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Rosy-Cheeked Christmas

Woohoo, my first Christmas away from home, alone with Tessa, in sunny Cancún to boot. A spectacular holiday break from the frozen Midwest.

“You’ve been grinning ever since we got here, Mo.” Tessa observes, eyeing me with an amused expression.

“I know!” I hug her and kiss her. “Thank you for bringing me to this awesome place, Tess!” I gush. The hotel room is spacious, not to mention a mini Christmas tree by the window and a pot of bright red poinsettia on the coffee table.

Christmas morning, I wake up at 7 o’clock sharp. All is quiet but the excitement is winding its way over my body making it impossible to get back to sleep.

I turn to look at my sleeping beauty of a girlfriend. She looks so angelic and peaceful, her breathing rhythmic and content.

Against my better judgement, I poke her and whisper in her ear, “You awake honey?”

“Huh?” Her eyes barely open, “No. What time is it, baby?”

“Umm … time to wake up and open pressies!” I kiss her softly on the nose.

“Another hour, sweetie.” Tessa turns to her side and falls back to sleep.

Ah, the empty champagne bottle on the night table reminds me that we did stay up late last night, playing with each other’s body. But still.

“Another hour?” I get into a pouting mood. “What am I supposed to do?”

Tessa is snoring ever so slightly.

I sigh and grab my phone and start texting Merry Christmas to my family and friends, just to kill time. Then I go to Youtube to watch my favorite Root and Shaw love scenes for the 20th time. I watch the re-runs just to see these two hot sexy women.

An hour passes. Time to get Tessa up.

“Tess,” I straddle her legs, shaking her a bit. “Time to wake up.”

She stirs but her eyes are still closed.

“C’mon Tess.” I beg.

She’s motionless.

Clearly she needs help waking up.

I look around the room and my eyes catch the little bucket sitting on top of the fridge. I smirk.

Crawling off of her, I grab the bucket, and quietly slip out of the room.

The ice machine is at the end of the long corridor. The place is deserted at this time and I can hear my flip-flop on the floor.

I come back to the room with the bucket full. Picking up one single cube of ice, I gingerly toss it into Tessa’s PJ top before tiptoeing into the bathroom and locking the door.

Let the show begin!

Less than two seconds later, a screech pierces the room and I’m afraid it’s gonna shatter the glass windows.

I, of course, am doubled over on the bathroom floor, holding my breath.

A firm knock on the door. “Molly, open this door RIGHT NOW.”

“Aw sweetie,” I manage to stop laughing and catch my breath. “Merry Xmas to ya too.”

A groan. “Merry Xmas, honey.” A sigh and a pause. “And now I’m gonna count to three, … ONE-”

I’m pretty sure she’s rolling her eyes too.

I slowly unlock the door. Tessa looks wide awake with pursed lips, no trace of sleepiness on her face. Great, the ice did the trick! I act completely innocent and delightedly fling myself into her arms.

“Pressie time?” I ask with the cutest puppy face I can muster.

She hugs me and then peels me away to an arm’s length. Looking at me with an incredulous expression, Tessa snorts, “Uh-huh,” shaking her head.

Instead, she grasps my hand and walks over to the bed. She sits down and pulls me easily over her knee. I pretend to protest by wiggling my hip and kicking my feet. “Hey, whatcha doing, Tess?”

“You asked for it.” She says in a mock exasperated tone and flexes her hand.

“Aw, isn’t it too early for a spanking?” I tease her. “You haven’t had your coffee yet.”

“It’s true I need my coffee.” Tessa concedes. “But I better take care of your naughty bottom before it gets itself into more trouble!” She says emphatically while pulling up my over-sized t shirt, revealing a bare bottom.

Don’t remember what happened to my underwear last night.

“But it’s Christmas! You can’t possibly spank me on Christmas!” I kick my feet some more.


“Settle down,” Tessa gives a sharp spank to my cheeks, “Stop kicking.” She rubs my bottom in a circular motion. “This is exactly what we need on Christmas morning! Painting a pale bottom red,” SPANK! “to match the poinsettia over there!” She smirks.

“Ouch, that hurts.” I whine and wiggle my butt.

“Good. That’s the point.” SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!

I can feel my cheeks bounce at each formidable smack. The sting starts to build. I try to wiggle myself off her knee.

“Don’t even think about it, Mo.” Tessa warns sternly, holding me fast. “Besides, you asked for it.” She leans down and purrs in my ear.

“Bu-but how else was I going to help you wake up?” Despite my precarious position, my cheekiness gets the best of me.

Tessa bursts out laughing. “You are such a naughty brat, Mo.” SMACK!

What can I say? Maybe I’m a natural, born that way. Haha.

A volley of stinging swats land on my tender buttocks. “This is what you wanted, Mo, isn’t it?”

“Um … no.” I smirk. “You are lucky I didn’t dump the whole bucket … Ouchy.”

Two particularly sharp smacks hit my sit spots, one on each. I arch my back, howling.

“If you did that, my dear brat,” Tess asks, “do you know what would happen?”


“There wouldn’t be a bottom left on you after I was done!” SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! I holler some more.

That’s an image I don’t really fancy to see, but I love it when my girlfriend acts this way, stern and toppy.

“Ok, ok. I’m sorry, Tess.” My butt is smarting a tad more than I can handle now.

“How sorry?”

“Very.” I move my hand to rub my sore bottom. She stops me.

“You promise to behave from now on?” Her question is followed by repeated palm blows on my sore backside. “Never, ever do that again, you hear me, Molly?”

“Ow. Yes, I’ll be good, I promise.” I start to sniffle.

She delivers another dozen or so hard swats before slowing down to small pats. She fondles my cheeks, clearly pleased with her handiwork. “Nice color,” she chuckles.

She pulls me up and says, “Go stand next to the poinsettia, bottom up. Let me take a picture.” She whips out her cell phone.

I comply obediently.

“Here, Mo.” She shows me the picture of my red bum next to the red flower. “What do ya think? Close enough?”

Before I can give my opinion, she announces, “I think we need to make your bottom a bit more red.”

“Noooo.” I’m groaning and whining as she pulls me over her knee again and gifts my smarting bottom another round of hard smacks, spreading them evenly on both cheeks.

“Now there.” She stops. “A perfect match, I think.” She takes another picture.

“Gee thanks, Tess.” I rub my butt vigorously. “Can we open pressies now?”

She pauses. “Well, you’ve already received your first pressie,” she massages my tender cheeks emphatically. Then she stands me up and tells me we’ll go to the beach first and then come back to open presents.

Ostensibly not to reward bratty behavior, I guess.

I want to argue but seeing her determined expression, I keep my mouth shut and nod my compliance. My toppy girlfriend smiles approvingly.

I walk over to the ice bucket and scoop out two cubes, one in each hand. They feel so good on my stinging cheeks. Tessa chuckles and kisses me on the nose.

After a quick cup of coffee, we change into our bikinis, wrap some towels around and pad to the beach.

It’s a crisp clear morning but the sun is already half way up. The ocean breeze is gentle and soothing, and the water is as blue as the sky so when you look out into the horizon, you almost can’t tell them apart. I pick up a handful of sand and it feels so soft and silky like it could melt in my hand at any time.

Looking around I see a few tourists here and there, but the crowd is clearly not out yet.

I lie face down on the soft towel and make sure to put another towel on my back covering the middle section all the way down to my thigh. Tessa snuggles into a beach chair with “The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware. My lovely girlfriend is such a fan of the British author that I in fact got her Ware’s new book “The Lying Game” waiting under the tree.

The quiet and gentle ocean waves make me drowsy and I close my eyes.

“Excuse me.” A high pitched voice brings me back from the throes of a deep snooze. Rubbing eyes, I reluctantly lift my head. Wow, the sun is fully risen and the wind has picked up a lot. It blows a damp, sweet and salty ocean scent into my face and neck. There are a lot more people now on the beach, families sprawling out everywhere.

Tracing the voice, I turn to see a little girl tugging on Tessa’s arm. Her golden ponytail sways gently in the bright sun.

“Yes sweetie?” Tessa lays down her book.

“What’s your name?” The girl looks about 5 or 6, and has a cute freckled face.

“I’m Tessa. What’s yours?”

“Maggie. You can call me Mags.” She has an accent I can’t quite place. British? Australian?

“Hi Mags.” Tessa offers her hand, all smiles. “Nice to meet you, Mags, and Merry Christmas.”

“Same here, Tessa.” Mags points at me. “Is that your sister?”

“No, that’s my girlfriend, Molly.” Tessa waves at me and I wave back, squinting.

“Was she naughty?” Mags demands to know, her button nose wrinkling.

“Huh? Naughty? Um…” Tessa suddenly starts to stutter. “Wh-why did you ask?”

“Cos she’s got a red bottie! Did she get spanked?” Her tone shows she’s very intrigued.


I whip my head around discovering my blazing red bottom glowing gloriously in the shining sunlight, half of the towel blown off my body by the wind obviously. Oh God! How many people have seen my rosy bum on display?! Now red-faced as well, I hastily pull the towel over my bottom before turning back to see my toppy girlfriend caught off guard, her face almost as red as mine. I cross my arms in front of my face and rest my head down on them.

Good luck Tess, I snicker.

“Um… yes, but, well, see Mags, …” Tessa is trying really hard to answer the curious little girl’s question. “Sometimes … um-”

“Darling,” a woman’s voice rushes over. “Are you bothering this young lady?”

“Mummy,” Mags sounds excited. “Molly got spanked. I saw her red bottie!” I have no doubt she’s pointing right at me and so I stay face down, motionless. After a few seconds when I’m sure they are not looking at me anymore, I open one eye and watch through the gap between my arms. The woman looks like in her mid to late thirties with a pleasant open face, freckles dotting her nose. She seems surprised by her daughter’s explanation and turns to Tessa with an inquiring look.

“Um I’m very sorry,” she apologizes. “But Mags here does have a very imaginative mind sometimes.”

“Well,” Tessa stutters again. “Mags didn’t … well, she didn’t exactly imagine …”

I’m enjoying this moment tremendously.

The woman’s eyebrows rise, making her eyes look like from those anime characters. She looks in my direction again and back to Tessa, and slowly her face takes on a fascinated mirth and her lips curve up into a knowing grin.

Turning her face away from her daughter, the woman ventures in a whisper, looking Tessa in the eye. “Spanko?”

I pipe up. This is unbelievable!

Tessa locks her eyes with the woman and nods shyly. Mags looks curiously at her mom and then Tessa. She probably realizes that something has transpired between them and an understanding of sort has been reached.

“Me too,” the woman tilts her head, her face growing animated.

I slowly pull myself up, making sure the towel is securely tied around my middle section.

“Hi, I’m Molly. Nice to meet you.” I extend my hand to the woman and then to Mags.

“Oh hi. I’m Di, Diana. Nice to meet you and Happy Christmas.”

Yeah, the British say happy Xmas instead of merry Xmas.

Before Mags can open her mouth and ask me any questions that are tricky to answer, Diana takes her daughter’s hand and makes to leave. She turns back and waves at us, her face flushed: “Hope to see you ladies around. We’re in Room 388. What’s yours?”

I look at Tessa and she nods. “We are in 918. Come visit if you wanna.” I wink at Diana with an inviting smile.

“Ya bet!” She blows us an excited kiss before disappearing into the crowds.

I cuddle up to Tessa and burrow myself into her neck. She wraps her arm around my waist and gently pinches my bottom.

Pretty sure this is not the end of our encounter with Diana.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This story is part of Alyx’s Christmas Gift Exchange here. There are more stories there!

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F/F Spanking Anthology is here!

News Flash: the baby is out! 🙂

A total of 14 f/f spanking stories in one book! Full of sizzling romance and stingyly hot spanks including my little story “Hotel Sakura” featuring Neela. Weekend can’t come sooner so I can curl up and enjoy reading all the stories in the book!

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Thank you always for your support and feel free to comment.


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New F/F Spanking eBook!

Hello dear readers:

Alyx Rancher, the veteran writer of ff spanking genre and our beloved mayor of Global Village, has published a new book Super Top. It features a formidable ENGLISH professional Top who goes around helping other tops deal with their brats! *bg* Sounds wonderful and delicious to any spankos right? IT IS. There are THREE stories in the series. You can get it here on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074M9QQSF



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Two new f/f blogs

I’m a bit behind (ok very behind ;)), but just wanted to share with everyone two exciting new f/f blogs. The first one (link here: http://alyxrancher.com/) is by the veteran author of f/f spanky genre and our beloved Mayor of Global Village Alyx. As some of you may know, Alyx had all her wonderful stories up on her blog for many years free of charge. I hope you’ll pop over to her new blog and support her writing career by purchasing her books on Amazon.

The second blog (link here: https://spankingromance.wordpress.com/) is by Anna Reilly, aka Micah who is also an accomplished author of f/f spanking and romance stories. There are already several great entries posted on her blog! Please go visit and support her too.

I’ve linked both to my blogroll. We need more f/f spanky stories! *bg*


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Maddy & Gen 5: Aloha Xmas


Maddy’s December conference in Honolulu was held in the sprawling Hilton Hawaiian Village compound. The large room on the mezzanine in the west wing was bustling with the presence of 200 or so plant pathologists from all over the world. Genevieve sat in the audience, marveling at how composed and confident her girlfriend looked behind the podium. In a simple beige pencil skirt and a white top, waving auburn hair lying naturally around her shoulders, the petite Dr. Madison McGrath smiled at the room as it finally quieted down in anticipation of her keynote speech.
Maddy is in her element for sure, Sensei beamed with pride.
If the enthusiastic applause erupting at the end was any indication, the speech was well received. The audience asked Maddy many technical questions about her ground-breaking research on emerald ash borer in North America and she answered all of them expertly, showing her solid knowledge on the subject.
“That was excellent, Hon!” After the meeting was over, Genevieve walked up to the front and gave her girlfriend a big hug.
“Thank you Gen.” Maddy rested her head on Sensei’s should for a brief moment, relieved that it had gone well.
“C’mon, let’s get out of here now.” Sensei looked at her watch, “Time to go meet –” she didn’t have a chance to finish.
“The Aloha Top!” Maddy exclaimed excitedly as she remembered their plan.
At the entrance of a seafood restaurant, the two women nervously looked around trying to locate the legendary Aloha Top. A gentle pat on Maddy’s arm caused her to swirl around, looking directly into a smiling face.
“Maddy?” The short-haired woman was wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt.
Maddy nodded, “You … AT?!” using the Aloha Top’s nick that everyone in the small f/f kinky community was fondly familiar with.
“Yes!” AT replied and gave Maddy a big hug. Then she turned to Genevieve, extending out her hand, “And you must be Gen.”
Another round of huge hugs and greetings ensued before the waiter led them to their booth, right by the open windows. Outside, ocean waves were gently swaying onto the shore where the singing seagulls were busy chasing their food.
The Aloha Top is not very scary. Maddy smirked and relaxed, sinking into the booth. On the contrary, she seems rather friendly and nice.
It was wonderful for the three women to finally meet, after years of email correspondence in which Gen and Maddy expressed their love and admiration for AT’s f/f stories. The beloved characters in discipline relationships captured so many readers’ hearts and Maddy and Gen were two of the staunchest supporters and fans of the Top.
After lots of laughter over a delightful seared native mahi mahi and poi lunch, they made plans to meet again on Xmas eve when AT had the day off.

The two holiday makers flew to the Big Island the next day. They explored the volcanic park, swam in waterfalls and cycled on winding trails, ate at roadside food stalls, and lounged on black and green sand beaches before returning to O’ahu.
On Xmas Eve, AT took them to the Pali overlook to see the wonderful panoramic view of the northeast coast of the Island. It was a bright day with the bluest sky Maddy had ever seen. The December sun was warm but the trade winds howled in the gust blowing Maddy’s shoulder length hair into her face. The three women walked briskly on the short trail along the cliff while AT told the story of how King Kamehameha 1 conquered the Island by winning a very bloody battle at this exact spot.
Afterwards, they piled into AT’s car. “Alrighty, to my office.” Maddy and Gen were very excited to visit the Aloha Discipline they’d read so much about from the blog. Maddy was literally bouncing on her seat. As they were pulling out of the parking lot, the car made a left turn quickly and was on the main road right away.
Sensei gasped silently.
“Hey,” Maddy’s jaw dropped. She pointed at the “No Left Turn” sign on the roadside as they passed.
The driver noticed their reaction. She chuckled, “Guess I was a bit naughty back there huh.” She added, “It’s just so much easier this way to get back on the road.”
She’s lucky there’s no cop lurking around.
Maddy turned to her girlfriend with an incredulous look. See, if a Top can break rules like that, what do you expect from me? Maddy’s smug curl of the lip said it loudly.
Sensei frowned, giving Maddy a “Don’t Even Think about it!” stern look.
When they arrived at the Aloha Discipline office, Maddy looked at the non-descriptive brick building and quipped, “Hey AT, how come there’s no Aloha Discipline sign with your picture on the door?”
Haha very funny, typical brat. AT and Sensei rolled their eyes and shook their heads.
AT put the key in and slowly opened the door. “Tadaaa, here it is.” She proudly waved her arm in a semi-circle across the spacious room. “Welcome to Aloha Discipline! This is where I …” she cleared her throat, “where naughty women receive their spankings.”
Maddy and Gen gingerly stepped through the threshold into the room. They were totally in awe of this place and couldn’t believe they were actually standing right there.
“The business is booming,” AT chatted. “Not complaining though, just that I may need to quit my day job AND take on an assistant real soon.” The professional disciplinarian exuded utter confidence when she showed her guests every implement displayed prominently.
Maddy’s eyes were drawn to the long bench in the middle of the room. She knew what it was for of course. This is where the action happens! The brat shuddered, a tingling shot down her spine as she remembered stories of discipline that’d occurred on this very bench.
“Wanna try the bench, Maddy?” AT’s voice floated into her consciousness.
“Wha, what?” Instinctively she went to hide behind Sensei, shaking her head.
“Oh c’mon hon,” Sensei chuckled, playfully swatting Maddy on her bottom. “You’ve been dreaming about this day for how long now?”
The younger woman blushed. She turned to AT and nodded shyly, “Yes, please.”
With a big grin on her face, AT gently guided Maddy to lay herself face down onto the bench. Maddy was surprised it’s actually quite comfortable with the soft flannel cover and the bench was wide enough for her to stretch around. Hey this is almost like the day-bed I had at home when growing up. What’s even more amazing, she could lay her face right into a hole of the softest cushion just like on a massage table.
“Ok, are you comfortable Maddy?” AT asked as she pushed a button to adjust the incline of the bench so the bottom was at a perfect height and angle.
“Heheh, this is great!” Maddy wiggled around getting real comfortable.
In the next hour or so, the Aloha Top was truly in her element. She demonstrated her disciplinary skills using her hand and then different implements, especially with the cane because Gen had asked for specific advice on how to use a cane effectively but safely. Poor Maddy’s shorts and underwear didn’t stay for long after a warm-up with AT’s electrifying palm. Her bare butt got to taste every implement AT owned, and even Sensei got to practice a few whacks with the cane. Before long, Maddy’s bouncy bottom turned rosy, and then quickly morphed into a flaming red summer peach in Georgia.
Wow, AT’s stamina is amazing and her techniques are flawless, Watching the professional at work, Sensei couldn’t help but marvel at the Aloha Top’s confidence and skill.
After the demonstration session was over, Sensei helped her whimpering girlfriend off the bench and re-clothed. “Thank you for this special treatment, AT!” Sensei gave AT a heartfelt hug. “You made Maddy’s dream come true.” Rubbing her sore bottom vigorously, the spanked woman felt completely sated. Both visitors were very grateful to their friend for her generosity because they knew this was something extraordinarily special for a spanko.
“You’re welcome.” AT replied graciously, “Consider it an early Xmas present to both of ya.” She winked, “Besides, I enjoyed it very much.”

That night Gen and Maddy sat on their balcony drinking rum laced eggnog, watching the setting sun over the ocean turning into a breathtaking orange and yellow fireball. The hustle and bustle was quietening down as most of the tourists had gone back indoors when the night fell. There were still a few paddle boats in the water near the shore though, and here and there scattered on the sand were young lovebirds enjoying themselves.
Maddy wiggled in her plastic chair, fidgeting, trying to get comfortable.
“How’s that bottom of yours? Still sore?” Gen teased.
“Ya bet. AT did a real number on my backside.” The spanked woman was all smiles.
“Agreed,” Sensei smiled back sympathetically. She put down her cup, got up from her chair and retrieved a little jar from her handbag.
“Here sweetie,” she handed it to Maddy. “New soothing balm for your sore bottom.”
“Aw, how thoughtful,” Maddy exclaimed gratefully. “Put it on for me, please hon?”
“Sure, but why don’t you open the lid for me?”
Maddy removed the lid. She blinked as a ray of shimmering metal caught her eyes. She stared at the silver band snuggling in the jar, mouth wide open.
The beam on the older woman’s face was like the Aloha sunshine, only brighter.
“Will you?” Genevieve whispered.
The younger woman’s heart was melting. She threw herself into her partner’s open arms. But being a naughty brat, she decided to have some fun. Stepping back, eyebrow rising, she looked at her partner in the eye and enunciated each word with enough posh British tone and precision she could muster, “Ms. Genevieve Osaki, you must ask properly. I won’t answer unless you ask properly.”
Huge fans of Downton Abby, both women knew it was a direct quote from Lady Mary to one of her suitors.
The little brat won’t let me have it that easily huh. Sensei mused. “Asking you properly?”
“Why yes, Ms. Osaki.” Grinning widely with a mischievous gleam in her eyes, the younger woman was not budging.
Taking a deep breath, Genevieve got down on her knee and took Maddy’s hands into hers. Their eyes locked. “Ms. Madison McGrath, will you marry me?”
“YES!” Maddy bent down and held Gen’s face in her hands. “It will be my greatest pleasure to be your wife, Ms. Osaki.”
Both women were tearing up. Gen pulled her fiancée up and gently slid the ring onto Maddy’s vena amoris. It fit perfectly.
As she was admiring her ring, Maddy suddenly lost her footing and her body was becoming horizontal as she landed over her partner’s knee. The older woman adjusted her position on the sofa.
“Hey,” Maddy protested. “Whatcha doing, my love?”
“What am I doing?” Gen repeated the question as she peeled down Maddy’s shorts and panties, laying bare two soft orbs that still sported fainted redness. “You wanted proper, right?” She playfully slapped the upturned bottom, one on each quivering cheek. “I’ll show you how spankos propose properly, Missy!”
Maddy giggled and whined, “But my bottom is sore already.”
“Well, your naughty bottom will be even more sore after I properly propose.” Sensei said in a mock stern voice before delivering half a dozen sharp slaps to the peachy bottom.
“Owww.” The prone woman wiggled her hips and squealed.
“Madison” SWAT! “McGrath,” SWAT! “will” SWAT! “you” SWAT! “be” SWAT! “my” SWAT! “wife?” SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!
Maddy answered “YES” after each swat as her bottom bounced and jiggled under the impact of Sensei’s firm palm. Afterwards, Gen stopped spanking and started to gently caress the red tender bottom, making circular motions on each cheek. Maddy’s breath became more rapid and she slowly turned around locking her grinning grey eyes with Gen’s dark brown, pulling her partner down.
“Please Sensei, promise you will never leave me,” murmured a breathless Maddy.
“I promise, my dearest and naughtiest brat,” purred Gen, lowering herself into her lover.
The moon light shone through the open window, witnessing the two lovebirds entangling their tongues and bodies in a slow love dance on the sofa.

Around the midnight they heard a rustling at the door. Gen quickly threw on an oversize t-shirt and hurried to the door. “Anybody out there?” Rubbing her eyes, she thought she saw Santa retreating at a brisk pace, tall and slim in a well-tailored red garment with the white fur collar and the black boots contrasting the red in the moonlight.
“Hm, strange. Nobody is out there but I thought I saw Santa, only it’s a much more spiffy kinda Santa.” Gen stood by the door and quipped.
Before she even finished the sentence, the thought struck both women. “OMG, it’s Kris?” Maddy rushed to the door, in all her naked glory.
“Look, there’s a package here.” She picked it up.
They closed the door. Inside the festive wrapping paper lay a soft brown leather belt, M and G carved into the silver buckle.
Wow, no kidding. Kris is real.

The next day they met up with AT for a Christmas drink in one of the fancy hotels on Diamond Head. They had a table on the deck overlooking the blue ocean and the white sand beach.
AT sat down on the wicker chair and immediately bounced back up. “Ow. These darn chairs are really hard.”
Maddy and Gen exchanged a puzzled look.
A waiter materialized promptly, holding a stack of fabric cushions. “Ma’am, would you like one of these?”
“Oh, thank goodness.” AT answered gratefully, taking one from the waiter. “You guys are so very considerate.”
“Well ma’am, for some reason, every year around this time more patrons complain about hard chairs. Something to do with Xmas Eve I figure.” The waiter kept a straight face as he explained while Maddy also took one from him for herself.
Aloha Top blushed. It was a very subtle and inward kind of blush. She coughed and quickly changed the subject by handing a wrapped box to Maddy and Gen, “Merry Xmas and congrats on your engagement.” She gave them each a big hug.
Eyes widened, Maddy said, “How did you know?”
“Kris told me,” was the Top’s reply.
“Kris? She visited you too?” Maddy’s face broke into a wide smirk. “Ahhh.” She winked, a big glint in her eyes.
“Ah what?” AT’s eyebrow rose.
“You got spanked, didn’t you?” Maddy blurted out triumphantly.
The Top didn’t answer, but sat straighter in her seat, a picture of toppy dignity.
“You did!” Maddy persisted in a typical brat way, sporting the biggest of all victorious smugness and declared, “For that left turn yesterday!”
AT blushed again, this time outwardly and quite profusely. She glared at the brat, “Alright, yes I did if you must know.” She rolled her eyes and shifted in her seat, “And for some other” she cleared her throat, “minor indiscretions over the last year.” Then in a typical toppy voice she said mock sternly, “Now can we move on and order our drinks?!”
Such an adorable top, AT is. Maddy and Gen giggled.
After they ordered their drinks, Maddy opened the package and found herself holding a long, beautifully polished ebony Throne Spanker.
“Thank you so much,” the newly engaged couple gushed as one as they fought to have a closer look and to touch the shining wood.
“Hope you enjoy it.” AT winked with a wide grin, “I’m pretty sure Gen will.”
It was Maddy’s turn to blush as she gently felt the smooth surface of the paddle before handing it over to Sensei.
Sensei looked at her brat affectionately. “Well, between this beauty and the belt Kris gifted us last night, I have a feeling that someone is not going to be able to sit very much next year, I’m afraid.”
The younger woman pouted, “But I thought we just got engaged and you love me.”
Gen chuckled, pure bliss on her face. “Of course I do sweetheart. What can I say? Love may conquer all, but spanking conquers love.”
AT nodded approvingly, “Well said, Gen!”
Maddy and Sensei then presented their Xmas gift to the Aloha Top. Maddy carefully put it on the table and slowly pulled off the red velvet cover revealing a glass sculpture. “Tadaaa, specially made for you in Murano!”
The vintage thick glass statue was about a feet tall, featuring a short haired woman (with striking resemblance to AT incidentally) with one hand on her narrow hip, the other semi-raised holding a little paddle. Her facial expression was a vivid mixture of benevolence and authority, her eyes nurturing and warm and yet stern. The Italian phrase “Disciplina Aloha” was discreetly carved into the glass stand.
AT’s eyes widened as she gently touched the glass. She was amused but pleased. “Wow, I LOVE it. Thank you both.” She gave Maddy and Gen each a hug. “Guess I can put it at the entrance of the office to greet all the naughty women.” She quipped, winking.
Maddy couldn’t help but giggle, remembering the somewhat awkward conversation she had with the glass maker in Murano and the amused look on his wrinkled face when he finally understood what she’d wanted him to make.
Their drinks arrived.
“To love and spanking.” The three life-long spanko women raised their glasses in the warm Aloha sun.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This story is part of Alyx’s 2016 Christmas Gift Exchange here.

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Alternative Medicine

These two characters appeared in an earlier story: Rosie’s Birthday Treat.

Dr. Penelope Olive Ponsonby was wrapping up her day in the office when a text message popped up on her phone. It was from her former student Rosie-brat.

Sick in bed. Hate it hate it hate it!!!!!!!!

Dr. P knew the brat quite well and was familiar with her somewhat dramatic way of expressing her thoughts and feelings, but still, EIGHT exclamation marks. Really? The Top frowned, brows furrowing.

You okay, sweetie? She typed quickly and pushed the send button.

NOOO, not okay!!! Headache and aching all over!!! It’s killing me!!!

The professor grew a little alarmed. She knew Rosie had just returned from a work trip to a South American country where the Zeke virus was ravaging the population.

She rose from her chair, grabbed the leather briefcase, and flew out of the door.

Arriving at Rosie’s apartment, she quietly pushed the door open. Rosie was lying in her big bed, flushed in the face, Kleenex strewing around.

“Hello Rosie,” Penelope greeted the brat in a concerned voice.

“Oh hi Dr. POP,” Rosie greeted her former professor with a wry smile. The usually spirited woman looked defeated, misery written all over her fatigued face. “Thanks for coming,” her voice low and hoarse.

Dr. P sat on the edge of the bed and put a hand on Rosie’s forehead. Slightly warm.

“Been to the doctor’s, Sweetie?”

“Yeah, Urgent Care.” The sick woman replied, scrunching her cute little nose in detestation.

“What did the doc say? Is it Zeke?” Penelope asked softly.

“No” was the grumpy answer as Rosie raised her voice. “The old guy gave me a total of no more than three minutes of his time after I had waited for an hour!” The brat sounded indignant, “God damn it!”

“Shhh, calm down.” The Top’s eyebrow shot up but she thought it best to ignore the language and concentrate on Rosie’s illness at hand.

“What did he say then?” The professor repeated her question.

“No blood test or anything even after I told him where I had been! Just said I didn’t have skin rash or red eye so it wasn’t Zeke.”

“Well, what IS it then?”

“Upper respiratory infection, whatever that means,” the sick woman answered tersely, shrugging.

“Oh.” Penelope was relieved as she gently patted Rosie’s cheek. “It’s a common enough illness. Have you taken your meds?”

“Yeah. But it’s not doing any good I’m afraid,” Rosie complained. “I still feel like crap!”

The Professor narrowed her eyes. “When did you take it?”

“Half an hour ago!” Rosie pointed at the little antibiotics packet on the bedside table dismissively, her face betraying frustration at the apparent ineffective meds.

“Ah.” The older woman was aware that patience was not exactly this brat’s strength or virtue. “You know, Z-pak is very potent. Give it a little more time and you should feel better.”

The younger woman gave her teacher a glare, clearly not convinced. She curled up and her body started to rock from side to side restlessly, hands pounding on the bed.

“Settle down, Sweetie.” Ever so patient, Penelope cooed in a comforting voice, brushing a few strands of hair out of Rosie’s eyes and tucking them away behind her ear. “Stay still and try to relax and rest, okay?”

“Can’t!” Rosie spat out a miserable reply as tears rolled down her face.

Whoa. “Hey there.” Penelope grabbed a tissue, gently wiping Rosie’s face.“What’s the matter?”

A brief pause.

“WHY WHY WHY!” Rosie cried out, banging her head on the pillow.

“Why what, Sweetie?”

“THIS!” She shouted ruefully. “I hate this stupid body. Why is it so weak?! Why did it make me sick huh? I hate it!” Fresh tears poured out, “I never get sick ya know.”

“Shhh.” Penelope sighed and remained quiet for a second.

“I see.” She came to the realization that it was Rosie-brat’s attitude that needed an adjustment which would then hopefully lead to her calming down and taking care of her sickness. Something stronger than a Z-pak must be dispensed.

“Come here, I know just the way to help you calm down and rest.” So saying, the professor positioned herself on the edge of the bed and effortlessly pulled the petite woman over her lap, hitching up her pajama dress slip swiftly to the waist.

“Hey, whatcha doing?” Rosie immediately became alarmed.

“I believe you will benefit from some of my um … let’s just call it alternative medicine, shall we?” The Top said firmly.

“Nooo,” the upturned woman started kicking. “You can’t spank me today,” she whined.

“Oh?” The amused Top inquired politely, “May I ask why?”

“’Cause I’m S-I-C-K, duh!” Rolling her eyes, Rosie-brat emphasized her point by enunciating every single syllable of the word slowly and carefully.

SLAP! “Watch your tone, missy!” It was not a particularly hard swat but one the Top hoped would be sharp enough to get the brat’s undivided attention.

“Ow, sorry.” Though covered in cotton underwear, the sting on the bottom could still be felt acutely. Rosie’s hand instinctively flew to protect her innocent backside.

“Now listen to me, Ms. Rosie Young,” the Top instructed in a stern voice, gently removing Rosie’s hand away from her bottom and parking it by her side. “Cut out this silly tantrum immediately! I mean it!” SLAP, SLAP, two solid whacks, one on each cheek.

“Ow.” Obediently, Rosie stopped wriggling and kicking. She rested her head on the rumpled sheets, whimpering softly.

The Top continued in a more soothing tone, “Sweetie, all you need to do to get better is to stop fighting your body, calm down and rest.” She rested her palm on the upturned woman’s backside before continuing. “I can understand it’s difficult for someone who hardly gets sick, believe me I sympathize, but all the more reason to listen to your body. It’s saying it needs rest, and you ought to listen.” SMACK, SMACK, two more firm swats landed on Rosie’s poor cheeks. “You understand?”

“Ow.” Rosie opened her mouth and mumbled something, face still buried in the sheets. Her words were muffled.

“What was that?” Penelope asked while her arm continued to swing up and down forcefully.

Rosie lifted her head, “Ow ow. Well, you made it sound like it’s a living thing …”

“Well, it IS a living thing, is it not?” POP, POP, the sound of a slapping palm bounced against the wall.

“Ouch. I guess,” the chastised woman conceded, clenching and unclenching her bottom cheeks. “But I – I just feel that it should listen to ME, not the other way round.” She pouted.

How imperious, the Top shook her head, typical brat thinking. Rosie-brat thought she heard the lightest of chuckles. Penelope slowly pulled down the naughty woman’s cotton underwear to the middle of her thighs revealing two pink colored globes.

“Think it this way.” CRACK, CRACK, the Top resumed hand spanking the warm bare bottom. “Your body has treated you very well as you trotted the globe, has it not?” She paused briefly though they both knew it was a rhetorical question. “Now it’s your turn to take care of it.” SLAP, SLAP! Then the older woman’s tone became softer and tender as she tried patiently to make Rosie see her point. “Don’t you think you OWE it to your body to give it the best care possible, so it can recover quickly and go back to taking care of you?”

Though the sharp slaps on the flesh were beginning to sting more, Rosie found herself paying more rapt attention to the lecture instead of her poor bottom. She swallowed hard before lifting her head and turning around to Dr. P, a grin slowly emerging on her face.

“What?” The Doc asked.

“Um, have I ever told you” Rosie’s grin grew bigger, “that you were truly a very sensible woman?”

The Doc’s eyes smiled. “No, but I will take that as a compliment.”

Sensible. Good, I’ll show you sensible! Muttering to herself, Penelope delivered a half dozen crisp smacks adding more heat to the small fire on Rosie’s bottom which by now sported a nice rosy color resembling a ripening summer peach. The upended woman wiggled a little and her breathing slowed as tension left her body.

A pleased smile broke out on Penelope’s face teasing the corner of her mouth. She gave a final volley of several brisk swats. “I’m pleased to tell you Rosie, your bottom color now matches your name. Looks very SENSIBLE to me.” So saying, she patted the warm and smooth derriere a few times before pulling the brat up to a sitting position.

“Owi.” Rosie buried her face into the professor’s neck.

“Well?” Penelope gently squeezed the freshly spanked bottom. “Ready to rest?”

“Yes ma’am.” The brat blushed, nodding.

Dr. P helped the younger woman crawl back under the blanket and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Sleep well, Sweetie. You’ll feel so much better when you wake up, I promise.” She added, “Oh by the way I brought your favorite chicken soup from the Soup Tzar Kitchen. I’m gonna leave it in the fridge, ok?”

Rosie’s face lit up, “Thanks Doc. You’re the best.” She gingerly sat up straight and gave Penelope a big hug. And the wisest.

“You are very welcome, Rosie-brat. Anytime.” The Top replied fondly.

Warm bottomed, Rosie fell to a sound slumber before the professor even left the apartment.

Driving back, the Top imagined Rosie-brat waking up from a restful sleep feeling much better, her usual spunk returning. The professor could almost see Rosie stretching and yawning, rubbing her spanked bottom and declaring with her usual flair, “Hey, Dr. P’s alternative medicine worked!”

Chuckling, Dr. Penelope Olive Ponsonby felt pleased with herself. A sound spanking after all, she mused, was not always for punishment. More often than not, roasting a brat’s naughty bottom is the only reliable way to bring her back to her senses!


Though a work of fiction, this story was inspired by a RL occurrence. I’m eternally grateful to a caring yet firm Top who generously dispensed a dose of her wisdom when I desperately needed it.

Feliz cumpleaños to a top-notch toply Top. 🙂

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