Dancing on Ice

Christmas is undeniably in the air in our apartment, what with a freshly cut Douglas fir tree installed smack in the middle of our cozy living room, and festive music softly playing. My toppy girlfriend Tessa is stirring a garlic infused tomato sauce in the pan, a pot of hot water standing by ready for linguini, my favorite type of pasta. Tonight, after dinner, Tess and I are gonna decorate the tree with our respective ornaments, collected over the years by each of us. It is the first Xmas holiday after we moved in together last fall.

“Smells so good, Tess!” I skip into the kitchen and exclaim. Trying to peel off my tight, glittering skating attire, I almost lose footing before grabbing my girlfriend from behind.

Admittedly I’m a bit pumped up right now ‘cause the college ice skating team just finished our last performance of the year, and it was a smashing success. I mean, the applause from the audience was, to use a cliché here, deafening.

“Hey honey,” Tessa turns around and wraps me in her arms, a beaming smile on her lovely face. “I’m making your favorite clam sauce. How was the show?”

“It was great!” I gush and continue to remove all my clothes.

“Quick shower,” she gives me an encouraging pat on the bottom. “Dinner soon.”

Tess is a fantastic cook, particularly with Italian food. The pasta dinner today is a real treat. I finish quickly.

“Ok, let’s get started on the tree,” I stand up from the table, smacking lips and rubbing a full stomach. “I’ll clear the table and do the dishes later.”

Tessa’s eyebrow rises as she looks at me, her eyes slightly narrowing. “Not so fast, Molly.”

“Whatcha mean?”

“We have unfinished business, remember?” Her look is only semi-serious, a tint of amusement flashing in her eyes.

I swallow. Oh darn, right.

“Aw, but you didn’t say it’s tonight.” I pout: “You only said ‘another day’.”

“Well, I’m saying it now!” Tess casts a firm glare in my direction, but I can detect a small mirth around her mouth.

“But we’re supposed to decorate the tree tonight,” I continue to stall.

“We are still doing that,” she stands up from the table too, scoffing: “after our discussion.”

I sigh, resigning myself to the idea that I would have to work on the tree with a sore bottom tonight.

“Come on, Mo.” She moves closer and quips: “You clearly didn’t learn your lesson PROPERLY yesterday.” She shakes her head and winks at me, giving me a playful whack on the butt: “Go fetch that spatula, would you? You know where it is.”

Of course I do. Trotting to the kitchen somewhat reluctantly, my thought goes to last night and I start to giggle.

Well, yesterday I had a serious rehearsal for today’s performance, a special holiday show for the local Girl Scouts troops and their families, and residents and staff of the senior centers in town and their families. The university women’s ice-skating team was on fire, partly due to the relief we all felt now that the final exams were behind us and partly due to the upcoming holidays that we could now properly look forward to celebrating. I was practicing solo on ice, doing all kinds of spinning, even the fancy ones that I hadn’t been successful in accomplishing before. Born and raised in Michigan, I’ve been ice skating for as long as I can remember. It’s hard to describe in words the thrilling sensation I experience on ice, maybe something like “flowing” or “floating” would be the closest to an appropriate way to accurately express the freedom the mind feels while the body is gliding across the ice.

Taking a break, I sat down on the bench and checked my phone. There was a text from Tessa. The message was simple and short: When you coming back? It was sent an hour earlier.

I pressed her number. Tessa picked up right away, “On your way, Hon?”

“Not yet, Babe.” I was still panting. “Another hour or so. What’s up?”

A very slight and subtle pause, followed by a restrained casual “Nothing, never mind. See ya when you get back.”

I knew her well enough. Something was up all right.

But I was called back to practice right after the phone call. Any curiosity or misgiving I may have entertained was swept away by the music and the energy engulfing me in the rink.

When I finally came home, Tessa was on the phone ordering Chinese.

“Hey Tess!” I whispered and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“How was the rehearsal?” She mouthed.

I formed a circle with my thumb and forefinger.

“Singapore noodle ok for you?” Tessa asked. She knew it’s one of my favorite Chinese dishes.

I nodded. “Thanks. Gonna shower now. Be down soon.”

After my shower, I put on comfy clothes and we sat down to eat. I dug in the yellow mound of tangy noodles before taking a big swig of ice-cold beer. The cool smooth liquid washed down the spicy food perfectly.

I looked up at Tess, “So how was your day?”

“My day?” She slowly twirled her fork on the Moo Goo Gai Pan while staring at me intensely.

I remembered her voice on the phone.

“Um, you worked from home today, right?” I asked tentatively.

“Right,” her eyes continued to rest on my face. “I worked on my dissertation for a while, and then I had to go to the bathroom.” Her eyes narrowed a little and focused on mine exclusively.

“You had to go to the bathroom?” Utterly confused, I repeated slowly. “So … what happened?”

“What happened was I had to sit on the toilet for … quite a while.” She stopped moving her fork: “A lot longer than I intended to actually.” The fork was thrust into a piece of chicken before she added an emphatic: “Unnecessarily!”

“Huh? Why? You got tummy trouble?” I truly had no earthly idea what my girlfriend was getting at!

Tessa stood up and went to the kitchen. A drawer was opened loudly and after some busy rustling, my vanilla-turned-toppy-spanko girlfriend came back, holding a wooden spatula in her right hand.

WTH? My stomach tensed.

“Come with me, Molly,” she said calmly, steering me to the couch in the living room. She sat down and skillfully coaxing my body over her knees.

“Hey!” I protested and flailed my legs, “What’s going on?!”

“Don’t worry, Mo. I’ll explain to you while I have your full attention.” She started to pull down my sweatpants: “Do you know why I texted you?” Her voice was calm but carried a little bit annoyance.

“Yeah, ‘cause you wanted to know when I’d come home.” I wriggled a little trying to balance my body into a comfortable position.

“True, but there’s more …” she drew out while rubbing my panty-clad bottom. It felt nice, really nice. I could get used to receiving a nice rubbing after a hard rehearsal.

“Tell me already, Tess!” I begged, half pouting. What kind of game was she playing?

“You know why I stayed in the bathroom longer than needed?” Her voice was raised, almost to the level of indignation. Whack, a sharp slap landed on my butt cheek.

“Ouch.” I fought the instinct to reach for my assaulted rear end. “Why?”

“Because … you didn’t do your job properly!” Whack, a second slap landed on the other bottom cheek, sharper than the last one.

“Ouchyyy! Wait, whatcha talking about? What job?” I turned my head back to look at her inquiringly.

She stared back and said slowly, in a clear voice, “The. Toilet. Paper.”

Comprehension hit me like a bolt of lightning from the Christmas red and green lights bursting out in their fullest and riches colors. Ah, my job indeed! Refilling and restocking the toilet paper in the bathroom was one of my designated jobs, always.

No wonder she was annoyed. Imagine how awkward …!

My first reaction was to ask her about all the details surrounding the incident, like what exactly was she doing and how the issue was resolved, or not resolved. But given my precarious position at the moment, I chose the wiser course of action and didn’t let myself indulge in vivid imagination, not just yet. Instead I wanted to remedy the situation fast. Slinking off her knee, quick as a little fox, I apologized: “Sorry, I got new packages in my car. Forgot to bring them in last night.” I made to run towards the door, “Let me get them.”

Tess put up a hand to stop me: “Get back, Molly, NOW.”

I paused. Tess pointed at her knees, “Back to your position, Mo. I didn’t say you could leave.” She sounded almost irritated.

I lay myself down obediently over her thighs. “Sorry Tess,” I groveled. “I’ll get them later then.”

“No worries, I bought some already, in case you haven’t noticed.” She added, “Had to make a trip to the store, unplanned.”

I again tried to make myself comfortable on my girlfriend’s firm thighs. For some reason, I felt particularly chatty at that moment to defend myself. “See it’s not really my fault ‘cause I had bought a large packet. It’s just been sitting in the car.”

“That may have been the case,” snickered Tessa, “however, the outcome was the same, wasn’t it?” WHACK! WHACK!

“Ouchy.” I conceded the point, “Okay, point taken. I’m sorry.”

“You know how awkward it was, huh? Sitting on the toilet and realizing there was no darn toilet paper anywhere in the bathroom?!” Tessa interjected her questions with indignant slaps on my poor bottom. “Or anywhere in the entire apartment for that matter!” She delivered an especially hard smack to match the grave nature of the said situation that had just been described.

Here’s a chance to find out what happened, down to the last detail! I perked up and asked: “So … what did you do?” As the question popped out of my mouth, I was overcome by an imagined scene in which my toppy girlfriend sat on the toilet seat, seething and perhaps cursing me, frantically trying to figure out a decent solution after she’d finished what I could only assume, um … a serious business.

Despite my true remorse, and against all the strength I could possibly muster to suppress it, a hearty chuckle managed to escape my throat.

Not a desirable situation for me.

“You think it’s funny?!” Tessa snorted and her hand slapped my bottom with deliberate, loud, hard smacks, repeatedly.

“Ow ow ow.” I wriggled my hips left and right, trying to avoid the whacks raining down. “Sorry, I couldn’t help it.” I pleaded lamely.

After a flurry of sharp blows on my poor backside, Tess stopped spanking and pulled down my panties. “Ah, a red bottom already.” She picked up the spatula and declared menacingly: “But not red enough!”

My heart sank ‘cause I needed to keep my bottom in pristine condition for tomorrow. I resorted to appealing to her common sense: “You can’t really spank me hard ‘cause remember the show tomorrow? For the kids and senior citizens?”

“Nice try.” The spatula struck down on my buttocks, three times on one cheek and another three on the other. “But that’s not until tomorrow afternoon. By then your bottom will look perfectly normal. We both know that!”

She’s right, my butt recovers fast from a spanking, almost too fast. Sometimes I really wish the color could stay a bit longer.

“Although,” Tessa slowed down on walloping, “your point is well taken.” I always knew she was a reasonable top! “We’ll continue with the hand tonight and then finish it up another day with the spatula.”

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness,” I stuck out my tongue knowing she couldn’t see it, although my gratitude was sincere.

SLAP, SLAP, she proceeded to whack my naked bottom with her strong hand, the sound carrying a delightful rhythm.

“You know there are consequences if you don’t do your job correct, right?” Tessa lectured while keeping up the stinging smacks. I noticed she was spreading the smacks evenly all over, from the top to the sit spots.

“I know I know.” I kicked my legs.

Tessa’s hand was amazingly strong and the smacks forceful.

I clutched her legs tightly, backside on fire. “Owi, enough already. It hurts.”

She paused and patted my spanked buttocks, admiring her handiwork, “Ah, a perfect red bottom. What a beautiful sight.” Then she burst into a delighted chortle while continuing to rub my cheeks. “I bet a spanked bottom would be a welcome view on ice, like a special holiday treat, don’t you think, baby?” Though I couldn’t see her face, I could easily tell the wicked amusing smirk in her voice.

“Meanie,” I grumbled.

Tessa’s words stuck in my mind though. Slowly they began to flow together and became human-like forms dancing and twirling, shaping into a colorful visual in front of me. I could feel Tessa’s hand still rubbing my sore backside but my mind was adrift. Then my body soared, levitating to the ice rink where, like watching a slow motioned silent film, I could see a skating performance unfold. Squinting my eyes, I could make out a petite skater, could be me in fact, gliding across the ice skillfully with abandon. She bent her knees and moved around rapidly in circles with aplomb, the short mini skating skirt barely covering her bottom. And when the golden skirt flared up during a twirl, a perfectly round, well-spanked peachy bottom was on display, shining brightly under the fluorescent lights. Folding and unfolding, the crimson-colored floating glory of a globe was spellbinding, and the audience loved it. Though there was no sound, I could sense the palpable rhythm of the clapping and roaring approval from the audience, threatening to bring the place down.

A tingling started in my nether area, then a shooting tension amid rising warmth pierced my lower body. The muscles in my hips contracted. Butt cheeks tightly clenched, I closed my eyes ready to brace the cascading waves. Whoosh, here they came, cradling my body up and further up until the tides carried me over the crest, and landed me above the clouds. I opened my eyes and looked down at the ice rink. All I could see was a red bottom peeking out of the golden flaring skirt, getting bigger and bigger until it covered the entire ice rink. I blinked and thrust my head upwards. The surge was slow and liberating through the clouds. I rode with the avalanche, dangling in the air for a few seconds, and then my body descended with a gentle and soft landing. The release was complete, the moaning long and primal. My body went limp, my breathing heavy with whimpering.

I heard Tessa’s voice calling me. “OMG, Molly! Did you … did you just …?” I opened my eyes and found myself face to face with Tessa who was holding me in her arms, an incredulous expression on her face.

Eyes widened, I nodded excitedly, letting out a deep breath, my limp body still shrouded in the incredibly pleasurable sensation of the climax.

Tessa pulled me deeper into her chest, “Whoa Mo. That’s a first!” She grinned and touched me down there before showing me her dripping fingers. “Can’t believe you just came over my knee, baby!” She chuckled and added: “We didn’t even have sex!”

A flush rose to my cheeks: “You’re the one who made it happen, Tess! I guess it must’ve been the combination of what you said and ya know, the spanking. Especially what you said.”

“I always knew you were such an exhibitionist! But still.” My girlfriend patted my bottom playfully, shaking her head.

What can I say? Public display of a spanked bottom has always been a favorite fantasy of mine.

I gently kissed Tess on the lips. “Love you, Tess.”

“Love you too, Mo.” She opened her mouth and ushered me in.

My toppy girlfriend held me as I snuggled and burrowed into her, giggling, “Does this mean the spanking is over?” Yawning, I suddenly felt exhausted.

“For now, I guess.” She lifted me up and took my hand, steering me into our bedroom. “We will finish this discussion another day.”

I barely heard her before falling into a slumber.

“Give me the spatula,” Tessa has followed me into the kitchen and her commanding voice brings me back from last night. “We need to make sure that you take your chores seriously.”

Especially when it comes to The Toilet Paper, I wanted to add.

I reluctantly hand her the implement, trying to look serious. Let’s admit that the whole toilet paper thing was funny.

Tess must have detected the grin on my face that I’m trying so hard to suppress, because she waves the kitchen tool at me, warning: “Molly!”

“I AM taking it seriously. I said I was sorry.”

She directs me to place my hands on the edge of the counter and my feet apart to support my upper body. My backside finds itself displayed in a vulnerable position, perfect for Tess and the spatula, obviously.

Satisfied with my compliance, she pulls down my sweatpants to rest around my ankles. A few trial swats land on my panty-clad bottom as Tess adjusts her grip on the handle.

“Now Molly, you know why you’re getting this spanking right?” SMACK! SMACK!

“Ow, yeah.”

“Yeah what?” More smacks follow.

“Yeah I know why, Tess.” I follow her lead and show my obedience.

Any toppiness from Tess must be encouraged!

“I want you to promise me it will never happen again,” Tess delivers a few sharp blows.

I pledge: “I solemnly swear, from this day forward, the toilet paper will never run out in our house.”

We both burst out laughing. Tessa catches her breath and leaves the spatula on the counter. She bends down a little to peel off my underwear: “Time for bare bottom.”

The darned implement manages to zero in on the meatiest part of my rear end and makes my cheeks jiggle. I ow loudly and alternately curl up my legs.

After Tess lights a small fire on my bare butt, she stops spanking and gives my sore bottom a nice rub.

I bend down to pull up my clothes but Tessa stops me. “No need for those tonight, Mo,” she says with a wicked glint in her eyes, “’cause we are decorating the tree with your red bottom uncovered.”

Wow I didn’t see this coming. My toppy girlfriend is such a quick learner!

Complying without hesitation, I do have enough decency to blush a little and double check that all the window drapes were closed.

First, I’m ordered to stock the bathroom cupboard with packets and packets of toilet paper, neatly. Then I am asked to bend down to open boxes and boxes of Xmas ornaments. Of course I had to stand drinking eggnog and eating ice cream while Tess took a break on the couch.

Life is so unfair!

All through the evening every time we cross paths, Tess gifts a few teasing swats, loudly, on my bare bottom cheeks. The ensuing giggles from both of us threaten to drown out the soft Xmas music playing in the apartment.

It’s a perfect holiday night.

Though I never did find out the details of the toilet paper crisis!

Happy Holidays!


This story is part of Alyx’s Annual Christmas Exchange here: https://alyxfic.wordpress.com/links/


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21 Responses to Dancing on Ice

  1. Wookie says:

    Hey Peach, what a lovely couple! Please tell me there will be more from them. I felt like I got to know them very quickly. I loved the story and how it was based over two days. As for Molly’s fantasy and end result… what can I say! 👏
    This was an excellent read from start to finish. Thank you so much for sharing! 😁

  2. Alyx says:

    Wow, Peachie, every time I think I’ve seen the limits of your imagination, you manage to surprise me! *LOL* This was hilarious, and the thought of an exposed skater’s bottom is very intriguing. I’m going to imagine Tess hopped into the shower and washed up. That’s what I would do. Of course, that would never happen to me, as I keep Kleenex in the bathroom as well! 😀 Thanks for sharing this very festive story with us….I loved it!

    • Peachie says:

      LOL As they say sky is the limit! I’m so glad you loved it. 🙂
      Of course you wouldn’t be caught … well wait I need to have a word with Mil. 😉
      Merry Christmas!

  3. Hupotasso says:

    Awww. This is so sweet. I love the relationship between Tess and Molly, especially Mo’s playfulness. I hope to read more stories about these two! Thanks, and happy holidays!

  4. Ash says:

    Spanked for not refilling toilet paper! 🤣 Well I didn’t see that coming!
    Why aren’t they both responsible for toilet paper? 😝
    Thanks for the Xmas gift, Peachie! That was quite funny and sweet. Sorry for the late comment. I’ve only just started reading the stories. And I haven’t even posted one. But a late gift is still a gift, after all. 😏

    • Peachie says:

      Hi Ash,
      Yeah a late gift is still a good gift! Never too late. I’m waiting for yours. 😉
      Thanks for commenting. Glad you thought it was funny and sweet. Happy holidays.

  5. Claire says:

    This is sweet and funny Peach. I loved it. and Thanks for sharing.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Ellie says:

    Oh, Peach, this was so cute and fuzzy and heartwarming and funny! I really enjoyed how light it was and still credible and squirmy. I could totally see it happening for real and I had a hard time not laughing at the whole toilet paper crisis (in fact, I think I laughed. Loudly. In the middle of the night). Thank you so much for your sweet gift!

  7. Peachie says:

    Aw so glad it made you lol in the middle of the night! LOL Thank you for taking the time to read and leave such kind and generous comments! Happy New Year to you Ellie.

  8. Robin says:

    This couple is so sweet, Peach!😊 Its such a lovely relationship and a very cute and funny story that made me laugh too! Thank you so much for your gift , and I wish you a wonderful 2020 Peach!

    • Peachie says:

      Thank you Robin for your nice and kind comment! Glad you found the story cute and funny, that’s the holiday spirit eh?! 😉 Wishing you and yours a fantastic new year ahead.

  9. Danz says:

    Very fun story! How many times have we all found ourselves in this very predicament…..it is an important job after all! I was born in Michigan but am a crappy skater lol! Thanks for the laugh!!!

    • Peachie says:

      Hi Danz,
      Welcome to the blog and thanks for commenting! Yup it’s a very important job. LOL I lived in UP for a couple years and no, I’m not very good at skating either. Happy new year! 🙂

  10. Xen says:

    I love how much delight your stories have. Even when it’s a punishment story there’s so much glee and unabashed celebration of living this dynamic!

    • Peachie says:

      Hi Xen, Welcome and thank you for leaving a comment! Glad you find my stories delightful.:) Actually my earlier stories (Maddy and Gen, Cat and Stella) were of a more serious variety on TTWD. Molly and Tessa are mostly fun and silly. LOL
      Happy new year!

  11. Woodsy says:

    This is both funny and touching. What a lovely relationship.

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