Maddy & Gen 5: Aloha Xmas


Maddy’s December conference in Honolulu was held in the sprawling Hilton Hawaiian Village compound. The large room on the mezzanine in the west wing was bustling with the presence of 200 or so plant pathologists from all over the world. Genevieve sat in the audience, marveling at how composed and confident her girlfriend looked behind the podium. In a simple beige pencil skirt and a white top, waving auburn hair lying naturally around her shoulders, the petite Dr. Madison McGrath smiled at the room as it finally quieted down in anticipation of her keynote speech.
Maddy is in her element for sure, Sensei beamed with pride.
If the enthusiastic applause erupting at the end was any indication, the speech was well received. The audience asked Maddy many technical questions about her ground-breaking research on emerald ash borer in North America and she answered all of them expertly, showing her solid knowledge on the subject.
“That was excellent, Hon!” After the meeting was over, Genevieve walked up to the front and gave her girlfriend a big hug.
“Thank you Gen.” Maddy rested her head on Sensei’s should for a brief moment, relieved that it had gone well.
“C’mon, let’s get out of here now.” Sensei looked at her watch, “Time to go meet –” she didn’t have a chance to finish.
“The Aloha Top!” Maddy exclaimed excitedly as she remembered their plan.
At the entrance of a seafood restaurant, the two women nervously looked around trying to locate the legendary Aloha Top. A gentle pat on Maddy’s arm caused her to swirl around, looking directly into a smiling face.
“Maddy?” The short-haired woman was wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt.
Maddy nodded, “You … AT?!” using the Aloha Top’s nick that everyone in the small f/f kinky community was fondly familiar with.
“Yes!” AT replied and gave Maddy a big hug. Then she turned to Genevieve, extending out her hand, “And you must be Gen.”
Another round of huge hugs and greetings ensued before the waiter led them to their booth, right by the open windows. Outside, ocean waves were gently swaying onto the shore where the singing seagulls were busy chasing their food.
The Aloha Top is not very scary. Maddy smirked and relaxed, sinking into the booth. On the contrary, she seems rather friendly and nice.
It was wonderful for the three women to finally meet, after years of email correspondence in which Gen and Maddy expressed their love and admiration for AT’s f/f stories. The beloved characters in discipline relationships captured so many readers’ hearts and Maddy and Gen were two of the staunchest supporters and fans of the Top.
After lots of laughter over a delightful seared native mahi mahi and poi lunch, they made plans to meet again on Xmas eve when AT had the day off.

The two holiday makers flew to the Big Island the next day. They explored the volcanic park, swam in waterfalls and cycled on winding trails, ate at roadside food stalls, and lounged on black and green sand beaches before returning to O’ahu.
On Xmas Eve, AT took them to the Pali overlook to see the wonderful panoramic view of the northeast coast of the Island. It was a bright day with the bluest sky Maddy had ever seen. The December sun was warm but the trade winds howled in the gust blowing Maddy’s shoulder length hair into her face. The three women walked briskly on the short trail along the cliff while AT told the story of how King Kamehameha 1 conquered the Island by winning a very bloody battle at this exact spot.
Afterwards, they piled into AT’s car. “Alrighty, to my office.” Maddy and Gen were very excited to visit the Aloha Discipline they’d read so much about from the blog. Maddy was literally bouncing on her seat. As they were pulling out of the parking lot, the car made a left turn quickly and was on the main road right away.
Sensei gasped silently.
“Hey,” Maddy’s jaw dropped. She pointed at the “No Left Turn” sign on the roadside as they passed.
The driver noticed their reaction. She chuckled, “Guess I was a bit naughty back there huh.” She added, “It’s just so much easier this way to get back on the road.”
She’s lucky there’s no cop lurking around.
Maddy turned to her girlfriend with an incredulous look. See, if a Top can break rules like that, what do you expect from me? Maddy’s smug curl of the lip said it loudly.
Sensei frowned, giving Maddy a “Don’t Even Think about it!” stern look.
When they arrived at the Aloha Discipline office, Maddy looked at the non-descriptive brick building and quipped, “Hey AT, how come there’s no Aloha Discipline sign with your picture on the door?”
Haha very funny, typical brat. AT and Sensei rolled their eyes and shook their heads.
AT put the key in and slowly opened the door. “Tadaaa, here it is.” She proudly waved her arm in a semi-circle across the spacious room. “Welcome to Aloha Discipline! This is where I …” she cleared her throat, “where naughty women receive their spankings.”
Maddy and Gen gingerly stepped through the threshold into the room. They were totally in awe of this place and couldn’t believe they were actually standing right there.
“The business is booming,” AT chatted. “Not complaining though, just that I may need to quit my day job AND take on an assistant real soon.” The professional disciplinarian exuded utter confidence when she showed her guests every implement displayed prominently.
Maddy’s eyes were drawn to the long bench in the middle of the room. She knew what it was for of course. This is where the action happens! The brat shuddered, a tingling shot down her spine as she remembered stories of discipline that’d occurred on this very bench.
“Wanna try the bench, Maddy?” AT’s voice floated into her consciousness.
“Wha, what?” Instinctively she went to hide behind Sensei, shaking her head.
“Oh c’mon hon,” Sensei chuckled, playfully swatting Maddy on her bottom. “You’ve been dreaming about this day for how long now?”
The younger woman blushed. She turned to AT and nodded shyly, “Yes, please.”
With a big grin on her face, AT gently guided Maddy to lay herself face down onto the bench. Maddy was surprised it’s actually quite comfortable with the soft flannel cover and the bench was wide enough for her to stretch around. Hey this is almost like the day-bed I had at home when growing up. What’s even more amazing, she could lay her face right into a hole of the softest cushion just like on a massage table.
“Ok, are you comfortable Maddy?” AT asked as she pushed a button to adjust the incline of the bench so the bottom was at a perfect height and angle.
“Heheh, this is great!” Maddy wiggled around getting real comfortable.
In the next hour or so, the Aloha Top was truly in her element. She demonstrated her disciplinary skills using her hand and then different implements, especially with the cane because Gen had asked for specific advice on how to use a cane effectively but safely. Poor Maddy’s shorts and underwear didn’t stay for long after a warm-up with AT’s electrifying palm. Her bare butt got to taste every implement AT owned, and even Sensei got to practice a few whacks with the cane. Before long, Maddy’s bouncy bottom turned rosy, and then quickly morphed into a flaming red summer peach in Georgia.
Wow, AT’s stamina is amazing and her techniques are flawless, Watching the professional at work, Sensei couldn’t help but marvel at the Aloha Top’s confidence and skill.
After the demonstration session was over, Sensei helped her whimpering girlfriend off the bench and re-clothed. “Thank you for this special treatment, AT!” Sensei gave AT a heartfelt hug. “You made Maddy’s dream come true.” Rubbing her sore bottom vigorously, the spanked woman felt completely sated. Both visitors were very grateful to their friend for her generosity because they knew this was something extraordinarily special for a spanko.
“You’re welcome.” AT replied graciously, “Consider it an early Xmas present to both of ya.” She winked, “Besides, I enjoyed it very much.”

That night Gen and Maddy sat on their balcony drinking rum laced eggnog, watching the setting sun over the ocean turning into a breathtaking orange and yellow fireball. The hustle and bustle was quietening down as most of the tourists had gone back indoors when the night fell. There were still a few paddle boats in the water near the shore though, and here and there scattered on the sand were young lovebirds enjoying themselves.
Maddy wiggled in her plastic chair, fidgeting, trying to get comfortable.
“How’s that bottom of yours? Still sore?” Gen teased.
“Ya bet. AT did a real number on my backside.” The spanked woman was all smiles.
“Agreed,” Sensei smiled back sympathetically. She put down her cup, got up from her chair and retrieved a little jar from her handbag.
“Here sweetie,” she handed it to Maddy. “New soothing balm for your sore bottom.”
“Aw, how thoughtful,” Maddy exclaimed gratefully. “Put it on for me, please hon?”
“Sure, but why don’t you open the lid for me?”
Maddy removed the lid. She blinked as a ray of shimmering metal caught her eyes. She stared at the silver band snuggling in the jar, mouth wide open.
The beam on the older woman’s face was like the Aloha sunshine, only brighter.
“Will you?” Genevieve whispered.
The younger woman’s heart was melting. She threw herself into her partner’s open arms. But being a naughty brat, she decided to have some fun. Stepping back, eyebrow rising, she looked at her partner in the eye and enunciated each word with enough posh British tone and precision she could muster, “Ms. Genevieve Osaki, you must ask properly. I won’t answer unless you ask properly.”
Huge fans of Downton Abby, both women knew it was a direct quote from Lady Mary to one of her suitors.
The little brat won’t let me have it that easily huh. Sensei mused. “Asking you properly?”
“Why yes, Ms. Osaki.” Grinning widely with a mischievous gleam in her eyes, the younger woman was not budging.
Taking a deep breath, Genevieve got down on her knee and took Maddy’s hands into hers. Their eyes locked. “Ms. Madison McGrath, will you marry me?”
“YES!” Maddy bent down and held Gen’s face in her hands. “It will be my greatest pleasure to be your wife, Ms. Osaki.”
Both women were tearing up. Gen pulled her fiancée up and gently slid the ring onto Maddy’s vena amoris. It fit perfectly.
As she was admiring her ring, Maddy suddenly lost her footing and her body was becoming horizontal as she landed over her partner’s knee. The older woman adjusted her position on the sofa.
“Hey,” Maddy protested. “Whatcha doing, my love?”
“What am I doing?” Gen repeated the question as she peeled down Maddy’s shorts and panties, laying bare two soft orbs that still sported fainted redness. “You wanted proper, right?” She playfully slapped the upturned bottom, one on each quivering cheek. “I’ll show you how spankos propose properly, Missy!”
Maddy giggled and whined, “But my bottom is sore already.”
“Well, your naughty bottom will be even more sore after I properly propose.” Sensei said in a mock stern voice before delivering half a dozen sharp slaps to the peachy bottom.
“Owww.” The prone woman wiggled her hips and squealed.
“Madison” SWAT! “McGrath,” SWAT! “will” SWAT! “you” SWAT! “be” SWAT! “my” SWAT! “wife?” SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!
Maddy answered “YES” after each swat as her bottom bounced and jiggled under the impact of Sensei’s firm palm. Afterwards, Gen stopped spanking and started to gently caress the red tender bottom, making circular motions on each cheek. Maddy’s breath became more rapid and she slowly turned around locking her grinning grey eyes with Gen’s dark brown, pulling her partner down.
“Please Sensei, promise you will never leave me,” murmured a breathless Maddy.
“I promise, my dearest and naughtiest brat,” purred Gen, lowering herself into her lover.
The moon light shone through the open window, witnessing the two lovebirds entangling their tongues and bodies in a slow love dance on the sofa.

Around the midnight they heard a rustling at the door. Gen quickly threw on an oversize t-shirt and hurried to the door. “Anybody out there?” Rubbing her eyes, she thought she saw Santa retreating at a brisk pace, tall and slim in a well-tailored red garment with the white fur collar and the black boots contrasting the red in the moonlight.
“Hm, strange. Nobody is out there but I thought I saw Santa, only it’s a much more spiffy kinda Santa.” Gen stood by the door and quipped.
Before she even finished the sentence, the thought struck both women. “OMG, it’s Kris?” Maddy rushed to the door, in all her naked glory.
“Look, there’s a package here.” She picked it up.
They closed the door. Inside the festive wrapping paper lay a soft brown leather belt, M and G carved into the silver buckle.
Wow, no kidding. Kris is real.

The next day they met up with AT for a Christmas drink in one of the fancy hotels on Diamond Head. They had a table on the deck overlooking the blue ocean and the white sand beach.
AT sat down on the wicker chair and immediately bounced back up. “Ow. These darn chairs are really hard.”
Maddy and Gen exchanged a puzzled look.
A waiter materialized promptly, holding a stack of fabric cushions. “Ma’am, would you like one of these?”
“Oh, thank goodness.” AT answered gratefully, taking one from the waiter. “You guys are so very considerate.”
“Well ma’am, for some reason, every year around this time more patrons complain about hard chairs. Something to do with Xmas Eve I figure.” The waiter kept a straight face as he explained while Maddy also took one from him for herself.
Aloha Top blushed. It was a very subtle and inward kind of blush. She coughed and quickly changed the subject by handing a wrapped box to Maddy and Gen, “Merry Xmas and congrats on your engagement.” She gave them each a big hug.
Eyes widened, Maddy said, “How did you know?”
“Kris told me,” was the Top’s reply.
“Kris? She visited you too?” Maddy’s face broke into a wide smirk. “Ahhh.” She winked, a big glint in her eyes.
“Ah what?” AT’s eyebrow rose.
“You got spanked, didn’t you?” Maddy blurted out triumphantly.
The Top didn’t answer, but sat straighter in her seat, a picture of toppy dignity.
“You did!” Maddy persisted in a typical brat way, sporting the biggest of all victorious smugness and declared, “For that left turn yesterday!”
AT blushed again, this time outwardly and quite profusely. She glared at the brat, “Alright, yes I did if you must know.” She rolled her eyes and shifted in her seat, “And for some other” she cleared her throat, “minor indiscretions over the last year.” Then in a typical toppy voice she said mock sternly, “Now can we move on and order our drinks?!”
Such an adorable top, AT is. Maddy and Gen giggled.
After they ordered their drinks, Maddy opened the package and found herself holding a long, beautifully polished ebony Throne Spanker.
“Thank you so much,” the newly engaged couple gushed as one as they fought to have a closer look and to touch the shining wood.
“Hope you enjoy it.” AT winked with a wide grin, “I’m pretty sure Gen will.”
It was Maddy’s turn to blush as she gently felt the smooth surface of the paddle before handing it over to Sensei.
Sensei looked at her brat affectionately. “Well, between this beauty and the belt Kris gifted us last night, I have a feeling that someone is not going to be able to sit very much next year, I’m afraid.”
The younger woman pouted, “But I thought we just got engaged and you love me.”
Gen chuckled, pure bliss on her face. “Of course I do sweetheart. What can I say? Love may conquer all, but spanking conquers love.”
AT nodded approvingly, “Well said, Gen!”
Maddy and Sensei then presented their Xmas gift to the Aloha Top. Maddy carefully put it on the table and slowly pulled off the red velvet cover revealing a glass sculpture. “Tadaaa, specially made for you in Murano!”
The vintage thick glass statue was about a feet tall, featuring a short haired woman (with striking resemblance to AT incidentally) with one hand on her narrow hip, the other semi-raised holding a little paddle. Her facial expression was a vivid mixture of benevolence and authority, her eyes nurturing and warm and yet stern. The Italian phrase “Disciplina Aloha” was discreetly carved into the glass stand.
AT’s eyes widened as she gently touched the glass. She was amused but pleased. “Wow, I LOVE it. Thank you both.” She gave Maddy and Gen each a hug. “Guess I can put it at the entrance of the office to greet all the naughty women.” She quipped, winking.
Maddy couldn’t help but giggle, remembering the somewhat awkward conversation she had with the glass maker in Murano and the amused look on his wrinkled face when he finally understood what she’d wanted him to make.
Their drinks arrived.
“To love and spanking.” The three life-long spanko women raised their glasses in the warm Aloha sun.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This story is part of Alyx’s 2016 Christmas Gift Exchange here.

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30 Responses to Maddy & Gen 5: Aloha Xmas

  1. cj says:

    Peach I love it! You know Gen and Maddie are some of my favs! Than you brought AT into the mix! Now they are engaged too! Excellent Christmas gifts!! Thanks for another wonderful story.

  2. Peach says:

    Merry Xmas cj!
    Glad you liked the story. 🙂 Thanks for commenting. Can’t wait to read yours and the others too!

  3. Alyx says:

    Grr, I posted a response and WordPress ate it! *SWATTING THE BLOG REPEATEDLY*

    *LOL* Peachie, your imagination never ceases to amaze me. I love the idea of “Aloha Top” and wish we had someone like that over here….she would get a lot of business, that’s for sure! (Come to think of it, I better get me a bench like that! 😀 )

    Thanks so much for sharing this holiday gift with us. It’s a lovely story and I really like how Maddy and Gen’s relationship continues to evolve. I love how supportive Gen is of Maddy too. Merry Christmas, Peach-Brat!

    • Peach says:

      Hey Alyx, ya know me and my imaginations. 😉 Glad you liked it.
      Me really thinks you should start a f/f spanking tour business in Aloha! It’ll be very successful. All the villagers would come for starters. *bg*
      Hope you have a great holiday!

  4. ABC says:

    I’m so thankful your gift was a continuation of Maddy and Gen, YAY! AT what an added bonus. That was great Peach and 😍 you threw in Downton Abbey hehe. Can’t wait for more. I wonder if Maddie, instead of a bridezilla, will become a bratzilla. Oh I can’t wait. I love this couple! Awesome writing, great gift thanks.

    • Peach says:

      Hi ABC, glad you liked it. Yeah Maddy is a bit of a brat, but Sensei can take care of it. 😉 I hope their second chance at love will be awesome. *fingers crossed”
      You can see I’m a huge fan of Downton Abbey and Lady Mary. *bg*

  5. Hupotasso says:

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED that AT would disregard a “no left turn” sign and interested to see that Kris dealt with her conduct appropriately. 😉

    I love this series and this is another great story with my two favorite characters of yours.

    Thanks for this lovely gift! And Merry Christmas.

    (Speaking of Downton Abbey, does anyone else suspect that Lady Mary was a closet spanko?)

    • Peach says:

      *cough and whisper* Hupo, I did not make up that traffic story! *bg*
      Thanks for your comment and glad you liked it.

      I would gladly dive across Lady Mary’s knee any day! lol Wouldya?

    • ABC says:

      Haha Hupo I just saw this comment. Lady Mary did say (my favorite quote of hers) I should hate to be predictable so I could see that, but more so Ms. Hughes being a top 😉 Man I miss that show! I loved Syble and Ruth a bit.

  6. Micah says:

    Great job, Peach! I really enjoyed the story as well as two of my favorite characters. Thank you for your Christmas gift!

  7. Ash says:

    Oh my! I do declare! That is so romantic! Hiding a ring in a jar of cooling cream! Why… I’m not sure it cooled her off at all!
    Hahah! 😛
    I’m sorry I’m late commenting, Peachie. However, I did read this ages ago. I just wanted to commented on all the x-mas gift at the same time, preferably after I had given one too. 🙂
    I am soooo happy that Gen and Maddie are getting married, though I must confess that I am a little disappointed. I knew that the mature Sensei would never notice a gal like me, but it was nice to imagine that it might happen. *sighing dramatically*

  8. Robin says:

    Hi Peach! I have been lurking your page too for awhile but its time to delurk and give you some credit for your excellent work! I was very happy to see you had created a new Maddy-and-Gen story! I like it very much! They are such a loveable couple and all the stories are very hot. When i read yr first one, i went euphoric 😍 Its something about stern but caring professors i guess 🙂 that goes right to my heart! And plant pathology is not my subject but it is pretty close…. LoL! So it was easy to relate. Thank you Peach for this great story! Oh, and I loved that even a Top can get their backside warmed sometimes… 😉

    • Peach says:

      Hi Robin!
      Happy new year.
      Muchas gracias for delurking and welcome to my little corner. Glad you like Maddy and Gen stories. That’s what I like to hear! 🙂 Now what is it about a stern and caring professor that brats are drawn to?! 😉

      Your field is close to plant pathology? Hmm, which part? plant/gardening or pathology/medical?

      Shh, I can assure ya the said top can be quite … naughty! LOL

  9. Robin says:

    Gracias! It’s great to be here, and Happy new year to you too, Peach! I do like all your stories very much even if I cant deny my special love for Maddy and Gen, and also very much for Rosie and the formidable Professor Ponsonby. Lol, the stern and caring professor again! Cant get enough!;-)

    I am a plant ecologist with a tiny bit of plant pathology in my luggage. Lol, i wondered if you maybe were a plant pathologist? I never googled the bugs Maddie work on so i cant tell if you are faking! 😀

    About that… naughty Top… it would be awesome to read more about her adventures 🙂 just a thought.;-)

    • Peach says:

      Emerald ash borer idea is completely copied from Google search! 😉 I’m in behavioral science, quite a distance from plant pathology. Your job sounds like a very interesting and maybe fun one though!
      Well, I *cough* do keep a list of the said top’s adventures, but … the ability to sit comfortably is something I value … lol

      • Robin says:

        ‘g’ it sounds like a beautiful bug! Your subject sounds very interesting! Is that animal behaviour or people? Once upon a time i wanted to study animal behaviour before i chose plants. I admit my job has been pretty awesome too. But for the moment i swapped it for farming which i love and which is a real challenge. 🙂

        Good luck now with both that Top and bottom. 😀

        • Peach says:

          Oh you are a farmer?! How cool is that! 🙂 They still have farms in Sweden? What do you farm by the way?
          I once joked with Ash that I should specialize in spanko behavior, studying tops, bottoms, dominant, submissive, and whatnot. LOL. But … where can one publish their papers? 😉

  10. Robin says:

    LoL, yes we have farms still, but its not easy so yr question is a good one! But im still curious about why you ask. 🙂 Have you been to Sweden? Its very hard to get it to pay if you dont have lots of land or mix it with other business. I am growing organic crops, and will try to find old varieties that are more healthy and so on, and maybe sell some at the farm or process it to make it pay a little. I like the idea to growing vegetables and have chicken and goats to be sell reliant on food. Im still starting up and have a lots of ideas 🙂
    Oh, I would totally read yr paper on spanko behaviour 😀 I think there must be a behaviour themed journal that would publish it! Hehe, maybe just too optimistic. 🙂

    • Peachie says:

      Not yet, but it’s on my bucket list! Been to Iceland though and it was cool. I really also wanna visit Denmark ’cause of Borgen. Loved the show and bought the whole DVD set. 🙂
      Your farm sounds fascinating! Such a great idea to find old varieties and revive them. I’d love to buy free range chicken from ya! And veggies too. *bg* Don’t have anything like that around here so everything is from grocery stores. 😦

  11. Robin says:

    Wow, Iceland! Would love to go there. The horses are awesome, and just the right size (perfect for me) :-). But I am staying home for a while now. Glad you like my farming ideas! You just pop in for veggies and chicken! That would be cool 🙂

  12. Hupotasso says:

    Peachie- We NEED another Maddie and Gen story. How about a story about the wedding or honeymoon?

    • cj says:

      I second Hupo’s demand… ok her sweet request. *BG* Maybe Maddie brings home a 4 legged pet or a parrot that talks?

      • Peachie says:

        Hey Hupo and CJ,
        I know I know. Been thinking about Maddy and Sensei too. 🙂 But I’m debating between whether it’s smooth sailing from this point on or some significant bumps on the road to happily ever after?! 😉
        Thanks for liking this couple!

    • Peachie says:

      Oh Hupo, I just noticed your new gravata! It’s really cool and suits you. 😉

  13. Rifel says:

    Hi Peach!
    I’ve read all the stories I could find on your blog some years ago, I don’t even remember if I had already commented, but I love them; I think they are the first stories in which i found right balance between discipline and love and they became like a comparison term for everything i’ve read after that. Yesterday I came back here from some other f/f blogs, and what a surprise to find a new maddy and gen story! Thanks for keep writing! (And sorry for my english, it’s not so good yet but I hope it’s understandable anyway!)

    • Peachie says:

      Hi Rifel,
      Welcome to my little corner! Thank you for the generous compliments on my stories – I’m always happy to hear that people like them. 🙂 Don’t worry about your English, it’s very good anyways, perfectly understandable. 🙂

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