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An Early Xmas Present

Turns out this is a prequel (sorta) to last year’s Xmas story. 😉

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My new teaching assistant, Tessa Blackwell, is kinda scary, and scarily hot.

Let me explain. In all my other large classes most people pretty much carry on what we do all the time; that is to say we play games, text, surf the web, watch Youtube, or just take a nap. However, on the days when Tessa teaches the class, it’s an entirely different story. When she enters the room her deep gaze sweeps the 80 or so unruly undergrads in the classroom and we all somehow stop talking, put away our iphones, and sit a little straighter in our seats. A collective hushed silence reigns the big room until she opens her mouth and addresses us in a nonsense-free tone. This happens every time when she teaches.

Now I’m not saying Tessa’s physically intimidating; on the contrary, she has soft features on her face, and though with impressive muscled arms and legs indicating some sort of athletic prowess, she is rather slender. She rarely even raises her voice in class. No it’s not her body I’m talking about, it is those big eyes, greenish gray with an intense gaze that sends the warning message, “Do not mess with me, kids!”

The good thing about having a teacher like that is I pay rapt attention in class, though mostly on her person rather than her lectures. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who sometimes drools a little. But I also do my homework diligently and no slacking the entire semester. When she makes a comment like “Good job” or “Excellent effort” on my assignment I find myself blushing. I show it proudly to my roommate, “Hey look, I got a great comment from Tessa!” But Misty only shrugs, “What’s the big deal?” while rolling her eyes.

Can’t she tell I’m totally crushing on Tessa?! THAT is the big deal Misty!

I especially appreciate Tessa’s office hours and take it upon myself to show up every chance I get. I look around her office trying to see if there’s a picture of a boyfriend or girlfriend. I blush when she asks me to sit down or when she says cheerfully “What can I do for you today, Molly?”

“Hmm, er … could you please explain the difference between negative reinforcement and punishment again?” I stammer.

“Ah, that’s a tricky one!” she answers sympathetically and patiently explains it to me.

I confide in Misty, who, in order to “put you out of your misery” in her words, kindly offers to snoop around to find out if Tessa is attached or if she’s into girls for that matter.

I’ve kept a straight A so far in class, which I can’t boast for my other classes. But I still show up in her office hours asking her to check my final project proposal. It’s a late afternoon and she looks a bit tired. Before I have a chance to talk, she sighs, “I would kill to have a cappuccino right now.” I jump out of my seat and offer to get one for her from the Starbucks in the student center. Her eyes brighten, “Really?” I’m almost out of the door when she says, “A blueberry muffin too, please.”

I come back with the goodies and her face breaks into a most beautiful smile. I melt.

The day after the final, Misty and I join others in our favorite Happy Hour hut in College Town. This place lets you drink all the beer and eat all the pizza you want for 10 bucks! Half way into the evening, Misty elbows me whispering “Look who just walked in!” I turn around and see Tessa and a couple other grad students sauntering towards us. She catches my eyes, smiles and nods slightly. I smile back and wave at her. She stops at our table, a surprised look on her face when she sees the half empty beer mug in front of me. Her big eyes shoot me a slightly disapproving kinda look and I blush, my stomach churning ‘cause see, I’m not quite 21 yet. But honestly, an occasional beer can’t really hurt. Tessa reads my thoughts. She pats me on the shoulder and simply says, “Come to my office tomorrow, ok?” before heading to her table.

Huh? Is it good or bad?

Misty leans towards me and winks, “Far as I know she doesn’t have a significant other.”

I go to her office the next day as instructed. She seems happy to see me, shows me my final grade – I got an A! “Congrats Molly. You worked hard this semester.” She gives me a hug and I feel her hand move slowly down my back brushing against my backside. I blush profusely.

“How ‘bout me taking you to lunch to celebrate eh?” She asks, her eyes smiling.

We walk into Little Tony’s, the popular Italian place in the Commons. We are lucky to have a booth and Tessa asks me to sit next to her rather than across. Our legs touch under the table before they bring the bottomless salad. By the time the warm garlic bread is served our hands are resting on each other’s thighs. When our waitress comes with our eggplant lasagna we are too busy kissing to notice.

Tess and I are getting along splendidly. In fact we are quite a contrasting twosome: she’s 5’8” and I’m a measly 5’3” and a half; she has dirty blond hair and greenish gray eyes and my hair and eyes are both dark brown; she’s a few years older and has somewhat of a boss-like demeanor; me? I look um … impish most of the time.

Kinda like a quintessential duo of Top and Bottom, ha!

Now there’s only one problem, a fairly big one though. Tessa is totally vanilla. I’ve been wracking my brain on how to turn her into a spanko ‘cause my peachy bottom is getting really itchy every day. It needs some serious attention.

I try to introduce her to my favorite f/f spanking story blogs. She reads a few stories and giggles, raising her brows, but says it’s not really her thing.

Not really her thing? Seriously? I sigh heavily.

I do not give up though. Christmas is just around the corner. I’m determined to make sure my itchy needy peachy behind gets the attention it so deserves before we go home for winter break.

One way or another, Tess is gonna spank me before we depart for the holidays!

While out shopping, I tell her my recurring dream: I am naughty and misbehaving in her class and she grabs me by my ear and marches me to the front of the classroom, and puts me over her knee and spanks me in front of the entire class! Afterwards she puts me in the corner with my underwear pulled down so the whole class can see my red bottom.

I of course blush when I am recounting this, squirming a little too, embarrassed.

She looks at me with narrowed eyes, thoughtful. “You are such a little pervert,” she declares, half laughing. “Be careful what you wish for, you exhibitionist!” She threatens, patting my burning cheek.

But days pass with nothing. I am starting to feel deflated and disappointed.

Two days before we are going home for the break, Tessa makes dinner for us and afterwards we are cuddling in her couch when she turns to me, “Hey Mo, show me some of those spanking stories you’ve been reading.” I jump up and almost trip over the ottoman to reach my ipad.

While she is reading Peach’s Cat and Stella stories, I watch her reaction intently. She blushes a little and giggles here and there too. A good sign I tell myself.

She turns her amused eyes towards me, a mischievous grin on her face.

“What?” I say. “You like the stories?”

She smirks but does not reply. She continues to look at me with raised eyebrows like she’s gonna pounce on a prey or somethin’.

The next day Tess greets me at the door of her apartment with a hug and leads me to her bedroom.

“Change into these, Mo,” she commands simply and gives a pat on my bottom, winking.

I pick up the clothing from bed. There’s a white short sleeved shirt, a navy blue pleated skirt, a pair of white knee high socks, and a pair of black Mary Jane. There are also two blue scrunches next to the pile.

O.M.G. She’s really gonna play! My heart starts to race as my trembling hands rip off my clothes and put the uniform on.

I look at myself in the mirror. With two high pigtails, rosy cheeks, and the girl’s school uniform, I could easily pass as a middle schooler.

I walk out of the bedroom, slightly trembling. Tess is seated by the kitchen table, her laptop open to a spanking blog page, a plump red bottom displayed prominently on the screen.

Whoa, there’s a wooden ruler lying on the table too. I’ve never seen that thing in her apartment before!

She beckons me with a crooked finger. I demur and shuffle my feet towards her.

She reaches up and smooth out my pigtails, my shirt, and then my skirt. She looks down at my socks and shoes before giving a slight nod of approval.

“Now stand straight and tell me why you are here, Miss Jane,” she says in a naturally stern voice, reminding me of her demeanor in the classroom.

“Who the f*^k is Miss Jane?” My mouth gets ahead of my brain.

She frowns and picks up the ruler. THWACK, it lands forcefully on the back of my skirt.


“Watch your language, little missy,” she warns me, winking and mouthing: “Mary Poppins.”

Oh, THAT Jane. She knows I love the movie.

Rubbing my backside, I play along, “Yes, Mary Poppins, I’m sorry.” Though my rear burns a bit my heart is soaring.

She doesn’t miss a beat, “How ‘bout Miss Poppins?”

“Yes, ma’am, Miss Poppins.”

“Good girl,” she seems pleased. “Now answer my question,” ruler tapping on my thigh.

“Huh? What question?”

THWACK. The ruler lands in the middle of my bottom.

“Ow.” I rub my cheeks. “Umm, I was naughty, perhaps?” I venture tentatively.

“Yes.” She affirms. “Be more specific,” she instructs, looking me in the eye.

Crap. I better think of somethin’ clever, and quick.

“I … er … I didn’t hand in my homework today.” I stand with my hands on each side, feeling like I’m back in middle school, in Principal Huffpuff’s office.

“Care to tell me why, missy?” The ruler taps the corner of the table.

I look down at my feet. “Cuz I forgot to do it last night. I was …”

Two cool fingers lift my chin up. “Too busy reading naughty spanking stories?”

Holy moly. She’s catching on real fast.

“Bu-but how did you … know?” I stutter a little.

“Because I was right there!” She states, sounding exasperated.

“You were … there, Miss Poppins?” For a second I’m confused.

My awesome girlfriend realizes what she’s done and bursts out laughing. “All right, forget I said that.” Shaking her head, she puts her free hand over her forehead.

Then she gets back into the character and puts on a serious face again. “So were you reading spanking stories last night instead of doing homework, Miss Jane?”

“Um, yeah … maybe.”

Another whack on the butt.

“Yes I was, Miss Poppins, Ma’am,” I say correctly this time.

Tess stands up and leads me to the living room. I do a double take when I see all her stuffed animals lined up on the coffee table facing the couch.

She sits down on the edge of the couch and points at her lap.

A thrilling chill runs down my spine. I lower my body and dive over her knee.

Ah, I’ve missed being in this position for a long while.

“For your naughty behavior, Miss Jane, you will be spanked in front of your classmates!” She announces. I can tell she’s trying hard not to laugh.

I look over at the coffee table and o.m.g, each fluffy stuffed student seems to have a big mirth on their face.

She flips up my skirt and starts to hand spank me on my undie-clad bottom cheeks, gently.

I wiggle my butt and pout, “You’re supposed to spank harder.”

“Oh, you little brat! You want harder?” She delivers a few sharper slaps, the sound echoing off the wall. I love it!

“Yeah, like that.” I wiggle more, giggling, edging her on.

Tess gives me a dozen more fairly hard slaps before pausing. She hooks her fingers inside my undies, peeling them down, and rubbing my tender cheeks.

“Wow, they are quite pink, your cheeks!” She exclaims, sounding surprised and in awe.

She turns my bottom towards the coffee table, “Let’s show your classmates a spanked naughty bottom.”

I actually feel real embarrassed. Weird.

“Have you had enough spanking, Miss Jane?” She pats my cheeks.

Is she kiddin’?

“Er … I was VERY naughty, remember, Miss Poppins?” I’m hopeful this is enough to get her to continue.

Apparently it is, ‘cause she picks up the ruler.

She wields that thing like a pro. It hurts more on naked flesh but I enjoy the sting.

“Am I supposed to scold now?” She pauses and asks.

“Yup.” I answer crisply, wriggling my hips back and forth.

“You naughty girl, will you hand in your homework on time from now?” Tess uses a stern voice, punctuated with a couple whacks.

“Yes, ma’am, I promise to be a good girl.” I actually mean it ‘cause by now my bottom is starting to sting a tad too much.

“No more reading kinky stories when you are supposed to be doing homework, yes?” Two hard slaps land on my left cheek.

“Ow, yes, Miss Poppins.” I kick my legs to deflect some sting.

Clearly Tessa is enjoying herself. “Are you embarrassed being spanked on your bare bottom in front of your classmates, Miss Jane?”

Darn, she’s getting good, almost too good.

“Yes, I am, Ma’am, very embarrassed.” I turn around to look at my fluffy classmates and they all seem to wink at me and nod their silly heads.

Tessa pats my sore bottom and rubs her hand in circles, presumably admiring her handiwork.

“You know Molly, I could spank you for real for drinking alcohol at Happy Hours.”

My heart sinks. “Oh c’mon Tess, I only had some beer.” I plead.

A pause. “All right, I suppose a beer or two won’t cause any harm.” Then her voice becomes a tad serious, “But promise me no hard stuff ‘k?”

“’K. I promise Tess.”

Tessa lifts me up to my feet, straightens my hair and clothes before getting back to role play. She mock barks, “Now get your ass to the corner, missy!”

I stare at my newly-minted toppy spanko of a girlfriend in awe, full of gratitude. I love her so much but “Um … Miss Poppins is not supposed to say ass.” I remind her meekly.

“Oh,” she says, putting a hand over her mouth and chuckles. “Ok, please move that red bottom of yours over to the corner, Miss Jane.” She enunciates each word clearly.

“What if I don’t eh?” I tease her.

She accepts the challenge, standing up from the couch half smiling. I step back but she firmly grabs my ear and spank-walks me to the corner. I try to protect my backside with a free hand.

She tucks my skirt up to make sure my spanked bottom is visible. Then she slaps my tender bottom cheeks a few more times, chuckling, “This is actually fun. I can totally get used to this.”

Oh dear, sure hope you know what you’re getting yourself into, Molly.

My lovely girlfriend purrs in my ear, “Merry Christmas, Mo. Hope you liked your early Christmas present.”

“Are you kidding? This is the best Xmas present ever!” I swoon into her soft neck. “Thanks and I love you so much, Tess.”


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

This story is part of Alyx’s 2015 Christmas Gift Exchange here

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The Little Dream Weaver

Many happy returns of the day, Your Majesty Ma’am 🙂

Once upon a time, the Sapphic Spanking Kingdom stood proudly in the middle of the big ocean like a huge rock. Queen Aster had ruled the small island nation for over two decades now. Her Majesty’s reign was characterized by her kind, compassionate and gentle nature, and her subjects responded well to her touch of maternal love. The little Kingdom had enjoyed peace ever since she came to power after her father, the former King, had passed away. The ruler’s affectionately called “the People’s Queen” by the inhabitants.

In the SS Kingdom, it was the traditional custom that only the female gender was empowered to carry out disciplines, and only to female recipients, little girls or grown-up women alike. It was common for the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, older sisters or cousins, or even neighbors to dish out spankings to naughty girls or women, on their luscious bare bottoms, sometimes in public.

The biggest spanko in the history of human kind, Queen Aster was fully aware that disciplinary spankings were not necessarily fun affairs for either party involved, especially the receiving end. Being the compassionate type, she installed an annual Sapphic Spanking Kingdom Party, at which true fun was to be had by all who attended. According to the island tradition, a girl turned into a woman at the tender age of 16 when she was allowed to attend the spanking parties where many kinds of playful and pleasurable spankings were gloriously and generously on display for her to behold and to experience.

There on the edge of the SS Kingdom lived Pearl, a petite girl of 14 with almond shaped eyes, emerald and sparkling, and long brown hair tied into a pony tail. Her olive skin was smooth with a youthful and beautiful glow. The girl was already well on her way of pubertal growth because her body now showed a womanly curves, her breasts in full blossom and her bottom a round ripen peach.

She and her father lived in a nice cozy cottage that he had built with bamboo sticks and coconut tree leaves. She did not remember her mother because the poor woman passed away from hemorrhaging after giving birth to her, as this was unfortunately a rather common case in those days. Her grief stricken father, a carpenter, never remarried for fear a step mother would surely mistreat his little precious daughter. The man did not have much schooling or money but he was a doting father. His only child was his sunshine.

Not having a mother meant that Pearl was seldom disciplined growing up, let alone spanked. Sure she had seen plenty times when her aunts spanked her cousins when they were naughty. Occasionally one of her aunts would give her a swat or two on her bottom as a warning if she misbehaved, but the girl had never had a proper spanking, the OTK type or otherwise, her little bottom remaining virtually a virgin for all spanking purposes.

She had on many occasions observed her adult female relatives getting very excited before the annual Sapphic Spanking Party and heard them whisper and giggle afterwards while rubbing their bottoms. Though very curious, Pearl was a quite introverted child, too shy to ask her aunts or older cousins about their fun spankings at the party.

Though sometimes lonely, Pearl was quite a self-sufficient and independent girl. She did not bother her father with any requests or demands; instead, she was mostly content being alone. Left to her own devices, Pearl let her wild imagination take over, weaving elaborate dreams full of beautiful women, princesses and palaces, soft and bouncy bottoms, and fun and pleasurable spankings.

On lazy summer days, the Little Dream Weaver lay on her favorite hammock in front of their small cottage, the towering palm trees swaying in the warm breeze providing welcome cool shade for her. The large black cicadas perched on top of the banyan tree nearby chirped loudly. The best time was in the evening when the sunset cast the lagoon in brilliant hues of red, orange and topaz. Pearl loved watching the setting sun, her face caressed by the gentle evening breeze. With her beloved kitten Tilly snuggling on her chest, she wove dreams after wonderful dreams full of spirited Sapphic spankings. Often times she blushed, burying her face in Tilly’s soft fur coat and giggling uncontrollably at her own tales.

She remembered when she was only a small child, her father took her to the People’s Queen annual parade on the SS Kingdom’s main boulevard. When the royal carriage drew nearer, she saw the regal Queen sitting straight backed with her only daughter, the little Princess Liha sitting next to her. The Queen was wearing a blue and yellow royal gown streaked with gold threads. Her Majesty smiled and waved at the little girl, or so Pearl told everyone. It was only a fleeting moment, but the Little Dream Weaver was smitten, completely and hopelessly. Queen Aster was so beautiful in the little girl’s eyes: round dark brown eyes, jet black wavy hair, silky olive skin, moon shaped face, and bright full red lips. Her frame was ample and matronly, her smile warm, kind and loving.

That night Pearl had a wonderful dream. Queen Aster came gliding into her room, her eyes smiling showing a few lines on her smooth skin. She sat down at the edge of Pearl’s bamboo bed and took the girl into her open arms and cuddled her for a long while. “My child, you’re a good girl.” Her Majesty told her in a rich and supple voice. Then she gently put the girl over her knees. The spanking on her bare bottom was soft, sensual and thrilling and the girl had never forgotten it. So many times at bedtime she willed herself to have Her Majesty visit her again but it never happened after that.

The Year of the Dragon heralded the upcoming womanhood of Princess Liha, the Queen’s precious only child. The SS Kingdom celebrated the Princess’ 16th birthday with week-long festivities. The rites of passage on the island included many activities to initiate a girl into a woman, including Sapphic spankings. Every teenage girl on the island was invited to the party. Pearl was so excited she tossed and turned the night before on her bamboo mat, annoying the kitten immensely.

On the first day of the big party, Pearl eagerly waited in the long line to get in. However when it was her turn, the guard looked her up and down and refused to let her in. “You are too … young, little girl,” they told her. “But I’m 15,” she informed them. “Well, um… you LOOK too young,” they insisted.

Tears running down her face, Pearl ran all the way home.

The girl knew her clothes were too shabby and that was probably the reason she had not been allowed in. But Pearl was determined not to let that stop her from attending Princess Liha’s party. For the first time in her life she asked her father for a dress.

The carpenter listened to the girl and nodded. He then carefully removed a fancy carving of a beautiful dragon from his shelf. “Here daughter, this is made of the best koa wood on the island.” He instructed her. “Take it to the Mission House down the beach and ask for that nice haole Mistress. It should make a good trade for Chinese silk enough for a dress.”

Clutching the shining artwork in her hands, Pearl went and found the Mistress at the Mission House. The lady adored wooden figurine so much she pulled a bolt of silk from a trunk and gave Pearl a generous cut. The oriental fabric felt even smoother than the white sand on the beach, Pearl thought.

The next morning, the determined girl showed up at the line sporting a sleeveless low cut mint green silk dress made by the most famous island seamstress. The one-piece garment accentuated her curved body beautifully and the color of the dress making her eyes practically shine. With her long brown hair laying over her lovely bare shoulders in a smooth cascade, Pearl looked so poised and mature beyond her age. For this special occasion, the girl put a smudge of Cochineal on her lips so they appeared brighter and fuller than usual.

The guard did a double take when he saw the elegant girl. “Why my little girl! You look um… almost as pretty as our Princess Her Highness. What’s your name?”

“It’s Pearl, and I … I am a princess too!” The statement rolled out of Pearl’s mouth before she could catch it.

The guard’s face lit up. He carefully guided Pearl into the hall and over to Princess Liha. “Your Highness, here this is Pearl, another princess.” He bowed to them both, all smiles.

Princess Liha was struck by the petite beauty’s quiet and intense dignity. Pearl opened her mouth to explain, but Her Highness took her hand right away and led her to the dance floor. It took a while for the shy girl to warm up, but the two girls hit it off in no time. Like the Queen, Her Highness was a very kind soul, good natured, warm and trusting. Pearl instinctively felt safe and comfortable with the Princess.

By the end of the party, the two girls became inseparable. The Princess took Pearl to meet her mother, Queen Aster. “Mother, this is my good friend Pearl. She’s a princess too!”

Thus began the Little Dream Weaver’s epic tale.

Little Pearl soon became like family to Queen Aster and Princess Liha. The Queen treated her like another daughter. During long hours of sitting around the table after dinner or lounging on the beach in the evening breeze, Pearl wove tales after tales to entertain the royal mother and daughter. She told them her family had not been native to the SS Kingdom; instead they had fled from Gifi, an island nation about 1000 miles away from the Sapphic Spanking Kingdom. Her father was the younger brother of the King but had been driven out because the King had fancied her mother who was the most beautiful woman on the island and a daughter of the chief of a big tribe.

“See, I’m a Princess of Gifi!” Pearl announced dramatically, totally immersed in her own imagination.

The Queen and the Princess were captivated. “What happened to your family, dear?” they asked.

“The King, my uncle, was planning to lock my father away forever because he wanted to take my mother to be his second wife.” Pearl kept on weaving. “So my father escaped carrying me all the way to the SS Kingdom.”

The more fanciful tales she span, the deeper Pearl’s imagination ran wild until she believed she actually was a princess from Gifi. When she was telling the story, those beautiful almond shaped eyes would sometimes tear up as if the poor girl was mourning the loss of her heritage, her mother, her parents’ kingdom.

Queen Aster and Princess Liha were completely taken in. They both fell head over heels in love with this beautiful girl who looked so vulnerable when she was spinning her family tales. So Little Pearl wove on and on, tale after tale about the Island of Gifi, about her beautiful mother, her bountiful homeland, her lost kingdom.

Occasionally at quiet moments when she’s by herself, Pearl thought about the tales she’d been weaving and felt a tinge of guilt tugging at her heart. But she was having the time of her life and didn’t want to risk losing the affection and love Her Majesty and Her Highness showered on her. Just some silly harmless fibs, no real harm done, the Little Dream Weaver reassured herself. Though in her mind she knew that one day she would come clean to the Queen and the Princess. I just need to find the right time and right moment, she told herself.

The first time Princess Liha kissed the Little Dream Weaver on her lip, they were lounging on a quiet stretch of the beach, reveling in the simple joys of sand and watching ocean waves roar up before crashing into white froth. The kiss felt like a soft drop of rain landing on a flower pedal, delicate and yet passionate. They waded into the water and explored every part of each other’s bodies: round and firm breasts, erect nipples, nice curves around the middle, super smooth skin on the inner thighs, firm yet soft calves, and oh, and those plumpish yet taut buttocks. As they looked up at the clear and achingly blue sky, both girls knew in their hearts that they’d found the love of their life and the future promises were endless.

Living up to the Kingdom’s name, the lovers played spanking games many times, taking turns giving and receiving. As a bonus, Queen Aster also paid plenty of special attentions to both girls’ bare bottoms. Her Majesty was a superb spanker with her gentle but firm hand, though occasionally she used household items such as a hairbrush, wooden spoon, or bamboo ruler. Those were not punishment spankings; rather they were loving gestures of fondness and care. Oftentimes, the Queen made sure that Pearl’s bottom over her royal knee was warm and nice with a beautiful hue of pink, and the wiggling girl felt so cared for and loved. In her mind, Her Majesty practically became her mother.

The following year Pearl turned 16, becoming an adult woman in the island’s tradition. She and Princess Liha made quite a striking pair on the island: while Pearl was petite and slender Her Highness was taller and broader; Pearl had long straight brown hair, Her Highness had her raven curls cropped short. The two young women lovers were the favorite pair of the island folks.

That autumn, the Queen fell ill with a high fever. She lay in the royal bed getting weaker each day. The missionary doctor was called and declared that Her Majesty was stricken with a disease called typhoid which was not native to the island. “We brought it to the island,” he said forlornly. The doctor prescribed Western medicine and wished them luck before departing. Princess Liha and Pearl sat by the Queen’s bed day and night, refusing to leave. Food and water had to be brought in for them. They held onto each other tightly, whispering comforting words in each other’s ears and wiping away tears from each other’s face.

On the seventh day, Her Majesty’s eyes fluttered open. She turned and her gaze fell on the two embracing figures in the large chair by her bed, fast asleep. A smile appeared on the Queen’s face. “My two dear daughters, forever,” she thought affectionately.

That winter, Princess Liha held Pearl’s hand, looked her in the eye and asked her to marry her. “Princess Liha and Princess Pearl! I really like the sound of it, do you darling?” The Princess asked playfully.

Pearl’s face went white. She lowered her head, tears slowly streaming down her face. “I … I can’t be your wife,” she sobbed.

“What? But why?” Princess Liha looked at her love’s ashen face, confused.

“’Cause-‘cause I am a bad girl, very bad.” Pearl ran out of the house and all the way back to her father’s cottage.

Pearl lay in her hammock, refusing to talk to her father. She cried and cried until her tears dried up. Guilt, remorse and doubt gnawed at her heart. Her father begged her to eat but she would only drink a little mango juice. Her father begged her to come in and sleep in bed but she shook her head. She spent a sleepless night in the hammock.

The next morning, Princess Liha hurried to her side. She climbed in to sit beside her lover.

“What’s wrong my love? Why did you say you were a bad girl?” She held Pearl in her arms, seriously concerned.

Looking into Princess Liha’s warm and trusting eyes, Pearl felt a terrible pain in her heart as shame and guilt washed all over her, numbing her senses.

“I love you, Pearl.” Princess Liha’s soft whisper brushed against Pearl’s neck.

The Little Dream Weaver’s confession tumbled out amidst sniffles and sobs.

Her Highness’s eyebrows rose and her lips pursed. She looked at her sweet Pearl, incredulous and speechless. Shaking her head, she slowly turned around and left.

She’s disgusted with me now, Pearl thought miserably. She doesn’t love me anymore. I’m finished.

Little Dream Weaver’s tender heart went to pieces.

In the afternoon a palace guard hurried to Pearl’s house. “Her Majesty sent for you, NOW.”

Queen Aster sat at the royal sofa in her private chamber, a stern expression on her face, no usual warm smile.

“I’m very sorry, Your Majesty.” Pearl got down on her knees and cried.

“You’ve been lying to us all this time?!” The Queen’s rich voice was low but Pearl could hear the hurt in it. “How could you, Pearl?

“I-I got carried away. I hurt you and Her Highness. I’m really really sorry.”

“You made me feel like a fool!” The Queen raised her voice a notch.

“Please punish me.” Pearl begged.

“Oh you will be punished, girl. But not just now because I’m very upset.”

Pearl hung her head.

“You have greatly disappointed me.” Queen Aster lifted two fingers and forced Pearl to look into her dark brown irises.

The Queen’s words stabbed at Pearl’s heart. I would rather die than disappoint you, my beloved Queen, Pearl wanted to say, tears running down her face.

“Now come with me.” The Queen rose and led Pearl to her private bathtub. She soaked the girl in warm water of milk and honey, and thoroughly scrubbed her body with a towel. Then she washed the girl’s long hair, oiled it and gently combed it. Pearl could hardly keep her eyes open after the bath and fell into a deep sleep in the Queen’s bed.

When she woke up, the sun was already setting. The room was quiet.

Queen Aster was sitting in a straight-backed mahogany chair. She beckoned Pearl to come over. The girl obeyed but kept her eyes glued on the floor.

“Look at me, my child,” the Queen commanded.

The girl obeyed. “I’m very sorry for lying to you and Her Highness and hurt your feelings.” Pearl murmured.

“You will be, my girl.” The Queen replied, pointing at her knee.

The spanking was quite a punishing affair. The poor girl’s bare bottom was slapped repeatedly by Her Majesty’s small but strong hand. The impact sent the peachy bottom cheeks bouncing around like two jiggling balls.


“’Cause I wanted you to like, to-to love me.” The upended girl sniffled.

“Silly child,” the Queen bend down and stroked Pearl’s hair. “I love you just the same whether you are simply Pearl from SS Kingdom or Princess Pearl of Gifi.”

“I know,” the girl replied miserably. The sting on her bottom was not nearly as bad as the pain in her heart.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “I value honesty above all else, do you understand? It’s the foundation of trust.” Queen Aster lectured.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The Queen’s hand came down hard again on the girl’s tender bottom cheeks. More stinging slaps followed by more lectures. Then she paused.

“Have you learned your lesson, my child?” The Queen patted the warm bottom on her knee, her voice full of compassion.

“Yes, Your Majesty. I will not break your trust again,” promised Pearl.

When the punished girl’s peachy bottom was red and no doubt rather sore, the monarch deemed the message had been driven home and she stopped spanking. She pulled the miscreant up into her lap and the girl winced and gave a little squeal when her tender bottom touched the Queen’s thigh. Her Majesty gently stroked the girl’s wet face and kissed her on the forehead.

“Forgiven me, Ma’am?” Pearl dared herself to ask through tear streaked emerald eyes.

The Queen nodded and held Pearl tightly, kissing her hair. It was such a nice feeling for Pearl knowing that the Queen’s love for her had not diminished. The naughty girl allowed herself a little smile.

The door creaked open slowly and Princess Liha came in. Pearl looked up, her eyes following her lover’s, inquiring and begging for forgiveness.

“You-you still wanna me to be your wife?” Pearl’s lips quivered, her voice barely audible.

Her Highness didn’t say a word. She held out her hand and led Pearl out of the Queen’s bedroom onto the balcony. Outside, the ocean breeze was refreshing. The setting sun streaked fiery red bars across the sky, the gnarled banyan trees glowing. Her Highness sat down on the bench and gestured Pearl to stand in front of her.

She said, “Yes Pearl, I still want you to be my wife, but not before -”

“You do?” Pearl’s emerald eyes widened. “Now you know I’m not a princess AND I lied to you?”

Princess Liha looked her lover in the eye and replied slowly but firmly, “Yes my love, I still love you and wanna marry you. But as I was saying, not before I give your naughty bottom a spanking you’ll never ever forget!” She pulled a wooden paddle out of her pocket.

Pearl’s body stiffened as she saw the solid piece of wood but was swiftly pulled over her lover’s knees.

From the Queen’s room, the monarch could hear the resounding cracks against bare flesh ringing throughout, mixed in with the punished girl’s devastating wails echoing into the still hour of the nightfall. “Must be quite a thrashing. Poor girl.” The Queen lamented, sighing.

Poor girl indeed. The Little Dream Weaver practically did not sit for a week!

On the first day of spring, Princess Liha and Pearl, a commoner from SS Kingdom were married in a celebration that drew the entire population of the island that lasted for three days. “Our Princess Liha and Princess Pearl, we love you!” Shouted islanders excitedly and proudly.

From that day on, the simple girl who’d lived at the edge of the SS Kingdom weaving her own imaginary tales, became a member of the island’s royal family, a real princess, her wildest of dreams fulfilled through love.

Princess Pearl continued to spin fantastic tales to entertain her beloved wife and the benevolent Queen, but she knew the difference between truthlike and truthful and would never cross the line again. And thanks to her loving mother-in-law’s encouragement, the Little Dream Weaver started to write her tales into stories.

The two women lived and spanked happily ever after, while now and then the kind and proud Queen Aster gifting a delicious royal tanning to each princess’ royal behind.


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Lizzy’s Turn (pt. IV): Lizzy Faces the Music

Lizzy noticed that ever since Lucy and Stella visited Sensei and Maddy’s house, her girlfriend had pretty much returned to her normal toppy self, confident and bossy as usual.

“Lu’s got her mojo back!” Liz texted Cat, feeling relieved.

“Ready to strike, eh?” Cat replied with a wink.

Lizzy texted back with a tongue-sticking-out emoticon.

That night, Lucy and Lizzy were resting in bed watching their favorite show, Orange is the New Black. After the episode ended, Lucy switched the TV off.

She slowly turned to face her girlfriend, “You know what’s coming soon, right?”

Liz snuggled closer. “Yeah.” She blushed and looked away. Lucy turned her head around and gently stroke her hair.

“When?” The college girl asked quietly, heart beating fast.

“This weekend.” Lucy looked straight into the girl’s eyes. “But here’s what you will do before that. I want you to write an essay -”

“Wha? You know I don’t like writing essays,” pouted Lizzy.

Lucy sat up straight and put her hands on Lizzy’s shoulders, giving her a stern look. “Do not interrupt me Elizabeth Chloe Anderson! I’m not going to warn you again, understand?” She didn’t raise her voice, but the tone gave Lizzy shivers.

The brat hung her head. “Sorry, Lu.” Wow, she’s definitely gotten her toppy mojo back!

“A reflective essay,” Lucy continued in a firm voice. “Describe what your thought process was before you decided to ask Cat to help you cheat, how you felt after you guys were caught,” she slowed down a bit, “and especially after you managed to get yourself expelled from school.”

A small groan escaped from Lizzy’s throat, and she rolled her eyes.

“Now listen,” the older girlfriend growled with narrowed eyes. “I want you to take this seriously!”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry.”

Lucy continued, “And last, how you feel about it now and what you want to see happen and not happen.” She finished with, “Three pages minimum. Typed.”

Three pages! Liz’s face fell. “Jeez, Lu,” she whined, scrunching up her nose. “Are you gonna require APA style next?” The sarcastic question shot out of her mouth before she had a chance to stop it.

Lucy acted swiftly. Two sharp slaps landed on Liz’s bottom, followed by a fierce stare with narrowed eyes. “Clearly, you are not taking this seriously, missy. Do I need to fetch the hairbrush eh?”

Lizzy shook her head, horrified at the idea. “No ma’am. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that.” Then in a whisper she asked, “But three pages, seriously?”

Lucy’s eyebrows rose. Her thumb and forefinger grabbed the younger woman’s chin, forcing her to look right into the Top’s eyes. “Look, are you going to write it without complaining, or must I give you a sound spanking on your bare bottom now with the hairbrush and THEN you will write it without complaining?”

The college girl’s eyes grew wide and fearful. “Um, I’m gonna write it, no more whining. I promise.” Jeez.

Lucy let go of Liz’s chin. “I need it no later than Friday night,” she said evenly.

“Yes, ma’am.” Came the prompt reply.

“Good girl.” Pleased, Lucy pulled her Bottom into a hug and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

In the following few days, Lizzy became rather miserable as she tried to sit down and write a decent essay but couldn’t seem to produce anything coherent that would fill three long pages.

She texted her BFF Cat to meet for coffee.

“You know I’m lousy at this writing thing!” Lizzy whined as soon as the two college students sat down at their favorite Starbucks, ordering Frappuccino and muffins.

“Oh c’mon Liz,” Cat said encouragingly, “you can totally pull off a three page essay. No sweat.”

“That’s just it!” Liz scoffed. “I can say everything I wanna say to fit in ONE page. What am I gonna do with the other two?”

“Well, she said a reflective essay right?” Cat tried to be helpful, “You just need to REFLECT more and longer.”

Lizzy gave her friend a snort. “Easy said than done.” An idea struck her. “Hey maybe I can use a larger font and bigger margins?”

“Um, that’ll be tricky ‘cause I’m sure Lu meant the usual size.” Cat said cautiously. “I wouldn’t try any stunt like that if I were you, not in this situation.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Liz nodded, sighing. Then she perked up a little, “You’re good at writing, Cat.” She asked hopefully, “Do you think you can help me with this darn essay?”

Cat shifted in her seat. “Sorry Liz. You gotta do this yourself.” She replied apologetically. “I don’t wanna get into any trouble. You shouldn’t either.” She added with a shy smile, “I’ve been so good lately. Stella said so.”

“Good for ya.” Liz took a sip of her drink. “Guess I’ll just have to crank somethin’ out, somethin’ decent enough,” she shrugged. Then her face lifted as she remembered something, “Oh, guess what? Lu ordered a flogger. I saw it! It came in a FedEx package from some online kinky shop called Happy Tails.”

Cat’s eyes widened brightly. “A flogger? You mean like a whip?”

They heard several patrons nearby whispering and giggling.

“Kinda.” Lizzy blushed and lowered her voice. “Says on the label ‘Made in India.’ Shiny dark leather. Beautiful but scary looking cause it has these thin straps attached to the handle.” Liz shivered despite the hot drink. “Like a centipede’s legs!”

Cat couldn’t help but trembling at Liz’s description. She reached over the table and touched her friend’s hand. “It’s gonna be ok, Liz. You know Lu won’t hurt you.” She added with a wink, “Though your butt might disagree.”

“I know.” Lizzy nodded. Taking a deep breath, she confided in her best friend, “Truth be told Cat, I just want it to be over with already, to put this whole thing behind us.”

Cat got up and gave her best buddy a big hug. “When is the big day?”

“Lu said this weekend.” Her voice quivered.

“Good luck. Text me after it’s over, ‘k?”

“’K, thanks.” Liz promised. “If I’m still alive, that is,” she snorted, wrinkling her nose.

“Oh I’m sure you will be.” Cat replied, winking. “But you probably won’t be able to sit comfortably for a while.”


On Saturday morning, Lucy woke up first. She tiptoed out of the bedroom and sat down at the kitchen table. While the coffee was brewing, the Top started reading Lizzy’s essay.

“The main reason I asked Cat to help me was coz I didn’t wanna lose my scholarship. I sucked at stats and was afraid if I didn’t get a B, my GPA would take a dive. … It was a bad and stupid decision. I’m sorry I got Cat into trouble as well. Instead of resorting to cheating, I should’ve studied more and gone to the tutoring sessions!!”

Lucy breathed a sigh of relief. Her brat of a girlfriend was at least honest and didn’t chalk it up to some lame excuses.

The coffee maker sizzled and Lucy stood up and made herself a steaming mug. She knew the upcoming session of discipline would feel different than the usual ones because of her own past mistake. Would I still feel like a hypocrite even though Sensei already took care of me? Lucy shifted in her chair, trying to remember what Sensei and Maddy had said after her discipline session at their house.

You are forgiven, Lucy, and I think it’s time you forgave yourself too.” Sensei had gently told her.

You can do this!” Maddy had held her hand encouragingly.

It’s for Lizzy,” Stella had reminded her.

Lucy stopped fidgeting and sat straight, steeling herself. I can do this, for my Lizzy and for myself. She felt her confidence surge, her body relaxed.

She was about to get back to the essay when she heard footsteps. Lizzy stumbled in, yawning, and still in her sleeping shorts and cami.

“Morning, babe.” Lucy’s face brightened. She gave her girlfriend a kiss. “Coffee?”

“Uh, please.”

The dominant girlfriend poured her brat a cup and they sat down. Liz stole a few glances at a determined-looking Lucy while drinking quietly. The time has come, she told herself. Though nervous, the miscreant felt ready to face the music once for all.

“When you finish your coffee,” Lucy ordered in a firm voice, looking at her girlfriend in the eye. “Please walk yourself to the corner and do some contemplation.” She wanted to help her brat get into the right mindset.

Liz quietly obeyed. She padded over to the corner in the living room, her nose inches from the wall, and stood with her hands hanging on the sides.

“Good girl,” Lucy said, pleased, and continued reading the essay.

“Now I just wanna be punished and forgiven and move on. I’m ready for any punishment Lu dishes out. Next semester I’ll do whatever I need to do to get back on track. Just don’t want this guilt feeling hanging over me any longer!”

Lucy nodded silently. Good, we are on the same page.

She rose to put the coffee cups in the sink. Turning around, she saw her girlfriend still obediently standing in the corner of the living room, soundless, and no fidgeting as usual.

Lucy allowed herself a small smile.

She came to stand quietly behind the girl. “Come with me,” she commanded softly.

Lizzy followed her Top, who stopped right behind the back of the couch.

“Bare your bottom,” came the stern order.

The college girl only hesitated for half a second before she removed her pajama shorts. They fell down to the floor into a small bunch on the carpet. She looked at her Top.

“Now bend over,” Lucy pointed at the back of the couch.

Lizzy lowered herself down onto the sturdy fabric until her bottom was sticking up at a prime angle, feet no longer touching the floor. “That’s it,” Lucy said, gently resting her left hand on Lizzy’s back.

The disciplinarian shifted her position slightly before raising her right arm. SLAP, SLAP, one on each soft pale cheek, leaving two pink handprints.

“I don’t need to tell you why you’re here in this position, do I, Liz?”

“Uh-uh,” Lizzy squirmed, her cheeks quivering.

“Excuse me?” The dominant girlfriend rained down two more heavier and sharper slaps on the bottom. “Proper answer during a spanking!”

“No, Ma’am. Sorry Ma’am. You don’t need to tell me why I’m here in this position.”

“Good girl.”

SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP! Ten more rapid sharp blows landed, alternating between the two jiggling cheeks, the crispy sound of a smacking palm ringing out loudly.

“Ow ow owww,” the miscreant yowled, vigorously wriggling her hips to disperse the sting.

Lucy paused. The skin on Lizzy’s bottom was quickly turning into velvety smooth pinkness. Just a dozen more.

After another minute of repeated hand spanking, Lucy paused again. She viewed the fleshy bottom with a pink glow. The cheeks quivered.

Time to meet our new friend.

Lucy opened a drawer of the coffee table and picked up the brand new black flogger. “Liz hon, meet Ms. Flogger here.” She held up the shining black flogger for her girlfriend to see.

Lizzy turned her head and looked up. Oh my god, those freakin’ centipede’s legs!

Lucy gripped the handle tightly, a bit nervous. She’d never spanked Liz with a flogger before. I’ve got this. She had spent hours watching YouTube on how to use a flogger properly and safely. Besides, she had also practiced on Stella for target practice. It’s gonna be fine.

Lucy let her left hand gently rest on Liz’s back. Taking a deep breath, she raised her right arm, aiming —


Lizzy yelped, stung by the impact. It was like a hundred small stings all bundled into a single painful blow and then spreading to the entire backside upon impact. For a second, her rear went into shock.

“Breathe,” Lucy commanded softly.

“Owww,” the spanked girl let out a long wail. Her hand instinctively made to touch the assaulted bottom, but the disciplinarian caught it.

“No touching.”

Lucy raised her arm again. WHAP! Same force, same spot, same impact, same shock.

“Owiii.” A long howl followed.

“You like our new friend?” Lucy smoothed out the thin straps attached to the sturdy handle.

“No, Ma’am.” Lizzy sniffled. “It really hurts.”

“Good, that’s the idea. Try to behave yourself more and not get into trouble if you wanna avoid her.” Scolded Lucy. She stretched her arm, getting ready for another swing.

“Yes, Ma’am, I will.” Lizzy closed her eyes bracing for the next blow.

A third WHAP landed on the sore bottom. Lizzy kicked her dangling legs fiercely against the back of the couch to deflect the massive sting.

“Settle down.” Lucy said calmly. “More coming.” She swung her arm and delivered two more leather kisses in quick succession.

“Ouchy,” hollered Lizzy as she resumed kicking her dangling legs against the back of the couch.

Lucy flexed her arm and adjusted her grip. “Hey I like this thing,” she said. “I’m really getting the hang of it.”

Lizzy rolled her eyes, groaning silently.

The disciplinarian shifted her feet and re-positioned herself for a good angle.

“Five more.”

Five more??? I’m so gonna die!

The last five strikes were administered with a rhythmic pattern, WHAP, pause, CRACK, pause. The college girl wriggled her hips fiercely trying to dodge the deadly kisses, but each time the leather hit exactly where the Top wanted it to be on the meatiest part. The punished girl wailed at each blow, her bottom truly on fire.

After the last strike was done, Lucy put the shiny leather down on the couch. She patted the red bottom gently, feeling the heat. She waited till her girlfriend calmed down a little before allowing her to lower herself onto the floor.

“That really hurt,” Lizzy whimpered, cupping her sore cheeks.

“Uh-huh, no rubbing,” Lucy shook her head. She reached over and tucked a few stray hair behind Lizzy’s ear. Then she headed to the bedroom, “Follow me.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Lizzy trotted along dutifully, not sure what was gonna happen next. She so wanted to rub her sore bottom, but didn’t want to risk disobeying her Top.

Lucy stopped in front of the bed. “On your back, feet up.”

Oh no, the diaper position! Lizzy had heard from Cat about this awful position. She turned to look at her disciplinarian, eyes pleading and lower lip quivering.

“No arguing,” Lucy put her hand up and said firmly. “Do as I say this instant, missy!” Her voice brokered no room for negotiation whatsoever.

Brushing away tears with the back of her hand, Lizzy gingerly lay down on her back, her burning bottom touching the hard edge of the mattress, and raised her feet straight up as her Top had ordered.

Quite a sight, a ripened peachy bottom supporting two long legs straight up.

“Good girl,” Lucy praised her girlfriend. “Cat was spanked in this position, and so will you today,” she spoke in a firm but reassuring tone.

Lucy walked into the clothes closet. Lizzy shivered. She knew what’s coming.

“Sensei gave me six of the best. You are going to get the same today.” Lucy swished the cane in the air.

Lizzy froze with fear, and it showed in her eyes.

Lucy bent down and planted a loving kiss on the girl’s forehead. “It’s gonna be ok, babe.” She caressed the girl’s long legs in a downward motion.

Lizzy breathed out deeply and said bravely, “Yes, ma’am.”

Lucy planted her feet wide apart securing a firm footing on the floor, measuring out the distance. She took a few step back and swung her arm a few times, the cane lightly touching Lizzy’s bottom cheeks.

Lizzy automatically clenched her cheeks at the touch, holding her breath. In this diaper position, she felt utterly exposed.

“Unclench your cheeks please,” Lucy ordered as she patted the red bottom. “And keep your legs together.” She did not want to accidently hit the girl’s most delicate private part.

“Mmm-hmm,” Lizzy whimpered and hiccupped nervously.

The six strikes rained down slow and steady, three on each lower cheek, leaving raised parallel welts neatly adorning the sweet sit spots.

“Arghhhhhhhh” Lizzy let out the longest breath she’d been holding, tears falling down her face.

The older girlfriend threw the cane onto the bed and gently traced the lines on the hot bottom with her fingers, caressing the cheeks reassuringly. Then she helped the punished girl off the bed and stand on her wobbly feet.

They hugged for a long time.

“You did great, sweetie.” Lucy said softly. “Now back to the corner.”

“Wha?” Lizzy asked through her sobs. She couldn’t believe her ears.

“Let’s go.” Lucy escorted the punished girl to the corner.

“No rubbing the bottom, yet.” She delivered a warning swat, wanting the sting to last a while and make a real impression on her naughty brat.

“Yes, ma’am.” Lizzy replied meekly, hands resting on the sides.

The moment after a spanking is when my brat at her most compliant, Lucy smiled.

The spanked girl, now alone in the corner, shifted her feet, convinced her bottom was on fire. She knew her disciplinarian wanted her to truly learn a lesson by putting her in the corner AFTER a spanking. Though her bottom hurt, Lizzy felt better than she’d felt for a long time, thoroughly chastised. It’s like a huge burden had been lifted off her shoulder. Man, it’s so not worth it, she decided. There would be no repeat of the same mistake, she’s sure of that.

Soft steps came closer behind her.

“It’s over, sweetie.” Lucy pulled her punished girlfriend into her chest, hugging her tightly. “You’re forgiven.” She smiled into Lizzy’s eyes, “You can rub your bottom now.”

The college girl was relieved. Her hands flew back to her rear end immediately.

“No more naughty stunts, eh?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Lizzy nodded vigorously.

Lucy helped the college girl settle into the couch. The spanked girl lay on her stomach, head resting on Lucy’s thigh.

Lucy retrieved a tub of pure shea butter. She slathered a generous portion of the cooling balm on Lizzy’s flaming backside. The lotion was known to help reduce bruising and relieve pain. This girl won’t be sitting comfortably soon, Lucy observed. Hope she’s learnt her lesson real well!

“Here’s what’s going to happen moving forward, hon.” Lucy stroked Lizzy’s hair. “I’m glad to tell you Dr. Kato pulled a few strings at school so your expulsion has been suspended.”

“Really? I can go back to school in the fall?” Lizzy was elated.

“Yes, babe. She put her reputation on the line for you so you better behave yourself.” The Top warned, gently massaging Liz’s back. “No scholarship for a semester though. But if you get a B and above in the stats class, they’ll give it back to you the following semester.”

“That’s okay, Lu. I’ll find a job, I promise.” The punished girl wriggled her hips, liking the cooling sensation on her scorching buttocks.

“About that. You’ll be working in Stella’s law firm as a temp, part time. One of their receptionists is taking maternity leave.”


“Yeah ‘oh’ indeed. Stella will keep an eye on you, you know that right?” Lucy said. “Minimum wage, but it ought to cover part of the tuition and gas for your car.”

Lizzy was relieved. She sat up and burrowed into her girlfriend, wincing at the contact between her sore rear and her Top’s thigh. She wrapped her arms around Lucy, kissing her neck.

“Not so fast, hon. There’s more.” She needed to lay down the law, Lucy’s Law.

“More what?”

“If your average in stats falls below a B, that’s a mandatory meeting between your bare bottom and our new friend Ms. Flogger. No exception.”

Lizzy grunted in her throat. A mandatory spanking?! “Is it really necessary?” She pouted.

Lucy gave her s light swat on the side of the thigh. “Yes, it’s absolutely necessary, brat! AND you’ll be grounded until the grade is up.”

Lizzy opened her mouth to whine, but her Top’s look stopped her in her tracks. She sighed instead.

“Cat will help you study stats, ok? So don’t worry.” Lucy hugged her tight.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Lucy was pleased with her brat’s compliance. She smirked, “There’s more-“


“Good news. We are going on a camping trip next weekend!”

“Yay! I love camping. Cat and Stella coming?”

“Yesss! Guess who else?” Lucy winked.


“Sensei and Maddy!”


“And Dr. Kato and Reagan too!”

“The whole … um, lesbo spanko gang?”

“Yes, the whole gang!” They both burst out laughing.

“You know what Sensei said?” Lucy teased.


“She said ‘don’t forget to pack your implement bag.’” Lucy chuckled. “You think we should bring our new friend with us, hon?”

Lizzy stuck out her tongue at her dominant girlfriend, shaking her head.

“Well, but I heard she can also do other things, pleasant things.” Lucy said coyly, patting Lizzy’s bottom. “If you are a good girl, that is.”

Whoa, that’s gonna be some hot lesbian camping spanking trip, no kiddin’. Lizzy thought with a delightful shudder.



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Lizzy’s Turn (pt. III): For Lizzy

Stella and Lucy arrived at Genevieve and Maddy’s house. The ranch sat in a quiet corner on a wide street in a busy subdivision. A handsome Japanese maple tree in the front yard was gently swaying in the breeze. Next to it a well maintained flower garden was blooming with a variety of the regional hosta. The grass was newly manicured, making the lawn look like a fresh green blanket.

Maddy opened the door and greeted the two young women warmly, giving each a hug. The interior of the house was soft and inviting; the color of the wall, the layout of the furniture, the artful deco, pots of plants in the corner, everything was minimalist but welcoming.

Maddy led the two women into the kitchen. “Sorry for the mess,” she apologized, gesturing at the baking ingredients scattered all over the counter. “I was just starting a peach pie.” She pointed at a big bowl of ripe fruit, “Just plucked from our tree in the back. Stella, why don’t you help me peel and cube these babies?”

Then she led Lucy to the hallway next to the kitchen, “Gen’s expecting you in her study. Last room on your right.”

Lucy nervously trudged to Sensei’s study. Outside the room she saw a handwritten note taped on the door. “Outfit on the chair. Please put it on and wait until you are called.

Lucy felt her jaw hang open as she examined the school uniform neatly piled on the chair by the door. The ensemble consisted of a crisp white shirt, navy blue tie, navy blue skirt, a pair of white socks, and black Mary Jane shoes. There was even a blue scrunch for her to pull her hair into a ponytail.

Lucy had to smile despite the circumstances. Sensei wanted me to feel like a student again. She certainly appreciated the former professor’s thoughtfulness. Picking up the bundle Lucy headed to the bathroom.

When she looked at herself in the mirror, the woman was amazed at the incredible transformation. This outfit transported her back to her student days as if those years since had simply disappeared.

Lucy came back to the hallway and sat down on the chair only to realize the chair was rather tall and her feet couldn’t touch the floor. Oh Sensei! Lucy waited, swinging her legs, fingers twirling her ponytail.

Meantime in the kitchen, Maddy was chatting with Stella. “Peach pie is Gen’s favorite.” She added, “Got to have fresh lemon juice. Hope you girls like it?”

“Oh sure, we do.” Stella replied absent-mindedly. She was stealing glances at the hallway wondering about her friend.

“Please relax, Stel,” Maddy said reassuringly. “You know Sensei will take good care of Lu.” Stella nodded. “Let me put some music on. What do you like? Classic, country, pop?”

“Whatever you like, Maddy.”

A soft cello concerto started playing.

Lucy could hear the soothing music from where she was sitting. It made her feel calm and a little more relaxed. After about 10 minutes, she heard Sensei’s voice calling, “Come on in please.”

The young woman scrambled down off the chair and slowly made her way in. Dr. Osaki sat behind a dark mahogany desk, her face serious but not unkind. Lucy’s eyes were immediately drawn to three pieces of implements neatly laid side by side on the desk.

Sensei smiled ever so slightly at the sight of the uniform-clad former student. Ah, Maddy’s idea is working out very nicely. She crooked a finger directing the former student to stand in front of her before swishing her chair around to face the young woman.

“Good afternoon, Lucy dear,” Gen greeted her warmly, winking. “Nice outfit there.”

“Yeah, and that tall chair. Definitely making me feel like a college student again.” Lucy touched her tie. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. It’s all my lovely Maddy’s idea.” Sensei chuckled.

Then the professor became serious again. “You know why you are here, Lucy?” She asked in a firm but kind voice.

“Yes, Sensei,” Lucy replied softly, her eyes avoiding Sensei’s.

“Can you tell me please?”

Lucy hesitated a second before replying, “I-I’m here to be punished for cheating in your final exam five years ago.” She replied, feeling flushed in her cheeks, and looked at the floor.

“And why do you want to be punished after such a long time has passed, Lucy?” Sensei cleared her throat and propped gently.

“Because -” Lucy lifted her head to face the teacher, her eyes welling up. “It’s for Lizzy.” Of course, I’m doing all this for my beloved Lizzy brat, so I can take proper care of her.

“It’s alright, sweetie.” The older woman stood up and gave Lucy a hug.

“Everything is going to be all right. We’ll take care of it today.” Her chin pointed at the implements on her desk, “You see these?” Sensei picked up a wide bamboo ruler patting her palm. “You’ll get to taste my ruler.” Then she pointed the ruler at the second piece of implement, “See the leather paddle? And the cane?” She put the ruler back on the desk. “And of course my hand too.”

Lucy’s stomach fluttered as her gaze followed Sensei’s hand.

“I know you are the one who usually … um, wields them,” the professor chuckled ever so subtly. “But today you will be on the receiving end. And I don’t need to tell you that they all sting. So let me ask you one more time: are you sure about this, Lucy DeVito?” Dr. O. gazed at the former student intensely, softness around her eyes. She wanted to make absolute sure this was what Lucy wanted.

“Yes ma’am.” The answer came promptly and determinedly. “I need it and I want it. Please.”

“Okay, then.” The older woman walked around her desk to the other side. “I’d like you to bend over the desk, feet apart, hands touching … right about here.”

Lucy obediently assumed her position as commanded, her breathing quickening.

Genevieve Osaki walked a few steps behind the bent student. She flipped up Lucy’s skirt and tucked it around her waist, revealing a pair of laced blue silk VC underwear.

Sensei planted her feet firmly on the hardwood floor next to the quivering bottom, a perfect angle.

The teacher gently rested her left hand on Lucy’s back. “You know the drill,” she informed her. “I’ll start with a warm-up.” The slaps started slowly but soon picked up the pace. Lucy felt the increasing sting from the teacher’s firm palm as the slapping sound echoed in the study.

After a minute or so Sensei stopped. She patted Lucy’s back, “You okay, Lucy?”

Lucy nodded. She shifted her feet, relieved to have a reprieve.

Sensei took a step forward and un-ceremonially pulled down Lucy’s underwear to her mid thighs, revealing pinkened bottom cheeks. Then she picked up her bamboo ruler from the desk top and did a few trial swats on Lucy’s backside before swinging her arm high and coming down hard.

“Ow,” Lucy’s bottom jiggled in shock. She dug her fingers into the edge of the desk.

Dr. O. took on her professorial demeanor and addressed the errant student, “I’m very disappointed in your behavior, Lucy DeVito.” Her voice was calm but the tone was very stern, each word punctuated by the ruler making steady contact with the smooth flesh on both cheeks.

“S-sorry Dr. O.” The former student wiggled her backside vigorously.

WHAP, WHAP, one on each cheek in quick succession. “It was dishonest, immature and not to mention totally irresponsible!” The professor continued her stern scolding while spanking the bottom cheeks with the bamboo. The miscreant needs the verbal reprimand just as much as the spanking itself.

“Yes, Sensei. I was … young and impulsive.” Lucy started sobbing.

Sensei continued with the ruler spanking, covering both cheeks equally and thoroughly. Lucy squirmed and wiggled, swaying her hips trying to avoid the punishing blows.

“I hope you realize now that if you’d been caught, it could’ve had very serious consequences. You may not have graduated when you did.” Sensei put down the ruler and picked up the leather paddle.

Lucy shuddered, “Yes ma’am. I was so stupid.”

Genevieve gripped the leather paddle firmly, one of her favorite implements, and adjusted her feet. CRACK, the paddle landed on the right cheek.

“Ow,” Lucy cried, tears streaming down her face. “I’m very sorry, Sensei.”

“Yes, and you will be a lot sorrier after we are done here!” Sensei promised.

Genevieve continued slapping both cheeks with the leather. She knew tears were a good sign of release. She wanted to chastise Lucy hard enough so she would rid the guilt and feel fully absolved afterwards, but she certainly didn’t want to overdo it. It’s a tricky balance, the professor thought to herself.

Lucy’s bottom was fast becoming a ripened peach color, and the heat was building. She shifted her feet trying to deflect the hot sting.

Time for the cane, the most feared of lethal weapons for a bare bottom.

“Now this is really going to sting,” Gen warned the bent young woman. “But I hope it’ll drive the lesson home.” She tapped the cane on the tender bottom, measuring out the distance.

“Yes, ma’am.” Lucy was nervous, her breathing deepening, but she bravely nodded. Shifting her body slightly and gripping the edge of the desk tightly, the former student braced herself for the formidable implement that she herself had wielded on Lizzy’s bottom numerous times in the past.

The cane was being lifted making a swishing noise in the air. “I’ll give you six of the best. After that, as far as I am concerned, you are forgiven, okay?” So saying, the stern teacher swung her arm upwards and came down swiftly delivering a resounding CRACK on the bottom cheeks. It was an expertly administered blow, skillfully done from years of practice on women’s bare bottoms.

It took a second, but the searing pain hit Lucy’s backside like a ton of bricks.

“Owww,” she opened her mouth involuntarily.

Sensei gently rubbed the traumatized cheeks, giving them a small break before the next strike.

The second strike hit the right cheek, just slightly below the first blow, leaving a red welted line.

Lucy closed her eyes and rested her forehead on the desk, holding her breath.

“Breathe, Lucy,” Gen paused.

The punished woman complied.

Sensei repeated the strike on the right cheek, this time a little below the second one, again leaving a thin red line.

Lucy gritted her teeth, her body tensed up at the shocking pain.

Gen put her hand on Lucy’s back, giving her a few seconds to absorb the shock. Then she moved closer and delivered two strikes on the left cheek in succession, leaving two parallel red lines.

Lucy felt her backside was exploding in a hot flash. It was numb for a split second before the massive pain spread throughout the whole bottom.

“Okay, the last one,” Sensei announced. The red derriere sported three neat parallel lines across the fleshiest part of the cheeks. The last one would land diagonally and leave a nice welt cutting across both cheeks.

And it did. Perfectly.

“Aii-owww,” Lucy took a deep breath and drew out a howl.

Sensei waited until the younger woman was composed enough before pulling her up into a warm embrace. “It’s over now, honey. You did very well,” she told Lucy reassuringly. Helping her pull up her underwear and flipping down her skirt, the teacher looked Lucy in the eye. “I hope you can forgive yourself now.” She smoothed out Lucy’s hair, “And be able to take care of Lizzy.”

“Thank you, Sensei,” Lucy said with heart felt gratitude. “I think I’m good now.” She replied, her hands rubbing the sore bottom fiercely.

Gen left the study and came back to the kitchen. Maddy immediately gave her a hug and a kiss. “Everything all right, my love?”

“Yes, sweetie,” Sensei smiled and kissed her back. “By the way, your creative ideas worked very well, dear.”

She then turned to Stella, “You can go see Lu if you want.” Stella took off right away to the study. When she entered the room she did a double take seeing her friend donned in a school uniform.

“Cute outfit,” she quipped.

“No kidding. You should’ve seen me sitting in that tall chair out there dangling my feet!” Lucy replied, still rubbing her bottom.

Stella chuckled. “How are you doing, Lu?” She asked.

“Well, my butt hurts like the devil, I tell ya,” she winced. “But I feel good Stel, really good.” Her face slowly broke into a broad smile.

“I’m so glad to hear that, Lu.” Stella was really relieved.

The two friends hugged for a long time.

“Conscience clear now?” Stella asked.

“Yeah, think so.” Lucy took a deep breath and nodded.

When the two former students came back to the kitchen, they were welcomed by the heavenly sweet peachy aroma in the air. The golden brown pie was cooling on the rack, ready to be served.

Maddy poured them all freshly brewed coffee. She brought out a soft cushion and laid it on the chair for Lucy. Sensei smiled approvingly into her partner’s eyes. My love knows just how to take care of a sore bottom.

The four women sat down and ate the delicious pie with smooth whipped cream. “Here’s to Lu and Liz,” Maddy raised her coffee cup.

“Yes, good luck to you and Liz,” Genevieve said with a sincere and warm smile.

All four women clanked their cups and cheered.
peachy butt


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Lizzy’s Turn (pt. II): It Takes a Village

The following weekend, the four girls met for lunch before the SSA meeting. Over tacos and enchiladas, they tried to relax and forget about their nervousness.

Lucy turned to Stella, “You know what Liz said after I told her about … you know … out meeting with Sensei?” She put her arm around her younger partner, grinning affectionately.

“Let me guess,” Stella grinned back. “Something along the lines of ‘Does that mean I’m off the hook?’”

Eyes widened and mouth open, Lu and Liz couldn’t believe what they had just heard. “How’d you know, Stel?!” The college girl asked incredulously.

Stella and Cat burst out laughing. “Tell them, baby,” Stella winked at her younger girlfriend, patting her thigh under the table.

Blushing, Cat said, “Well, after Stel told me about it, I asked her ‘Does that mean Liz is off the hook?’ I mean since Lu did the same thing and all.” She looked at Lu hopefully.

The two Tops shook their heads simultaneously. “Naughty brats think alike,” Stella quipped.

Lucy snorted, “No, sorry to disappoint you girls, but Liz is definitely NOT off the hook.” She cast a stern but loving glace at her younger girlfriend.

“So what’s gonna happen at this meeting?” Liz asked nervously.

Lucy and Stella exchanged a look of uncertainty, but they tried to be reassuring for their girlfriends. “It’s probably just lady spankos sitting around talking and stuff, you know just like AA meetings.” Lucy said trying to sound casual.

“But we wouldn’t know anything about AA, would we?” The college girls pointed out.

“Yeah well, good point. Think of it this way, it might be fun, girls,” Stella put in, “to meet like-minded women and talk about dd and spanking, and for us to learn how to handle naughty girls more effectively.” She winked.

“Meanie,” Cat stuck her tongue out at her older girlfriend.

“Bu-but, that Sensei, she sounded a bit um… scary.” Liz wrinkled her nose.

“Well, she WAS very strict if I recall correctly.” Lu looked at Stella.

“I agree.” Stella nodded. “But she was always fair and kind-hearted.”

Lucy gave Liz a kiss on the head and said, “Don’t worry baby. Stella and I will take good care of ya girls, okay?” She ruffled Liz’s hair fondly.

After lunch, the four women walked to the Colonial Revival architectural style building in the center of downtown. Built in the late 19th Century, the grand Georgian structure was a reminder of the town’s colonial influences. It had been the City Library for as long as anybody could remember.

They walked in through the heavy front door and found the stairway leading to the basement. The room they were looking for was located at the end of a wide corridor. The door was ajar. The four women stopped, looking at each other.

Taking a deep breath, Stella pushed it open slowly.

Inside, there were about a couple dozen women milling about, arranging chairs in a circle. They were of various ages, sizes and colors and everyone seemed friendly and comfortable being there. Dr. Osaki saw the four young women right away and bounded over. She hugged each of them and then introduced them to a petite woman with auburn hair standing next to her, “This is Maddy, my partner.”

Maddy shook their hands and winked at Cat and Lizzy. “Got a surprise for you girls.” She pointed at a woman not far away.

The two college girls followed her finger and saw a familiar face in the crowd. With a sharp squeak, they quickly went to hide behind their girlfriends’ back.

Stella and Lucy looked quizzically at Sensei, who broke into a chuckle, “Ah, let me introduce Dr. Kato to you.” She beckoned for the stats professor and her partner to come over. “Stella, Lucy, meet Lynn Kato, my college roommate. And this is her wife, Reagan.”

Dr. Kato shook Stella’s hand, “It’s so nice to meet you, Stella, and thank you for … um, taking care of Cat in this most unfortunate incident. I was pleased with how you handled her.”

Stella blushed and said sincerely, “Thank YOU, Dr. Kato. Please, I apologize for Cat’s mistake. Thank you for your kindness and help in this matter.”

“You are welcome.” Dr. Kato turned to Cat and winked, “You better behave in my class next semester eh?”

Nodding, Cat blushed and smiled shyly.

Then Dr. Kato turned to Lucy, “You must be Lucy. Nice to meet you.”

Lucy held out her hand, “Nice to meet you too, Dr. Kato. I’d like to apologize for Lizzy too.” Her younger girlfriend was standing behind her, shifting from foot to foot.

Dr. Kato gave Lizzy a hug and said kindly, “Glad you can all come today.”

A tall elegant woman called everyone to the chairs and the meeting started. She clearly was the facilitator and was in charge today. She smiled at everyone and her eyes stopped at the four new comers.

“Please introduce yourselves, ladies. First names only please, or nicks if you wish.” She said pleasantly.

After the brief intro, the lady asked for a round of applause for the new comers. Then she reiterated the anonymous nature of SSA by saying, “What transpires in this room stays in this room.” Everyone nodded.

Then the room became lively.

Stella and Lucy were amazed to see that everyone was so relaxed and uninhibited when they talked about disciplines and spankings. They rattled off terms like tops and bottoms naturally, with no hint of embarrassment whatsoever. One woman said something naughty and her partner swiftly swatted her on her bottom and everyone laughed.

It seemed people were at different stages of the dd journey, some seasoned like Sensei and Maddy and Lynn and Reagan, whereas others were beginners. Their concerns were also very different.

A young woman with a Northern European accent, clearly new at dd, shared that she had recently entered a long distance top/bottom relationship. “I’m in college,” she started her story, “and I’d like to work on my time management skills, bedtime and procrastination issues.”

Everyone nodded, encouraging her to continue.

“But I was wondering how this can work. You see, I feel like I’m the one in charge ‘cause I’m the one who picks and chooses what and when to tell my Top, so in a sense I’m the one who decides on the outcome.” She took a breath and looked around. “My second question is, because of long distance, I have to, eh, spank myself,” she said a little uncertainly. “It feels a bit weird to spank myself. Besides, what if I cheat? Like when my Top says ‘a hard swat’ and I give my bottom a pat?” The young woman finished with a mischievous grin.

Everyone agreed those were great questions and they all chimed in to respond. Someone pointed out that the fact the college girl had sought out the SSA and had taken the time to come to the meeting showed that she was taking the dd relationship seriously and wanted it to work. Sensei added that essentially she WAS in charge of her own discipline because if she didn’t take it seriously, “it would be a waste of time for both you and your Top. It’s you who want to make improvement, right? Your Top is only there to help you.” The college girl nodded in agreement. Another woman said that while self-spanking was certainly not for everyone, but “if you are not able to be in a face-to-face dd relationship, then long-distance can certainly be a viable alternative for some people.” They then gave her some practical tips in online relationship safety and how to spot red flags in a LD discipline relationship. They encouraged her to use Skype as a useful tool of interaction with her Top.

The young woman seemed very pleased with the responses. She smiled, “You guys have given me so much to think about!” She promised to come back and report on how things were going.

Cat and Lizzy listened intently, fascinated at the young woman’s questions and everyone’s enthusiastic responses. Self spanking, the girls looked at each other and giggled. Not for us. They felt very lucky that their loving partners/tops were right there with them. Both girls moved closer to their toppy girlfriends and put their arms around their shoulders appreciatively.

Next, a middle-aged couple, one with long wavy hair and the other a cute crew cut, started to share. They said they loved the dd concept and felt it would benefit their relationship. They had tried a few times with varying degrees of success. “But what we really would like to know,” the crew cut said while tucking her arm through the long hair’s elbow affectionately, “is how to make this discipline thing work effectively between two equal partners, like us.” Then she chuckled and told a story. “For example, yesterday my love was over my knee getting a sound spanking for not keeping her promise, right? As I was swinging my arm diligently hard, in the middle of her ows and leg kicking, I mean, out of the blue, she turned around and asked me ‘Hey, can we have sushi for dinner?’ That totally did me in! I mean I ended up laughing so hard that we just couldn’t get back to the serious business.” She gave her partner a kiss on the cheek and they both grinned.

Everyone giggled and laughed. Sensei and Maddy nudged and winked at each other nodding. Clearly they could relate. “Well,” Sensei put in after the room became quiet. “Sometimes a moment of humor is a nice and welcoming break in a tense session, particularly for the bottom, but for the top too.” She glanced at Maddy affectionately. “But once the moment passes, the top needs to take a deep breath and bring the bottom back to the business on hand, no matter how uncomfortable that might be.” Maddy nodded and added, “I think it depends on how serious the couple wants the dd relationship to be. Sometimes a light moment is just a Bottom’s way of diffusing a very intense situation.” Speaking from personal experience of course.

A lively discussion ensued with lots of helpful suggestions. A few others shared their funny moments too.

Then the four new comers were surprised to see a young woman bring out a cane from under her chair. She held it in front of her and asked for advice on how to use it properly, “My partner wants me to try this on her but I’ve never used it before. I’d like to learn how to use it safely and not hurt her.” Stella perked up because she’d never used a cane either. The woman looked around the room and asked, “Perhaps someone can make a demonstration of its proper use?”

Sensei turned to Maddy and winked. Maddy blushed, mouthing “Don’t you dare!”

Dr. Lynn Kato stood up and walked with her wife Reagan to the middle of the room. The facilitator lady let them use her chair. Reagan put her hands on the back of the chair and slightly bent her body so her backside was sticking out. Lynn took the cane from the young woman and stood beside her wife measuring out the distance. She then raised her arm and tested her swing a few times in the air, the swishing sound sending shivers down Cat and Lizzy’s backs. When satisfied, Dr. Kato brought the cane down onto Reagan’s buttocks soliciting a loud yeow from her.

Everyone was watching intensely when Dr. Kato stopped to explain a few techniques in safely using a cane. She demonstrated by striking Reagan a couple more times. When it ended, the room broke into a thunderous applause for Lynn and Reagan. The two women kissed and hugged before they walked back to their chairs arm in arm, Reagan rubbing her bottom vigorously. There were cheering and high-fives all around.

Though it was their first visit, by now the four new comers were quite comfortable being there. They really enjoyed the amazing ease with which everyone talked about dd and felt spanko sisterhood affinity with the others in the room.

When the facilitator turned to them and asked if they would like to share whatever they felt comfortable with. Lucy hesitated for a brief second. She looked at Sensei, who returned an encouraging smile and nod. Then Lucy turned to Liz, her eyes asking for permission. The younger girl glanced around the room at all the friendly faces before giving her girlfriend a brave nod.

Lucy cleared her throat and told everyone their story. “We’d really appreciate your suggestions on how to resolve this,” she finished by asking for help.

The room was quiet for a second. Then everyone started talking enthusiastically, all at once.

When the room grew quiet again, Maddy stood up and summarized the discussion in a professorial fashion. “Ok, from everyone’s responses, it seems to me there are two parts to a good solution. First, Lucy is asking for Gen’s forgiveness for her own transgression that occurred five years ago. I believe she needs to feel FULLY absolved before being able to take care of Lizzy.”

People nodded and murmured their agreement while turning to look at Dr. Osaki meaningfully. The professor straightened up, took a deep breath and turned her gaze at Lucy, her eyes inquiring gently. Lucy locked her eyes with Sensei’s, whispering, “Yes, please.”

Sensei then turned to Maddy, “Honey?”

The plant pathology professor waved her hand and answered decidedly, “Yes, of course. Let’s find a time for Lu to come over to the house.”

Everyone applauded. Stella breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, but Cat and Lizzy’s eyes grew to the size of ping pong balls and their mouths dropped open. They started whispering and nudging each other, incredulous.

Maddy cleared her throat before continuing, “Now move onto the second part. What about Lizzy?”

The two college students stopped in the middle of their whispering. Lizzy became nervous and Cat leaned over and looped an arm over her friend’s shoulder.

All eyes turned to Lucy. She took some time considering her reply before she said, “First let me thank you all for your help. Liz and I really appreciate all your suggestions and ideas.” Taking a deep breath, she continued, “I feel confident that after Dr. O. punishes me and grants her forgiveness, I will be able to discipline Liz properly and effectively for her misdeed.”

The room broke into another applause. Lizzy relaxed. She snuggled into her Top and blushed.

“And I will always be ready to support you, Lu,” Stella gave her best friend a hug.

“And I will be there for you, Liz,” Cat put in helpfully.

Pleased to see the scene unfolding before her, Dr. Kato kindly offered her support as well. “Let me see if I can pull a few strings at school and have Lizzy’s expulsion suspended. I can’t guarantee but I’ll try my best.” Her partner Reagan nodded approvingly. “But unfortunately,” Dr. Kato addressed Liz in a matter of fact way, “you’re definitely going to lose your scholarship for at least a semester.”

Lizzy lowered her head and focused on her feet.

Everyone thought it was fair though they were sympathetic. The crew cut lady immediately mentioned the possibility of a part-time job at the animal clinic where she worked as a vet. Her partner, the long wavy haired woman, also said her school was looking for a college student to work in their after school program.

Lucy and Liz were so touched by everyone’s kindness and support that they were both tearing up. “Thank you everyone,” they said appreciatively.

As the four girls hugged goodbyes to Sensei and others, they felt such a great relief. They knew in their hearts that everything would be all right now that they were part of a great community. It indeed takes a village. They all agreed to continue coming back to the SSA meetings.

A great burden off her shoulder, Lucy felt extremely light-hearted. She hadn’t felt this way for weeks. Now she knew for sure she would have the strength to face the music when the time came. I love my darling too much not to! With a broad smile on her face, she led them all to her favorite ice cream parlor where fancy sweet treats awaited. The two college girls woohooed as soon as they saw where they were going.

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Lizzy’s Turn (pt. I): A Top’s Quandary

Lizzy was getting increasingly nervous as things were not going as predicted. Ever since she, hand trembling, showed the expulsion letter from the university to her girlfriend and Top Lucy, expecting a stern and furious oral lashing as well as a sound bottom walloping, none of those things had happened. In fact Lucy went uncharacteristically quiet after reading the letter, and then gave her younger girlfriend a fierce glare before heading to her study.

Maybe she’s so mad that she needs a time-out herself? Lizzy figured that must be the reason that she was still comfortably sitting down the next day. She was walking on eggshells all day waiting for her girlfriend to explode anytime now, but three whole days had passed and still nothing from Lucy, and the nothingness made Liz utterly confused. On the fourth night when they were lying in bed she snuggled up to Lucy and asked sheepishly, “Umm, Lu?”

“Yes Liz?” Lu turned away from TV and looked at her girlfriend, a little absent mindedly.

“Are we, ya know, gonna talk about …?” Lizzy asked nervously.

“What? Oh.” Lucy patted Liz on the head and kissed the tip of her nose, putting her arm around her shoulder. “Maybe later, okay babe?” She turned her attention back to TV.

What the f*ck? Lizzy frowned, really confused. This was so unlike Lu, her formidable Top.

The next day, Liz got on the phone to her best buddy Cat.

“Hey Cat! Lu’s behaving really weird.” She said.

“Whatcha mean, weird? Didn’t she spank you already?” Cat was pretty sure Lizzy had gotten a severe punishment for the whole stats final cheating mess.

“That’s just it!” Lizzy almost shouted, tears welling up. “Nope, nothing, nada!”

“Wha?” Cat raised both eyebrows. “Did she say anything?”

“Not much, just gave me a ‘look.’ And when I asked about it, she said maybe later.” Lizzy sobbed. “Do you think she’s so disappointed that she’s given up on me?”

“I’m sure that’s not it.” Cat tried to be reassuring but it sounded unconvincing because she wasn’t sure herself. After all, they did mess up pretty big this time.

“But I’m a little scared, Cat. Lu’s never behaved like this before! May-maybe she’s had enough and is gonna dump me now.”

“Liz! Don’t be silly.” Cat spent a few more minutes trying to calm down her friend.

After the call, Cat went straight to her girlfriend and Top Stella. Stella and Lucy had been best friends since college and they told each other everything.

Stella listened and frowned furiously, her eyes narrowing. She told Cat she’d try to talk to Lucy asap and find out what’s going on.

The next day the two old friends met at a downtown Mexican joint for a plate of nachos and a pitcher of Budweiser after work.

“So Lu, what’s going on with you and Lizzy? I heard you haven’t done anything about her cheating yet.” Stella went straight to the point. They had been friends for a long time. There’s simply no need to beat around the bushes.

Lucy picked up her beer and avoided Stella’s blue eyes. She took a swig and played with a piece of nacho on her plate.

“Lu? Lucy Renee DeVito!” Stella’s voice was low but left no doubt that she was expecting an answer, quickly.

Lucy looked up and locked eyes with Stella. She sighed, “Stel, please stay out of it okay?” She added, “By the way, I’m glad everything worked out for Cat with the university.”

“Thanks. We are glad too.” Stella replied. “But please do not change the subject, Lu.” She pleaded.

Lucy sounded defensive when she replied, “I’m handling it, okay?”

“Handling it?” Stella leaned over the table and touched Lu’s hand. “By doing nothing? Do you know that Liz thinks you are going to break up with her?”

“What?” Lucy sat up straight, alarmed. “She told Cat that?”

“Yes!” Stella said sternly, “So you better tell me what the heck is going on with you two, right now!”

Lucy took a deep breath before opening her mouth. “Alright. You remember that IS course in our senior year? The one I got an A+ in?”

“You mean the Information System course with Dr. ehh, Osaki, the Sensei?” Stella remembered it very well, “Yes of course. You almost got a perfect score on the final and beat me by nearly a whole letter grade!”

“Yeah, well …” Lucy smiled wearily and her voice trailed off as she shifted her gaze away from Stella.

“What is it Lu? Why are you bringing this up?” Stella stared at her friend who was shifting in her seat looking a tad uncomfortable. A sudden realization hit her and she narrowed her eyes, “NO, you didn’t! Did you?”

Lucy was silent for a while staring at her hands before she finally lifted her head and looked at her best friend in the eye and nodded, “Yes, I did Stel. I cheated on that final exam. I hid my notes inside my shirt sleeve.”

“O.M.G.” Stella exclaimed. Recalling how strict Sensei had been and her stern demeanor, she shivered, “Boy, you were brave. Lucky you didn’t get caught!”

“Brave? I was stupid! That’s what I was.”

“Bu-but I don’t understand, Lu, you were doing so well in that class already. Why?”

Lucy shook her head wearily, “Because I wanted to see if I could pull it off.”

“And all these years you never thought to tell me?” Stella was incredulous.

“Well,” Lucy’s voice carried an apologetic tone. “I … I chose to lose my memory over it ya know. I didn’t want to think about it. Sorry.”

Until now.

Stella nodded and they both fell silent.

Lucy’s quandary was crystal clear to her best friend now.

“So when you said ‘I’m handling it,’ you meant exactly the opposite huh?” Stella said it slowly, pronouncing each word clearly.

“Yeah well, sorry about that too. I know I can’t possibly discipline Liz for this, I just can’t.” Lucy shook her head.

“Have you thought about talking to her and telling her the truth?” Stella asked.

“Telling her? You kiddin’ me? I’m way too embarrassed to do that.” Lucy’s voice showed strains of shame, guilt and frustration.

“But remaining silent and not doing anything …, it’s not fair for Lizzy, and you’re miserable too,” Stella pointed out the obvious.

“You think I don’t know that, Stel?” Lucy’s reply was pained.

“Well, let’s figure this out together then, Lu.” Stella reassured her best friend, patting her hand.

Lucy nodded. They ordered more beer and another plate of nachos. It was going to take a while to figure out a solution.


Sunday afternoon, Genevieve and Maddy’s house was quiet. Maddy was out of town at a plant pathology conference and Genevieve was on her way to meet a couple of her former students for coffee. Sensei was tall and slender, and her attire was understated as usual: a white Indian cotton blouse, black jeans, and a pair of Chaco sandals. Gliding into the café, Sensei right away spotted the two young women sitting by the window, who immediately stood up recognizing their elegant former professor too.

“Hey, Stella Anderson, and hello, Lucy DeVito, two of my favorite former students!” Genevieve opened her arms and hugged each of them warmly.

“Hi, Sensei!” Stella greeted her former professor. “It’s been a while.”

Lucy followed by saying, “Thank you for meeting us on such a short notice, Dr. O.”

“Sure, glad to see you both. Please sit down.” Sensei took the seat across from her former students.

“You two have been good, I hope?” Gen winked and said affectionately.

Stella and Lucy looked at each other and started giggling, feeling like young college students again.

Coffee was ordered and chit-chat ensued.

Why, they look a bit nervous. Observed Sensei.

“Now in your email you said you two wanted to discuss something with me?” Gen inquired after a few minutes.

Stella and Lucy exchanged a look before Stella nudged her friend on her elbow.

“Well Sensei,” She gave Lucy an encouraging look, “there’s something Lu wants to tell you.”

Lucy coughed and shifted in her seat. She cleared her throat a few times before looking Dr. Osaki in the eye and confessed the misdeed she had committed over five years before. By the time she finished, her head was down in her hands. Stella wrapped her arm over her friend’s shoulder, gently whispering, “It’s okay, Lu, you did great.”

Genevieve put her coffee down, leaned back on the leather booth, and crossed her arms. I see. Her narrowed eyes said, lips firmly pressed.

“I’m really sorry, Dr. O.” Lucy apologized sincerely. “I was young and stupid, and very impulsive.”

Dr. Osaki waited a full minute watching her former student squirm in her seat before her expression softened as she reached over and held Lucy’s hand.

“Thank you for coming clean, Lucy.” Sensei was careful in choosing her words. “I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed to hear that. But still, I appreciate you telling me the truth as I believe it’s better late than never.” She let go of Lucy’s hand and leaned back again.

“Can you please forgive me, Dr. O.?” Lucy bit her lips, blinking back tears.

“Ah, you are looking for forgiveness. But why now? I mean it doesn’t matter anymore really.” The professor replied with raised eyebrow. “Something tells me there’s more to it, isn’t there?” Sensei gazed at both women intensely, her tone both firm and caring.

Lucy nudged Stella, who nodded and sat up straight in her seat. She took a deep breath and her blue eyes locked with Sensei’s dark brown ones. “Yes, Sensei, there’s something else.”

Genevieve waited with an encouraging expression, warmth around her eyes.

“Well you see Sensei, Lu and I are both in a committed relationship.” Stella pulled out a photo of four of them on her phone and showed it to the older woman.

“How nice,” Sensei broke into a wide smile. “Your partners look like they are still in college?”

“Yes, they are. This is my Cat and that’s Lizzy. These girls are the loves of our lives.” Stella gently traced her fingers over the photo. “Bu-but, sometimes they can be rather um … naughty.” Stella blushed slightly at her choice of the word and lowered her voice, “Dr. O., Lu and I are in a … a-”

“DD relationship.” Lucy put in helpfully.

Sensei raised her eyebrow, a small smile around her mouth.

“DD stands for-” Stella made to explain.

The professor put up her hand, “Please, no explanation needed. I know exactly what it stands for.” A full mirth slowly spread across her face as comprehension set in. “And I assume you are both Tops?”

The two young women’s eyes grew wide as their jaws dropped. “You … you too?”

The older woman nodded emphatically. She pulled out her phone and showed them a picture. “This is Maddy, my beloved life partner.” She added affectionately, “And my naughty bottom and brat.”

Lucy and Stella stared at each other and then at their former professor in total amazement. What are the odds? A deep sigh of relief escaped them both as they visibly relaxed.

“So ladies,” The older woman picked up her coffee and took a sip, curious about what was to come. “Now that we got THAT out of the way, let’s hear the rest of the story.”

Between them, the two former students managed to spill out the whole mess about the stats final exam and their girls’ troubles, and the predicament Lucy now found herself in.

“Ah, I see.” Genevieve responded sympathetically, shaking her head. “A very naughty brat waiting to be dealt with, and a Top .…” she glanced at Lucy. “Quite a sticky situation there for you, Lucy dear.”

The two younger women nodded. Lucy turned to look at outside the window, eyes stung by tears welling up again.

Gen waited till Lucy turned her head around back to the table before asking, “So please tell me, what was your intention of meeting me here today?” She inquired, her voice soft and her face warm.

Lucy wiped her eyes and looked at her best friend.

“Well, we thought if Lu confessed and had your forgiveness, she might be able to handle Lizzy with a clear conscience.” Stella replied a bit tentatively.

Lucy nodded, “Yes, that was the plan, to hear you say that you forgive me. But I don’t know … I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to … to forgive myself, let alone dealing with Liz.”

Sensei nodded. She was thoughtful for a while gazing through the window at the outside. Then she turned her head back and took out a pen from her purse and wrote something down on the paper napkin. “Why don’t you all come to our next SSA meeting? Bring the girls.” She handed them the napkin, “Here’s the time and address.”

“SSA?” Both women raised their eyebrows.

“Sapphic Spankos Anonymous,” Sensei said in an even tone as she stood up getting ready to leave. “See you all next weekend then?” It was clear to Stella and Lucy that this wasn’t really a question.

“Ye-yes, we’ll be there, Dr. O.” Stella and Lucy promptly replied as one.

“Good. We’ll put our heads together and take care of things.” With that Dr. Osaki gave each a hug and was gone.

Stella and Lucy stood there, bewildered.

“Wow.” That’s all Stella could say.

“No kiddin’.” Echoed Lucy.

After all these years, Sensei was still kinda … scary. The two former students contemplated with a shiver.

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