Rosy-Cheeked Christmas

Woohoo, my first Christmas away from home, alone with Tessa, in sunny Cancún to boot. A spectacular holiday break from the frozen Midwest.

“You’ve been grinning ever since we got here, Mo.” Tessa observes, eyeing me with an amused expression.

“I know!” I hug her and kiss her. “Thank you for bringing me to this awesome place, Tess!” I gush. The hotel room is spacious, not to mention a mini Christmas tree by the window and a pot of bright red poinsettia on the coffee table.

Christmas morning, I wake up at 7 o’clock sharp. All is quiet but the excitement is winding its way over my body making it impossible to get back to sleep.

I turn to look at my sleeping beauty of a girlfriend. She looks so angelic and peaceful, her breathing rhythmic and content.

Against my better judgement, I poke her and whisper in her ear, “You awake honey?”

“Huh?” Her eyes barely open, “No. What time is it, baby?”

“Umm … time to wake up and open pressies!” I kiss her softly on the nose.

“Another hour, sweetie.” Tessa turns to her side and falls back to sleep.

Ah, the empty champagne bottle on the night table reminds me that we did stay up late last night, playing with each other’s body. But still.

“Another hour?” I get into a pouting mood. “What am I supposed to do?”

Tessa is snoring ever so slightly.

I sigh and grab my phone and start texting Merry Christmas to my family and friends, just to kill time. Then I go to Youtube to watch my favorite Root and Shaw love scenes for the 20th time. I watch the re-runs just to see these two hot sexy women.

An hour passes. Time to get Tessa up.

“Tess,” I straddle her legs, shaking her a bit. “Time to wake up.”

She stirs but her eyes are still closed.

“C’mon Tess.” I beg.

She’s motionless.

Clearly she needs help waking up.

I look around the room and my eyes catch the little bucket sitting on top of the fridge. I smirk.

Crawling off of her, I grab the bucket, and quietly slip out of the room.

The ice machine is at the end of the long corridor. The place is deserted at this time and I can hear my flip-flop on the floor.

I come back to the room with the bucket full. Picking up one single cube of ice, I gingerly toss it into Tessa’s PJ top before tiptoeing into the bathroom and locking the door.

Let the show begin!

Less than two seconds later, a screech pierces the room and I’m afraid it’s gonna shatter the glass windows.

I, of course, am doubled over on the bathroom floor, holding my breath.

A firm knock on the door. “Molly, open this door RIGHT NOW.”

“Aw sweetie,” I manage to stop laughing and catch my breath. “Merry Xmas to ya too.”

A groan. “Merry Xmas, honey.” A sigh and a pause. “And now I’m gonna count to three, … ONE-”

I’m pretty sure she’s rolling her eyes too.

I slowly unlock the door. Tessa looks wide awake with pursed lips, no trace of sleepiness on her face. Great, the ice did the trick! I act completely innocent and delightedly fling myself into her arms.

“Pressie time?” I ask with the cutest puppy face I can muster.

She hugs me and then peels me away to an arm’s length. Looking at me with an incredulous expression, Tessa snorts, “Uh-huh,” shaking her head.

Instead, she grasps my hand and walks over to the bed. She sits down and pulls me easily over her knee. I pretend to protest by wiggling my hip and kicking my feet. “Hey, whatcha doing, Tess?”

“You asked for it.” She says in a mock exasperated tone and flexes her hand.

“Aw, isn’t it too early for a spanking?” I tease her. “You haven’t had your coffee yet.”

“It’s true I need my coffee.” Tessa concedes. “But I better take care of your naughty bottom before it gets itself into more trouble!” She says emphatically while pulling up my over-sized t shirt, revealing a bare bottom.

Don’t remember what happened to my underwear last night.

“But it’s Christmas! You can’t possibly spank me on Christmas!” I kick my feet some more.


“Settle down,” Tessa gives a sharp spank to my cheeks, “Stop kicking.” She rubs my bottom in a circular motion. “This is exactly what we need on Christmas morning! Painting a pale bottom red,” SPANK! “to match the poinsettia over there!” She smirks.

“Ouch, that hurts.” I whine and wiggle my butt.

“Good. That’s the point.” SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!

I can feel my cheeks bounce at each formidable smack. The sting starts to build. I try to wiggle myself off her knee.

“Don’t even think about it, Mo.” Tessa warns sternly, holding me fast. “Besides, you asked for it.” She leans down and purrs in my ear.

“Bu-but how else was I going to help you wake up?” Despite my precarious position, my cheekiness gets the best of me.

Tessa bursts out laughing. “You are such a naughty brat, Mo.” SMACK!

What can I say? Maybe I’m a natural, born that way. Haha.

A volley of stinging swats land on my tender buttocks. “This is what you wanted, Mo, isn’t it?”

“Um … no.” I smirk. “You are lucky I didn’t dump the whole bucket … Ouchy.”

Two particularly sharp smacks hit my sit spots, one on each. I arch my back, howling.

“If you did that, my dear brat,” Tess asks, “do you know what would happen?”


“There wouldn’t be a bottom left on you after I was done!” SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! I holler some more.

That’s an image I don’t really fancy to see, but I love it when my girlfriend acts this way, stern and toppy.

“Ok, ok. I’m sorry, Tess.” My butt is smarting a tad more than I can handle now.

“How sorry?”

“Very.” I move my hand to rub my sore bottom. She stops me.

“You promise to behave from now on?” Her question is followed by repeated palm blows on my sore backside. “Never, ever do that again, you hear me, Molly?”

“Ow. Yes, I’ll be good, I promise.” I start to sniffle.

She delivers another dozen or so hard swats before slowing down to small pats. She fondles my cheeks, clearly pleased with her handiwork. “Nice color,” she chuckles.

She pulls me up and says, “Go stand next to the poinsettia, bottom up. Let me take a picture.” She whips out her cell phone.

I comply obediently.

“Here, Mo.” She shows me the picture of my red bum next to the red flower. “What do ya think? Close enough?”

Before I can give my opinion, she announces, “I think we need to make your bottom a bit more red.”

“Noooo.” I’m groaning and whining as she pulls me over her knee again and gifts my smarting bottom another round of hard smacks, spreading them evenly on both cheeks.

“Now there.” She stops. “A perfect match, I think.” She takes another picture.

“Gee thanks, Tess.” I rub my butt vigorously. “Can we open pressies now?”

She pauses. “Well, you’ve already received your first pressie,” she massages my tender cheeks emphatically. Then she stands me up and tells me we’ll go to the beach first and then come back to open presents.

Ostensibly not to reward bratty behavior, I guess.

I want to argue but seeing her determined expression, I keep my mouth shut and nod my compliance. My toppy girlfriend smiles approvingly.

I walk over to the ice bucket and scoop out two cubes, one in each hand. They feel so good on my stinging cheeks. Tessa chuckles and kisses me on the nose.

After a quick cup of coffee, we change into our bikinis, wrap some towels around and pad to the beach.

It’s a crisp clear morning but the sun is already half way up. The ocean breeze is gentle and soothing, and the water is as blue as the sky so when you look out into the horizon, you almost can’t tell them apart. I pick up a handful of sand and it feels so soft and silky like it could melt in my hand at any time.

Looking around I see a few tourists here and there, but the crowd is clearly not out yet.

I lie face down on the soft towel and make sure to put another towel on my back covering the middle section all the way down to my thigh. Tessa snuggles into a beach chair with “The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware. My lovely girlfriend is such a fan of the British author that I in fact got her Ware’s new book “The Lying Game” waiting under the tree.

The quiet and gentle ocean waves make me drowsy and I close my eyes.

“Excuse me.” A high pitched voice brings me back from the throes of a deep snooze. Rubbing eyes, I reluctantly lift my head. Wow, the sun is fully risen and the wind has picked up a lot. It blows a damp, sweet and salty ocean scent into my face and neck. There are a lot more people now on the beach, families sprawling out everywhere.

Tracing the voice, I turn to see a little girl tugging on Tessa’s arm. Her golden ponytail sways gently in the bright sun.

“Yes sweetie?” Tessa lays down her book.

“What’s your name?” The girl looks about 5 or 6, and has a cute freckled face.

“I’m Tessa. What’s yours?”

“Maggie. You can call me Mags.” She has an accent I can’t quite place. British? Australian?

“Hi Mags.” Tessa offers her hand, all smiles. “Nice to meet you, Mags, and Merry Christmas.”

“Same here, Tessa.” Mags points at me. “Is that your sister?”

“No, that’s my girlfriend, Molly.” Tessa waves at me and I wave back, squinting.

“Was she naughty?” Mags demands to know, her button nose wrinkling.

“Huh? Naughty? Um…” Tessa suddenly starts to stutter. “Wh-why did you ask?”

“Cos she’s got a red bottie! Did she get spanked?” Her tone shows she’s very intrigued.


I whip my head around discovering my blazing red bottom glowing gloriously in the shining sunlight, half of the towel blown off my body by the wind obviously. Oh God! How many people have seen my rosy bum on display?! Now red-faced as well, I hastily pull the towel over my bottom before turning back to see my toppy girlfriend caught off guard, her face almost as red as mine. I cross my arms in front of my face and rest my head down on them.

Good luck Tess, I snicker.

“Um… yes, but, well, see Mags, …” Tessa is trying really hard to answer the curious little girl’s question. “Sometimes … um-”

“Darling,” a woman’s voice rushes over. “Are you bothering this young lady?”

“Mummy,” Mags sounds excited. “Molly got spanked. I saw her red bottie!” I have no doubt she’s pointing right at me and so I stay face down, motionless. After a few seconds when I’m sure they are not looking at me anymore, I open one eye and watch through the gap between my arms. The woman looks like in her mid to late thirties with a pleasant open face, freckles dotting her nose. She seems surprised by her daughter’s explanation and turns to Tessa with an inquiring look.

“Um I’m very sorry,” she apologizes. “But Mags here does have a very imaginative mind sometimes.”

“Well,” Tessa stutters again. “Mags didn’t … well, she didn’t exactly imagine …”

I’m enjoying this moment tremendously.

The woman’s eyebrows rise, making her eyes look like from those anime characters. She looks in my direction again and back to Tessa, and slowly her face takes on a fascinated mirth and her lips curve up into a knowing grin.

Turning her face away from her daughter, the woman ventures in a whisper, looking Tessa in the eye. “Spanko?”

I pipe up. This is unbelievable!

Tessa locks her eyes with the woman and nods shyly. Mags looks curiously at her mom and then Tessa. She probably realizes that something has transpired between them and an understanding of sort has been reached.

“Me too,” the woman tilts her head, her face growing animated.

I slowly pull myself up, making sure the towel is securely tied around my middle section.

“Hi, I’m Molly. Nice to meet you.” I extend my hand to the woman and then to Mags.

“Oh hi. I’m Di, Diana. Nice to meet you and Happy Christmas.”

Yeah, the British say happy Xmas instead of merry Xmas.

Before Mags can open her mouth and ask me any questions that are tricky to answer, Diana takes her daughter’s hand and makes to leave. She turns back and waves at us, her face flushed: “Hope to see you ladies around. We’re in Room 388. What’s yours?”

I look at Tessa and she nods. “We are in 918. Come visit if you wanna.” I wink at Diana with an inviting smile.

“Ya bet!” She blows us an excited kiss before disappearing into the crowds.

I cuddle up to Tessa and burrow myself into her neck. She wraps her arm around my waist and gently pinches my bottom.

Pretty sure this is not the end of our encounter with Diana.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This story is part of Alyx’s Christmas Gift Exchange here. There are more stories there!

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42 Responses to Rosy-Cheeked Christmas

  1. Wookie says:

    I loved this story Peachie. Couldn’t help wincing at the ice going down Tessa’s top! Great read. Thank you for sharing it. 😊

  2. Alyx says:

    Geez, Peach, you really do have quite the imagination! *LOL* That’s a very sweet story, and it’s funny because I was just remarking upon the English habit of saying “Happy Christmas”! It also sounds like you left it open for more adventures with Diana, which is great. 😀 Thanks so much for sharing this lovely Xmas present with us.

    • Peachie says:

      Heehee, ya know the beach thingy is one of my long-held fantasies. 😉
      Maybe I’ll follow up with Diana in next year’s story!!!
      Thank you for hosting this great Xmas event! Look forward to reading YOUR story, Ma’am.

  3. laineytales says:

    Thanks for sharing the gift. A fab Christmas story and maybe a New Year adventure with Diana to come. Merry Christmas 🙃

  4. Ash says:

    Thanks, Peach! 😀 I knew the second I read they put on their bikinis that it was a bad idea!

  5. Jojo says:

    Great story Peach. I loved Tessa and Mo from a previous story, so it was good to see them back.

  6. Hupotasso says:

    My face was getting red just THINKING about the idea of being seen at the beach with a red bottom! I love this couple and hope you write more about them. And I look forward to reading about their trip to room 918!

    • Peachie says:

      Hi Hupo, long time no see! Hahah there’s nothing more visually appealing than a round red bottom on the beach. LOL Glad you liked the story, and maybe I’ll do 918 for next Xmas?! 😉
      Happy new year to you.

  7. LoganTyler says:

    Hi Peach! I really enjoyed your story Thank you for your gift. 🙂 And I think you have wonderful makings for another one soon with Diana. 😉

  8. Great story, Peach. I love that you had her wear a bikini to the beach afterwards. Also, I’m curious about Diana now.

  9. Robin says:

    Love your sweet and playful story Peach! It was brave of them to go to the beach in that condition i thought. I would die, lol! But it was a lucky thing, made them meet Diana! Would love to read more about them! Thank you so much for sharing your story Peach!

  10. Shae says:

    Hey, I was in Quintana Roo this past week. Maybe I saw them 😉

    Hehe. Great story. Hope your holiays were relaxing, Peach!

  11. Ellie says:

    Awwwe, loved it, Peachie, so nice and heart(bottom)warming!! You made me think that life must be hard for brats who live on the sea! 😂 Though brilliant trick the ice-cube one, I’ve added it to my must-do! 😉

    Thank you for your gift!

  12. Ellie says:

    (Possibly, though, I’ll pick one that has a window to escape! 😂)

    • Peachie says:

      Reminds me a kinklet we did in which I was gonna jump out of a second floor window (Ash was hiding in the bushes and would try to catch me from the fall). However it didn’t work out ’cause I ended up in a bathroom with NO window!!! ;(

  13. Claire says:

    Ha, this was great Peach! I laughed out loud at little maggie’s discovery and couldn’t help feel a little sorry for Mo. (Well at least until she took pleasure in Tessa being put on the spot!😉)

  14. cj says:

    Hey Peach! Another excellent story. Got to love kids and spanko Mums!!

    Can’t wait to hear more adventures!

    Thank you

  15. Anna says:

    Great story, Peach! I’m heading to the beach with a few different brats in the near future. Thank you for the idea you’ve given me! Maybe I can get a paddle that leaves little hearts behind, eh?
    Thank you for the Christmas gift!

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