjoyed reading it! What a dream come true for Molly, but be careful what you wish for! 😊

    Well done! Merry Christmas!

    • Peach says:

      Hi naughtyney, welcome and thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed reading it.
      Thanks for the warning – judging from your nick you might be speaking from experience? 😉

  6. kati000 says:

    Highly enjoyable, Peach !
    Whenever I read a story of yours I could swear it’s written by someone who has been in a DD relationship for many years. It’s so realistic :D. Thanks a lot for this gift , Peachie, and I hope you had a nice Christmas !

  7. Micah says:

    Great job Peach! Thank you for the Christmas gift! I love the description of the stuffed animals. It really adds to the playful nature of the story.

  8. Mimi says:

    A very sweet story drafted with élan, as usual! Thanks for this wittily wrapped Xmas present 😊

    How I wish I had a spanko top waiting to pay attention to my naughty bottom! Heck – I think I deserve it… If not anything, I’m guilty of reading a naughty spanking story now 😜

    Belated wishes for a merry Christmas. Hope you had fun 😊

    • Peach says:

      Thanks Mimi! Glad you liked this present.
      Well, good thing about NOT having a top is one can do whatever one wants, right?! 😉 The downside is our bottoms will continue to itch, dang. 😦
      Happy holidays to you too.

  9. Mil says:

    Thanks Peach! I reaaly enjoyed that! Such a sweet couple. 🙂

  10. cj says:

    Hey Peach! Another delightful story. Loved your “rapt attention on her personhood” I could so picture you in that role. Love that you got her to Top you!! Ooops I mean your character. *bg* I was just wondering what your gift is? If we switch a straight girl it is a toaster oven, but a vanilla to a Spanko? A paddle perhaps? Haha

    • Peach says:

      Yeah I should’ve named this story “How to convert a vanilla gf to a spanko toppy.” LOL. Oh a paddle with a fur side would be nice. 😉
      Thanks for visiting CJ. Glad you liked it.

  11. Beck says:

    I loved the story Peach! I really like how you touched on the initial conversations that occurred between Tessa and Molly. It’s a sweet story and explores the beginnings of a relationship well. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Summer says:

    ……how long till the next one

  13. Hey Peachie! Well you absolutely nailed the ‘teacher crush’ story! Reminded me of my college days! What a relief that Mo finally gets some relief! *LOL* Thanks for the naughty gift!

  14. gubby says:

    I love your stories. Please write more Molly and Tess stories. 😘😘

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