Hola, I’m Peachie.

I’m into stories of adult f/f disciplinary or fun spankings that occur in warm-fuzzy-peachy-lovey-dovey contexts. I enjoy reading them a lot, and when the mood strikes, writing one or two myself. 😉

Welcome to my little corner of peachly f/f stories (and random butt-themed pictures). Make yourself at home.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you wish.


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  1. Daddy says:

    Hello Sassy Southern Peach . ;-D I see you like fantasizing about F/f Spanking and are fairly good at writing . I dont expect you to answer anything you feel you dont wish to , ok ! Just curious , I wondered if you were in that type of relationship or just fantasize . And maybe you would appreciate some motivation to write more ? Less time between stories ? Daddy is very good ay motivation and the discipline that comes when schedules are not met . “grins” Dont be alarmed or feel uncomfortable . Just some honest questions and again you dont have to answer if u dont want to . I wont be offended in any way . Have a great day


  2. SP says:

    Sassy? Wonder what gave you that impression?! LOL
    Thanks for complimenting on my writing. Yea, I’m into fantasizing. It’s fun.
    Well, this is a hobby which shouldn’t require any deadlines or anything. I do my best. 😉

  3. Daddy says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh young lady ! It seems that a story should be forth comming from you soon ” grins” Do I need to set a time limit and stress the results of not making that time limit ? Serious discipline could result you know . “chuckles”

  4. SP says:

    I know I know. But Cat’s been behaving so well lately … *bg*

  5. Daddy says:

    Uhhh huhh , yeah riiightttt ! “grins” Toady is the 4th , if there isnt a story up by the weekend you will be a very sorry lil lady . I think you are covering for cat here and that will get u in big trouble.

  6. Ash says:

    Peach, will there be more Cat and Stella? I really like those stories. *Angel Face* I’m so jealous of Cat. I want a Stella girlfriend.

    I am so glad that I found this blog. You seem to write exactly what I like… and you are good at finding funny pictures. 😀 Keep up the good work. I’m a huge fan.

    • SP says:

      Hiya Ash, glad you like the stories. It’s funny and humbling to think I have a fan! *blushing* Muchas gracias.
      Hope you’ll find a Stella-like gf (although your you-know-where may not always appreciate her.). LOL
      Mmmm, when Cat misbehaves again, there sure will be another story. *eg*

      • Ash says:

        It’s not funny… I would think it was obvious that you had fans. I really mean it when I say that I am a fan. I don’t lie about stuff like that.

        Boy that Car sure is well-behaved. *LOL* She makes me look bad. 😛

        • SP says:

          Aww, you are so sweet Ash! I didn’t mean to imply that you were not sincere. *hug* It’s great and yet humbling the stories are liked – it’s my very first attempt at writing spanking stuff and I’m a bit self conscious.
          Yeah, overall Cat is a good girl and I’m sure you are too. 🙂

  7. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Hey peachy baby , hope you ok sweetness . I just want to know if you will write any stories bout Lucy and liz , they same intersting . Stella ad cat are awesome , but it will be nice to see how the other half lives .

    • SP says:

      Hey BG! Thank you for stopping by. I haven’t thought about Lucy and Liz because I guess I concentrated on Cat and Stella. That’s an interesting suggestion. I have to think about it. Lu is quite a formidable top too. lol
      I’ve got something for ya guys real soon, like in a day or two!!!

  8. Havocangel says:

    I’m in a relationship very much like cat and Stella. My wife calls me baby girl, cuddles me, spoils me rotten, but all it takes is a glance of disapproval and I burst into tears lol. Good luck to you 🙂

    • SP says:

      You are a very lucky girl Havocangel (like your name. lol). Best wishes to you and your wife. Maybe ask her to read some stories here? 😉
      Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Rachel says:

    Loved this story 🙂 was the first i found of its kind and it was great, love to see more of these two!

  10. needatop says:

    Cat and Stella 😀 havnt read the other yet. But will get into it 🙂

  11. Rachel says:

    Haha only a matter of time I am sure.. Maybe i need to spend more time hanging out with Law grads… 😛

  12. legendarydanger says:

    Hey there, Peach! I’ve been a lurker of yours for a long time now. I recently decided to start writing my own stories and you were a huge inspiration to me. I was hoping you could check out my first story and give me a little feedback? I don’t have any readers thus far, and would appreciate some constructive criticism. I know you’re very busy with your own stories and things, so I understand if you can’t.
    Thanks =)

    • Peach says:

      Hello legendarydanger, and welcome! Glad you delurked. Thank you for the compliments. Glad you liked the stories here. I liked your ff story and linked your blog in my blogroll. Hope you’ll write more.

  13. legendarydanger says:

    Hello, Peach! Forgive me if I’m double posting, I couldn’t see my first comment, so I’m trying again. I’ve been a lurker here on your site for awhile, and I absolutely love all of your stories. I recently decided to start publishing my own stories, and you were/are a huge inspiration in my writing. I was hoping you could check out my first story, and give me a little feedback? I have no readers yet and would appreciate a little constructive criticism or just some thoughts. I understand that you’re busy, so you might not have time. And that’s fine, I just thought I’d ask. Have a good day, thanks again for the inspiration!

  14. Peach, I’m just curious, and please feel free to not answer if you don’t want to. But, I read in your comments and bio that you write stories as a hobby. So, do you relate in real life to the Doms or the subs you write about? Which do you consider yourself?

    • Peach says:

      No worries Alice.
      I’ve never been in a dd relationship, but I like to imagine things and write stories about them. 😉 Now who do I identify More a playful naughty bottom/brat I guess. *vbg*

  15. LOL! I won!! tweek and I had a bet going. She said you would identify with the Tops in your stories, but I said you were a natural bottom. Your subs are so detailed in their reactions to everything, I just knew that was the case. Thanks for answering. I have some friends that do the dd thing, if you ever want to try it out for real.

  16. shaesfiction says:

    Hi Peach! I love your stories and was inspired to write my own. You can check my first one out at https://shaesfiction.com/ and I will definitely be trying to write more soon 🙂

    • Peachie says:

      Hello Shae,
      Glad to hear you liked my stories! Yes I read your two stories and they are great. I’ve added your link on my blogroll so more readers will be visiting your sites and read your stories.
      Happy writing! 😉

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