Two new f/f blogs

I’m a bit behind (ok very behind ;)), but just wanted to share with everyone two exciting new f/f blogs. The first one (link here: is by the veteran author of f/f spanky genre and our beloved Mayor of Global Village Alyx. As some of you may know, Alyx had all her wonderful stories up on her blog for many years free of charge. I hope you’ll pop over to her new blog and support her writing career by purchasing her books on Amazon.

The second blog (link here: is by Anna Reilly, aka Micah who is also an accomplished author of f/f spanking and romance stories. There are already several great entries posted on her blog! Please go visit and support her too.

I’ve linked both to my blogroll. We need more f/f spanky stories! *bg*


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8 Responses to Two new f/f blogs

  1. Daddy says:

    I think someone needs to be layed over a knee and given a good sound spanking for procrastination . Daddy would offer but somehow I suspect you would prefer Mommy . However maybe a Discipline spanking from Daddy would stay with you longer …. bare bottom nose in corner while I get my paddle young lady 1 🙂

  2. Daddy says:

    I am a man who likes your writing and stories , Above says comments appreciated. Then when I point out that you need a good spanking for being so far behind . My comment is deleted ? Interesting . Rude , but interesting .

    • Peachie says:

      Your previous comment was removed because it made me feel uncomfortable. For starters, the comment had nothing to do with the post, which was to promote the new ff websites. You were correct in saying that my interests are for F/F interaction, but honestly, even if they weren’t, it still doesn’t mean I would be open to strangers discussing spanking me. Hope that’s clearer.
      I will leave your comment and my reply up for a few days before removing both. Readers don’t need this kind of distraction from the post.

      • Daddy says:

        My initial reply was meant in a Joking Manner , I apologize that you felt uncomfortable . An Email to me would have sufficed . Feel free to delete the comments any time . I still like your writing skills . Enjoy

  3. Issabel says:

    I love your website (and the other f/f referrals you give). They make me feel warms and fuzzy and safe. I do feel like you (and other f/f authors) get some compliments and comments from male readers that are presumptuous and creepy. Seeing them makes me feel icky, both because I’m sad that people are so inappropriate and because the f/f spanko community is such a safe, warm, silly space for writers and lurkers alike.

    Anyway, I’m not sure anything can be done about it, I just wish the fragile masculine ego wasn’t quite so prevalent. Sigh.

    • Peachie says:

      Hi Issabel,
      Welcome to my little corner! *g* Glad you like this and other ff sites.
      Your kind words and support means a lot! Thank you.

  4. Maryk88 says:

    i haven’t been on here in forever but I’m excited to look at these sites! I miss your cat and stella stories though!

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