It’s been pouring the whole day. Standing in front of the window, Vik is debating whether to go to the holiday party or not. Though she looks calm, her mind is not. She finds her resolve see-sawing with each crack of the thunder and each flash of the lightning.

This is not an ordinary Xmas party. This is the coveted annual F/F spanking event catering to women spankos from her new city and the surrounding areas. It took Vik quite a bit of time searching online to find out if there’s an f/f spanking community in the city where she moved to a few months earlier. After learning about this event, she immediately signed up and paid her registration fee lest she changed her mind.

Moving back to the small kitchen, Vik makes herself a cup of chamomile tea. The subtle fragrance soothes her nerve as she takes a sip.

It’s been a long time since “Mia,” her spanky alter ego, left the scene when she was a 21-year-old college graduate. It seemed a lifetime ago, in a city over 2000 miles away, Vik reflects, when Mia was a fresh faced, high-energy bubbly spankee with a cute peachy bottom, a familiar presence in the community.

Cradling the warm teacup, Vik mouths “Mia, Mia.” Taking a deep breath, she whispers: Is this what you want, Vik, to return to the spanking community?

The answer comes more quickly than she intended: YES. I’m ready now. Her face breaks out into a smile as Vik puts the teacup down on the counter, her hand reflexively moving to gently touch her soft bottom cheek.

This will be the best Xmas present I give to myself.

Vik peels off her wet coat and hangs it up on one of the clothes hangers lying in a row at the entrance of the building. She takes a tentative step into the building. There are colorful Xmas decorations everywhere. Quickly fluffing her short hair with her fingers, Vik takes a deep breath and walks into the large room.

A familiar comforting warmth immediately embraces her.

A Xmas tree nestles by the window, golden and silver lights flickering on and off, accentuating the pretty ornaments on the green needles. Vik comes closer and her eyes widen at the little cute spoons and paddles dancing with the winking lights. Soaking in the sweet scent of the Douglas fir, Vik giggles quietly, her body and mind eased, her face slightly flushed and eyes turning brighter.

This feels like home!

“Newbies, please come with me.” A playful and friendly voice calls out. Vik turns around and sees a middle-aged woman directing traffic in the room. She is guiding several women towards a table where another woman stands holding some pamphlets.

Vik starts to follow them, then her feet slow down. A soft chuckle escapes her throat as she realizes that she’s not exactly a “newbie.” Turning around and walking toward the opposite side of the room, she joins a group of women chatting to each other excitedly. Judging by the ease of their body language, Vik knows instinctively these women are “old hands.”

“Hi there, my name is Aurora,” she extends her hand, liking the sound of her new name

“Aurora,” the Roman goddess of dawn, signifies a new beginning.

“Hi Aurora, nice to meet you,” the women are all very friendly and they exchange pleasantries.

A tall dark-haired woman introduces herself as “Dory” and says: “Are you new here, Aurora? Haven’t seen you around before.”

“I just moved here a few months ago.” Vik replies. “So yeah you can say I’m new. But I’m not new …” she pauses, feeling a nice and warm blush stroking her face, “you know, to this, to … spanking.”

There, I said it! When was the last time I said “spanking” out loud to another person?

“I see.” Dory says, noticing Vik’s pinking cheeks. “When were you eh… active last?” The woman winks.

Vik shifts her feet a little and takes a deep breath. “Ten years ago.”

“Whoa,” Dory exclaims. “Ten years!” She fixes an inquiring gaze at this newcomer but does not pry.

“Yeah, it’s been a while,” Vik’s answer is short. Then the group proceeds to join the festivities of the night.

The main event tonight is, of course, the mini spanking Marathon.

A row of three straight-backed chairs is set in the middle of the room with three tops sitting down, ready for the spanking relay.

After everyone receives their safeword, a line forms. Vik waits in the middle of the line, her heart fluttering. The room is noisy with women’s laughter and exaggerated shrieks and banters, rhythmic slapping sounds, and the familiar Xmas music booming in the background. But Vik’s mind is so focused on the relay she only hears deafening silence. It’s almost like watching a silent movie of swinging arms, wiggling naked bottoms, and kicking legs. Such a beautiful picture. Vik is transfixed.

“Your turn, young lady.” A sing-song voice brings Vik back from her reverie.

The first spanker is a middle-aged matronly looking lady, olive skin and shoulder length black hair. She flashes a friendly smile at Vik and waves.

Vik introduces herself to the top as the woman guides her to lie across her thighs.

A familiar sensation washes over her as Vik settles into her favorite position.

Ah, OTK, long missed.

“Aurora, such a pretty name,” the spanker says, her voice smooth.


The top gently pulls down Vik’s leggings followed by the VS lacy underwear, revealing a plump yet shapely globe.

“My, you’ve got a pretty bottom too, Aurora,” the woman marvels, delivering a few lazy smacks on both cheeks.

“Aw, thanks.” Vik lets out a long breath, her body relaxing.

Good to know nothing much has changed in the backside region.

The spanker raises her arm and brings down a resounding slap on the crown of Vik’s right cheek, followed by a similar one on the left cheek. They sting, more than they should be. Vik quips silently, her bottom must have gone back to its virginity due to inactivity.

The woman is quite chatty while delivering sharp slaps. She asks Vik if she likes hand spanking. “Yes, it’s my favorite type!” Vik replies enthusiastically, swaying her bottom side to side to diffuse the sting.

Mia always loved a good hand spanking.

After a few minutes, a small fire warms up Vik’s buttocks, sending heat to the rest of the body. The top stops smacking and gently pats the sore pink cheeks. “There, nicely warmed up.” She helps Vik stand up and be ready for the second spanker.

“That was great, thank you.” Vik beams, rubbing her backside, leggings and underwear bunched around her knees.

The second top is a younger-ish woman, blonde ponytail dangling in the back of her head.

“Hello Aurora.” She speaks with a hint of a slight Euro accent. “I love your name! When I was growing up in Iceland, we used to go to our cabin for Xmas and watch the northern lights dancing across the sky.” Her excitement is tinged with a sliver of nostalgia. “Have you been to see the aurora?”

“Not yet, but it’s on my bucket list.” Vik can’t help but feeling the contagious excitement from the Nordic lady, “Soon I hope.”

Vik settles into a comfortable position across a soft pair of thighs. The spanker slides her hand over the pink bottom, enjoying the view. It’s one of the many perks of being a spanking top, she quips.

Vik can hear the woman pick up an implement and she reflexively clenches her bottom cheeks bracing herself. “Relax,” the woman coos.

A quick sharp blow landed on Vik’s tender cheeks, WHAP! Ouch, Vik immediately recognizes the impact of a wooden ruler. Several more stinging smacks followed. Vik kicks her legs.

“Too much?” The top checks.

“It’s fine. Thanks for asking.” Vik replies.

Before long Vik’s bottom is burning. The top is thorough in covering every inch of the globe with her ruler. The ample derriere is now glowing a bright rosy hue.

“There, ready for the finale,” the Nordic spanker declares proudly, giving the bottom over her lap one last sharp WHAP.

Vik’s hand flies to the throbbing sore bottom cheeks and rubs vigorously. Thrilled, she stands up and shakes hand with the top, thanking her for the thorough attention paid to her buttocks. Both women have a broad smile on their faces. “Hope to see you around more, Aurora.”

“Same here,” Vik nods.

Continuing to rub her burning backside, Vik eyes the third top and the implement in her hand. Has Aurora’s bottom had enough for today? Vik ponders.

The last spanker looks a few years older than Vik, stylishly cropped brown hair, intense gaze, friendly demeanor. Vik scuffles to the chair, clothing now clustered around ankles. She presents herself.

“Nice to meet you, Aurora.” The woman has a rich and deep voice. “My name is Destiny. Please call me Des.” She helps Vik lower herself onto muscular thighs.

“Are you having fun?” Des examines the well spanked bottom.

“Oh, yes, I am.” Vik answers in earnest. “It’s been a while since …” Vik adds, overcome with emotions. Eyes becoming moist, Vik keeps her face down, staring at the floor.

“You okay there?” Des asks.

Vik takes a breath to calm herself down. “Yeah I’m fine. It’s just, … been a long time.”

Des nods. She understands that people will share their stories when they are ready. No need to push them. She picks up a short leather paddle and gives Vik a few trial whacks on the meatier part of the cheeks.

“Leather,” Vik blurts, excitement in her voice. “One of my favorite implements.”

“Mine too,” Des chuckles. Mimicking a top’s persona, she uses a stern tone, “Though I bet you won’t like it as much once I’m done with you!”

An electrifying current hits Vik’s core first, then spreads to the rest of her prone body.

Mia always craved for sternness in a top’s voice.

“I highly doubt that.” Vik murmurs, her brat side peeking out.

“Excuse me? Did you say something, young lady?”

“Nah.” Vik giggles and wriggles her hips.

Des does not waste any time. She lifts her arm and swings the leather paddle down in a perfect arch and it lands right in the middle of Vik’s bottom, covering both cheeks. The smack is authoritative and sharp.

“Ouch.” Vik’s head lifts upward involuntarily.

A volley of strong whacks hits the bottom in a rapid succession. Vik loves the feel of the smooth leather. But her bottom is getting really sore, so she tries to twist her hips to avoid the punishing paddle, but it lands exactly where Des intends each time.

An amused grin appears on Des’s face. “So, Aurora, have you been naughty lately?” Des asks in a playful voice.

“Um,” Vik plays along, “nah. I’ve been very good.” Then she adds “Too good actually.”

Des raises her eyebrows. “Why is that?”

“Well,” Vik remembers her Mia days like it was yesterday. “I used to be a real brat. But I haven’t been for … a very long time.”

Hm, Des thinks to herself, many spankees have laid on my lap tonight, but this one is a little different. This woman has a story she’s not quite ready to tell.

There are still several women waiting in the line, so Des continues to paddle the bottom for a minute and then brings the spanking to an end by aiming the last five blows to the sit spot on each cheek.

“Ow ow ow,” Vik yelps.

Des helps Vik get up and pull up her underwear and leggings, making sure to be gentle around the backside. A surge of happiness fills the heart and mind of the soundly spanked woman. She gives Des a heartfelt hug and whispers “Thank you,” a grateful tear trickling down her face.

“Hey, you’re welcome,” Des gently pats the well-taken-care-of bottom. “Listen, let me give you my number and maybe we can grab coffee sometime and talk, eh?”

“I’d like that,” Vik feels like she’s choking up.

The night is crisp and clear, the sky cleared after the rain. Fresh and moist air gently brushes Vik’s face. It’s almost midnight but Vik feels energized and giggly. She skips up the stairs to her apartment with easy strides.

I have returned home!

Vik is sure that someday soon she will call Des and tell her the story, the story of a brat named Mia.


This story is part of Alyx’s Annual Holiday Exchange here:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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14 Responses to Return

  1. Woodsy says:

    This was so well told, and so tenderly written, with such a light touch. I loved this.

  2. Hupotasso says:

    I’ve missed your writing and REALLY enjoyed this story. Happy Holidays, Peach!

  3. Nicky says:

    That was great. Always nice to play with the bratty side.

  4. Alyx says:

    Haha, I bet that spanking marathon is one of your long-time fantasies, Peach! 😄 I would surely love to participate in something like that! 😈 Like Hupo, I’m really glad to see a new story from you after such a long absence. (No judgement, though — how could I when I’ve been so absent myself!) Thanks for participating and sharing your work with us, wishing you a wonderful holiday season, my friend! 🤗🎄

    • Peachie says:

      YES, it is!!! That obvious huh LOL. Thank you for hosting the exchange again this year. I bet it’s quite a bit of work for you. 😉 Happy new year to you and yours. Stay safe and healthy!

  5. Wookie says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable story as always Peachie. Just what we need right now. Thank you for sharing it and i wish you a Happy New Year!

  6. Ash says:

    Oooh… I wish I was Vic! Thanks for the story, Peachie! 😉 And eh… Happy New Year!

  7. Peachie says:

    Hey Ash! Where’ve you been? And donde is your story?!
    Happy new year to you too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂 Hmmm, why do you wish you were Vik? Need some spanking action eh. lol

  8. Woodsy says:

    Just revisited this gorgeously tingly story… if you know what I mean. And your brats are so adorable.
    You certainly wrote that spanking marathon as though you’ve been to one.

  9. Peachie says:

    Hi Woodsy, that’s very kind of you! I’m glad you found the brats likable.
    Yes, I’d love to be part of such a party and be passed along among different tops. LOL Good thing we can write down these fantasies and experience them in our imaginations.

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